Hiya everyone, another FF another day :) This in a way it's an AU of the waitress and the thief

The title will be changed since it doesn't feel right.

"What are you saying?" A black haired girl asked with shock written on her face, not believing what she was hearing.

"Are you deaf? It's over between us" a red haired male said coldly as his hands were in his black jacket pockets.

"But...but why? I don't understand" she said while her voice trembled, the red head's silver eyes narrowed as he stared at her.

"It was never going to work out, we're too different you and I" he commented bluntly, this couldn't be happening. Why though? Why? They were fine just a while ago.

"Is this about your heritage? I told you I accept you the way you are, you're not your father you're better than him so why are you acting like this?" She croaked as her voice continued to shake.

"You do remember that this was all for fun right? The first rule was to not get attached so why are you acting like this?" He asked dully as he stared at her clearly not impressed, the girl gritted her teeth at his question.

"Because I did get attached and I am sure that you felt the same way" she retorted crossly before turning her head "clearly I was imagining things. Which is odd since the day I found out about your father, I had stood by you and said that I would never leave you Silver" she said bitterly. The silver eyed male frowned at her words.

"And is that suppose to impress me? You know that one day I might end up like him or worse Team Rocket could go after you to get to me" he said sternly only she shook her head.

"Looks like I know where I stand, don't worry I won't get in your way" she said bitterly before walking away, Silver watched her silently as she walked away to the pokémon centre without looking back. Silver gritted his teeth before looking away in anger before turning to look at the side of the building that was used as Team Rocket's headquarters and punched the wall in frustration, his hand shook violently as he stared at the wall that didn't show any dent. How? How could this happen? Why no how did he get so weak? And all because of HER?

"I...I'm sorry Alia, but I would never be good enough for you" he said bitterly to himself before his hair covered his eyes "It's for the best anyways"