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Update 8/9/2017: Did some changes to Ragna's bio in his backstory to reflect what had been revealed in Chapter 4.

Remnant. A world of both mystery and danger.

Untold years ago, humans began to appear in the world, bringing life to a world full of uncertainty. Alongside humans, beings known as the Faunus appeared as well. While appearing human, they possessed traits of certain animals, from ears on the tops of their heads, to tails on their navels. However, as both groups moved out into the world, they came face to face with the most dangerous creatures in existence, the creatures of Grimm. Existing before the appearance of humanity, they are monsters in the purest form. Their bodies the color of the darkest black, covered in armor-like bones the palest of white, with eyes as red as blood. These monsters began to hunt down both races wherever they lived and ventured to. Humanity was driven to the edge of extinction, seemly to return to the dust from which they were formed. However, instead of returning to the dust from where they came, they soon found a way to combat the Grimm and survive. This resource would later be referred to as Dust. Dust is a special mineral which possess special qualities, among them harnessing elemental powers such as fire and ice to name a few. Dust gave humanity and the Faunus the chance to fight back against the Grimm, allowing them to eventually create the civilizations of today. Humanity began to create weapons and machines that used the power of dust to not only fight against Grimm, but to improve their lives as well. Eventually, humans began to realize that Dust and armies of soldiers wouldn't be enough to fight against the Grimm. From this idea came warriors that would lead the fight against their age old foe. These warriors are known as Huntsmen and Huntresses. They are unique compared to their fellow humans, possessing unique powers, both similar and different from one another.

All living beings with a soul can use a power known as Aura. Aura acts much like a shield covering the body, forming a barrier against all harm. It is also able to heal minor wounds, such as cuts, bruises, stabs, and burns. It can also be used to create a force field in front of the user to stop incoming attacks by putting their hands in front of the attack and focusing their aura. It is not an infinite power however, as it is limited in how much it can take before dying off. It can be strengthened through harsh training to absorb higher levels of power, allowing the user to stay in the fight longer.

The other power is known as a Semblance, As a result of a direct link with one's Aura, a Semblance is created. Semblances are unique to the individual user, meaning that there are no copies of them on other people. They give the user different powers which they draw upon in battle, allowing them to turn the tide of battle if used properly. Ranging from increasing one's physical abilities to superhuman levels, to making clones of one's being, to manipulating one's senses. Achieving mastery of both these powers, and the powerful and advanced weapons that they use, can make the most elite Huntsman and Huntresses into warriors capable of fighting dozens of Grimm and live to tell the tale.

However, the Grimm are not a presence that can be eliminated so easily. They are created and by extension, attracted to the negative emotions of humans and Faunus. Greed, envy, violence, misery, grief, these among the emotions that the Grimm are drawn to, like moths to the flame. While humanity has made progress in making their society grow and spread, the Grimm are always on the borders, ready to charge across to kill any all forms of life when the chance arises. Ranging from common types like Beowolfs and Ursa Majors, to even the Ancient Grimm, who have existed for thousands of years and have higher levels of intelligence than their fellow Grimm.

Humanity resides in the Four Kingdoms of the world. They are Atlas, Vale, Vacuo, and Mistral. Each kingdom is unique in many ways. From their culture, to their geography, to their architecture, and livelihood. They are led by councils whose main task is to govern the people they are a part of and to protect them against any dangers to their safety. In the past, the four kingdoms have engaged in war countless times, as humanity is prone to violence as a means of taking land, power and glory. They justified their wars with many reasons, seemingly as numerous as the individuals that caused them. These included taking territory for people to settle and live on due to increasing populations and cramped conditions in the cities. Going to war under the pretense of patriotism, believing that the kingdom's cause was noble, bestowing an unshakable will instilled in the soldiers as they march off to war, determined to fight and win glory and land for their home Kingdom. Other times it was sadly unavoidable, as certain figures and their personalities clashed with one another, causing conflicts to begin over the most trivial of fights such as disputes over land or certain aggressive actions undertaken by the Knigdoms. They even began over the deaths of important individuals through assassination. Over 80 years ago, the four Kingdoms had come to meet on the island of Vytal to finally end all conflicts between them, finally achieving peace in the world. Now they stand united, allied with each other to fight all threats against humanity, with the Vytal Festival being the focal point of this new peace, and the Vytal Tournament being the highlight of this monumental event.

