Chapter 20: Ragna's Burning Resolve

Emerald Forest

Ragna was avoiding incoming feathers launched from a Nevermore or slashing through them. He then kicked off the head of an Ursa that charged at him as he tossed a pair of grenades at a group of five Beowolves. The explosives went off and either killed or wounded the Grimm, with them being picked off with one of his pistols. He then pulled out his M110A1 and nailed several more Grimm with APHE rounds as he kept avoiding attacks.

Adrian meanwhile had been nailing Beowolves with his HCAR using HEAP rounds and blasting holes through them. He then launched a grenade at an Ursa Major, wounding the large black bear. He then shoved an incendiary grenade into its wound and quickly moved away. The grenade went off and covered the front of the Grimm in fire as it screamed. He then pulled out one of his sabers and cut down three Beowolfs in quick succession before firing a couple more rounds into more Beowolves.

Ragna then landed as he turned on his Blue Flame as the accompanying gust flew away a few Beowolves that were about to jump on him. He then dashed toward one the downed Beowolves and slashed through them before jumping into the air and unleashed a few blade beams and killed the remaining downed Grimm.

He then charged up the energy in his right fist before slamming an Ursa with a backhand punch, compressing its stomach and sent it flying into a nearby tree. He then avoided a slash attack from another Beowolf before grabbing its arm and tossing it in a Judo throw into another Ursa, slowing it down. He then dashed forward and slashed through the two Grimm before unleashing a larger blade beam at a Deathstalker, destroying most of it.

He then charged his left foot with more energy as he blasted toward another Titanju, moving at speeds faster then the Grimm could react and slicing off one of its heads. He then charged up his flames into his fist and slammed it into the other head, completely cracking the bone armor and smashing the head in.

He then focused power into his right leg as he angled himself toward the giant black bird and then kicked behind him. It launched him forward at high speed as spun around like a top and sliced through the neck of the Nevermore. He then focused some of his power into his free fist and launched himself downward toward another Deathstalker due to the force behind the attack. He then fought his sword down on its skull and easily pierced its armored head, the heat from his powered off blade melting the inside of it.

He then pulled it out and unleashed a large blade beam toward a King Titanju, blasting apart one of its heads and a good amount of the body. The other heads hissed in pain before he stabbed his blade through the bone armor toward its brain, killing it in an instant.

Adrian then fired his RPG at another Deathstalker, the warhead obliterating its armored head. He then moved to the side to avoid incoming feathers from another Nevermore as he pulled out his recoilless rifle. He was able to aim down the weapon, leading the large bird and firing off a round toward it. While it wasn't a kill shot, it did wound the creature, making it fly lower. He then reloaded his recoilless rifle as he pulled out a Magnum pistol and took out a pair of Ursi before wounding an Ursa Major with HE Dust rounds. He then ran toward a charging Ursa as he jumped up, landed both feet on its back, and jumped off of it. He had gotten close enough to open fire on the Nevermore, the weapon firing off a canister shell as it shredded its chest and where its right wing was connected to its body, killing it.

Ragna then jumped off the dead Titanju and unleashed several more blade beams at incoming Grimm. He then unleashed a larger version at another Deathstalker that charged out of the woods, taking it out. He then nailed an Ursa with a strong lariat at its neck, using the momentum to slam it into a tree. The power behind the attack caused the tree to be ripped from the ground and fell upon a few Beowolfs.

He then charged an Alpha Beowolf as he charged up his fire in his right foot, as he shot forward cracking the ground as he did so. He then spun around the slash that the large Grimm tried to throw at him and nailed it with a spin kick, knocking it on its back. He then charged it in his right fist and slammed it into the neck of the Alpha, crushing it and causing the Grimm gargle up black blood as its body was undergoing a death spasm. He then dashed forward as pulled out both pistols and opened fire on a pack of Bewolves with APHE rounds, blowing up chucks of their heads and slammed into an Ursa with a powered up dropkick to its gut and sending it flying into a tree.

Adrian then pulled out his Vale Lake grenade launcher and quickly fired off HE rounds into a small groups of Beowolves and blew them apart. He then pulled out his shotgun and gutted another Beowolf before firing into the wound. He then slammed a special spike covered grenade into the gut of another Ursa as he jumped back and blasted it with buckshot, blowing up its gut and the shrapnel tearing into a pair of Beowolves. He then fired two more shells into the gut of an Ursa and stabbed his bayonet into its head through one of its eyes.

Ragna then launched off into the air was slashed through the incoming feathers with Beowolf and one of his knifes. He then kicked himself off again as he slammed his knee into the chest of the Nevermore, knocking the wind out of it as it fell to the ground.

He then focused his fire into his legs as he launched before at high speed as he spun around like a ball with his sword out. When he was close to the Nevermore, he launched forward again as he spun like top and sliced its head off.

The hybrid then landed while rolling, soon sliding across the ground as he stopped next to Adrian.

The clearing was soon clear of Grimm as both Edenians lowered their weapons.

"Man, I've been meaning to try that out since that time we teamed up." Ragna said to Adrian as he sheathed his sword. "That should be useful when I finally bust it out against Kuro."

