A/N: Hi everyone. Here is an index of the OC's before reading in case you didn't read the main story.

Rose: A girl who came to the One Piece world from our world through the power of an interdimensional comet. (Storyline in my other fic The Comet Wish.) Everyone else in the crew knows of this. She possesses the Wind Wind fruit and used it to save Ace who is travelling with them in the New World. She is currently dating Luffy.

She's a skinny girl with brown hair slightly shorter than shoulder length along with bangs, pale skin, freckles, and purple eyes. She has a vertical scar on her stomach from when Aokiji stabbed her during Marineford. She normally wears a dark blue long sleeve shirt, long dark purple jacket, black gloves, black pants, dark blue sneakers and a half red half black crystal necklace.

Zira: A brown falcon with golden eyes who ate the Sound Sound fruit. She has the ability to copy the voices of anyone she hears. Before meeting Rose she was experimented on by Dr. Vegapunk to receive human intelligence in hopes of becoming a spy but she ran away.

I hope you enjoy my Halloween special. I got most of the costume ideas from photos I found online. There will be more about vampires in the next part.

It is the morning of October 31st on an autumn island in the New World where the Thousand Sunny is ported to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. The island holds a costume festival every Halloween and Nami was lucky enough to get everyone costumes for the occasion.

Luffy is completely ready for the celebration by wearing a pumpkin head under his straw hat, sandals, a black unbuttoned cardigan with silver spider webs decorating the design and red shorts.. He's practically bouncing in excitement on the deck as he waits for everyone to leave. "Hey guys, hurry up! The festival's starting!"

"We're coming!" Nami says as she walks onto the deck in a short black sleeveless dress, black heels, a pair of black cat ears on her head, and a cat tail attached to the back.

He nods. "Thanks for the costumes Nami. Are the others ready yet?"

"We've just finished." Usopp walks out in black sneakers, black pants and a grey werewolf jacket with gloves making it appear that he's wearing claws. Chopper follows him from behind with the same outfit.

Sanji sighs as he walks out in an all black suit with devil horns placed on his head. "Seriously Luffy, the festival's not going anywhere."

He crosses his arms over his chest. "I still wanna get there quickly!"

Robin giggles as she walks out in a short long sleeved red dress, fishnet stockings, red high heels and a white hat with horns and stitches on the side. "As long as the monsters on the island don't attack us then we'll be fine."

Usopp and Chopper hug each other nervously while Sanji love tornadoes over to Robin. "Not to worry Robin-chwaan! If you, Nami or Rose were put in danger I'll be there to protect you!"

"As will I!" Brook says as he walks out in a grim reapers cloak. "I'll be sure to make those monsters quake to their bones. Though I'm all bones myself. Yohohoho! By the way, in the spirit of Halloween would you show me your panties?"

"LIKE HELL!" Nami hits him on the head with her staff.

Brook keels over from the blow. "Yohohoho! As scary as ever. I love this holiday."

"As long as you keep that excitement when we get to the festival Skeleton, today will be SUPER~" Franky say as he walks out with his whole body painted blue while wearing a blue jacket and a blue cap that makes his head look like Frankenstein's.

Luffy, Usopp and Chopper look at him in excitement. "So cool!"

He chuckles as he pushes his arms together while Zoro steps out in black pants with his three swords strapped to his waist, dark green boots while crossing his bandaged arms over his shirtless chest that's covered in mummy bandages as well as his face except for his hair.

"Why did I have to be a mummy?"

"Would you have rather been a zombie?" Ace asks with a smirk as he steps out with his body painted a dark blue in cargo shorts, boots, and without a shirt showing off his muscles that have painted scars all over him as well as blood make up streaked down his face.

Nami crosses her arms over her chest. "Just be happy I found out about the festival yesterday. The town rules were that we couldn't go into the festival unless we had a costume. I'm just glad I got these before the store ran out. They really take this holiday seriously. Hey wait, where are Rose and Zira?"

"I'm here!" Rose runs out in her dark blue, long loose sleeved, knee length dress with silver spider web patterns decorating the outfit that matches the chain on her half red, half black crystal necklace, a black belt over her stomach, black and white knee high socks, and black dress flats.

