Lulu and Viola are furiously fighting in front of the mansion with neither side giving an inch.

Viola smirks as she continuously tries to strike her with her katana and caused a few shallow cuts on her arms and face. "Why don't you give up? Pete's better off a vampire."

Lulu glares at her behind her goggles as she dodges her blade. "THERE'S NO WAY HE'D WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE! GUM GUM WHIP!" She stretches her leg and kick Viola from to side to send her flying but she ricochets off a tree and comes at her while Lulu dodges.

"Oh please! Humans like you are nothing but weak fools!" Viola tries to hypnotize her but the goggles that Maggie gave her prevented the hypnosis.

She grits her fangs in frustration as she tries to slash her with her katana but she keeps dodging. "Where did you get those goggles?"

Lulu dodges the katana then punched her stomach but was countered with a foot in her face and sent flying to the building. She staggers up while wiping her face with the back of her hand and glares at her behind the goggles. "Not telling. Just give Pete back!"

"Not a chance! You're that Hell's Comet girl aren't you?! What kind of trick did you pull from your world to get him to fall for you? Was it a love spell?!"

She quirks an eyebrow then punches her in the face. "I didn't use Hell's Comet and I didn't use magic!"

She blinks in surprise then swings her katana but Lulu dodges. "Just let him go then! Don't you want him to live a long life?!"

Lulu grits her teeth as she keeps exchanging blows with Viola. "Of course I do! That's why I'm here to protect him!"

"Is letting him be a pirate really protecting him?!" Viola kicks her in the gut to send her flying through a tree then snickers as she walks up to her as she's getting up. "Pathetic, while we're on the topic of protecting him let me ask you something. Is the scar on his stomach something he got before or after he met you?"

Lulu freezes at the question as she tries to get up, but then was pinned to the ground with Viola's foot stepping on her chest. The ground starts cracking under them as Viola applies more force on her leg to pin Lulu down

Lulu clenches her teeth tries to pull her leg off of her but it was no good as Viola gets her katana ready. "I take it from your lack of response that Pete got that scar from his life with you. All the more reason to let him become a vampire then! Once he joins us not only will he live forever, but he can start over by losing all of his painful memories as a human! The only thing left is to get rid of you!"

She lunges her katana at Lulu but before it could reach her chest Lulu infused her arms in haki and gripped the blade to keep it off her. She snaps the blade off the sword under her grip and hides her eyes under her bangs while getting into second gear.

Viola widens her eyes in shock when she saw her skin turning pink. (What the-?!) She was sent flying by an upper cut then before she could react Lulu jumped above her while still in second gear and infused her arm in armament haki.

"GUM GUM RED HAWK!" She punched Viola in the stomach and sent her falling to the ground.

While in mid air Viola recovered and landed on her feet as she threw the useless sword away with one hand and clutched her stomach with the other arm. (What the hell? Is she really human?!)

Lulu lightly pants as she recovers from second gear while landing then clenches her fists. "You're right, that scar did come from him knowing me. He always pushes himself too far to protect others especially me... It wouldn't matter if he became a vampire, he'd still fight to the point where he'd worry others. If you knew anything about him you'd know that he'd never join because his memories of his family and crew are his treasures!"

Viola widens her eyes at this while dodging her punches then gets in a stance. "Soon it won't matter. Once my mom and cousin turn him it's over."

"Not if I can help it!" The two women charge at each other and begin fighting hand to hand combat with neither side faltering.

Meanwhile directly below the battle a bruised up Pete is panting from exhaustion as he keeps fighting the bear in the underground arena while blindfolded. He continuously dodges as many attacks as he could in order to stall for time while hitting him as hard as he can without knocking him out.

Maria watches him curiously from her seat in the separate room. "Even with all those scratches and bruises he's still managing to keep it up. If anything he's resilient. It's hard finding someone with both armament and observation haki. Castiel really knows how to pick them."

Gwendolyn nods as she looks at the door to the mansion. "Speaking of Castiel, he and the others should have been back by now shouldn't they?"

Maria freezes and turns to her. "I wouldn't be so sure. They're facing a really powerful crew after all. Of course, I'm sure they'll take care of them. They're just humans after all."

Gwendolyn nods as she grins at her cousin. "You're right. At least from the look of things we can handle turning Pete. He should be done very-"

*SLAM* The girls look in shock to see Pete's back slammed against the sea stone wall. The bear pins his torso to the wall with his left front paw while Pete's doing his best to block the bear's jaws with his staff. Pete grits his teeth in frustration as he pulls the staff back and stabs the bear's leg that has him pinned causing him to pull his leg back in pain. Pete then pushes himself off the wall and uses whatever strength he could regain to whack his head to the wall then quickly jumps back to gain some distance from his opponent.