"Indeed, excellent work as per usual my friend." Adrian stated as he put away his HCAR. "I noticed your attacks are landing with more power then usual."

"Yeah I've been getting more training whenever possible in between everything else." Ragna said while stretching his back. "I've been getting better at focusing my flame into my limbs and hitting harder then before." To demonstrate, Ragna focused his fire on his arm as it grew in size. He then drew the fire into his hand as it shrunk until it was just around the appendage. He then took a stance and threw out a punch as hard as he could. This time, it caused a burst of pressurized air to shoot forward and slammed into a tree, causing a sizable indentation in it.

Adrian raised an eyebrow at it.

"And of course, I can still do this." Ragna said with a small smile on his face. The fire then spread up to the middle of his forearm and resembled a gauntlet as he let out a few test punches.

"I take it this must be a byproduct of the training that your ancestor is putting you through correct?" Adrian stated.

"Yeah..." Ragna said as he flexed his fingers. "It's been helpful in having her with me. While I did get stronger during the War, I was only able to do the flame gauntlets and kicks due to instinct, and even then they aren't as refined as they are now."

"So what about what Lupa wants you to try and do?" Adrian questioned.

Ragna sighed at that while slouching his head. "I've been getting closer, but hopefully I'll be able to make a weapon that I can use soon. She even said that there is another level to the whole thing with manipulating both fire and energy mentally."

"So you could move say the weapons you make via your mind?" Adrian questioned.

"Yeah, she said that's the magic side of the powers." Ragna aid while shrugging. "It is taking a while to fully form and be fully usable."

"I'm certain you'll be able to figure it out." Adrian said while putting a hand on the hybrid's shoulder. "Anyway, what about your Semblance?"

"Still nothing there." Ragna said. "Hopefully I found it out soon, cause I think that Yang and Pyrrha will want to fight me soon."

"I suppose your right." Adrian stated. "They might have been training a bit in order to deal with you."

Ragna's scroll then vibrated. He pulled it out and saw a text from Mathias.

'You guys free to hang out with?' -Mathias

Ragna showed the text to Adrian who nodded. The hybrid responded back, saying they were available.

'Cool, come to the Galaxy Acrade around 3 PM.' -Mathias

Ragna then put his scroll as the pair heard more Grimm coming to their location.

"Look's like the next wave is here." Ragna said while activating his Blue Flame.

"Bring it on." Adrian said as he reloaded his RPG.

Meanwhile, at the White Fang Base

Kuro was slashing a heavily armored Spider Droid to pieces as she was in her Grimmified state. Her claws in this state were easily to deal with with any robots that Atlas could make. She then stabbed her hand through the chest of an AK-130 and tossed it into two more AK-130s before she pulled out her SMGs and tore through several more drones. She then tossed an Electric Dust grenade and disabled two more Spider Droids, proceeding to slash off their heads.

She had completely blitzed the group of AK-130s and Spider Droids that she was training with.

Annoyance was clear on her face due to what had happened in her last fight against the Fang Hunter. She had felt as though she could have dealt with the Hunter if the Anti-WF forces had interrupted them and made her retreat. Not only had the bastard escaped with his life, but now he knew about her transformation.

It angered her that he now knew her trump card and could find a way in order to deal with it. She had to get make sure to deal with him the next time they fought and finally give the White Fang the victory they have sought for so long.

She then heard footsteps approaching her as she recognized the scent and frowned.

"What do you want?" Kuro said, irritated that Bull Boy was here.

"You've been brushing off any meeting I've called together and have been training during them." Adam said with a scowl. "I wonder why this happens to be the case."

"You suck at sarcasm, you know that Taurus?" Kuro stated.

"You once more failed to kill the Fang Hunter and know he and his allies will know of our secret program!" Adam said as he stomped down on on the head of a downed AK-130. "I told you to let me come with you to finally kill that murder!"

"I'm sorry, did YOU ever expect that Kira and her group would have turned on us?" Kuro bit back. "YOU were supposed to make sure that desertions like that didn't happen!"

"I was having my men keep an eye on her." Adam growled. "She must have been more cautious then we expected and her allies must have been ready."

When he had heard about Kira and her forces leaving, he had tried to rush to the traitor's position with reinforcements. However, the spies he had sent to keep a watch on them had been killed or captured and they left behind explosives to slow him and his forces down. He was furious, not only had he been outsmarted, but know they had even more information about his operations had been launching attacks on his forces.

"Well, looks like you're only good for executing prisoners and making speeches in the end." Kuro said with a large frown on her face.

"How dare you!" Adam said while pointing at her. "I've been fighting for our kind for years and have given us victories that got the humans to see our superiority!"


Kuro walked away with a look of anger on her face and Adam lashed out on a damaged Spider Droid, angrily grunting as he slashed it to pieces.

The Black Fairy Tale walked inside her personal tent as she let out a sigh to calm herself down. She then moved to a holo-projector that had been set up for her to communicate with headquarters. Once she imputed the correct contact info, the Leader of the White Fang Sienna Khan appeared before her.

"High Leader." Kuro said as she keeled to the hologram.

