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Bent not Broken

Chapter 1: Hiroshi's Decision

Ever since Hiroshi Sato's wife was killed by one of the triads running Republic City's underworld, he developed a deep hatred of benders and wanted nothing more than to see the world rid of them. Knowing it's way beyond his power, he instead settled for increasing his and Asami's chances of defending themselves against future attacks. He might have lost his wife but he still had a daughter to protect and to ready for when he'd no longer be there to do so. While brainstorming, he eventually came up with the idea of stun gloves and was certain the police force would buy them as soon as he made a functional prototype. He was wrong.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sato, but we don't think these gloves are practical." Chief Beifong stated.

"Would you rather see how I fare with one of these against you, Chief Beifong?" Hiroshi Sato asked. Secretly, it was more for the idea of being able to hurt a bender than the idea of making a sale.

"Maybe you non-benders might need those things to increase your fighting chances but this isn't the case with us." Chief Beifong replied. "You try to use it on me and I'll arrest you for assaulting a police officer."

"In that case, I'll stop wasting our time here, Chief Beifong. Goodbye." Hiroshi Sato firmly said and then left the police station. As he was being driven back to Sato Mansion, he was thinking about what Chief Beifong said and decided it wasn't such a waste of time after all. If he felt it could help him to defend against bender criminals, why wouldn't Republic City's other non-benders feel the same?

On the next day, Hiroshi Sato requested help from one of his firebending employees to help him with testing the glove. Not wanting to risk being burned, he asked for one of his fellow non-benders to fight the firebender for him. The results satisfied him. Some days later, Hiroshi Sato was satisfied with the results of the tests and the number of sales until he received an unexpected visitor. "Hello, Chief Beifong. What can I do for you?"

"Hiroshi Sato, what do you have to say about this?" She asked back while frowning and slamming a stun glove at his desk.

"Did you change your mind, Chief Beifong?" He cheerfully asked. "I might give you a discount since it was your hint about non-benders needing it that inspired me."

"Cut it out, Sato." She demanded. "I want you to recall those weapons right now."

"Chief Beifong, 'weapon' is such a strong word to describe my gloves." He argued. "I'd rather call them 'defense devices'."

"Recall them or I'm holding you responsible for any attacks people cause with these gloves!" She ordered.

"Chief Beifong, next time you'll want to blame Cabbage Corp and me whenever someone runs over somebody else." He argued.

"Don't think this is over, Sato." She threatened.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Chief Beifong." He replied and then mentally added 'you filthy bender.'

End chapter. Does anyone want to guess where did I come up with the idea for the fic's title?