Pete pants in exhaustion as some of his energy starts returning while the half beaten bear shakes his head to recover from the blow and struggles to stay standing with his stabbed leg.

Pete gets in a stance to ready himself for the next attack while still panting. (Shit, I have to end this soon or I'll be too tired to fight the vampires if they don't spare me…) He starts charging then freezes when he and the others start feeling tremors from above.

(Luffy?) Pete starts grinning in excitement as he jumps to dodge the bear's bites then hits the back of the bear's neck with his armament haki infused staff as hard as he could to knock him out.

Maria and Gwendolyn widen their eyes at how the match ended.

"Was he holding back against the bear the whole time?" Maria asks.

Gwen stares at the blindfolded boy in shock as he's catching his breath. "I'm not sure, but it's clear he passed. Let's turn him before he runs."

Maria nods as she gets up. "By the way, what was that tremor?"

Gwendolyn shrugs as she leads Maria to the door after making sure the bear gate was closed. "I'm not sure, the fight might have moved closer. All the more reason to hurry up." She opens the door to the arena then locks it behind them before seeing Pete trying to open the door he came in from, but with no luck.

(Either the door is super heavy or it's locked. I gotta be careful…) He snaps out of his thoughts to the sound of clapping from the two women behind him.

Maria grins as she walks up to him. "Well done child. Viola told us a little about you. Your name is Pete correct?"

He slowly nods as he clenches the staff in his hand. (Good thing I'm wearing a blindfold so I can't get hypnotized.) "Yea, it's a pleasure to meet you. Were you satisfied with the fight?"

Gwendolyn giggles at his cautious behavior. "We were more than satisfied. Sorry that the rest of the family couldn't be here to watch. They had to go take care of something."

"That something is my crew right? If you would please open the door I can go break up the fight before anyone gets hurt."

Maria smirks as she and Gwendolyn step closer. "I'm sorry, but we can't let you do that."

He tenses at this while getting ready to pounce. "I take it that means you still want me as a vampire?"

Gwendolyn nods. "Correct, it was a smart move blindfolding yourself. We can't hypnotize you without looking in your eyes. However, that just means we have to do this the hard way."

He gets in a stance. "Bring it! You won't get a fang on me!"

"We'll see about that!" Maria lunges at him causing him to dodge. He tries to hit Gwendolyn with his staff but she dodges and tries to tackle him but he ducks, infuses his leg in haki and kicks her face.

She stumbles back while Maria tries to grab him from behind but he jumps forward and tries to hit her with his staff but she grabs it and flips him over her shoulder.

He lets go of the staff and quickly rolls to his right to dodge Gwendolyn's kick then gets up to dodge Maria's tackle then kicks Gwendolyn from behind, but it didn't faze her as she grabs his leg and slammed him against the steel door.

Before Pete could move Maria pins his wrists behind his back with one hand and pushes his face to the door with the other to reveal the back of his neck. "My, that was quicker than I thought. Though, after just fighting a bear that size it's no surprise. Don't worry this will only hurt a bit."

She leans in while opening her mouth to reveal her fangs when Pete turned his body into wind and flew out of her grasp just before she could bite him.

Gwendolyn widens her eyes in shock as she searches the arena. "What the hell?!"

Maria searches the arena but freezes when she sees a tiny tornado in front of them. "How the hell did this- AAAH!"

The tornado grew and trapped the two vampires inside while Pete rematerialized in front of them and used his wind to push the tornado towards the opposite side of the arena. "Sorry to disappoint, but if that was all it took to take me down then what kind of pirate would I be?"

Maria gapes in shock as she tries to fight her way out of the tornado. "What the hell?! He's a devil fruit user?!"

Gwendolyn grits her teeth in frustration. "Little punk has been stalling time for his crew to get here!"

Maria grabs the staff that was flying in the tornado and then swings it with enough force to counter the wind in the tornado and destroy it. They landed on the ground while glaring at the boy who's attention has turned back to the steel door.

Pete focuses the wind in his hand to create an orb of wind spinning fast enough to give it the appearance of a shuriken. He grins as he aims for the door. (As long as I can cut the door I'm out of here!)

He throws the wind shuriken at the door causing it to be horizontally sliced in half. He goes to test the door when he freezes to dodge the vampires attack.

"If you think that can stop us you're wrong!" Gwendolyn tries to punch him with her haki infused arm, but he dodges only to be grabbed from behind by Maria. Before she can bite him Pete flew straight down to slam her back to the ground as fast as possible to let go of him then he threw her over his shoulder into Gwendolyn to slam them against the wall of the opposite side of the arena.