'Greetings Kuro, I take it you have been preparing for a final battle with the Fang Hunter?" The Tiger Faunus stated.

"Indeed, I truly apologize for failing to kill him earlier." The Fox Faunus stated while lowering her head. "Now he is aware of the program we had been working on for the past few years."

"I understand, it will be a while before we are able to create another effective operative on your level." Sienna stated. "I take it Adam has been getting more angered by the Hunter's escape?"

"Yep, its clear he wants to take the Hunter's head." Kuro said. "But I know how to force him to stay and fight me."

Sienna was quiet for a little bit until she realized what the Fox Faunus was referring to. "Hostages. You plan to have him try to free them and force him to stand and fight or kill them."

"I understand that you are against such actions High Leader, but I can use this to force him to stay and fight." Kuro stated. "And this time, I'll use my form to carve him like a turkey and splatter his blood all over the floor. I promise by the next sunrise I will bring you his head."

Sienna sighed at this but realized there was no other way. The Fang had been dropping morale and his exploits of facing Kuro down and surviving hadn't been helping.

"Ha... Very well. I'll give you permission to do so." Sienna stated. "If this will give us a chance to finally end the Fang Hunter then do it. Make certain this time that you get a total victory."

Kuro raised her head slowly to her Leader as she felt both relief and excitement at finally having the chance to kill the damn Hunter.

"Next time, the Fang Hunter will finally met his end." Kuro said with a large smirk on her face.

Later in Vale...

"Come on man, you're almost done with that cyber corpse!" Mathias exclaimed.

"Mathias, no talking! Must focus!" Ragna said as he was playing a shooter game called House of the Dead.

He had to admit, it was entertaining to shoot zombies and other monsters it was annoying when he had to reload when he was trying to stop enemies from hitting him. Thankfully, he hadn't been doing too badly (only getting killed a couple of times, but that happened due to what he said were 'cheap shots'), but he had to keep his eye on the prize. He been at the game for around 30 minutes, killing any zombies and bosses and reaching the Final Boss, Magician.

He also laughed at the terrible voice acting that was spread throughout it. He had seen elementary school plays with better acting.

"Damned delusional science project!" Ragna said as quickly reloaded. "Go down already!"

He continued to pour bullet after bullet into the Magician, taking out its projectiles as much as possible before going to fire at the monster. However, there were times when he wasn't able to fire fast enough and the cyborg zombie landed a number of hits on him.

"Dammit!" Ragna said as the Magician slashed off his last life. He then quickly pulled out his arcade card to swipe it in. "How is it shooter games are harder for me then real life shooting?"

"Cause there are limits with how fast you can go with the gun's trigger." Mathias said. "Plus we should avoid breaking the thing."

"Right." Ragna said as he had gotten the Magician down to less then 20% health. The freak of science unleashed more energy orbs that were coming in from above. He kept at it as he took any brief moment in the attacks to reload and was firing when the Magician moved to attack him.

"Come on..." Ragna said with a slight growl as he continued to bring the boss's health down until he saw the Magician about unleash another group of energy orbs and fired as fast as he could pull the trigger.

Finally, the Magician's health dropped to zero as the boss began to explode.

"YES!" Ragna said while raising his hands up. "Finally beat it! In your face Curian!"

Mathias slapped him on the back. "Nice work there G."

"You know I was playing Thomas right?" Ragna said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah but I know him from Overkill." Mathias said while shrugging. "Oh yeah I should show you that later, it's got a good number of its dialogue as swears."

"I see..." Ragna said with a raised eyebrow. "So where is Adrian?"

"Over there kicking Skynet's ass." Mathias said while pointing to the Krieger.

Adrian was playing Terminator Salvation, and was blasting through Terminators and other threats as he made sure to aim for headshots and using his grenades conservatively. Of course he was also keeping his left hand on the reload button for whenever he ran out a rounds and immediately pushed it up when it did.

"He's doing pretty well." Mathias said before he realized that both Edenians had attracted a crowd from other teens.

"Damn that guy got the latest high score!"

"Guy wasn't wasting anytime, he was laser focused."

"Damn, kinda makes you wonder how good he could be with a regular controller."

Mathias then motioned the young hybrid to the screen. "Might want to leave a three letter name for your record."

"Oh right." Ragna said as he shot at the letters to make RAG as he put down the gun. He then turned to Mathias. "So what now?"

Mathias then looked around at the various machines. "How about air hockey? Adrian will be at that for a while."

"Sure I'm game." Ragna said while shrugging.


"Man that was fun." Ragna said as he, Mathias, and Adrian walked out of the arcade. They all finishing up their sodas after they had pizza and pretzels.

"Yeah, it always great to find time to relax and enjoy life." Mathias said. "Still I didn't think that you would give me a good match in air hockey."

"Granted you got a good headstart since I was getting the hang of hitting the puck." Ragna said. "I can't believe how I have you a few points when I hit it the wrong way."

"We are still learning how to play the various games at arcades and video games in general." Adrian said with a shrug. "Still good work at House of the Dead."

"Thanks." Ragna said as he tossed his empty. "I will admit, the voice acting really needed more takes."

