Alia sighed as she sat down on the couch, she soon slipped off her light bluish green low heeled shoes and moved one foot so it was near her back. This allowed the young mother to begin massaging the aches and pains in her foot, this in turn caused Alia to sigh slightly from feeling relief as some of the pain left her.

"Are you okay Ai? Red asked as he sat beside Alia on the couch before taking both her feet and had placed them on his lap so he could massage them without them both having to move.

"Don't do that my feet are gross" she said weakly but couldn't find the strength to move them due to fatigue, Red chuckled but continued knowing that her feet needed a rest from what took place.

"Your feet are fine, but are YOU okay?" He asked with a worried look while his pikachu laid near his thigh, Alia sighed as she leaned back and frowned.

"Don't really know what to say, except that I did not see that one coming" she said dryly, Red nodded briefly in agreement.

"He was really mad, Alia..." Red paused as he looked at her "why did you lie?" He asked softly causing her to bite her lip weakly before placing a lock of her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"I... I don't want him near me, sure I was in shock when I blurted it out but-"

"He's going to find out one way or another Ai, you can't keep this hidden for long" Red said softly as she leaned on the arm of the couch slightly.

"I know, I know but I just want this peace and quiet. Without him being around it's been relaxing, no issues or worries, no asking where are we in this situation, no insults, nothing negative or demeaning" she said softly "no doubt he would have told me to get rid of it and that is something I will not take kindly to since it's not the baby's fault it's parents messed up or that it's father's father is an cruel jerk" she said with some anger in her voice as she gripped a part of her dress tightly, Red stayed quiet as he listened.

"I understand Alia, but when he does find out he'll be more mad so wouldn't it be better just to come clean?"

"Not with him" she scowled "he no doubt wouldn't want one given his childhood and just seeing one would just make him run" she added before biting her lip.

"So you won't give him a chance? You're going to rob him-?" Red was stunned by her words, this wasn't like her at all but this behaviour could be her mother instincts kicking in. However that didn't stop him from being worried.

"Red stop it! I know this guy, there would be no future. He said it himself the day he cut me loose" she said bitterly as she interrupted him, Red lowered his gaze and looked at her feet.

"But then why did he come here looking for you?" Alia barked out a laugh.

"Him? Looking for me? As if!" She spat "he was probably bored there and decided to challenge here, that's the type of guy he is, seeks out the strong ones in order to get strong" she added bluntly while distain filled her voice.

"Then again he probably got bored since there isn't any challengers who can smack him around like I could and wanted a rematch" she added in a sarcastic angry tone, Red bit his lip.

"Maybe..." he said before looking at his pikachu who was staring at them with curious eyes. "Don't forget I have a birthing class next week" she added causing him to shake his head while a weak smile formed since he knew that she was not looking forward to said class.

When Alia had shown up for the class with Red she had not expected to see Silver storming over towards them with a glare, no doubt the startled looks of the expecting mothers and fathers left the pair staring at the red head.

"And what are you doing here?" She spat as she had her hands on her hips as she held her rolled up mat.

"Attending" Silver replied bluntly as he glared at Red who was surprised by the hostile look but knew that it was to be expected since he was with Alia, the one who whether the red head knew or not was carrying his baby. Sure he had unwillingly agreed to not say anything but it was a little unnerving to be on the end of a stick, especially when he had done nothing wrong.

"And why? This has nothing to do with you" Alia commented as Red now took the mat without her knowing given that he had a feeling she would no doubt use it to throttle the red head for ruining her mood once again.

"Look you-" Alia glared at Silver as he paused from the insult he was about to throw "I am attending whether you like it or not and it's not like you can't stop me since your too fa-" Alia's eyes went wide while the mothers were fuming from his words. The husbands on the other hand glared at Silver but he didn't back down.

"Oh really? Well this fat woman here is-"

"Heeello young mummy's and daddy's! How are you today?" Asked the instructor who was a blue eyed blond haired woman wearing a lab coat over her greyish blue jumper and skirt that went up to her lower knees, she also wore grey tennis shoes as well which looked worn.

"You're a woman? Don't make me laugh" Silver spat as he interrupted the female instructor causing her to turn to look at him.

"Excuse me?!" Alia screamed "why are you even here? Seriously get out!" She snapped.

"I'm sorry is there a problem?" The instructor asked kindly as she looked at them only to flinch at how angry the pair were while Red on the other hand had a withered smile on his face. Trust two angry people to cause a scene... and one of them was his sister like friend!

