HELLO EVERYONE! I am well aware that this is a very short first chapter but I'm just dipping my toe into the pool, this will be my first time writing a fan-fiction for Zoo and I want to have a better grasp on the main characters emotions and way of speaking so I can ease my OC into the write seamlessly. I plan on keeping most of the really big events the same and I know my conversations won't be exactly the same as they were in the movie however I changed things to fit my OC in. I hope ya'll like but I'm really writing this for me (because I'm totally in love with Mitch) so if you feel my OC is to Mary Sue for you, well I hope you find a write more to your liking but don't feel the need to diss mine ok.? I don't mind criticism to help me get better but just telling me something along the lines of 'your story sucks stop writing' doesn't help me in anyway…. Enjoy.

I had got back to the hotel I was staying at in Hawaii when my phone rang loudly causing me to wince slightly as my head was pounding from all the alcohol I had consumed earlier at my 'going away' party my friends had hosted after the going drinks my superiors had had with me upon my final signature on my resignation. Grabbing at my pocket I finally managed to pull out my phone and answered it.

"Jupiter." I whispered into the phone trying not to wake up any of the other occupants on the same floor. "Jupe this is Jamie. I was just calling to see what time your flight would be landing." Jamie my older twin sister said, I swore a blue streak in Icelandic but managed to calm myself as I shouldered my way into my hotel room. "Let me look at the flight plan again." I said trying to pass off the fact that I had forgotten, I could practically feel the look Jamie was giving me, the one that said she knew something was off.

I flipped open my laptop and after if verified who I was I quickly checked the flight manifest and saw that I could book a red eye flight that would be leaving in twenty minutes. "I should be landing in Los Angeles in a little over five hours." I told her while I paid for my ticket online and then began to shove my few clothes haphazardly into my black army duffel bag. "Okay call me when you're at the airport I'll come and pick you up." Jamie said happily and we hung up.

With the help of a few Andrew Jackson's a determined cabby my Navy ID letting me through without the metal detectors or pat down I made it onto the flight with seconds to spare. Sighing I fell back into the seat on the nearly empty plane I had managed to weasel my way into getting my duffel bag written as a carry-on bag and since no one was behind me. Stretching I popped my neck and shoulders before yawning and then putting in my headphones and chose my Celtic playlist as I fell asleep knowing the flight attendant would wake me when we got to Los Angeles.

It felt like I had just closed my eyes when the flight attendant was shaking me awake. I thanked her and after a big yawn and stretch I un-buckled putting my head-phones and iPod into my duffel bag I walked out of the plane. After getting through security I made my way outside and found a place out of the flow of people to stand and call Jamie while I stretched feeling a bit stiff from sleeping in a single position.

When Jamie came to pick me up I tossed my duffel bag into the back seat and after sliding into the front seat and giving her a quick hug I pulled on my seatbelt and I asked her about her Journalism job. She told me about her current story and I managed not to yawn as I felt the urge to fall asleep until she mentioned something about a possible connection between two lions who mauled their keepers and went on to attack and kill several people before being put down and Radian Global.

"That's the company that killed ..mom right?" I asked just to be sure, the word mom or mother still feeling odd to say as I had never met the woman who had given birth to me having been raised by our dad who had died a seven months after I turned eighteen. "Yeah it's the same company." Jamie said pulling me out of my thoughts and back into the present. "So you have any leads you want me to chase down for you?" I asked. She gave me a side smile, "You need food, a shower, new clothes and some more sleep before you do anything." I laughed and agreed.

After stopping at Eaten Park and grabbing some breakfast we went back to her place and I immediately stepped into the shower while she went to chase down a lead saying she would be back in a few hours.