"Dude, you should hear HotD 2's voice acting." Mathias said while putting a hand Ragna's shoulder. "It's LEGENDARY in how bad it is."

The three friends all laughed at that until they heard a shout.


The three stopped and looked around the area to see where the cry had come from. Mathias's ears twitched as he heard other voices, ones that were clearly hostile based on their tone.

"That way quick!" Mathias said as he pointed to an alleyway the was in front of them. The three dashed to the mouth of the alleyway and were angered by the sight.

It was a small group of human thugs attacked a male Faunus that was in his early 20s.

"How that feel you damn animal!?" One of the thugs said as he was kicking him.

The human thug felt an iron like grip on his arm as he looked back to see a fist coming at him. The blow was strong enough to knock a tooth out of his mouth and sent him flying into another thug.

Ragna then cracked his knuckles as he approached the racist pricks. "So care to explain why you morons are attacking a defenseless Faunus?"

"Defenseless!?" One of the attackers said aloud. "Haven't you seen the news lately? The White Fang have been committing more killings recently!"

"Your point?" Ragna said, clearly becoming annoyed.

"My point is these damn animals are murdering good people all for their own sick desires!"

"Really pal?" Mathias said as he narrowed his eyes and approached the thugs. "That's the kind of talk that Fang supporters would say to humans. So really you're the pot calling the kettle black."

"SHUT IT YOU FREAK!" One of the other thugs yelled at the Fox Faunus. "Hey boss shouldn't we also deal with these damn human animals?"

"It is what pathetic extremist human racists call humans that befriend Faunus." Mathias said while shaking his head.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to deal with the animals in front of us then." Adrian said while cracking his knuckles.

"Hey c'mon!" The leader said, a bit more calm then before. "We're doing what the Fang Hunter is doing! Dealing with those in the White Fang and their supporters."

Ragna then closed the distance to the head thug, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the wall of a building.

"The Fang Hunter only goes after the Fang and especially hunts down those who revel in hurting and killing humans." Ragna said as he got closer to the head thug. "He EXPLICITLY stated that he's supportive of the Faunus who aren't aligned with the Fang or who actively try to better Human-Faunus relationships."

"Guys, time to take out the trash." Ragna said as he dashed forward toward the thugs with his friends right behind him.

Mathias then dashed and slammed the heads of two of the goons together hard. He then landed a punch in the gut of another goon, causing them to upchuck whatever they ate. He then nailed the thug with a spin kick to the head, sending him into a nearby wall.

Adrian tackled another of the goons and slammed him into a nearby dumpster. He then shoved him off and threw a haymaker at his face, knocking him off. He then used a side kick on another goon to knock them back and then pulling off a new move. He quickly got behind the goon and pulled off a suplex.

Ragna then karate chopped the back of a goon's neck, striking him hard enough to knock him out. Ragna then slammed his left fist into the gut of another thug, knocking the wind out of them before he then tossed them with a judo throw into another goon that was about to charge at Adrian.

Ragna then saw the head goon try to run from the fight. he then quickly dashed behind the thug and shoulder checked him, knocking him into a wall.

"Dammit!" The last thug said as he tried to take a swing at Ragna with his baseball bat. The Valkyria avoided the attack and casually ripped the weapon out of the thug's hands while hitting him with a backhand strike.

Ragna then slammed the baseball bat into the man's gut, sending them flying into an open dumpster. The impact on the raised door caused it to fall on the head of the thug and closed it.

"In the trash where you belong." Ragna said as he then broke the bat over his knee. Mathias was checking over the male Faunas's injuries and applying first aid while Adrian tossed the other unconscious goons into the dumpster and called the police to their location to arrest the attackers.

"Come on, let's take him to a hospital." Mathias said as he put the injured Faunus in a fireman carry.

As the three ran to the nearest hospital, Ragna couldn't help but find it disgusting that racist humans were trying to commit acts and saying that they are doing what the Fang Hunter is doing. Even though he made it clear that he only went after the Fang and those who commit acts for them. Other then that, he was fully behind the Faunus wanting equal rights and fair treatment.

"Damned racist bastards, looks like the Fang Hunter has to send another letter to the press." He thought to himself.

At Vale General Hospital

The soldier trio was in the waiting room as they were on their Scrolls to pass the time. They were a little anxious for the news of the Faunus's condition after being assaulted. They were mainly playing an FPS with the three covering each others backs while also making sure the AI didn't screw up royally.

A nurse with a clipboard then walked up to the three as they put down their Scrolls.

"So how is he miss?" Mathias started.

"Well, its a good thing you boys decided to intervene as soon as you did." The nurse stated. "He does have some serious injuries on his back and chest, but they aren't something that can't be treated. He'll be able to make a full recovery within two to three weeks."

Ragna sighed in relief at that. "Good let us know once he's awake so we can speak with him about what happened."

"Are you sure you boys want to get involved?" The nurse questioned.

"Well, we were lucky that a racist doctor that worked here was kicked out." She said while sighing. "He was the cause for turning away a number of Faunus patients and even caused a couple of unfortunate deaths. That was the last straw and he was kicked out and arrested."

