A Blood Soaked Dream

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A group of three pirates were harassing a small pink haired boy whilst rolling a barrel into a secluded room. They slung insults and mockery at the cowering figure, laughing at his misery. "Ha, ya thought ya could keep a barrel o' booze from us did ya? What a fuckin' moron ya are!". They used their swords to pry the top off the barrel, ignoring the desperate warnings of the meek child. They swiftly wondered if perhaps they should have listened when a figure over nine feet tall rose up out of the barrel. "H-how the fuck did a big guy like you fit in there anyways!?" one of the moronic pirates asked.

The figure turned his head to look at them, not bothering to answer the question. "Where am I?" he asked, ignoring the shaking blades being pointed at him. He wore a red suit and black gloves, black dress shoes and a large and elaborate jacket, emblazoned with images of dogs made of flame sat upon his shoulders. Beneath his suit was a floral red shirt, visible from his unbuttoned collar and upon his head sat a black cap with "Absolute" printed in burning golden letters across the front. His brown eyes seemed to pierce their very souls as they attempted to shake off the shock of his appearance.

"W-who the f-fuck do you think you are! Give us your gold ya fucktard!" One of the pirates evidently regained his courage and decided to extort the large man; a fist made of magma replacing his head swiftly removed such thoughts. He did not bother negotiating with the others, killing them with a swipe of his still molten hand before turning to the one remaining figure in the room. "Where am I?" he repeated, irritation obvious in his voice.

The small figure trembled in terror, never having witnessed such a brutal demise before, his wide eyes still locked on the burning corpses behind the large man. Somehow he managed to answer before the man decided to kill him as well, "Y-y-y-you're on a-a c-c-c-c-cr-cruise ship b-b-being r-r-r-r-ra-raided by the A-A-A-Al-Alvida p-p-pirates." his words were barely intelligible yet the man understood him well enough. He stared at the shaking, sobbing child cowering before him and asked a simple question, "Where is the food storage located?". He had been at sea for long enough to be quite hungry and he did not consider these "Alvida Pirates" a threat. The pinkette was shocked out of his stupor at the large man's casual disregard of what he considered a massive threat, having seemingly forgotten the brutal deaths of the fools who first confronted him. "ARE YOU INSANE! HOW COULD YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT FOOD WHEN THE STRONGEST PIRATES IN THE EAST BLUE ARE ATTACKING!"

The man simply stared at him, unconcerned. "Your "strongest pirates" are nothing but weaklings; pathetic even considering where they roam. If they were strong they would be on the Grand Line, not the most peaceful sea. I am more hungry than I am worried about the supposed strength of these brigands." The young man gave up on trying to convince the monster of the danger and lead him to the store room. As the man began devouring all food in sight in a somehow dignified manner, the boy built up the courage to ask him some questions. "S-so who are you... and why are you out here anyway?"

The man paused mid-bite, swallowing what food he had in his mouth and turning back to the pinkette. "My name is Monkey D. Sakazuki and I am seeking One Piece." he said simply. "To be the pirate king is my Absolute Ambition, which naught but death may keep me from."

The small boy's mouth dropped open, apparently more shocked than when he witnessed the deaths of three men. "HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT SO CASUALLY! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE! TO BE THE PIRATE KING IS TO HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING THIS WORLD HAS TO GIVE, TO- {CRUNCH}." Sakazuki had no patience for such drivel and had broken his nose to silence him.

"Shut up. If you're not willing to die for your dreams then you don't deserve them." he spoke with absolute resolve, not a hint of doubt in his voice even as he spoke of his own possible demise.

The small boy's eyes watered, awe filling them at the conviction of the man before him. Suddenly his dreams didn't seem so far away. "I-I have a dream as well… I want to be a marine! No, not just a marine; I want to be Fleet Admiral!" Sakazuki didn't hesitate, raising a hand with his pointer finger extended. From said finger a small glob of magma launched out, putting a neat, burning hole in the boy's head; and suddenly his dreams were farther than they ever had been. Sakazuki would suffer not an obstacle to live, no matter how apparently minor it was; for he knew how the weak could grow to be strong and would not allow a potential threat to flourish.

