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Episode 16:

POV: Minene

Now, in another universe, a male Yuki would have been doing push-ups on the floor with Uryuu Minene on his back counting.

However, that's not the universe we're in at the moment, so ignore that.

In THIS universe, a female doctor was staring down Uryuu Minene while tapping her foot. Said terrorist-in-disguise was sweating profusely in an attempt to stay cool.

"Now I'm only going to ask one more time, who told you to come in here? As well as having been her doctor since she was a child, I was requested on behalf of Mrs. Gasai's mother to be her doctor for the duration of her stay and I have received no notice of any staff members (and I don't remember ever seeing you before) to help me. So who sent you?" The fierce look in her eyes had the others in the room scrambling to get away except for Nishijima who was offered up as a sacrifice.

"Better you than us. Besides, you're the detective, she's more likely to listen to you anyways," were Akise's reassuring words as he ran out the door.

He glared resentfully at the slightly ajar door to the room only to feel a pinprick of fear as he turned around to face the accusatory stare of said doctor.

"Well?" Dr. Furosawa's eyes bore into him, "I'm waiting."

He tugged on his collar nervously, until a thought occurred to him, and then he brightened up, much to the confusion of the women in the room, although Minene felt she was about be rescued like a damsel.

She HATED that feeling.

"You see the thing is," He started awkwardly but his next words were anything but. "After everything that's been going on lately we at the station have concluded that Mrs. Gasai (he stumbled slightly over the words) needed a training regimen to keep her in tip-top shape in the event that something similar occurs. After all, we can only do so much and the suspects have gotten past us on numerous occasion, not even going into the debacle with former Chief Kurusu.

And this lovely lady," Masumi motioned to Uryuu, who was doing her best not to punch his lights out at the comment, "was picked as the best person to be in charge of it. I apologize for not giving advance notice but we felt it would be better to keep this quiet in the event that the situation that brought her here does repeat in the hope that her attackers will underestimate her." He held up his hands in apology, "I am really sorry about this, but after everything that's happened to her we want to giver her all the advantages we can."

Dr. Furosawa looked unimpressed at Nishijima for a long minute, sweat breaking out as he maintained a smile. Just when he was about to break she nodded, "Fine, I guess I can accept that. But," she cut off his sigh of relief, making him stiffen again, "My patient is with child, and as such she cannot undergo anything too strenuous for the sake of the baby. You might say I'm being overly restrictive, and you'd be right, but considering what brought her here in the first place, I feel justified."

And just to get her point across, she gives Minene the sign for I'm-watching-you. Normally this wouldn't phase her, but something about this doctor scared the crap out of her, so while she hid her reaction, she nodded her understanding. She was posing as a nurse, after all.

Soon enough (but not quite for Minene) the doctor left, and Nishijima was left in the room with the two women. He smiled at Minene, who glowered at him, "Oh come on, what else was I supposed to do? She would have kicked you out otherwise."

She responded by stepping on his foot with her heeled one. He bounced around the room holding it after giving a cry of pain. "I'll give you props for talking your way out of it, but did you have to call me lovely?" Uryuu was oddly red as she said this, and Yuki suddenly had a revelation.

"You're a tsundere!" She cried, pointing her finger at the purple-haired fake-nurse.

Said-tsundere's eyes narrowed to slits as she turned to face her charge, "What was that, brat? Did you ask me to kill you?"

Normally this would cause her to be scared, but seeing the way she reacted to the doctor gave her some courage to say, "If you hurt me Dr. Furosawa will come back and beat you within an inch of your life."

"Oh yeah? And what makes you so certain she could?"

"She has a black belt in judo."

Silence overtook the room as Minene stared blankly at Yuki for several seconds before her eyes widened in shock, "What the fuck? There's no way that little slip of a woman could possibly...!"

"Couldn't possibly what?" The so-called slip-of-a-woman asked serenely. The not-so-hidden menace in her voice caused a shiver to go down Ninth's spine.

She turned to the now-open door where said doctor was standing with her arms crossed. At a startling 5 feet 7 inches tall she wasn't the kind of woman you'd normally call intimidating, but then you looked in her eyes and suddenly even if you were 7 feet tall you feel like an ant before a boot, and just as vulnerable.

Minene felt a cold sweat break out, her brain scrambling for some way to get herself out of this... Wait, that'll do! "C-couldn't reach that light bulb! Yeah, that was it." Inside she was disgusted with herself. Since when did she stutter?

The doctor smiled thinly, "Really now?" It didn't take a genius to figure out that she wasn't fooled. Still, she played along and with all the grace of a cat leapt into the air, one arm easily reaching up and touching the light fixture on the ceiling that was easily 14 feet from the floor.

Minene's gaping face brought a smug look onto Dr Haruhi's, and with a calm, "And now you know," she walked back out the door.

POV Change: Normal

As Uryuu stood there with her mouth wide open, Yuki tried her best not to laugh, but failed miserably as she gripped her gut and bent over, the hilarity of the situation proving too much for her.