"Why wasn't he dealt with before?" Adrian questioned.

"He had some help among similar minded staff and they were forced to leave as well and face charges." The nurse said sadly. "Thankfully, due to some reorganizing thigns are on the up and up and Faunus patients are being treated well here."

"Thanks for telling us miss." Ragna said with a smile. "Please let us know when the man wakes up."

"Of course." The nurse stated before bowing and walking away.

Ragna scoffed when she was out of earshot. "Faunus racism is idiotic as they have the ability to use their features and enhanced senses to help people. Both human and Faunus racists need to get it through their thick skulls that no one is below another."

"Just the way things have been Ragna." Mathias said with sighing. "At least you have been making a more of a positive impact that is slowly changing things..

"I'll be going now." Ragna said to his friends. "Got to do a certain something."

Adrian simply nodded as Mathias gave him a thumbs up. "Go for it man."

Ragna smiled and nodded back as he walked out of the hospital. Once he did so, his face turned into a frown as he thought of what he was going to say this time.

An hour later, Vale News

"To any that hear this letter, I have found out there are humans out there that are committing violent acts in my name." Lisa said as she was reading off another letter that the Fang Hunter had sent to her studio.

"This is something that I am wholeheartedly against. When I first came onto the scene, I stated that the White Fang and their supporters were the only ones I would target. However, I must EMPHASIZE that the idiotic idea of believing that all Faunus are working for the Fang is wrong and those that believe are completely brain dead. I will not condone or support these actions, and those who do so that are among my supporters are to be kicked out."

"Thus, any human that says that they commit violence in my name are nothing more then delusional fools and I will also punish them for it. For my human followers that choose to help Faunus and fight against any of the White Fang's actions, you are the ones that have earned my respect. If you wish to also help innocent Faunus against human racists, then go ahead. Those who are also among the Anti-WF forces that are fighting the good fight, I hope you continue to do so and that we can all unite into a more cohesive fighting force."

- Signed, the Fang Hunter

Lisa Lavender then put down the letter she had been reading.

"Well dear viewers, it looks to be that the Fang Hunter has chosen to take a stand against those who would slander his name and humans that choose to continue the violence and cruelty against Faunus who aren't in support of the White Fang." Lisa stated.

There were several reactions to this message. The White Fang of course was ranging from grumbling to outright complaining loudly (three guesses as who THAT end could include).

As for human racists, this made them somewhat nervous. They knew the Hunter's reputation in how badly he's been hurting the Fang's operations. While the Fang had mentioned one of their operatives matching him and even wounding him, he wasn't killed yet and it did make them concerned regardless.

There still would be those on the extreme end of the scale that would be going after him for insulting them and would try for revenge.

Of course, Eris and Ozpin would make sure to let Ragna, Adrian, and Mathias know about any racist humans attacking people and letting them go at it.

The Next Day, Beacon Academy

Ragna was observing a sparing match between Ruby and Yang along with the rest of the class.

Ruby was able to land a few attacks on her sister but she was getting knocked around by her older stepsister. She was doing better then when they started, but there was a ways to go for the Little Red Reaper. She had landed a couple of hits and dropped Yang's Aura to less then 90%, but Ruby was getting to around 50%.

"C'mon Ruby step it up!" Yang said as she continued her attacks.

"Trying! Ep!" Ruby said as she nearly avoided another of Yang's punches. She then threw a spin kick at her sister's head which was only a glancing blow before Yang slammed her fist into Ruby's gut. Ruby was knocked off her feet and was turned into a rag doll as she bounced off the ground. She was able to stop herself but she nearly hit again by Yang's follow up punch.

Ruby did head a rough headbutt on her sister when she overstepped a haymaker, lowering her Aura more but then used her Semblance to avoid a multi punch from Yang. Then the blonde dashed forward as she trying to predict where Ruby would speed to.

Ruby was able to avoid another attack, got behind Yang, land a dropkick on the Blonde's back. Yang's Aura dropped to below 80% as the Brawler quickly got back up as Ruby tried to follow up with a tackle. However, Yang was able to recover and landed a jab on Ruby's shoulder before following up with a quick combo of hooks and jabs and sent her flying with a haymaker.

Ruby groan at the impact but quickly avoided a downward punch from Yang as she then used her Semblance to kick Yang in the side. Ruby's Aura however, was getting into the red.

"UGH!" Ruby said as she continued to dodge. "This is getting annoying!"

"Ruby, try focusing your Semblance on one limb and then attack." Ragna called out.

Ruby was taken aback by the suggestion from Ragna (which nearly caused her to get hit once again), but she then thought about trying it out.

'I haven't really used it on any single part of my body before but better try it out anyway!' Ruby thought as she

Yang then tried to slam her fist into the center of the storm of pedals, but she passed through

Her punch had more rose petals around it then the rest of her body as she made her sister lean back from the strike. While a regular punch would have only done so much as Ruby was still trying to get the hang of fighting fisticuffs, the added speed improved the power of the attack.

Yang then activated her Semblance

Then, Ragna blew his whistle, getting the attention of both girls.