The girls get up in irritation when they hear more tremors right above them and cracks on the ceiling.

"What the-?!"

*CRASH* The ceiling on the vampires side of the arena started to cave in with a giant fist that's infused in haki slams down Viola to the ground. Gwendolyn and Maria run out of the way of the collapsing rubble before it could hit them and look up in shock at the giant hole that's showing off the night sky.

"What just happened?!" Maria asks causing Gwendolyn to shake her head.

"I have no idea…"

Pete lifts his blindfold to see the giant hole in the ceiling.

"Ok, that exit works. Wait, Lulu!" He looks around frantically to see her lying down on top of the rubble with her body shrunk from using third gear while panting from exhaustion. (Crap, we gotta get out of here!)

He puts the blindfold back on then starts flying towards them when Gwendolyn sees Viola digging herself out of the rubble.

"Viola!" She runs over to help her up. "What happened?!"

"A crazy pirate is here for Pete! We need to take care of her while she's recovering."

"We still need to turn Pete! Can you hold her off some more Viola?" Maria asks causing her to nod.

Lulu gets up while her body is still tiny and sees Pete flying towards her then waves with a grin. "There you are Pete! Let's-" She jumps back to dodge Violas strikes as her body starts growing back.

"Don't think you won just because you managed to see him!" Viola charges at Lulu who's ready to fight as her body returns to normal.

Pete rushes over to the fight when he was punched to the ground by Maria.

He gets up quickly to dodge Gwendolyn and Marias strikes as Lulu gets back to fighting Viola.

"Don't think you can leave just because you landed a few hits!" Gwendolyn says as she punches Pete but before she can grab him Pete sends her flying with his wind.

Viola looks at him in shock as he turns his arms into twisters. (He's a devil fruit user?! Damnit, I can't use armament haki! What-) She was cut off when she was punched in the face by Lulu and was sent flying to the wall and knocked out.

Lulu turns to see Pete facing off against both vampires and starting to back him to a corner.

She runs to the battle and pulls her arm back while infusing it with haki. "Get away from him! Gum gum pistol!"

She stretches her arm to punch Maria in the face but before Lulu can retract her arm Maria grabbed it and slammed her back against the sea stone wall.

Pete widens his eyes behind the blindfold as he senses Lulu weakening as Maria pinned her back against the wall as she weakly struggles. "Lulu!" He starts flying over when he was blocked by Gwendolyn who was smirking as she keeps her attacks coming.

Gwendolyn keeps smirking while continuing to attack him. "Hey Maria, what do you think? Is that girl worthy of joining us as well?"

Pete freezes at the question while Maria smirks while holding Lulu against the sea stone and licks her fangs. "For her to take down Viola shows that she's more than worthy."

Gwen nods while Pete grits his teeth. "Get your hands off her!" He uses his wind to send Maria flying and to push Lulu off the wall, but was punched in the face by Gwendolyn and was slammed to the wall.

(Shit!) Pete tries to push himself off but Gwendolyn pins his wrists above his head with one of hers and uses her other hand to remove his blindfold.

He clenches his eyes shut as he struggles to get off the wall but she pushes his torso to keep his back to the wall as his energy starts fading from the sea stone.

Lulu looks at them in shock as her strength starts returning and gets back up. "Hang on Rose!" She rushes to them when she was confronted by Maria and goes toe to toe with her.

Gwendolyn quirks an eyebrow in confusion as she keeps the squirming boy trapped against the wall. (Did she just call him Rose? The child must have a concussion. Still…)

She looks at Pete's necklace curiously. "I just have one question, where did you get that crystal?"

Pete quirks an eyebrow as he tries to kick her off of him but she stands her ground as his energy keeps fading. "Why do you care?"


"I'll tell you if you spare us."

She chuckles. "You really think you're in a position to negotiate? Still, for going to be the first devil fruit user in the family I'll make you a deal. We'll spare the girl if you accept your fate. I could just turn you now, but it's always better to have you willing."

Pete raises his eyebrows at the offer while continuing to weakly struggle.

Lulu grits her teeth while fighting Maria then turns to Pete. "Don't-" She was cut off when she was punched in the face and continues clashing with her.

Gwen tightens her hold on Pete's wrists causing him to cringe as she gets her fangs ready. "You better decide quick. One way or the other you're joining us, but her fate's in your hands."

Pete clenches his teeth before he stops struggling. "You promise she stays human?"

Lulu widens her eyes at this as she keeps fighting Maria. "What do you think you're doing?!"

Viola starts regaining consciousness and sees the situation. (Looks like they're about to turn him.) She gets up with a grin then freezes to see Pete turning to Lulu with a close eyed smile.