As the young man's body began to cool a large club smashed through the wall, shrapnel flying everywhere, much of it burning up on contact with his instinctive shift to magma. He turned to look at what had interrupted his meal and saw what he at first assumed was some form of whale-bulldog hybrid before realising it was merely an extremely obese woman. She looked at the body of her cabin boy and assumed he had finally proven his worth in an attempt to stop this man. "Kill 'im boys!" she smirked as her men rushed the figure, assuming victory was at hand; never realising the danger the tall man presented until it was far too late. A wave of lava rushed forth from the man's arm, consuming all before him and burning everything it touched. Alvida and her crew were swallowed by the oncoming tide of molten death and died in burning agony, drowning in liquid flame.

Sakazuki stared, frowning as the magma burned its way through the ship, causing it to rapidly begin to sink. He would need to work on that if he didn't want to have to keep replacing his ship (and crew) in the future. He walked casually forward and resumed his search for a boat, noticing a lifeboat rapidly rowing away from the doomed ship.

He stared at it, backed by smoke and flame his tall form took on an even more sinister light as the ship sank into the depths. He suddenly leapt forward ascending high into the sky as the single occupant of the boat rowed even faster. He noticed that he had misjudged his trajectory when he forgot to calculate the rower's evident desperation as he fell. Half way down he slammed his foot into open air and began to "run" towards the semi-distant vessel through the air. He landed on the boat and was immediately smacked on the head with a bo staff courtesy of the orange haired woman piloting the small ship. "Damn you! I'll die before I let you take me! I hate pirates!"

He tilted his head staring at the woman. She shivered under his cold gaze, his eyes coolly evaluating her. After a moment he spoke up, "You have courage and evident knowledge of how to use your chosen weapon… join my crew." He could not be shaken from his chosen path, when he decides you are a part of his crew, you are. End of story. For all the callous brutality and ruthless pragmatism, some small part of him still clung to the childish notion of Nakama. Once you were part of his crew he would kill and die for you, facing any odds to protect you. He was rather like Whitebeard in a way; for if anyone touched a member of his crew they had sealed their death warrant. The woman before him saw this conviction in his eyes but could not overcome her deeply ingrained hate and fear of true pirates all the way.

Before she could scream her adamant denial something forced her to reveal secrets she had kept buried for years. "I-I can't. A-Arlong is holding my home village hostage; threatening to rape and murder my family if I don't keep working for him. He has a marine captain in his pocket stopping anyone from resisting him. If I don't show up with the money to buy our protection he'll kill everyone." She broke down crying at the feet of the large man, some instinctive part of her telling her she could trust him absolutely. Sakazuki stared off into the distance, a deep scowl splitting his face and murder in his burning (literally) eyes. "Then this Arlong shall die screaming." it was not a promise nor a threat, merely a statement of fact. The Red Dog bayed for blood and blood it shall have.

She looked up at him through tearful eyes, a watery smile upon her face. "Th-thank you." She wiped the tears from her face, and smiled at him. "My name's Nami, what's yours?" He looked down at her, his stern face baring just the slightest hint of a gentle smile. "Monkey D. Sakazuki. I seek to be King of the Pirates. It is my Absolute Ambition." He frowned, before looking off into the distance. "How long do you have before you need to report to Arlong?"

She frowned, before responding "One month. After which he'll kill one person for every day I'm late ending with my sister." He nodded in response, before asking "Then we have enough time to do some recruiting. We have one month before casualties begin to mount, and then only one day less than your village has populace. Your life and that of your family and friends are priority, the rest are disposable." He did not care about collateral damage, so long as his crew lived he was fine with any amount of destruction and death. "I have heard that the infamous pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro has been captured by marines. I intended to coerce him into joining my crew by leveraging his freedom. My brothers will be meeting us at Logue Town to join up. That's at least two to three guaranteed recruits."