"Don't forget your hat Rose." Zira flies out with a black witch hat with a blue ribbon at the brim in her beak and plops it on her head then lands on the railing.

Rose grins as she adjusts the hat. "Thanks Zira."

She nods while making sure her matching hat stays on her head.

Sanji's eyes turn into hearts as he sees the three girls together and love tornadoes around them. "Mellorine! I love this holiday! You girls look amazing!"

"Thanks Sanji." Rose says when Luffy stretches his arm around her waist and pulls her into his embrace.

"I like your costume Rose."

A blush creeps on her face as she gets out of the embrace. "Th-thanks. What are you dressed as?"

He chuckles while showing off a toothy grin. "Isn't it obvious? I'm a pumpkin man!"

She giggles at his excitement. "I like it." She turns to the others. "You guys ready to go?"

They nod as Nami and Robin climb the ladder down the ship while Luffy takes Roses hand and jumps off with the others.

Sanji and Brook widen their eyes. (If Rose uses her wind will her panties show?) They watch as Rose uses her wind to ease the landing and lifted her skirt, but showed off a pair of black shorts.

Brook and Sanji look at the couple in utter shock as they, Usopp, Chopper and Zira rush to the festival.

"Sh-she used shorts…" Brook says as his soul starts flying out while Sanji continues to stare at the direction in utter shock.

Robin giggled at their disappointment. "It was the only way she was willing to wear the dress."

Ace chuckles. "With Sanji and Brook around that was a good call."

Zoro sighs at Sanji and Brook's shock. "They're hopeless. I'm gonna train in the woods." He walks to the direction of the town causing the guys to looks at him in shock.

"That's the wrong way bro!" Franky says causing him to jolt before heading in the right direction.

"Let's just enjoy the festival already." Nami says as they walk ahead.

"Yes, Nami-swaan!" Sanji love tornadoes after her while the others followed them into town.

Luffy, Rose, Usopp, Zira and Chopper travel around the stands in excitement while looking at everyone's awesome costumes.

"Wow, this is awesome!" Rose says as she sees a few guys wearing werewolf costumes but freezes when she sees them wearing garlic pins on their costumes along with a few girls wearing devil costumes with the same pins on their costumes.

(Huh? I wonder what-)

"Hey Rose, over here!" She snaps out of it to Luffy's voice as she turns to see him and the others at a water gun stand.

"Water gun contest? Sweet!" She heads over to the stand and grabs a gun along with the others while Chopper and Zira work together on one of them.

"I'll help you with your aim Chopper, if that's alright."

He nods. "Thanks Zira."

Usopp snickers. "You guys, are gonna need all the help you can get."

"Bring it Usopp!" Rose smirks as she gets her water gun ready when the bell rings.

The contest commenced while Luffy completely missed his shots while Rose, Chopper and Zira were neck and neck for second and Usopp didn't miss a single shot.

When the ending bell rang the contest ended with Usopp winning, Chopper and Zira were second while Rose made third and Luffy was dead last.

Usopp laughs in victory as he claims his prize of a small bag of sweets. "Hahaha! No one can beat Captain Usopp at a shooting match!"

Rose snickers. "Maybe not, but Luffy can beat you in a sweets eating contest." She points to Luffy eating Usopps prize.

"HEY! THAT WAS MINE!" Usopp tries shooting Luffy with his water gun while he easily dodges.

Chopper and Zira laugh as they join the water fight while Rose watches and the stand owner takes back her gun then freezes at the fight. The young, tan, slightly muscular guy with short brown hair sweat drops at the fight. "They do know that they can't keep the water guns right?"

Rose nods. "Don't worry, they'll tire out in a bit." She freezes when she sees the garlic pin on his shirt. "Hey, why are people wearing those garlic pins?"

He freezes then looks down at his pin. "Oh, these? They're kind of a mandatory thing for the locals. You see, rumor has it that there are vampires on this island."

Rose looks at him in excitement. "Really?!"

He nods with a grin. "Though truth be told, I've never seen one myself. To me, it's kind of like our town's logo."

She nods. "That still sounds awesome. Wait, they don't sparkle do they?"

He quirks an eyebrow. "Why the hell would vampires sparkle?"

"Thank you!"

