Subject Unknown

Chapter 8

Nova was playing with Layla in the apartment before her phone buzzed.

"Yes?" She answered.

"We have movement, I repeat we have movement, the trap is about to get set off. We need to get operation Three Musketeers in motion." Shadow yelled into the phone as she was directing everything from the command center at Voxhe.

"Layla, get your vest on and help me vest the girls." Nova instructed as she went to a dresser and got a blue tooth ear piece out and put it in her ear.

"How long?" Nova asked Shadow.

"You've got three minutes until they reach the sixth floor." Shadow answered as she watched the video feed of three heavily armed men walk calmly up the stairwell.

Layla's eyes widened as she scrambled to get up before she bolted for her room. Nova went across the hall and banged hard on Matt's door.

"What's going on?" Matt asked as he came to the door, still in his sweat pants.

"Do you have a go bag?!" Nova demanded.

"Uh..." Matt stammered.

"We got to go! Grab whatever you can't live without that you can carry," Nova ordered.

Matt didn't hesitate, he went to the chest and grabbed his father's old boxing robe that concealed his Daredevil suit and wadded it up in a bundle.

"Go to my apartment!" Nova shouted as she followed closely behind, locking his apartment door before rushing in, setting the alarm and put on her emergency vest. Layla had gotten two of the four dogs vested before Nova took the other two and hastily vested the other two before tethering Layla then tethering the girls before taking her last tether and wrapping it around Matt and teleporting them to her office.

Matt fell to his knees as he coughed and clutched his chest.

"What the hell?" Matt croaked before his senses flooded back to him. "Are your office?" Matt asked before Angel came to his aid as Nova unwrapped the tether from him and taking her emergency vest off and taking the emergency vest off, giving Layla a quick kiss before taking the small portable oxygen tank and jogging to the command center.

"Yes you are, your chest will stop hurting in a moment." Angel tried to assure Matt.

"What is going on?" Matt demanded.

"Nelson Fisk is out for revenge, he sent men to your apartment to kill you, you got extracted by Nova." Angel tried to explain. "We are trying to secure Franklin Nelson and Karen Page as we speak."

"I need to help." Matt replied.

"You can help by staying here." Angel argued.

"No, I need…" Matt repeated as he unwrapped his suit from his father's robe.

"Holy shit," Angel breathed as she looked down at what was really in his hands. "If that is what I think it is, you need to tell Nova," Angel insisted.


Ambre had been typing on her computer before her phone buzzed loudly. She chanced a glance at it and saw Nova calling.

Ambre looked around and answered it discreetly. "Why are you calling?" Ambre asked in a hushed tone.

"You need to get out of there, NOW!" Nova stressed.

"What happened?" Ambre asked as she subconsciously froze.

"Three Musketeers, they just reached the elevator, get Nelson and get out of there, they're packing."

"Merde," Ambre hissed as she shoved away from her desk and hastily opened the large bottom drawer and pulling the small but heavy black bag out. "I'm putting my ear piece in, walk me out," Ambre demanded.

"That's what I'm here for." Nova nodded as she got every camera in the building and surrounding streets onto all the computer screens as Chatter and the others worked furiously to look at the plans of the building again.

"Tell her to not take exit route A or B we're trying to see if C or D will work." Chatter relayed to Nova.

"Any word on Frank?" Nova asked the group.

"He's enroute," Chatter confirmed. "Karen is secure."

"Did you get that?" Nova asked.

"Oui," Ambre nodded as she finished putting the ear piece in her ear and went to a set of file cabinets and pulled out the bottom drawer where a larger and heavier duffel bag was waiting for her then she made a run for Foggy's office.

She burst through the door, causing Foggy to jump out of skin. "Get off the phone, we need to go, now!" She ordered.

"What's going on?" Foggy asked, startled at the abrupt change in her.

"People are here to kill you, we need to get out of here." Ambre growled as she went to a file cabinet in his office that he had never used, the large bottom drawer opening to her fingerprint to reveal black boots, a specialized gas mask and a bullet proof vest. "Put these on!" She ordered as she tossed them to him.

Foggy was scared but did as she told him to before his hands started to shake. When he slipped his feet into the heavy combat boots, he was astonished that they were not only his size but also fit him remarkably well. He looked over to Ambre who in record time had stripped her outfit off and was hastily putting on her own combat gear, complete with guns, bombs and knives.