Ninth glared at her, clearly wanting to pound her face in but too scared of retribution from her doctor to make the move.

"We'll start with pushups for now. After what I heard you did at the idiot's place the other day, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't actually need that much help, but he called in a favor so by god I'll whip you into shape if it kills you."

"Don't you mean kills you?"

"I meant what I said."

A couple minutes later saw Yuki on the floor doing pushups, with Uryuu standing over her with a whip, cracking it menacingly.

"Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen." She counted as the younger girl exercised.

The sound of the door opening again drew their attention, and Yuki looked up to the surprising sight of her estranged father.

The baffled look on his face as he took in the scene before him would have normally drawn a laugh from her lips, but all she could do was say, "Hello father."

The man, whose name was Kurou Amano, didn't seem to register his daughter's halfhearted greeting as he immediately started begging to get the same treatment as his daughter was from what he considered a dominatrix nurse.

Said dominatrix's eyebrow twitched as she complied, sitting on his back as he attempted push-ups as well, although he didn't even finish the first one before collapsing.

"You are beyond pathetic! Not even one?" She yelled as she kicked his prone form on the ground.

"That's right! Give it to me!" Yuki shivered as she learned her father was apparently a masochist.

After they (mostly) got over the incident, Kurou was sitting in a chair by the bed with Uryuu standing beside him with her arms crossed and narrowed eye trained on him.

He laughed and began to talk about inane things before attempting to latch on to Ninth, although she easily dodged and laughed as he plopped onto the floor face-first.

"I could have sworn mom said she filed for you not to have any visiting privileges..." Three heads snapped to the door where Dr. Furosawa was leaning against the frame, a security guard standing behind her. "I also remember hearing there was a restraining order put out for you to stay away from her."

The man's shocked face wasn't nearly as convincing as he probably thought it was.

And as he was dragged from the room pleading his ignorance, the women looked on with blank looks that were exchanged between them before they all burst out laughing.

"I was there a year ago when Rea (that's Yuki's mom) kicked him out of the house. He has a seriously gambling addiction and is a pedophile to boot."

The way her joy had turned to steel quickly transformed the atmosphere in the room.

Grimacing, Uryuu flicked her eye at Yuki and back at at the doctor who nodded in lieu of answering. "That's one sick bastard." And coming from her, that was saying something.

The next few minutes found Yuki getting changed into a workout attire consisting of shorts, running shoes and a white t-shirt with a pink jersey over it. She was escorted outside by Dr. Furosawa who watched as Uryuu got to training Yuki, although she was decidedly gentler than she would have been had Yuki been a boy, considering she was pregnant and while she was many things, she didn't want to add baby-killer to the list, born or not.

So she had her do a few pullups on the bars that were located on the exercise field that the hospital set up for when patients needed physical therapy and to bulk up their muscles to get them to a more healthy level.

After doing a few, they moved on to grip test, and when she couldn't squeeze any tighter, she checked and it read out at 460.

What followed next was a series of other tests, such as seeing how far while bending over she could stretch her arms and then how high she could stretch her arms while jumping. She would have done one to see how much weight she could lift, but Dr. Furosawa vetoed the idea.

After a few more hours of exercises, the doctor called it a day, much to Uryuu's annoyance, but all Haruhi had to do was look at her and she stopped grumbling as they packed it in.

It was as they were returning to the hospital that a number of security guards were hauling Kurou Amano out for the second time that day. But this time, a police car was waiting for him as they loaded him in.

They could hear them talking to him as they loaded him inside, "You know, when someone files a restraining order for a dad not to come near his own daughter, it raises some flags, but that you'd tear apart her room when you can't find her? That's just not right. And enough about that phone nonsense. What, were you trying to make sure she couldn't call for help, you sick bastard? Well not on my watch. We've got a nice prison cell reserved just for sickos like you."

Yuki looked at the man who had helped raise her with betrayed eyes as he screamed he wasn't going to rape her. Minene laid a hand on her arm and led her inside with Dr. Furosawa staying behind to talk to the guards about what happened in her patient's room.

"He was going to kill me?" she whispered brokenly as she sat on her bed.

Uryuu looked at her sadly, "The world sucks, kid, I know that better than anyone. But you can't let it keep you down."

POV Change: Yuto

The next day, Hana was sitting on her bed, curled up to Yuto as he ran his fingers through her hair. After taking her father away, she had actually fallen backwards in what should have been a fairly straightforward recovery. Resting his chin on her head, he allowed the silence to set in for a little while longer before breaking it.

"I overheard your dad while he was in your room the other day," he started. She stiffened in his arms. The knowledge her own father was trying to kill her, regardless of whether he knew the results of breaking her phone or not, was heartbreaking.

She shivered, "Can we not talk about this right now?"

He shook his head, "You need to hear this, Hana. He was talking to someone on the phone about getting his debt forgiven if he broke yours. I think it was Eleventh."

Yukihana turned her head, looking up at him with wide eyes, "You mean he knows who I am?"