However, cracks are now appearing in the facade of peace. The Faunus, treated like animals and abused horribly for countless years have wanted to gain equality and live in co-existence with humanity. Thus have made non-violent protests in order to gain their equality and the rights they deserve. However in recent years, one of the leading non-violent groups known as the White Fang has turned to violence in order to gain their freedoms by force. They commit acts of terror on humans and Faunus who are against them and even have even committed murder on certain people. Key among their targets are the Schnee family of Atlas, one of the most powerful and wealthy families in the Kingdoms and the owners of the Schnee Dust Company, the largest makers of Dust in the world. Their wealth has been built on the broken backs of mistreated Faunus in forced labor camps, toiling away in miserable conditions for their profit. The White Fang are now gaining both power and influence, which is increasing with new members joining their rankseveryday. While the Faunus are now able to have more equal standing with humans, it has come with more ridicule and hate due to the White Fang's actions.

However events unknown to all but a select few are beginning to take place. Individuals who wish to destroy Remnant's era of peace and acquire more power are putting their plans into motion. Soon enough, they plan causing enough hatred and fear among the population to tear apart the Kingdoms through mistrust and confusion. Once upon a time, their plans succeeded in doing so, along with the deaths of a robot who was learning to be human and a young girl who was destined for great things. They drove a team of close friends apart mentally, physically, and emotionally. They had awoken a young girl's latent powers who would begin a journey to find answers to why those events had happened and drive her and her friends into growing up to become warriors that will stand against the tide of darkness threatening to devour all in it's way.

However, this story while similar is very different. While certain events come to pass, new and unexpected ones will soon appear. The instigators of anarchy will soon face an opponent who will stand against them with powers unknown to them with a fierceness unmatched by any other. One who has fought in a war for the independence of his home country. An impossibility born of two races who were thought to be enemies to the core. One race known in another world as the Godlike saviors who supposedly saved their world from destruction, when they themselves were the actual destroyers. The other race persecuted by others for being the supposed ones that caused the destruction and were the scapegoat for it. His parents, members of those two races had forgone their people's shared hatred to fall in love, and bring birth to this impossibility. One who has suffered great loss due to the actions of people who take their hated of the unfortunate race to the level of killing them outright. He however, did not succumb to the darkness as others would and lived his life to helping others and standing up for what's right. One individual that will look for a member of the Godlike race, one that he considers a sister who has suffered too much pain and loss in her life. One who had gained a power wielded by one the most powerful beings to ever exist in his world and is himself a descendant of that very being. He will bring his experience forged in the fires of war and the powers he had awakened to help those he will call his new friends, and will fight to his last breath in defeating his new opponents. A new fire, a new beacon of hope will soon burn in Remnant, lighting the darkness that threatens to swallow all living things. A being whose actions will ripple across the new world he finds himself in, inspiring many to follow him in fighting against impossible odds.

This is a tale of bravery, friendship, hardship, pain, and adventure.

A tale of two worlds meeting and forging new bonds in times of uncertainty.

This is the tale of the being known as the Azure Wolf and his journey across a new world.

Author's Note:

Hello fellow fan fiction writers! This is my first ever story and something that I've wanted to do for a while. So please any positive criticisms are welcome, as to improve not only my writing, but to bring you guys entertainment.

To celebrate the release of Volume 4 today, I now bring you a new RWBY/VC crossover!

Okay, so for those wondering about this story here's some info:

1st: This story takes place after a revised story of VC1. The revisions are that Squads 7 and 422 worked together on several occasions as opposed to the games, so they're friends and allies (SERIOUSLY SEGA, YOU COULDN'T JUST TRY TO ADD MORE MISSIONS WITH BOTH SQUADS WORKING TOGETHER AS DLC? WHAT A WASTE.), Isara survives the fight at Marberry (YOU'RE WELCOME PEOPLE!), Selvaria doesn't blow up (AGAIN, YOU'RE WELCOME), The Artificial Valkyria make their first appearance at Naggiar (I will be sure to explain why. Also Damon was killed at that battle too, just FYI.), and finally, my OCs were members of the Lucky Sevens. Oh, and I guess Faldio lives too. I'll have some flashback scenes in this story for that, but if you guys want me to do a full on story, I'll try to.

2nd: I'll be splitting the story like this:

Remnant of Flames will cover the events before and during Volume 1, with the following Volumes in separate stories. (A/N: If you guys want it to be a full story covering the Volumes, I may make an acception for this.)

3rd: Yes, there will be changes to the cannon story (you'll in fact see a major one in chapter 3). I've wanted to do a certain theory I've always had when I had watched RWBY up to Volume 3's conclusion: What if there was someone that caused Cinder's plans to be derailed to a great extent (and I'm not just talking about the 'No Brakes' plan if you know what I mean. ;) )? I'll be focusing on this for a good part of the story, so if you guys want Cinder to be upset or enraged that someone caused her so much grief, this will happen. This doesn't mean the Battle of Beacon won't happen, but I'll say this, the bad guys aren't going to get off so easily. Also, expect Adam to absolutely lose it later in the story along with what will happen to the White Fang. If anyone absolutely hates them, this will be cathartic on SO many levels.

