Balladeer: Fall has sprung in Hazzard which means it's time for the Halloween Carnival.

If y'all are wondering why the dukeboy's are as happy as Mules eating briars.

it's cause love is in air , sadly something is gonna rain on the boys parade.

" Luke i tell you cousin i am just as happy as clam cause this year I'm taking Mary-Sue who you taking ? asked Bo

Bo's comment fell on deaf ears since Luke was still snoozing away from Tom Catting around in Atlanta.

" Luke ..., Luke..., wake up c'mon now I need you to wake up !. " uh ..., I'm gonna ask Sue Ellen . Replied Luke

Meanwhile on the other side of town their was a truck traveling through Hazzard carrying a deadly chemical.

Now this chemical is dangerous because it affects how people's brain's work .

" Now most folks in Hazzard know about that bump in the road sadly one of the bottles fell out landed in the pond.

Meanwhile the boys had just been testing out the General's new shocks that Cooter installed.

All of a sudden the General's radiator blew , the boys had to stop by the pond to fix it.

" Now wouldn't y'all just know it them Dukeboys is drawn to trouble like crow's to a cornfield.

" Well since you got the water last time Bo i'll give you a break an I'll get it this time. Said Luke Kindly

So Luke made it over to the pond , the sun was really beating down on Luke so he started getting thirsty.

So he reached into the pond , took a sip of the water little knowing that he just put a deadly poison into his system.

" O'l Luke started feelin' sicker then a pig that just went on a feeding frenzy , ate all the bacon in one sitting.

He shook it off , he then he started feelin' like he had a splitting headache , also a little bit dizzy .

Bo meanwhile was waitin' by the General , he was wondering what was taking Luke so long in getting the water .

Then Luke slowly started making his way back over to the General , he started feeling like throwing a tantrum.

" Hey cousin long time no see what took you so long ? did you walk to Crystal lake , back . Kidded Bo

" Bo I ain't in the mood for none of your jokes go start the car up now ! ordered Luke

" Oh ... , yes sir ., said Bo jokingly

As Bo sat in the General waiting for Luke he couldn't help but fear trouble was about to start brewing.

Luke showed up 15 minutes later , he looked about as mad as a grizzly bear that just got stung by a bee.

Bo figured he would ask Luke what kind of burr had gotton up in his saddle that made him so mad.

Luke what exactly did i do that got you madder then a swarm of hornet's ?. Asked Bo curiously

" Luke just gave him a cold look , he then chuckled , " Bo you got the IQ of a Radish a small one ! .

" Listen Luke the next time a dark cloud comes on your horizon don't go raining on me . Ordered Bo

" The Boys carried on like that till they reached O'l Mr. Pepper's Pumpkin Patch for the Hazzard Carnival.

" Well Bo it look's like you finally found your match in brain's your one step above a pumpkin !. Kidded Luke

Then Bo picked up a pumpkin , threw it at Luke hitting him in the stomach , got the wind knocked out of him.

" Luke was in some pain for awhile , then finally was able to breath again , it took him awhile to get back up.

The boys decided to go with the biggest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch , it was twice the size of Boss Hogg.

" I tell you cousin this Pumpkin is a monster i bet we are gonna be having pumpkin pie coming out of our ears.

Luke couldn't help but feel like this was just the calm before the storm it was gonna be a real barnburner.