Yuto smiled grimly, "With how many times you've been on the news lately it'd take an idiot not to make the connection. We know it's not Eighth. We were lucky that you had your Diary on you when you were out training or you wouldn't have a dad to worry about anymore."

The way he offhandedly spoke about murdering her father spoke of how little he cared for the man, but at this point she couldn't muster up even a token protest to his threatened killing.

Yuto turned on the news in an attempt to distract her. The anchorman was talking about the police investigating Mother's Home Orphanage, where the arsonists and attempted murderers Marco and Ai had grown up.

"Pretty impressive that they figured out where they grew up with so little information. Nishijima does his job well," his tone bright, trying to get her mind off her dad. It seemed to work, although what she said had his face go blank,

"It is, but that woman seems familiar. I know I've never met her, but she reminds me of someone."

The words drew up the forms of the remaining Diary users, and it was then that he recalled the shape of Eighth. He wasn't going to tell her that she was correct about remembering the woman, as right now really wasn't a good time for that. He wanted her to get better, not fall into depression.

They watched the news run, but then the phone on the wall sounded. "I have a call waiting at reception for a Yuto Gasai."

A short time later Yuto was picking up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Should have kept a closer eye on your woman, little man." It was Marco.

"If you hurt so much as a hair on her head," Yuto snarled.

Seventh 1st laughed, "Ooh, so scary. Sorry pipsqueak, but we call the shots now. We're waiting at Sakurami Tower. I hope you're ready for a man-to-man brawl, cause this time we aim to win."

Then the line went dead, and Yuto slammed the phone down angrily, scaring the receptionist.

It took almost no time at all for Yuto to get himself signed out and dressed before rushing off to the Tower. As it was due to be shut down in a couple months it was empty of any visitors.

His Diary said she was safe for the moment, but anything could happen while she was out of his sight, so he wasn't going to take any chances.

The elevator ride was uneventful, and when the doors opened, it was to a chapel with Marco, Ai, and Hana at the end, all dressed in white, although Hana's outfit was for a flower girl while Marco wore a wedding tuxedo and Ai a wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

Hana was leaned up against the back wall behind Ai, her hands tied behind her back and her mouth taped shut. Her eyes widened when she saw him, trying to tell him something in her frantic attempts to free herself only to fall back exhausted, breathing heavily through her nose.

"Brave of you to show up. Respect."

As Yuto walked forward, and Marco moved in kind, both stopping at opposite ends of the pews.

"Of course I came, she's my wife and I won't let anyone hurt her and think they can get away with it."

Marco and Ai blinked, "Wait, you kids are married?" He shook his head and moved on. That was one subject he did NOT want to get into. "I've half a mind to stomp on the thing right now but that ain't our way." He whipped his jacket off and loosened his collar, "Come at me, Second. No tricks, no talk. I want to know if you're the type of guy to fight to save the woman he loves."

Eyes taking on a murderous glow, he charged, and it was sheer luck that kept Marco from evading the knife he pulled out at the last second.

"Shit! I forgot you had that!"

And it was then that he raced past Marco to leap at Ai, knife raised high in an obvious attempt to slice her from top to bottom.

"Ai, look out!"

She raised her bouquet in a feeble show of defense, only for Yuto to use the blade as a lever and rip it out of Ai's hands, sending it sailing into the air. He raised his hand to catch it and reached inside to grab Hana's phone before bouncing away.

He then took the liberty of checking Hana's Diary, and his eyes widened in panic. "We need to move, now!"*

Explosions rocked the building right after he said that.

Marco looked around in shock, "What the hell?"

The intercom sounded, and a masculine voice spoke up sounding incredibly smug, "Bad news, Marco. Time's up. I'm razing this puppy to the ground."

"Ta, you punk!"

"Them's the breaks, man. We're ahead of schedule. You can take it from here, though, right?" More explosions rocked the building, and Ai threw Hana into the air toward the middle of the room.

"You want your princess? Well go get her. We're out of here."

Yuto was so focused on Hana that he didn't even register the two anymore. Through sheer happenstance, the rope binding her hands came loose as she was thrown, allowing her to free herself and tear off the tape just in time for the floor underneath her to become unstable.

She looked up in fear as it collapsed, the world seeming to enter a state of slow motion as Yuto rushed toward her, trying to grab her outstretched hand as she cried out, "Yuto!"

A/N: For those wondering, considering the actions that Kurou took in the anime when he first met Ninth, I felt it was slightly fitting to write him like this. I know it probably rubs a fair amount of people the wrong way, but that's what I chose to do. And his actions upon meeting Yuki for the first time in a year went through my head like this: How many people hurt someone in the past and then act like nothing's wrong weeks, months or even years down the line just because they want something from them? Sure there are people who genuinely forget about past hurts they've caused, but that isn't what happened. Heck, Kurou did it in the anime too, acting like nothing was wrong, in fact, acting like he was doing his kid a favor by seeing him after he left. He even said "I hope he's happy to see his dad."

Alright, rant over.

Also for those wondering, Yuki has been pregnant 19 days, meaning she got knocked up on the 19th of June.