As they sailed towards Shells Town Sakazuki learned that Nami was an exceptionally skilled navigator, shortening their journey from three days to a day and a half. When they reached the island they strolled up main street and found a restaurant; ignoring the strange looks constantly being sent their way. Nami watched in shock as at a rapid pace pound after pound of food disappeared down Sakazuki's gullet. Somehow he managed to maintain an air of refined dignity even as he devoured every ounce of food in the restaurant. It was like someone had taken the manners of a noble and sped them up a hundred fold. When he was finished they walked out, ignoring the frightened owners cries for them to pay. As they approached the marine base Sakazuki didn't even slow before walking straight through a wall to the courtyard; the stone turning to slag on contact with his glowing red body. He spotted a green haired figure crucified in the center of the concrete yard. "Roronoa Zoro, I presume. You seemed to be in quite the pickle there."

The green haired man looked up, leveling a glare at the imposing figure standing before him. "What'd you want you bastard?"

Sakazuki raised an eyebrow, "Hmm, join my crew." Zoro threw his head back and laughed uproariously. "Hahahahahaha! And why would I, a pirate hunter join you, a pirate?"

Sakazuki's constant scowl did not change as he answered "Your freedom for one… and your blades. Whether you join me or not, I'll be razing this base to the ground. If you join me I'll make sure not to destroy your swords in the process; I'll even retrieve them for you." Zoro scowled menacingly, a manic gleam in his eyes. "You fucking touch those swords and I'll kill you, you bastard!" He paused, taking a moment to think over the man's words before grumbling "You must be the devil's own, ya bastard… Fine, you get my blades and cut me down and I'll join your crew." Sakazuki nodded before turning to look at the pompous little shit that just swaggered in and the little girl that came bearing rice balls. "Hi mister Zoro! I brought you some food!" She grinned happily up at the man.

The little blond shitbird cried out, "Hey! What are you freaks doing here! You'll be executed for this! My dad is a-" he was cut off by a glob of magma piercing his head. The two marines accompanying him gaped in shocked horror at his flaming corpse, before swiftly joining him in the burning grave, neat holes in each of their heads. Sakazuki turned back to the girl, glancing at Zoro to see if he knew her. He didn't truly care, the girl was no threat to either of them. He walked away as the girl fed the rice balls to Zoro, who complained lightly about their composition."Nami, untie him." He gave his first real order as captain over his shoulder as he walked towards the base. Nami leapt to do so even as she watched him leap into the air towards the statue being set up on the roof; turning into a huge ball of magma mid way through his ascent. He briefly disappeared into a large storm cloud, before the cloud was lit up by dozens of fist sized lights and one twelve foot wide. They fell and and the base burned, dozens died in the explosions and many were simply engulfed in the molten remains of their base. When the largest meteor hit it landed directly on the statue, destroying it completely. From the hellish scene rose an incredibly tall figure, his form engulfed in flames. He stepped forward, uncaring for the intense heat around him. Marine captain Morgan had been struck by one of the smaller meteors, his ax-hand arm and shoulder were simply gone, and his metal jaw had melted into his flesh destroying his esophagus, carotid artery, and seeping into his chest. Sakazuki stepped over his corpse as he casually strode towards the roof access door, burning through the solid wooden door on his path to find Zoro's swords and kill everyone in the building. It wasn't long before he reached an exorbitantly flamboyantly decorated room; and on its wall above the bed were three swords. He grabbed them and secreted them away in his coat before torching the room. Before long the building was little more than molten slag and any he had not personally killed surely died from the intense heat or were consumed by the melting walls made to protect them. He walked out of the hellishly glowing scene, casually striding towards his awe struck crew and drawing what he presumed were Zoro's blades from his cape like coat. "Your swords, I presume?" He said, tossing them on the ground in front of the swordsmen.

The marimo looked down at his blades, snatching them up and quickly checking for any damage to them. "Hmph, alright then… captain, where are we heading?" The greenhead smirked at him. "Just remember, you get in the way of my dream and I'll cut you down where you stand." he spoke with far more confidence than he felt, for he truly doubted he could actually take this monster that had recruited him. "I'm going to be the World's Greatest Swordsman, no matter what." His captain smirked before responding, "Good, the Pirate King can have no less on his crew." They chattered aimlessly, learning more about each other as they headed for a restaurant. After cleaning the restaurant out they headed to the lifeboat serving as their ship. The sun was setting on the horizon as they set sail, heading for the future.