"Okay that's enough for today." Ragna said as he walked up to the both of them.

"Ruby, you are showing some progress with how you've landed more hits but you still have a ways to go before you are sufficient in hand to hand." Ragna stated.

Ruby groaned a little at that.

"Hey I said you are making progress." Ragna said. "It's better then how your sister here was training you from what I've heard."

"You're still gonna hold that over me?" Yang said with a slight frown on her face.

"Yep." Ragna said.

Yang rolled her eyes as Ragna then faced Ruby. "Try and see about undergoing some more exercises to better improve your hand to hand skills. Maybe check out from martial arts viodes on the internet by professionals or ask someone like Ren to give you some pointers alright?"

"Okay." Ruby said with a nod, her earlier mood lightened a bit. She then walked off as Yang went to the side to some stretches to ease off the soreness she was feeling.

"I can see that your training is getting some good results."

Ragna turned to his left as Glynda walked up to him, clipboard and weapon in hand. She had chosen to oversee today's training in order to ascertain it's effectiveness.

"Thanks." Ragna said with a smile. "Glad to see that my methods are having an effect."

"I must admit, I had some level of concern about this but I see it was misplaced." The blond-haired teacher stated. "I did here from Signal that Miss Rose's skills in unarmed combat were very poor. Considering the type of Huntsmen there are in her family I would have expected them to give some help in that regard.

She then frowned at that, considering who her uncle was.

"So Ragna." Yang said as she stepped back onto the ring. "Anything left for us to do before class is done?"

Ragna thought abotu that for a few seconds. He then realized there was enough time for their to be another sparring match. He shrugged and spoke up to the Buxom Brawler. "We can have one more sparring match for the day." He said. "Ok Yang, so who do you want to fight now?"

Yang smiled at that as she felt ready today to do a certain something. "Alright then, I choose you." She said as she pointed at Ragna.

Everyone in the training room besides Adrian, Ragna, and Mathias (who was off to the side of the ring and observing the whole thing) were either gasping or going wide eyed at the declaration.

"C'mon little boy blue, did you really think I would have forgotten?" Yang said with a smirk before turning to Pyrrha. "Sorry Pyrrha, but I'm going first."

Pyrrha was a little annoyed at that, but she let it go and nodded to the Blonde. "Very well Yang, I'll concede this time." She said.

"So Mr. Blaze? Are you going to accept?" Glynda questioned.

Ragna chuckled at this, knowing that this was going to happen one day. "Alright then, I accept." The hybrid said as he cracked his knuckles. "You can go get your weapons."

Yang smirked at that as she walked off to get Ember Celica as Ragna stepped up to the ring.

Adrian then walked over to the hybrid as he did a bit of stretching. "I see you're rather confident." The Kreiger stated.

"Yep." Ragna said. "Admittedly I'm a bit put off with it happening today but I'm good."

"So how do you plan to deal with Yang's Semblance?" Adrian questioned. "Even you might be in trouble if she absorbs enough power and beats you in the strength department."

"I'll be using my reflexes as best as possible." Ragna said. "Besides, it might be fun facing off against someone that's probably stronger."

Adrian smirked at that. It was clear the hybrid was enjoying these sparring matches with the other students. Since the others all had powers, this made him get more serious.

Yang then walked back into the ring, flicking her wrists out to reveal the whole of her weapon.

"Go Yang and Ragna!" Ruby yelled out.

"Good luck you two!" Blake called out.

"Show us your best!" Weiss stated.

Coco was planning for a bet among the rest of the students in order to see who would win this match. Several went for Yang due to the power she had, but many went to Ragna since he had yet to lose a fight (at least his fights at Beacon and not outside of it).

Yang took up a boxing stance which Ragna countered with his own. Both fighters were smirking at each other as they bent their legs and prepared to launch forward. The screen showed both student's Aura as Glybda walked to where she was facing the both of them and the rest of the class.

"Ragna Blaze vs Yang Xiao Long." Glynda stated as she put her right hand into the air. Then, she quickly brought it down in front of her. "Begin!"

Play RWBY OST: I Burn

Yang shot forward with her gauntlets as she tried to knock Ragna out in one punch. The hybrid easily pivoted to the side and nailed the blonde with a spin kick to the back of her head. He then dashed up to her and followed up with a strong haymaker as Yang countered with her own punch. Both attacks impacted as the wind picked up and both jumped back.

Yang then fired a round to boost forward to try and nail him with a haymaker but Ragna blocked the attack by crossing his arms. He then quickly nailed her with a headbutt, knocking Yang back as he pulled out one of his pistols and opened fire at close range.

Yang then shot off several shells as Ragna quickly pulled out Beowolf and cut up the projectiles.

Ragna tossed out one of his grenades to distract Yang. However, the blonde then fired off a shot from her weapon and exploded close to Ragna. Thsi caused a smokescreen and flinched the hybrid.

'How the-!' Ragna thought as he crossed his arms in front of him to block the shrapnel.

