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Chapter Twelve

After helping Jamie go to the bathroom and take a nice long warm bath I helped her change clothes before carrying her back to the bed knowing I was going to have to tell the old man who was caring for us that help was coming.

Walking out of the bedroom I found him watching something outside from the window and walked over to see what he was looking at. I felt my eyes widen in surprise as I saw the number of glowing eyes that were watching us from the forest outside of the large fence that I had helped him finish putting up several days ago.

"Help coming. You come?" I said, my grasp on the Inuit language was sadly lacking so I wasn't able to speak in full sentences, but I was able to get across what I wanted.

The only words I recognized when he replied was help, yes and pack but with those words I understood that he would go with us when help came and that right now he was going to pack whatever it was that he wanted to take when they came.

Not knowing what he would want to pack I just left him to it and went outside to patrol the fenced in yard wanting to make sure that we would stay safe that night and hopefully in the morning the team would come for us.

Keeping my senses on high alert I walked the fence line and mentally counted the number of eye shine I saw as I did every night I walked the fence and I wasn't surprised to find that the number had now doubled. It had been growing steadily as if the animals were amassing a force to storm the house.

My instincts cried out and I ducked and rolled away from the fence just in time as a mountain lion jumped from the nearest tree over the fence to land on top of me. I felt its teeth bite into my arm going down to the bone causing me to drop the shotgun. Grabbing one of my knives from my pocket I slit its throat wide open causing it to bleed out and die quickly.

Prying my arm from it's mouth I left it's body where it lay and quickly rushed inside knowing that there could be more mountain lions on the way. The animals had been testing the fence ever since we had arrived and I had a feeling they had animals on the way that would allow them all to get inside. It was almost like they knew we were going to be leaving soon and wanted to kill us before we could.

Closing the door behind me I poured alcohol on my arm and quickly stitched it up as best I could before wrapping it and beginning to barricade us inside. Thankfully Jamie slept through all the noise but the man came out of his room and rushed over to me trying to stop me.

Grabbing his hand I forced him to the window and pointed to the now dead mountain lion inside of the fence. When he saw it his face went pale and began to help me barricade the front door as well as the windows which were dangerously easy for animals to smash open.

After blocking off everything we could I found out that he had an attic and after I checked it for animals I came up with a plan. The roof of his home was flat which meant that it was easy to climb on but it was also over fifteen feet off the ground which meant that the only animals that could reach it would be the birds.

With a plan brewing in my mind I managed to get my idea across to him with words and drawings and he went back to packing while I started to cut a large square out of the roof so if any animals breached the attic we could get to the roof to wait for the rescue team.

It took me two hours to cut the large square in the roof while making sure it wasn't fully cut out so the birds didn't see it and dive bomb. Then I began to carry pillows, blankets, food and water up to the attic while the man carried up the three boxes that he had packed.

With everything ready I went and woke Jamie and Kujo, the man helping me carry Jamie to the attic steps and as Jamie slowly climbed up the ladder I explained what was happening to her.

"So the rest of the team is alive and coming to get us and the animals seem to know that and are getting ready to attack us." Jamie stated.

"Yes. Right now I'm going to turn everything on that could possibly make noise to keep the animals from being able to hear you guys should they breach the house before I go outside to stand guard. Stay here and hold onto Kujo-oh and these." I said, handing her the zip-lock baggie that had Kujo's lost baby teeth in it.

"Where are you going?! What are you going to do!?" Jamie demanded worriedly as she lurched forward to grab my arm.

"I have too much to live for to let them kill me. Besides, the old man here was helpful enough to give me every knife in the house so I can protect myself without drawing too much attention to our location." I replied.


"Jamie! Listen to me. I promise I will come back before the rescue team leaves. I might have to leave the house to lead the animals away but I will be back. There's a hole in the roof for you guys to climb onto the roof should any animals try to breach the attic or if you hear voices. Until then I want you to stay quiet and don't let Kujo go okay?" I said, grabbing her shoulders to force her to look at me as she had started to freak out.

"You swear to me you'll come back!" Jamie demanded after taking several deep breaths to try and calm down.

Crouching down so I was eye-level with her I made sure she could see how serious I was,

"I swear I'll come back." I replied. After a few seconds of searching my face Jamie let my arm go and nodded, I gave her a smile and kissed her forehead before turning to the man who gave me a somber nod which I returned before heading back down the steps.

Making sure the man pulled the ladder steps back up I begin to flip on every thing in the house that made noise before walking out the front door, shutting it firmly behind me and moving the heavy wooden trunk and boxes that the man had helped me put out on the porch in front of the door.

Turning my back to the house I stayed on the porch so I could see my surroundings as the sun began to rise letting me see beyond the lights in the yard to the animals that were surrounding the fence. Taking out the two machete's that the man had given me I held them firmly as I waited to see what the day would bring.

Time ceased to have any meaning and not a single though crossed my mind as I kept my mind blank and worked by instinct. Killing the animals that were coming at me one by one as I moved off the porch but continued to keep any animal from reaching it. Multiple wolves a bear, a single buffalo several mountain lions, birds, beavers and a variety of other animals all dead or dying laid on the ground around me as I pushed myself back up into a standing position brushing the blood out of my eyes as I picked up all the knives close to me, having been knocked down by a wolf that now lay dead from a knife through it's eye socket.

My lungs were screaming for oxygen as my body shook from a large mixture of fatigue, blood loss and adrenaline when a faint sound registered in my mind as it grew louder. Blinking I glanced around not seeing any animal coming my way yet I looked up and saw in the distance a helicopter. My body immediately wanted to fall to the ground in relief but the sound of something crashing through the forest towards me pulled my attention back to the ground.

Wiping my hands off as best I could I tightened my hold on the kitchen knife and machete I was holding. I felt disbelief as I realized the animal crashing its way towards me was a moose.

"You've got to be joking…" I couldn't help but utter seeing the huge animal running straight towards me. I knew I couldn't let myself be hit by either it's horns or it's legs or I would die. I also knew there was no way my aim would be steady enough to throw my knife and hit it so I did the only thing I could do.

I played chicken with it, jumping to the left and rolling away from it. I forced myself back to my feet only to realize that it hadn't come alone, two more were coming at me from the front and now there was one behind me as well.

My body had been pushed past it's limit and as much as I wanted to keep my promise to Jamie I had the sinking feeling that I would be unable to as I turned sideways so I could see all three moose at the same time.

They all were charging me when suddenly one by one they stopped and fell to the ground I blinked in disbelief before I heard someone holler out,

"Hey Menhit, quit making the rest of us look bad!"

Turning I looked towards the voice only to realize that the helicopter had landed on the roof and my old SEAL team was climbing out of it along with Mitch, Jackson and Abe who were looking at me with wide eyes.

"I can't help it if I'm talented." I called back with a smile before realizing my body was going to pass out.

"Jamie, Kujo and the old guy …. Are in the ….attic…" I managed to call out as I sat down the black spots dancing in front of my eyes telling me time was running short. Laying on my back to I didn't hurt anything when I passed out I saw Mitch and two of the SEAL's coming down the roof towards me before everything went black.