"Jesus!" Foggy exclaimed. "Who are you?" Foggy asked.

"Now is not the time for questions." Ambre shot back as she dug through the larger duffel bag before finding her assault rifles, a FAMAS and an M4A1, putting silencers on the ends and loading them with huge magazine clips before tossing the ammunition bag to Foggy. "Carry this, don't drop it. You stay as close to me as you can, keep up and we can get out of this alive." Ambre emphasized before taping her earpiece.

"Ready to move," She said before putting her FAMAS to her shoulder and putting her other hand to the door.

"Ok, stay low, and leave on my count." Nova instructed as she watched the monitors.

Ambre crouched and Foggy did the same as she just barely twisted the door handle.

"Wait, C and D won't work, they have guys waiting the stairwells. An air shaft wont hold them, tell her to fake shower sex and hide in the secret compartment in his bathroom, she won't make it out of his office otherwise." Chatter relayed.

"Oui" Ambre confirmed as she let go of the door handle and let her gun rest from it's strap around her shoulder.

"Take off all your clothes," Ambre insisted.

"Excuse me?" Foggy asked, completely sure he misheard her.

Ambre growled again as she deftly took his bullet proof vest off, yanked his tie off and ripped his shirt open before quickly undoing his belt.

"Out of the boots, out of the boots!" She urged. Foggy fell backwards in the process. "Ugh," Ambre exclaimed exasperated at his clumsiness. Before going after him and taking the boots off and pulling the rest of his clothes off so all he was left with was his underwear and an undershirt.

"That too!" Ambre said as she gestured to his remaining clothes.


"Do you want to live?! Then take it all off!" Ambre repeated as she helped him to his feet, taking his boots in one hand and his vest in the other as she marched to his bathroom in his office, a naked Foggy following her, holding her large duffel bag in front of him so as to try and hide his nakedness.

"Leave them on the floor," Ambre said as she counted the squares of an overly large 3D art piece in the bathroom. She pulled the designated cube out, revealing a shaft, twisting it 180 degrees before pushing it back in. The action allowed the whole picture to swing out, revealing a small room behind it.

"What did you do to my office?" Foggy asked, overwhelmed at what was happening to him.

Ambre didn't answer as she took a hidden phone from under the towels in the drawer and turned it on, putting sex sounds on and turning the volume up as she turned the water in the shower on to hot so the bathroom would steam up.

"Inside," Ambre said as she pushed him into the room and closed the door behind them only moments before Fisk's people burst into Foggy's office.

"Shh," Ambre whispered as she reached behind her to grab spare clothes for him.

Foggy got dressed as Ambre cast her eyes away as she continued to listen to Nova's call outs. Suddenly she pulled out her 45 caliber pistol and slowly and quietly twisted the silencer onto it before clicking a laser guide to the underside of the barrel before getting out a pair of yellowish tinted glasses, pulling out a second pair and putting them onto Foggy who had managed to get redressed. She turned out the light that was in that little room off after giving Foggy a quick kiss and putting his gas mask on over the glasses before putting on her own gas mask.

She cracked the door open ever so slightly to make sure that the bathroom was cleared, she crept out until Foggy was also out of the room. But he made the mistake of trying to shut the door behind him that made a sound.

Ambre froze and looked over her shoulder at him fixing him with a glare before a few of the goons came into view.

Without hesitation, Ambre fired at the two and shot them in the head and they fell to the ground dead.

However that only instigated more firing from the others that were in the room still.

Foggy cowered behind her as she peaked out the door briefly only to pull her head back quickly as more shots were fired into the door jam.

Ambre pulled a tear gas bomb off of her vest and threw it out into Foggy's office. The whole room quickly filled with smoke. However the glasses Ambre and Foggy were wearing allowed them to see through the smoke.

Ambre marched through the smoke, shooting the three remaining henchmen before opening Foggy's office door and throwing out a few more tear gas bombs into the rest of floor. Ambre took Foggy's hand and had him hold onto the back of her vest as she walked them out and into a stairwell. She then handed her pistol to Foggy. "Point and shoot, just not at me," Ambre smirked before bringing her FAMAS to her shoulder again and seemed to be counting down with the people talking in her earpiece.

She then very quickly went up the stairs, keeping her gun pointed up until she froze and pushed Foggy into the corner to shield him from the sudden down pour of bullets.

"Extraction any time now," Ambre said into her earpiece.