He looks at her in confusion for a moment before shaking his head and grinning. "If you think vampires are awesome then get this: There are witches on this island too."


He nods. "Unlike the vampires, I've seen the witches. They live on that hill outside of town in the Eastern Woods." He points to the hill in the woods causing her to turn in that direction while he turns to her. "They're friendly, but they're also mischievous. But, I'm sure they won't hurt a cute-"

He was cut off when Luffy shot water at his face causing him to fall back and crash into one of the targets.

Rose looks at the guy in shock. "You ok?!"

He nods as he gets up while the others reach the stand.

"My bad." Luffy says as he and the others hand the guns back and the group walks away.

Rose waves him off. "Thanks for the info."

He waves back when Luffy wraps an arm around her shoulders and glares at him causing him to cringe.

Rose looks at Luffy in shock then sighs. "Luffy, take it easy."

"I can't help it, I felt annoyed when he was talking to you."

"You didn't need to though, he was just telling me about the witches on the island."

Usopp looks at her nervously. "T-there are real witches on the island?!"

She nods. "Yea, he told me both witches and vampires exist here. The locals wear those garlic pins to protect themselves from the vampires I guess."

Zira looks around the festival frantically. "Where can we get those pins?!"

Rose giggles. "Relax, they don't come out in daylight. At least, I don't think so…"

"WHAT KIND OF REASSURANCE IS THAT?!" Chopper, Zira and Usopp yell at the same time.

"Hey, it's not like they existed back home! I only know what I've read about them in stories!"

Usopp blinks in surprise. "Yea, that's right. It's your first Halloween with us in this world right?"

She nods. "Yup, so far it's been pretty fun."

Luffy nods with a toothy grin. "To make it more fun, how about we see the witches after checking out a few more stands?"

Rose eagerly nods. "I'm in! What about you-" She turns around to see Usopp, Zira and Chopper running off.

"WE'RE GONNA FIND THOSE PINS TO PROTECT US! YOU GUYS HAVE FUN GETTING HEXED!" Usopp yells as the three of them disappear from their sights.

She shrugs her shoulders. "Alright, looks like it's just the two of us. Let's make our way through the stands then head to the witches place."

He nods as they make their way through the festival and explored the stands before heading out of town.

After making their way out of town Rose was enjoying some of the candy she won while Luffy was eating all of his candy in one go.

After swallowing his food he turns to Rose. "Hey Rose, what are Halloweens in your world like?"

She almost chokes on the peanut butter cup she was eating before forcing herself to swallow then rubs the back of her head sheepishly. "Th-they're not that special…"

He wraps his arms around her causing them to stop while he pouts. "Oh come on! I wanna know!"

She blushes while getting herself out of the embrace. (Why do I have to be the flustered one?!) "I'm serious, there's not much to tell. I guess the only thing special when I was a kid was going trick or treating."

He tilts his head in confusion. "What's trick or treating?"

She widens her eyes in shock. "You don't know?!"

He shakes his head.

"Basically, you knock on a stranger's door in a costume and when they open the door you say 'trick or treat' then they give you candy."

He looks at her in shock. "That sounds awesome! What else is there?!"

"That's about it. Back home you would go to different neighborhoods to try to get as much as you can. Some kids would even make contests with each other to see who can get the most. What about you? What did you do for Halloween as a kid?"

"Ace and I pulled pranks. There was also a festival at Goa just like this one where we'd sneak in and grab as much stuff from the stands as we could before getting chased."

She giggles. "That sounds like fun."

"Yea it was. Did you do anything else for Halloween back there?"

"I mainly enjoyed trick or treating and movies. I think that's enough questions. I'll race you to the witches hut." She flies ahead causing him to rush to catch up to her.

"Wait! What are mo-" He cuts himself off when he crashes into her back and almost tackles her then looks over her shoulder to see the small cottage on top of the hill.

Rose looks at the house curiously. "I guess this is the place. It doesn't look like they went with making their house out of candy."

He looks at her in shock. "Their houses could have been made of candy?!"

She nods. "I read it in a story. Anyway, I heard they were friendly so I doubt they'd try to eat us or suck our lives out to remain young."

He sweat drops at the casual statement. "That sounds weird." He turns to the door. "In any case, let's trick or treat."