Yang then appeared and nailed Ragna with a powered up punch to his gut. The hybrid was sent flying through the air like shot from a cannon. He then quickly re-adjusted himself and landed both of his feet on the wall. He then saw Yang jumped toward him as he jumped toward the ground, avoiding the punch she was going to nail him with. He then quickly pulled out his pistols and opened fire, nailing her with a couple rounds.

Ragna then pivoted around another of Yang's punches and slammed his right palm into her stomach, stunning her for a second before following up with three quick punches and ending with a kick to the chin.

Yang was able to recover but Ragna dashed up to her nailed her in the face with an elbow strike. He then switched his pistol into a knife and nailed Yang with an upward slash, draining more of her Aura.

He then avoided a retaliation combo from Yang as she also threw in shots from Ember Celica. Ragna however, only at best got glancing blows as he then pivoted around her and slammed his elbow into the back of her neck.

He then threw out a right hook as Yang was recovering. However the boxer then fired to the side avoid the attack as she then fired behind her to close the distance and throw out a jab. Ragna's avoided the attack, Yang's fist brushing against his hair.

Ragna felt the impact on his face due to Yang's surprise counter, making him stagger back. However, he parried her next hook and countered with a palm strike to her left shoulder and then a side kick to her chest to force her back. He then dashed forward and nailed her with a strong haymaker to the face, knocking her down.

Yang fired her Ember Celica to avoided the rounds as she backfilped and landed on her feet. As she stood up straight, her body began to be covered in yellow fire as she smirked.

"Time for the real fight!" Yang said as she slammed her fists together, making her Semblance exploded out. It created a gust of wind that caught some of the students off guard.

'Here it comes!' Ragna said while narrowing his eyes. 'Yang's going all out.'

Yang reloaded her gauntlets by tossing the ammo belts into the air and loaded them in by swinging her arms to put them in. She then fired off behind her to move forward as Ragna pulled out his other pistol and switched the other back to one as well. He then jumped to the side to avoid the attack and opened fire, nailing Yang with a few rounds as she pursued him by firing off her gauntlets.

Ragna put his pistols away as he moved out of the way of another punch. He then grabbed Yang's out stretched arm, swung her over his head, and tossed her into the ground. He then tried to nail her with an axe kick but Yang fired her right gauntlet to the side as she got back on her feet and fired herself forward.

Ragna then saw Yang's fist about to make contact with him. He then put both palms in front of Yang's punch as he focused his Aura into blocking the attack. He had seen Ren do this in some of his matches over the months, and had done some practice with it on occasion with Adrian. He had been able to pick it up rather quickly but it took a number of tries.

The force behind it was more then he had expected as he was flying back a good distance and felt his arms tingle for a few seconds.

"Whoa!" Ruby said. "I didn't think Yang would gain that level of power!"

"I guess due to Ragna hitting harder then most people it gave Yang bigger amount to work with." Blake pointed out.

"True." Weiss said as she turned to the board displaying their Auras. "But Yang is working with less Aura. She'll need to wrap this up soon if she wants to win."

Yang looked down at her fist. 'Man this is more then what he got from fighting Junior and his crew

Yang then dashed forward toward Ragna as he avoided another punch. He then pivoted and threw a haymaker toward her head. Yang however quickly maneuvered and threw her own haymaker to counter Ragna's. This caused a shockwave as Ragna flew back with his feet leaving the ground. Yang then fired herself forward

Yang had to admit though, she didn't expect Ragna to be able to tank a couple of her powered up blows like that. She had usually knocked out anyone who got this far but the hybrid was surprising her.

'I didn't expect any less from Blue Boy.' She thought while smirking. She then launched forward as the two traded punches and kicks at high speed while also shooting off her firearms when possible. The students were on the edge of their seats as they kept going.

Ragna on the other hand was getting a bit concerned.

'I need to strike harder, or Yang's going to beat me!' Ragna said as he clashed fists with her again, once again flying back. Thankfully due to the high amount of Aura he had, it wasn't dropping it was much as he feared.

Ragna then avoided another punch as he then swung out with the strongest haymaker he could bring to bare against the brawler.


Suddenly, something in Ragna's soul clicked. Lupa noticed this first as his soul flared up massively as she was wondering about what was happening.

Ragna's Aura flared up as his punch landed on Yang's midsection. However, this time the strike sent Yang flying as his Aura blasted out.

The students all gasped or were wide eyed at the sight.

"The hell?" Ragna said as he looked at his fist. He felt as if he had used his Blue Flame in that strike, but he wasn't surrounded by the Cobalt Aura as usual. He could feel though he had gotten stronger then before.

"D-Did I just unlock my Semblance!?" Ragna said in amazement.

He smiled as he took a fighting stance.

"Not sure how that happened but I'm not calling in the towel yet!" The Blonde state as launched herself forward again. She then threw out a kick to try and throw Ragna off his game. She had been trying out a few things as Ragna's classes was putting into them that they needed to start getting out of their comfort zones.

She should consider asking her dad for a few pointers as he was a skilled martial artist.

However, Ragna was able to block the attack, though he did feel the impact behind it.

