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~Chapter Eleven~

Hearing everyone's voice lifted a weight off of my shoulders that I wasn't even aware that I had been carrying.

"How's Jamie?" Chloe asked after we all finished saying hello.

"She hasn't woken up yet, which considering the state of her leg might be a good thing." I replied as I glanced over at Jamie's sleeping body while I scratched Kujo's head causing him to purr as he snuggled closer to me.

"Is that ..purring?" Mitch asked curiously causing me to chuckle,

"Yeah Kujo's pretty happy right now. He's lost several more teeth and I made sure to save them in a little baggie to make more of the cure." I replied stroking Kujo under his chin before letting my hand rest on his back for a few minutes.

"Good! That's good! Look Chloe has a new pal in the government and I'm sure that we'll be able to get you out of...where are you anyway?" Jackson asked.

"I'm not really sure, just have someone triangulate the area of this satellite phone and you'll get close to the exact location. I know the guy here speaks Inuit if that helps any...Oh and he picked Jamie, me and Kujo up in a boat and brought us to land before driving us to his home in a truck so we are near the ocean somewhere." I replied trying to be helpful but not having a lot of information to go on.

"Just stay put Jupiter. I'm going to take you to the lady who can help us right now. She'll be able to triangulate your position and send a rescue team for the three of you." Chloe replied.

"Make sure to have a doctor or nurse in the rescue team for Jamie and have a place ready for her at a hospital. I wasn't kidding about her leg needing attention." I replied seriously having a feeling that she had taken Mitch's phone and that it was off of speaker.

"It's that bad? Don't worry I'll make sure they send an EMT along and a cage for the leopard." Chloe said.

"Kujo doesn't need a cage. Just get the EMT person here as quickly as you can. I don't want to find out if the animals will develop an immunity to the cure or not." I replied trying my best not to snap at Chloe for thinking of putting Kujo in a cage. He was after all a wild animal however I highly doubted it would be good for him or me to have him put into a cage. He had become a sense of comfort to me and if I wasn't holding him I always had him in my line of sight.

"Look Jupiter, the men who will be coming to pick up you and Jamie won't like the idea of a free animal, no matter how little it is." Chole said as the sound of a vehicle door closing in the background told me she was now on the move.

"To bad for them. I'll hold him but he's not going to need a cage. Is the animal situation really that bad now that the government is finally taking notice of it?" I asked wanting to switch the conversation before we started to argue.

"It's not as bad as it could get but yes the government has noticed and over a week ago they set up a meeting that Delavenne got me into, he's one of the good guys it turns out. Most of the people just laughed at what I told them however I was taken to one lady, Amelia Sage, who works for the government she had noticed the same things I talked about. She's taken in the entire team and she is working with us. I know she will send someone to get you, Jamie and the leopard as soon as I can get your location to her." Chloe replied.

There was silence then as I waited for Chloe to get to wherever she was going and give Mitch's phone over to this Amelia person. I almost fell asleep when I heard a strange female voice speak into the phone,

"My name is Amelia Sage, I'm putting together a Seal team right now to come get you, your sister and a leopard cub that you have in your possession. Right now I need to make sure that you do in fact have the cub." The lady, Amelia said in a tone that said, 'I'm the boss, obey me'.
I rolled my eyes,

"This satellite phone doesn't have a camera and Kujo fell asleep a good twenty minutes ago so there's no chance he's going to make a sound and I'm not going to force him to lady." I replied feeling a bit snarky as her tone of voice rubbed me the wrong way.

"Jupiter Winter Smith. Your Navy records indicated that you seemed to have a slight problem with authority, I see you haven't grown out of it yet." Amelia replied, I couldn't help but roll my eyes again.

"Obviously not. Listen if your going to send a Seal team, send Team Five and tell them it's a pick up mission for Menhit. You'll find things will go a lot better for all involved. Now I'm going to assume that you have already triangulate my position and therefore I don't need to stay on the phone any longer. And if that's the case I need to hang up now as I have things to prepare for the long ride back to civilization and a decent hospital for my sister...ma'am." I replied, tacking the ma'am on at the end as sarcastically as I could before hanging up the satellite phone and tossing it onto a nearby chair.

"Ju-?" Jamie rasped softly causing me to turn towards her so fast I nearly gave myself whiplash.

"Jamie your up! Here take a sip of water, don't worry about anything. The others are okay and their sending a rescue group for us so relax and get some sleep." I told her, gently giving her a sip of water from the water bottle I had before combing my fingers threw her hair to lull her back to sleep.