Hey guys, it's been a while, I know. I'm so sorry. I'm pretty sad to announce that I am passing on the torch-I'm not updating my stories anymore.

But! Don't freak out just yet!

I talked to one of my friends on here and she's going to take over a few of the stories for me. I'm giving her free reign and I honestly don't know what stories she'll choose to take on, but she's a great writer and I know she'll take these stories to places I could only hope to. She reviewed one of my stories ages ago and eventually posted her own; it's an Avengers fic featuring Tony Stark and a newly found daughter. Great stuff!

Since her story features finding family, I thought she might like to take on What the History Books Can't Teach You and When Reality Carries a Grude (though I'm not sure what she'll do about the others, I don't want to overwhelm her). She got back with me today and let me know she would love to! It may be a bit, but she promised she'll take care of my brain babies.

Her handle on here is Piper and Snippy, and she has an ao3 account too under Piper_and_Snippy. Check her other works out while you wait for her to post the revamped versions of my stories. She's great!

I love all of you guys, you've been such a great audience and helped me grow so much over the years. Much love, my dearest friends and fellow fans,