Ragna then jumped forward into the air with his new Semblance as he shot forward as he began several front flips. Yang pulled back a powered up fist as Ragna tried to attack with an axe kick. He used his new Semblance to power it up but it was unstable as both attacks collided. The ground cracked as both students flew back (Ragna more so due to his inexperience with his Semblance) and both of them slid on the ground.

'Okay, that didn't go as planned.' He thought. 'Looks like it was luck that I nailed it the first time.'

He then looked to the side and saw his Aura was below 50%.

'Damn, my Semblance really eats up my Aura.' Ragna thought to himself as he parried one of Yang's powered up punches and followed up with an elbow strike to the stomach. He then pulled out his pistol and double tapped to drain a bit more of Yang's Aura.

Yang blocked a follow up downward sword swing. She then used one of his arms to push the sword to the side and tried to nail him with a punch. However, Ragna used the momentum to avoid the attack and nailed her with a spin attack while using his Semblance. Ragna was worried as he had his Aura drop to 34%.

Yang was also looking at the display screen. She was annoyed that her Aura was now in the red, but she couldn't let that stop her. She could feel her Semblance getting stronger from the impacts and had to end the fight soon.

She then shot herself upward with her Semblance boosting herself up into the air. She then quickly threw several jabs as a number of explosive rounds at him. Ragna brought out Beowolf and sliced them apart before tossing out an Aura blade beam and opened fire with one of his pistols. Yang shot herself to the side to avoid it, blasted herself up again and fired both behind her as she dove toward him.

Ragna jumped away from the attack at the last second as Yang slammed down her fist at max power, causing a large dust cloud and cracked the ground.

Ragna then dashed forward as he used his new Semblance to speed himself up. He then jumped toward Yang and used it again in a powerful dropkick. She was able to block it, but the increased power sent her flying back and dropped her Aura more then before.

Yang then realized something and smiled. She had thought about what Ragna had told Ruby about and channeled her Semblance into her arms. The Aura around it was flaring around wildly, showing how it very much unrefined it was. She then slammed her fists into the ground, causing the ground to crack and launched forward (though she was unbalanced at first before she tried to re correct it).

Ragna however dashed forward and slammed his knee into her face, sending her flying back.

"Alright!" Yang said as she cracked her neck. "This has been a good time for me Little Boy Blue! But now I'm going to finish this."

"Funny Yang." Ragna said as he took up another combat stance. "I was about to say the same thing."

Both fighters were silent for half a minute until they both dashed forward, Yang in particular boosting forward with her Semblance. Both of them close the distance quickly and were about to punch each other.

As both fighters were in the middle throwing their punches, Ragna was able to move himself enough to make Yang's punch be a glancing blow as his fist impacted Yang's gut and used his Semblance. While it was still unrefined and wasted more of his Aura he wanted, it was enough to send Yang flying out of the arena and slam her into the wall.

Ragna skidded back from the glancing blow, glad his Aura was still intact from that.

"Match over!" Glynda yelled.


"Winner Ragna Blaze." Glynda stated.

Ragna looked to the scoreboard and saw that his Aura was less then 5%. If Yang's attack made contact, he could have also been sent flying out with his Aura disappearing.

It was closer then he had expected.

Yang was surprised at the loss but she had been able to lower his Aura more then anyone else thus far. She had to admit that she also didn't expect his Semblance to be something like a boost that could allow him to keep up with her. Either way, she had a fun time in this fight.

Ragna walked over to Yang as she got back up. "You doing okay Xiao Long?"

"Yeah, I'm good." Yang said as she stretched herself out. "Still I have to admit that was a serious surprise with that Semblance of yours."

"How do you think I feel?" Ragna said with a smile grin. "I didn't think that it would come until much later!"

Both of the students laughed a little until Yang put her hands to her hips. "So you take the win today Little Boy Blue. But next time..." She said as she then pointed her fist at him. "I'll be taking the win."

Ragna crossed his arms and smiled at that. "You're on Yang."

The rest of Team RWBY walked over to Ragna with Ruby grinning at the sight of the battle.

"THAT. WAS. AWESOME!" Ruby said happily. "That fight was so cool!"

"Congrats on your win Ragna." Blake said simply. She then turned to Yang. "How are you holding up Yang?"

"Besides my body being a bit sore and my pride being worse off? I'm good." Yang said with a smirk to which Blake smiled at.

"I must admit that your fight was quite entertaining." Weiss said while flipping out her ponytail. "Still, how did you activate your Semblance like that?"

"I don't know." Ragna said as he was a little confused himself. "I just felt like I wanted to increase my power and thought about boosting it and then it happened. Is that a common way for a Semblance to come out?"

"Well I once wanted to go faster during the time me and Yang were trained by Uncle Qrow." Ruby said as she thought back.

"Well, I guess this class is over." Yang said. "See you whenever you have time to hangout." She then walked away with her teammates.

Ragna then looked down at both of his hands as he was slightly smiling. This was going to be useful for his next fight with Kuro and the trio he saved Amber from.

Adrian and Mathias then walked up to him as they both were impressed by what happened.

"Not bad, not bad." Mathias stated. "That was rather cool even if that was your first time using your Semblance.

"I think I'll call this Semblance Burst." Ragna said with a grin on his face.

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