She widens her eyes as he bangs on the door. "Luffy, wait-"

"Hey witches! Trick or treat!" He bangs on the door until it opens. The two pirates peek inside to see a living room with bookshelves full of spell books and potion bottles, spider webs on the ceiling and a big brewing cauldron in the center of the room.

Luffy walks inside and searches the room while Rose cautiously follows.

She looks around the bookshelves curiously. (Wow, this is really cool. I wonder if you have to be born as a witch like in Harry Potter… It would be cool if I could learn a spell.) She chuckles at the idea when she snaps out of it to hear crashing behind her.

She turns around to see that Luffy tripped and crashed into the potion cabinet. "Luffy!" She rushes over to see some of the spilled potions and broken bottles.

"Oh crap! Are you ok?" She helps him up causing his hat to fall off while he nods.

"Yup, I'm fine. Some of that stuff got in my mouth though."

"Shit, do you feel any weird or…" She cuts herself off when she sees Luffy's ears changing into black floppy dog ears and a long fluffy black tail popping out of his back right above his shorts. (Holy crap! Inuyasha's long lost brother!)

He looks at her in confusion while his tail sways back and forth. "What?"

(He doesn't notice?!) She pinches the bridge of her nose to calm herself down then raises her free hand defensively. "Don't panic, but whatever you drank gave you dog ears and a tail."

"WHAT?!" He ran to a mirror and saw his new dog ears then touched them. His look of shock immediately changed into a grin as his tail started wagging back and forth. "Whoa! This is so cool!"

She giggles as she walks up to him and pets his ears. "I'll admit it's really cute."

His tail wags uncontrollably while he's giggling at the touch then steps away while pouting and picking up his pumpkin and straw hats. "Stop, that tickles! And I'm not the cute one! You are!"

She blinks in surprise while turning to the potions to hide her blushing face. (Damnit, he makes me blush too much…) "Th-thanks… A-anyway, we should change you back and clean up before leaving. The question is how we do that…"

"We'll help you out with that…" The couple freezes then slowly turn in horror to see the two owners of the house glaring at them from the front door.

The first one to walk in was a beautiful, tall, tan, slim woman with curly ebony locks wrapped in a low messy bun. She was followed in by her sister an equally tall, chubby woman whose curly blonde hair reaches her shoulders. Both ladies picked up the skirts of their long dresses to walk through the mess and reach them.

"Now what do we have here Maggie? A couple of pirates?" The blonde asks while the dark haired woman stares at Rose curiously.

"It appears so Lila, but there's something weird about the girl here."

Luffy puts his hats back on with his dog ears popping out then grins at them. "Can witches poop?"

The witches freeze at the question while Rose looks at him in disbelief. "Now's not the time for that Luffy!"

He nods. "You're right." He turns to them with a causal grin. "Trick or treat!"

Rose buries her face in her hand. "That's not what I meant…"

Maggie and Lila recover from the shock and glare at him. "WHAT A RUDE QUESTION TO ASK!"


"WAIT!" Rose runs in front of him while waving her arms defensively. "We're sorry! We just wanted to see if witches exist in this world!"

Lila calms down while cancelling the fireball and quirks an eyebrow in confusion. "This world?"

Maggie widens her brown eyes in realization. "Now I know who you two are! Straw Hat Luffy and Wind Rider Rose! No wonder I sensed something odd about you. Hahaha, that's pretty interesting. So, you guys came here to see if we were real witches?"

Both pirates eagerly nodded.

"And you want us to perform some magic?" Lila asks.

"Yea!" Luffy says.

Rose nods while rubbing the back of her head. "If you guys don't want to because of the mess it's ok, but may you please turn Luffy back to normal? I promise to clean up the mess."

Lila and Maggie turn to each other while whispering to one another.

They both nod before Lila turns to them. "Alright, I'm Lila and this is my sister Maggie. We're willing to show you some magic, but before anything we should turn the boy back to normal. Maggie will go get some of the herbs with him. As for you Rose, I'll hold you up to the promise by cleaning up while I prepare some of the ingredients we have. If you two behave then we'll show you something amazing."