"I will go where ever I want, don't tell me what to do!" Silver said darkly as he got near her face causing her to growl angrily.

"I told you before-!"

"Are you a couple?" The instructor asked causing the pair to turn and look at her with anger in their eyes, seeing this took the woman by surprise.

"As if!" Silver spat almost looking like he was about to be sick from the thought as anger filled him.

"Why would I want to date a dead beat like him?" She snapped as she pointed her thumb at him as she stood sideways. Some people either winced or quietly ooed from the insult.

"Oh so you're not the father?" The woman asked in alarm while the parents watched, a few did chat quietly so they could hear what was going on.

"NO/YES!" The pair snapped at the same time before they glared at the other.

"HE is!" Alia pointed at a sheepish Red who looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here, not even his rivalry with Blue was THIS bad! Heck Blue and Alia when they were rivals were only a fifth less bad then this, and that was saying a lot. The woman placed her hand to her face and blinked.

"Oh so you and you are the parents?" The woman asked as she pointed at Red and a now pig sick Silver who felt as if this couldn't get any worse.

"What?" Silver barked now getting what the woman was talking about.

"No!" Red cried as he looked at Alia's stunned expression.

"Oh don't be shy, it's normal for fathers to be worried and bicker" she chuckled "then that means you're the surrogate?" She asked a now horrified Alia who felt like she had just been slapped. Why was this happening?!

"Curse you Silver!" She mentally screamed in anger wanting to throttle the pest for ruining things for her once AGAIN!

"What?! No-!" Alia cried out in alarm as she looked at Red, her hair moving from side to side when she whipped her head to look at Silver, Red and the instructor.

"Of course" Silver interrupted shocking Alia to the core. If she thought that she could kick him out then he might as well play hardball in order to stay. "My partner has been little worried since we don't know who's genes the baby will come from" he said almost cringing in anger and disgust, welp… sacrifices had to be made. Although he hoped that it was worth it in the end given how news could spread, in other words his reputation was ruined.

"Ah mystery selection" the woman nodded while at the same time Red went pale, uh oh! He turned to look at Alia who had the look of someone wanting to be sick and weep at the same time, he soon looked at the parents who smiled weakly at the pale male causing him to gulp slightly. This was not good! Not good at all!

"Ah I see... well don't worry new daddy, it's normal to be worried. Do you know what you are both having?" The woman asked with a smile.


"Over my dead body!" Alia snapped as she folded her arms, her sharp angry voice cutting Silver off as he tried to speak badly about her. Meanwhile Red smiled weakly since he already knew what she was going to have but he wasn't going to tell.

"Sadly her hormones are all over the place so she won't tell me" Silver said casually while waving her off, Alia seeing this gesture fumed in anger as some fathers chuckled weakly. Oh it's on!

"Okay now time for lesson okay, deep breaths everyone" the woman said as she sat on one of the chairs while Alia to her dismay had both males sitting beside her. Part of her just wanted to bail and never come back after this, just what was he tying to prove by being here?

"Now young mothers, for this lesson we are going to practice birthing breaths okay-"

"Um pardon me" Alia lifted her hand up shyly as a weak smile appeared on her face, Red raised a brow not knowing what to say or do as he was left baffled by her interrupting.

"Yes miss?" The woman asked kindly.

"I'm afraid that I have to go to the bathroom since this little one won't stop playing with my bladder" Alia chuckled causing some mother's to chuckle in understanding.

"Oh that's quite alright" the woman smiled "looks like the daddy's will be learning together then" she smiled as Alia left the room in a hurry, Red and Silver however went pale from the woman's words.

"How so?" Red asked weakly almost dreading the answer.

"Why you'll be practicing on each other until she comes back of course, after all this in a way will give you practice on what to do when she is in labor" both swallowed bile heavily as they turned to look at the other wearily. Shoot...

"So...still think it was a good idea to lie?" Red asked quietly as the woman continued to speak about how to deal with labor breaths.

"As if I would allow you to be with her" Silver muttered darkly but quietly taking Red by surprise.


"You may have caused my father to run away but you're not taking my rival away from me" he hissed not raising his voice so he didn't attract attention.

"Look I don't know what you're talking about, but this isn't going to make things better-"

"Oh shut up!" He hissed "what do you know?" Red remained quiet as he listened to the lecture that lasted more than half an hour.