4th: I'll be needing help with some parts of the story, so I many want you guys to give me some ideas. I'll let you guys know what I'll need help with so send me your ideas via reviews or PMs. I'll also have a poll set up on my account for you guys to vote.

5th: If and when Valkyria: Azure Rebellion (which I'm calling the Metal Gear Rising of VC) comes out, I may include those characters and the game's elements into the story. so if you guys will like that game or will become fans of it, there you go (If anything, that game looks pretty cool, I just hope VC fans like this new twist on the franchise).

Okay, now that's all taken care of, I'll tell you guys a few tidbits of the story. The two VC characters that will appear on Remnant will be Selvaria and one of my OCs named Ragna (and before you ask, NO this is not Ragna the Bloodedge from the Blazblue series. My OC will have some similarities to the Grim Reaper, but my character is not a direct copy of him. So please before you send me reviews about it, keep this in mind.)

If you want to know about him here's his bio:

Name: Ragna

Nickname: "The Azure Wolf"

Age: 23

Rank: Private

Class: Sniper

Equipment: GSR-40 sniper rifle, twin pistols (their basically Gallian versions of the M1911 pistol), doubled-edge broadsword inherited from mother called Beowolf, cutlass, twin large hunting knives and a dozen smaller throwing knives, 4 four regular grenades and 4 ISARA smoke grenades.

Nationality: Gallian

Appearance: Good build, around 6 feet, 4 inches in height, dark-blue hair with silver at the tips, left eye is dark-blue, right eye is crimson red, Darcsen patterned armband on right arm, Standard issue Gallian Militia uniform

Personality: Serious in battle, straight to the point, can be aggressive at times, can be friendly to others, especially those he sees as friends and those trusts, also he can have more friendly banter with them and be a bit of a jokester, stubborn at times, can get pissed off and attack those who insult his looks.

History: The son and only child of a famed EW1 Darcsen sniper named Nicolas, Ragna was one of the few survivors of an attack on his village in Kloden by the Darcsen Hunters at age 13. He escaped the village with his dad's journal and the sword that his mother Julia had due to it being pressed down through the generations. However, he was captured by the hunters while he was unconscious due to a fall . When he woke up, they had planned to take him across the border into the Empire. So after he got out of his bonds, he got his mother's sword and tried to escape. However, the hunters found out and 30 of them chased him to a clearing with a large pile of rocks blocking his escape, so he chose to fight his way out. When he drew his sword, he says to have blacked out, and woke up the next day the only living person in the clearing, the hunters dead all around him. His mother before she left to fight said to him, "Only use that sword in the most dire of times, and remember, never lose sight of yourself and never forget who your protecting." He found a sniper rifle left behind and begin to use it by hunting animals for food. He soon wandered around Gallia, going from town to town, following instructions left by his father to find "a house with a dragon's head." almost three years later, he found the house that was in fact a country estate of the Siegfried family. He was soon taken in by Matt's mother Aria, and stayed as an honorary guest of the family. He soon met Matthew, becoming the first ever non-Darcsen he befriended quickly. He gain more training to master sniping, learned martial arts alongside Matt. and learned something important about his father's past. His father not only served under Matt's father in EW1, but befriended Marina's father, who saved him during a fierce firefight. He now wants to repay Marina for what her father did for his. He wants to give the Darcsen hunters something to fear, something that will make them think twice about attacking Darcsens, He also wants to make and inspire other Darcsens to stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in. He can be friendly with others, the exceptions being Darcsen-haters (Who he sees as complete dumbasses and only using Darcsens as a scapegoat to when something bad happens) and those that would get a kick out of hurting or killing others and those that are in his eyes, complete bastards (sadists, rapists, etc.). He can control himself, but when others insult his eyes and/or hair, he gets enraged and will beat them down hard. He is capable of seemingly preforming physical feats that even the most skilled athletes couldn't pull off, but still has no idea why that is.

Traits: Class A sniper, gunslinger, sword master, mysterious body, close combat specialist, strong-willed

(I'll send you guys more info on him and his family later.)

As for Selv, I'll also write about her going through Remnant in certain chapters, but she'll be different. How you ask? Well you'll see. Their arrival is before the events of Volume 1. I'll leave you guys to guess what events happen prior to the main story that either of them might affect, so enjoy guessing.

I'll have some music you guys can listen to while reading at certain times (especially during major battles) and I'll be leaving some previews of the next chapter at the end of each chapter.

Well that's seems to be everything. So leave a like, follow me on this site, send me reviews and PMs if you want to talk about the story or just want to chat, and I'll be seeing you all next chapter.