Rose and Luffy nod as Luffy follows Maggie out while Rose grabs a broom and starts cleaning.

Lila giggles as she grabs a few ingredients. "I take it from your costume that you like witches?"

She nods. "I've always loved magic and supernatural stuff like this. Do you have to be born with magic to be a witch or can you train in the art?"

She shakes her head. "Sorry, but you have to be born with magic to be one in this world. However, that doesn't mean you can't perform some sorts of magic like alchemy."


She nods then smirks. "Of course, being able to get a guy to fall for you is magic in itself."

Rose blushes while keeping quiet causing her to giggle.

"So my hunch was right. How cute, I can give you a love potion for Luffy if you want."

She quickly shakes her head. "T-that's ok, we're kind of already dating."

She giggles. "Aww, that's cute. Though, I have to admit he's not the sharpest tool in the shed."

Rose chuckles. "He's smart in his own way. He's hard to understand sometimes, but he's a great guy."

Lila nods. "I see." (Ooh, they seem like a sweet couple! This will be so much fun!) She giggles as she finishes preparing. "Until the others get back do you want to see some parlor tricks while working?"

Roses purple eyes widen before eagerly nodding as she keeps cleaning. "Absolutely!"

Lila chuckles at the enthusiasm as she performs a few small tricks while they wait for Luffy and Maggie.

Luffy beats up a couple of grizzly bears while Maggie is gathering the last of the ingredients. Once he's done he sees Zoro wandering around the woods.

Luffy casually waves. "Hey Zoro!"

Zoro turns to him then freezes when he sees his captain with dog ears and a tail. He shakes his head while muttering under his breath. "I think I'm going through sake withdrawal…"

He walks away while Luffy tilts his head in confusion. "What did I say?" He shrugs his shoulders and turns to Maggie who's placing the last of the ingredients in her bag.

"It looks like we have everything we need Luffy. Ready to go?"

He nods. "Yup! Hey, why didn't Rose and I meet any bears on the way to your house? We met a bunch of them around here."

"That's because Lila and I made a barrier on the path you guys took so people can visit us easily."

He nods with a toothy grin. "Wow, you guys are nice."

She giggles. "Thanks. So, what's the story with you and the outsider?"

"She's not an outsider, she's my pirate queen!"

She widens her brown eyes before giggling. "How bold. You must really love her."

He nods while his new dog ears flop around with him. "Yea, she's great even when she tries to keep things about her world to herself."

She chuckles at the outburst. "You're not much of a private one are you? She does seem pretty shy. If my sister and I can cast a spell that can help you understand her would you want it?"

He eagerly nods. "Yea, that would be awesome! By the way, do you guys poop?"

A vein pops on her forehead before grabbing him by the tail causing him to fall on his knees in pain. "Enough with that question!"

"Aaaah! I'm sorry!"

She nods in satisfaction as she lets go of him and the two of them head back to the cottage. As soon as they make it back to the hut Maggie walks in with a smile. "We got everything we need."

Lila nods in satisfaction as she takes the ingredients from her while Luffy runs up to Rose.

"How were things here?"

She grins as she puts the broom away. "It's been pretty fun. Lila showed me some cool tricks after she finished getting her stuff ready."

"Aww, I wanted to see."

She giggles. "Relax, you'll see some cool magic when they get you back to normal. Was it boring getting the herbs?"

He shakes his head. "Nope, I fought some bears."


Lila and Maggie grin at the couple as they get the final touches ready while whispering to one another.

"They seem like a cute couple. Rose's a bit of a shy one, but she's happy with him." Lila whispers while Maggie nods.

"Luffy adores her. He wants to understand her more."

Lila widens her green eyes at this. "She told me he was hard to understand too! So, are we really gonna do it?"

Maggie nods with a smirk on her face. "If they want to understand each other more then who are we to deny them?"

She nods as she finishes the final preparations for Luffy's antidote then uses a ladle to scoop up some of the potion and pours it in a cup. "Luffy, when you drink this you'll turn back to normal."

Luffy nods as he takes the cup and chugs it before getting grossed out. "Bleugh! This is gross!"

Rose holds back from laughing. "It might be gross, but it worked." She points to his back that no longer has a tail and when Luffy reached for his ears he felt his human ears return.