"Say... Ai's taking a long time in the bathroom" Red commented quietly as the couples now got ready in order to do the birthing positions. Silver looked at him blankly as he looked at his pokégear only to frown as he saw the time.

"Did the toilet swallow her whole or something? Not like it's possible given her size" he muttered bluntly.

"Must you be so rude with Alia?" Red asked wearily.

"I can say whatever I want about her" Silver replied coldly causing Red to glare, as ten more minutes went by Red soon smacked himself on the head as he realised that they had been abandoned or should Red say HE had been thrown under a bus and left to deal with Silver.

"Where is she?" Silver muttered angrily as he looked at the door. "I swear-"

"Okay boys best time to practice what I have taught you" the woman said brightly causing Silver to go quiet.

"Stuff this I am-"

"Unlike you I need to learn this so sit down and suck it up, you chose to come here and cause havoc. You are helping me" Red said coldly causing Silver to gulp from how angry Red was looking.

"I'm sorry is there a problem?" The woman asked as some parents looked at them.

"No, we're just getting ready to practice" Red said while masking his anger at Silver, but the red head was no fool. He was doing this now with Red and there was no getting out of this one! Especially since the guinea pig did a runner.

Alia sighed as she folded her arms while walking through the lake part of the forest, her long cardigan fluttered from the light breeze while her long hair blew to the right. Disbelief and annoyance filled her as she continued to walk, why did he have to come and do that?! It was beyond humiliating and disturbing. Now people were going to gossip and assume the worse, so much for keeping a low profile. Now what were she and Red going to do? They couldn't just up and leave like a that, it would raise suspicion and that was something they were trying to hint to avoid.

"Darn Silver that meddlesome idiot!" she muttered mentally in anger as she spotted some pokémon playing in the water, just seeing them left her feeling a sense of peace and allowed her to forget about her troubles for brief moment. She spotted where her home was and sighed as it was close to the Hollow Tree where trainers would gather. No doubt Benga would want a fight with her to prove who was stronger, although he did at one point want to talk and hang out with her given that she was his grandfather's Goddaughter which meant she was Benga's God aunt. Just last week though... he did make a comment that almost left her hitting him.

"Hey um... Alia?" He looked at her with wide eyes not once masking his shock.

"What is it Benga?" She had asked while looking curious as to why he had suddenly stopped and stared at her.

"Why is your stomach so big? Did you suddenly decide to let yourself go or something?" He tilted his head while she blinked in shock.

"No! Why would you say that?!" Alia screamed in horror while Red had choked on his saliva from hearing the question.

"Well... you're fat" this made her twitch in anger.

"I'm not fat I'm pregnant you idiot!" She snapped before slapping Benga who helped from the hit.

Alia shook her head from the memory, talk about oblivious to such stuff. In a way it got to a point that it left her wondering what her Godfather had taught him.

"This is beyond mortifying" Silver muttered darkly as Red was sitting behind him as the red head was forced to play the birthing mother.

"Suck it up and do it, the quicker we do this the quicker we get out" Red hissed crossly wanting to get away from him as soon as possible, yes this was uncomfortable for him as well but he wasn't making a big show of it. Since THIS guy was the one who started it by saying they were together.

"Aren't you bothered?" Silver hissed "This isn't what I had in mi-"

"Yeah well this is what happens, pregnancy is no walk in the park and things like this have to be taught in order to help expecting mothers when it comes to the day the baby has to come. Only you scared off the one mother who is carrying because you won't stop angering her" Red commented coldly as he made sure he was close to a reluctant Silver, after all Red had been there during these months to know that yes Alia was scared but loved her unborn child enough to keep it safe and healthy. Sadly for her, it meant not eating or doing certain things until the baby was born.

"Besides I'm the one who has to help her with this when I get home" Silver the moment he heard this gritted his teeth at the fact that she would be with Red when it was all over, not only that but she would be doing all this with him and then some to the red head's anger. What did this guy have that Silver didn't?

Silver tensed up as he heard the teacher instruct something that had him blushing like mad, no way in hell! They had to do that?!

"Just do push" Red said dryly as he whispered in Silver's tense ear.

"C-Come on, now this is"

"Do it or I'm telling the instructor why exactly Alia has not come back yet" Red's tone showed that he was not joking, Silver bit the inside of his lip knowing that he could get kicked out if Red spoke.

"F-Fine!" Silver faced away from Red while his face was beet red thanks to what he was about to do.