Black Star didn't know how he'd gotten here.

Okay, no, no. That was a major lie. He knew exactly how he'd gotten here; another stupid bet. Another stupid bet gone wrong. The kicker was that it wasn't even an abnormal thing! Bets between him and Soul, him and Kid, him and Kilik, went wrong all the time! Someone got physical, or someone got Maka Chopped, or someone got a bit embarrassed. This, though... This was different. He was disgusted that he had let that dumb bet drag on this long. He'd hurt Kid, badly, and if it hadn't been for his own pride he could have avoided this outcome entirely.

It wasn't behavior fit for surpassing the Gods, not that he worried about that stuff anymore. What God needed to surpass another? A foolish one, that was who. He was no fool, despite the way recent events had him feeling.

... That stupid bet! He just wanted things to be normal again. Back to where he was secure in the knowledge that nothing could develop between him and Kid, content just staying by his side while each of them had boyfriends and girlfriends who weren't each other and shared the occasional "feel better, dude" hug after aforementioned relationships failed.

Now he knew different, though. That all these years, he hadn't been alone in his feelings, hadn't been the only one not to make a move just because he assumed nothing meaningful could develop between them. Now he knew that it could, and that it had, and that he was the reason it had all gone to shit.

He looked around for a moment before ducking his head down again, remembering that Kid wasn't on the bus, and even if he was he wouldn't be looking at Black Star. Polaris, Kid had called him, only days before. His guiding star. He forced himself not to let out humorless laugh, leaning his head against the window and resolving to stare out for the rest of the ride home.

Guiding star... Yeah, right. How could he guide anyone when he was so lost himself?