He grins as he turns to the witches with stars in his eyes. "Awesome! Thanks."

They nod.

"Don't thank us yet. The fun's just about to start." Maggie says.

Rose looks at them with stars in her eyes. "What kind of magic are you gonna show us?!"

Maggie chuckles while getting the cauldron ready for the next spell as Lila walks up to them.

"You'll see soon enough." Lila plucks a hair from both Rose and Luffy's heads.

Luffy rubs his read. "Hey, what was that for?!"

"Just something for the spell." She drops the hair into cauldron while the cauldron starts bubbling.

Rose looks at the cauldron curiously. (If it's a spell that involves our hair then could it be transfiguration? What if we get turned into animals?! Actually, that might be kind of cool.)

Luffy grins in excitement. "So this spell will help me understand her right?"

Rose looks at him in shock. "Wait, what?!"

He chuckles at her shock. "Yea, Maggie asked me if I wanted a spell to help me understand you more and I said yes."

Maggie chuckles while stirring the cauldron. "I guarantee you two will learn a lot about one another through this."

Rose raises her hand up. "Hold on, I didn't agree to that! What are you going to do exactly? Switch our bodies?"

Lila shakes her head. "We leave body switching to the Surgeon of Death. We're gonna keep it a surprise. Relax, all our spells are temporary so you have nothing to worry about."

Rose looks at them skeptically for a moment before nodding. "If it's temporary then ok…" (I'm kind of curious as to how this spell would get me to understand Luffy more.)

Both witches beam with excitement.

"Excellent! Then let's get to it!" Maggie says when the cauldron brew starts glowing.

Lila nods. "Looks like it's time!"

Luffy looks at them with stars in his eyes. "Cool! What do we have to do?!"

"You two just stay there." Maggie says when she joins her sister by the cauldron and mutter some incantations that were hard for them understand.

Rose turns to Luffy. "If you wanted to understand me more you could've asked."

"This is faster. Besides, this way you won't have to be nervous about my questions."

Rose blinks in surprise before grinning. "Thanks, I'm curious about how this spell-"


The couple freezes to the witches yelling when a red smoke swallows Luffy while blue smoke engulfs Rose.

"What the-" Rose couldn't finish the sentence as the two of them pass out in their smoke clouds. When the smoke cleared the two witches found the passed out couple on the ground and giggled at what they saw.

They saw a sleeping, slim and slightly muscular pale boy with freckles decorating his cheeks, short disheveled brown hair with bangs covering his eyes while wearing Roses costume. Sleeping next to him is a skinny girl in Luffy's costume with shoulder length black hair along with bangs, a scar under her left eye, and her black cardigan covering her newfound breasts.

Lila chuckles at the sight. "Looks like the gender bending spell worked like a charm."

Maggie nods as she waves her hand causing a puff of purple smoke to engulf the couple. Once the smoke cleared it showed Rose in Luffy's clothes showing off the sword scar on his stomach along with Luffy in Roses costume. "There, that looks a lot nicer."

Her sister nods as she writes a note and places it in the pants pocket Rose is wearing. "I left all the details of the spell in the note. We can send them back to the path now."

Maggie chuckles as she rolls up her sleeves. "I can't wait to see how this plays out!" She waves her hand causing a puff of smoke encases the couple and transports them out of the hut and back into the woods.

Rose wakes up on the forest path outside of town then sits up and looks around in confusion before looking down and staring at her new body in shock. (What the hell?!) Rose pats her torso to feel small muscles instead of soft flesh and her chest completely flat. (Oh crap, I'm a dude!) Rose reaches a hand for his hair but was met with a pumpkin hat. "Oh man, am I in Luffy's body?!"

He takes the hat off and widens his purple eyes at the straw hat on the pumpkin hat. (I'm in Luffy's clothes?! I thought they said that they weren't gonna switch our bodies! Wait, where's Luffy?!) He looks around to find a skinny girl in Roses witch dress sleeping on the ground with a witch hat covering her face.