"Get to the roof! We only see four guys in two groups of two." Nova ordered.

Ambre took a few big breaths before taking smoke bombs off of her vest and throwing them throughout the stairwell to give them some cover as they moved up the stairwell, the occasional bullet still flying pass them as they did so.

They manage, by a miracle, to make to the top of the stairwell before more bullets came shooting up the stairwell at them. Ambre pushed the door open to the roof and checked to make sure it was clear before she grabbed Foggy and pulled him out, she shut the door behind her. She then pulled out one of her batons and put it through the handle of the door and setting a small charge above it.

Her ears searched for the sound of the chopper before she heard it. But it wasn't Nova's chopper, it was Fisk's. Soon the guns on the chopper began shooting at them. Ambre pulled Foggy down behind one of the massive air conditioners before returning fire. Foggy attempted not to scream the whole time, failing miserably.

"I need an RPG!" Ambre screamed in frustration as she took cover to reload her weapons.

Then out of nowhere Nova's helicopter suddenly appeared directly over head and provided cover and counter fire for them. They lowered a ladder and a hook. Ambre put the duffel bag on the hook and told Foggy to climb the ladder.

Just as Foggy had climbed the first rung, Fisk's men were coming through the rooftop door. Ambre scrambled for a moment before she found the detonator and sent the charge on the door alight. Foggy clung to the ladder for dear life before looking up to see Nova's face, calling for him to climb it.

The explosion didn't have the desired affect, since more men came pouring out of the rooftop entrance, all wearing bullet proof vests and shooting at Foggy who had just gotten to the top of it. Chameleon tilted the chopper to shield Foggy from the fire but that also put Ambre out of reach of the ladder.

"Go without me!" Ambre screamed at them.

"No! We are not leaving without her!" Foggy screamed back.

"Angel, get that other chopper out of the sky!" Chameleon yelled as Angel redirected her mini gun from the other men shooting at Ambre on the rooftop to the other chopper as it maneuvered to take them down.

"I'm almost out of Ammo!" Angel informed the group.

"Here!" Triple offered as she got two RPG's from the back of the helicopter. She gave one to Angel as she shoulder mounted the other. The two took aim and fired at the other helicopter as it suddenly began to try and outmaneuver the assault. But it was no match for the smart RPG's which had no trouble tracing it and taking it out of the sky.

"Ambre still needs help!" Foggy insisted as he tore his eyes away from the crashing helicopter that had become a fire ball to Ambre who was running out of Ammo herself and options.

"I'll get her," Nova nodded.

"Wait! Take me!" Angel said as she scrambled to her feet, Triple and Angel both reaching out to the tethers on Nova's vest before they all took a step off the helicopter.

To Foggy's astonishment, they disappeared into thin air before they reappeared behind the line of guys shooting at Ambre.

Angel and Triple smiled as they took knives out of their pockets, holding them defensively before taking a run at the guys. A ball of energy suddenly bloomed from Nova's chest as she also ran forward, stopping only a few paces away to yell at the attackers to get their attention before bringing her hands into the ball of energy and seemed to grab handfuls of it and threw it at them. Each ball of energy destroyed the electronics on the offending shooters, exploding all the bullets in their guns and on their person before Angel and Triple used their knives to fight then kill all those they could come into contact with.

Nova rushed to Ambre's side to make sure Ambre wasn't wounded.

"Je vais bien," Ambre assured Nova.

"You sure?" Nova inquired again.

"Oui!" Ambre insisted.

"Let's get out of here!" Nova suggested with a wry smile.

"Thought you'd never ask!" Ambre sarcastically quipped.

"Make a run for it!" Nova told Ambre as they stood up and began to run toward the ladder, Triple and Angel following their lead and making a run for it, Nova made sure she was the last one on the ladder as the helicopter quickly flew away.

"One batch, two batch, penny and dime." Frank breathed as he sniped the rest of them from a nearby roof.

Nova climbed the rest of the ladder to the chopper as it flew from Foggy's office to Ambre's safe house.

Once on the roof, they made their way to the door that would lead into the building as the helicopter flew back to Voxhe. Foggy began to piece things together and didn't know if he should be furious or thankful.

Author's notes- again, an unbeted chapter. Ah, the extraction. Actually I wrote most of this chapter long before I wrote the others because if I didn't write it when it did, it might have lost it's whatever it is that can make action scenes what they are.