"It's ok, it's not like it'll stop me from being in the crew."

Lulu grits her teeth in frustration. "You dumbass! Don't you know that if you turn you'll-"

She was cut off by Maria putting her in a choke hold. "Shut up! Do it now Gwendolyn!"

Gwendolyn nods as she finds a good spot to bite him on the right side of his neck. (Poor child, he doesn't know he'll forget everything soon. At least we'll keep our word.) "You have my word as a vampire. As long as you turn she gets to stay human."

He nods while Viola widens her eyes at this. (He's willing to let himself become a vampire in order for her to stay human?! "He always pushes himself too far to protect others especially me...") She clenches her fists when she sees her mom biting his neck and drinking his blood.

Pete clenches his teeth to endure the pain of having his blood drained.

Lulu widens her eyes in horror as she escapes the hold then punches Maria, but she stands her ground as she keeps up the fight. She infuses her arm with haki then punches Maria to send her flying and knocks her out then rushes over to Gwendolyn.

"GET OFF OF HIM!" She punches Gwendolyn off of Pete who fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Gwendolyn smirks as she licks the blood off her lips. "Too late, as soon as we feed him our blood he's one of us."

"I won't let that happen!"

"Oh, really?" Both girls turn to see Viola walking up to them with clenched fists.

Gwendolyn grins as she gets ready to fight. "Perfect timing Viola, you get to turn him while I take care of the girl."

She shakes her head causing her mom to look at her in confusion then freeze under Viola's hypnotic gaze.

"Sorry mom, but I can't do it. Go to sleep."

Gwendolyn falls asleep under the hypnotism and was caught in her daughter's arms.

Lulu looks at her in confusion while still in a stance. "Why did you knock her out?"

She sighs as she gently lays her mom down and keeps her back to her. "Just like you said, he pushes himself too much to protect his loved ones. I don't want a jackass who would throw his life away to protect others in my family. Get him out of here before the rest of the family shows up."

Lulu nods then rushes to Pete and sees the bite on his neck that's still bleeding then gently shakes him. "Rose, wake up!"

Pete grunts as he regains consciousness and slowly opens his eyes. "Luffy?"

Lulu nods as she takes the goggles off. "I'm right here! We're getting out of here!"

He nods as she grabs his arms and spun him around onto her back then supports his weight under her arms.

Pete wraps his left arm around her shoulder while putting pressure on the bite with his right hand to stop the bleeding. "Did they turn me?"

"No they didn't." Viola says as she walks up to them. "If you keep putting pressure on the bite it will stop bleeding in a few minutes. She only drank your blood for a few seconds so you should be fine if you rest for the next day."

Lulu nods as she walks towards the hole with Pete on her back.

Viola looks at them in confusion. "Wait, why did you call each other Rose and Luffy?"

Lulu jolts while Pete looks at her nervously. "They-they're nicknames we gave each other!"

Viola looks at them in confusion. "You two are the weirdest humans I've ever met."

Pete chuckles while Lulu stretches her free arm to the edge of the hole.

He turns to Viola while softly grinning. "Thank you for helping us Viola."

Viola freezes while Lulu catapults the couple out of the arena then softly sighs with a grin. "I was right, that boy's too much trouble…" She holds back from crying as she picks Gwendolyn and Maria over her shoulders then walks into the mansion.

Lulu catapults the pair out of the hole and into the dark cloudy sky when the crew rushes to the mansion.

Brook looks at them in shock as they're still flying. "There they are!"

"I got them!" Franky runs over and catches them before they hit the ground then sets Lulu down while Pete's still on her back.

Chopper looks at Pete in shock. "Aah! He's been bitten! We need a doctor!"

Usopp whacks him on the head. "You're the doctor! Wait, does that mean you're a vampire now Rose?!"

He shakes his head. "Nope, they just drank some of my blood. Since they didn't get the chance to feed me some of their blood I'm still human."

Chopper nods as he goes into heavy point then takes Pete's hand away from the wound and examines it. "The wound stopped bleeding, but you still look a little pale. We should bring you to the ship and treat your injuries."

Lulu nods as she runs ahead with the others following.

Zira flies over to Lulu. "Are you sure you want to carry him Luffy? You're pretty beaten up yourself."

She nods as she looks ahead. "I'll be fine."

Pete keeps his arms wrapped around Lulu as he leans towards her and kisses her cheek with a grin. "Thanks for getting me out of there."

Lulu blinks in surprise before blushing and turning her head away from him. "Sh-shut up! I'm still mad that you let her bite you, you idiot!"