He sighs in relief as he walks up to her, sits next to her and nudges her shoulder gently. "Hey Luffy, wake up. The witches- Wait, did Luffy's voice always sound this soft?" He looks at Luffy's body in confusion. (Now that I look at her, the cup size is bigger than mine but not as big as Nami and Robins. Is this really my-)

He freezes when he sees his family's necklace around her neck. (If anything these are my clothes.) He reaches down to grab the necklace when the girl's hand wrapped around his and her other arm pulled his head into her chest.

He blushes at the embrace as he pulls himself up. "Damnit Luffy, we don't have time for this! Wake up!"

She grumbles as she releases him from the embrace then sits up while lifting the witch hat to show a pair of big black eyes meeting his purple eyes.

Rose's mouth fell to the ground in shock. (OH CRAP, THEY PULLED A GENDER BENDER SPELL ON US!)

Luffy tilts her head in confusion as she gets up. "Who are you?"

Rose twitches an eyebrow in irritation as he pinches the bridge of his nose. "It's me Luffy…"

"Me who? Hey, have you seen a girl named Rose and my straw hat? Wait, why is my voice so high?"

Rose takes a deep breath before showing her the straw hat. "I'm Rose, your hat is right here and your voice is high because the witches switched our genders…" He plops the straw hat on her head before pointing to the dress causing her to look down in utter shock.


Roses exhaustion immediately changed to amusement as he starts laughing. "Hahaha, I'll admit they got us on- Hey, where are you going?"

Luffy walks up to path to the witches hut with clenched fists. "I'm gonna go to the witches to get them to-" She was cut off when she walks into an invisible wall. "What the hell?!"

Rose walks up to her and tests the wall. "Looks like they made a barrier so we couldn't get revenge. They said their spells were temporary, so I wouldn't worry too-" He freezes when he felt something in his pocket and finds a note.

To Rose and Luffy,

Looks like you guys came to. I hope you enjoyed our little Halloween prank. Experiencing a night as each other's gender should get you to understand one another more. If anything, this will be fun for us to watch. Here are some guidelines about the spell:

1. The spell will last until sunrise tomorrow. Once it comes you both will return to normal immediately.

2. You both still have your devil fruit powers, but you should still be very careful.

3. We've added our own feature to the spell so that you guys can't tell anyone your true identities except to each other. If you try telling people your sentences will be altered so that you're saying the opposite. (That's for walking into our house uninvited.)

4. We also spiced it up so a bit of your personalities are altered. You'll find out how soon enough.

I believe that's it. Oh, we've also set up a barrier around the perimeter of the house so don't try to come after us. I hope you two learn a thing or two about each other from this.

Have fun,

Lila and Maggie

Rose looks at the letter in utter shock then sighs. (They really thought this through…)

Luffy tilts her head in confusion. "Is that from the witches?"

He nods. "Apparently, we're stuck like this until tomorrow morning and we can't tell people what happened."

"Really?! Ugh, so what do we do now?"

Rose places the letter back in his pocket then tilts his head in thought. "Hmm, want to go back to the festival? If anything, we can make the best of it until tomorrow." (I've always wondered how I'd look as a guy. This actually might be pretty fun.)

Luffy scratches her head in thought for a moment before showing off a toothy grin while nodding. "Sounds good! As long as we turn back to normal tomorrow then I'm ok with it."

He nods while picking up the witches hat and placing it over Luffy's straw hat. "Great, to make it more interesting how about we use fake names in case we meet the crew?"

She nods as she grabs the pumpkin hat and places it on his head. "Sure, what do you want to call me?"

Rose tilts his head in thought before scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "How about Lulu?"

She widens her eyes at the name while feeling her cheeks heat up. (Why do I feel weirder than I usually do with Rose?! I really like the name though.)

Rose widens his eyes in shock when he spotted the blush. (Is she blushing?! What the- Wait, this is probably what the witches meant by personality change…) He raises his hands defensively. "If you don't like the name I can pick another one for you."

She quickly shakes her head. "No, no! I like the name, but I get to pick one for you."

He nods with a grin. "Fair enough, so what's my guy name?"

"How about Pete?"

He widens his eyes at the name. "You chose it because it sounded like meat didn't you?"

She nods.

He chuckles. (Glad to know it didn't mess up all of Luffy's personality.) "I like it. Ready to go?"

She nods causing him to take her hand as they head back to the festival where the fun's about to begin.