Chapter 15: Beneath the Mask

"You fools!" Amon berated his soldiers. "How could you let Asami escape?"

"She caught us by surprise, Master." A guard explained. "I thought she was just some hapless girl used to get whatever her father's money could buy."

"Someone go find her before Hiroshi Sato finds out." Amon demanded. "She's our only leverage against him until I can be certain our cause is motive enough for him."

"Don't worry, Sir." The Lieutenant said. "Tomorrow you're going to deliver a speech to new recruits. We can distract Sato with it."

"I hope so." Amon commented.

The next day, thanks to a spy working for Chief Beifong, the heroes knew where the meeting would take place. "My fellow non-benders, thanks to Hiroshi Sato's inventions, we're one step away from taking over Republic City and freeing it from the bending oppression." Amon said during his speech and then gave his usual rant about having his face burned by firebenders.

"Amon, you're a liar!" Korra accused him.

"Oh, is that so, Avatar?" Amon maliciously asked.

"You're a bloodbender." She said, shocking his audience. "Asami Sato told me so after escaping captivity."

"Is my daughter free?" Hiroshi asked out of hope.

Amon slowly took off his mask and revealed a face full of burn scars. "Is this a lie to you?" He asked.

Hiroshi Sato would have suggested Korra to bend water at Amon's face but he was afraid the part about Asami being free was a lie. During the battle, Amon focused his attention on Korra and immobilized her. Having experienced the sensation thanks to Tarrlok, Hiroshi recognized it for what it was: bloodbending. Korra's friends were so busy with the chi-blockers none of them could stop Amon from debending her. Amon was about to touch Korra when he was struck from behind by Hiroshi Sato and a stun glove. "Hurry, Avatar! Send water to his face!" Hiroshi commanded.

Too confused by the recent development, Korra obeyed without even thinking about what Hiroshi Sato wanted with that. Hiroshi then wiped a section of Amon's face with his non-gloved hand and found out the scars were painted on. "As I suspected: the burn marks were fake."

The Equalists were shocked at that revelation. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The Lieutenant screamed in horror. "Kill them all!" He ordered the remaining Equalists.

Korra created a fire curtain between them (herself, Amon and Hiroshi) and the Equalists willing to do the Lieutenant's bidding and carried the other two away. Depressed by the fact Amon was a bender, the other Equalists surrendered.

A few days later, Councilman Tenzin was still trying, in vain, to make Korra develop airbending when Hiroshi and Asami Sato showed up at the Air Temple. "Welcome, Mr. Sato and Ms. Sato." Tenzin said. "What brings you here?"

"I would like to see if the Fire Ferrets would like sponsorship from Future Industries for the next pro-bending championship." Hiroshi said and then looked at Mako. "What do you say, young man?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sato, but I'm leaving pro-bending to become a police officer." Mako replied.

"What about your past with the triads?" Hiroshi asked.

"Don't start with that, Dad." Asami scolded her father and then talked to Mako. "So, how often do police officers have days off?"

Hiroshi then approached Korra and Bolin. "What about the both of you? Are you also retiring from pro-bending or is Mako the only one who needs to be replaced?"

"I'll be back home in the South Pole by the time the next season begins, Mr. Sato." Korra explained.

"I'm still playing so we'll only need a new firebender and a new waterbender." Bolin eagerly answered. "So, what about that sponsorship?"

"Assemble a new team and we'll discuss it." Hiroshi Sato replied with a business-like tone.

After that conversation, Korra resumed her airbending exercises.

End of Book 1. I'm not sure there'll be a Book 2.