Pete sighs as he rests his head on her shoulder. "Sorry about that, it's not like I would have quit the crew though."

She clenches her teeth in frustration. "You would've forgotten us!"

He widens his eyes at this. "I would've what?!"

Robin widens her eyes as she catches up to them. "You didn't know? Apparently, when a human turns into a vampire their memories as a human would fade away."

He looks at her in shock then looks at Lulu softly as he tightens his arms around her. "Sorry, I didn't know… But I still know you would've brought me back."

Lulu nods while looking ahead. "You're damn right I would've!"

He chuckles while leaning in to kiss her cheek then pulls back with a grin. "And that's one of the things I love about you."

Lulu widens her eyes while her blush returns on her face then pouts as she looks away. "Don't think I'm not mad anymore just because you gave me a kiss!"

He chuckles while smirking. "Oh? So you're saying one kiss won't cut it huh?"

She gulps when Pete starts attacking her face with a barrage of kisses and her face became a dark shade of red. "Hey come on! Stop it! This is embarrassing!"

He pulls back slightly while grinning. "I'll stop if you're not mad anymore."


Pete chuckles as he keeps kissing her face as Robin giggles at the display of affection and the others look at them in shock while running closely from behind.

Zoro turns to the others in confusion. "When did Rose become so affectionate in public?"

"The better question would be since when did Luffy blush so easily?" Ace asks.

Usopp grabs the witches' letter from his pocket and goes over the details. "It says here that the spell also altered a bit of their personalities. This must've been what they meant."

Nami looks at them with stars in her eyes. "I can't miss this opportunity!"

She grabs a camera from Usopp's bag then ran ahead and took pictures of them while they were distracted.

Franky sweat drops at her actions. "What's she planning on doing with those?"

Usopp groans. "Knowing her, it's probably to black mail Rose."

Zoro nods. "I wouldn't be surprised with that evil woman."

"I heard that Zoro! Your debt's double now!"

Zoro groans at Nami's threat while the other guys snickered except for Sanji who's weeping.

"Why is fate so cruel for Luffy and Rose-chan to become like this?!"

Pete stops his affectionate attack to glare at Sanji. "I know she's adorable Sanji, but you can't flirt with her!"

Lulu widens her eyes then smiles at Sanji. "Oh, that's right! Since I'm in the crew you're gonna make me all my favorites right?!"

Sanji widens his eyes in horror. "What?! Wait, that shouldn't- I mean I didn't know you were…" Sanji weeps in defeat as a cloud of depression hangs over his head. "I hate this island and this holiday…"

Everyone laughs at this as Pete relaxes his head on Lulu's shoulder then looks ahead to see the town coming closer and sun starting to come up behind the clouds. (Good thing it's mostly cloudy today. Viola's family should be able to make it back without turning to ash. Looks like we're gonna be back to normal soon.) "Hey Luffy, the sun's about to rise."

She looks up and grins while running. "About time! When do you think we'll be back to-?!" She was cut off as puffs of blue and red smoke surround the couple causing the rest of the crew to look at them in shock.

"What the hell?!" Zira says when the smoke clears to see Luffy sleeping on his stomach in Roses witch costume and Rose sleeping on her stomach on his back in Luffy's black cardigan and red shorts.

Brook shakes his skull to snap out of the shock. "Luffy-san and Rose-san are back to normal!"

Sanji walks up to them while taking off his jacket and placing it over Roses shoulders. "Glad this is finally over."

Franky nods as he picks the couple up with Sanji's jacket covering Roses small chest and starts heading back to the ship with the others. "Yesterday was a SUPER crazy day!"

"We'll say!"

The group looks up in shock at Maggie's voice while walking to see her and Lila flying on their brooms right above them.

Zoro recovers from the shock and scowls at them. "What do you want?"

Maggie uses her magic to switch Rose and Luffy's clothes while Lila giggles at their shock. "We just wanted to make sure that Rose was ok. Looks like she's still human. Here." She tosses Ace a small red bottle causing him to look at it in confusion.

"What's this for?"

Maggie grins while pointing to it. "It's to help heal your injuries. If any of you were bitten I recommend transfusing that remedy into your blood stream. It'll help reproduce your red blood cells faster."

Chopper eagerly nods as he takes the vial. "This is great! Thank you!"

Lila nods when she bows her head. "We're really sorry about what happened. We didn't know this would happen."

Nami waves her hand dismissively. "You don't need to worry about it. You've helped us out greatly with those goggles."

Maggie nods. "Still, as one more apology gift we'll bring you guys back to your ship."

Usopp waves his hands defensively. "Th-that's ok, we don't need-"

"TOO LATE!" Maggie waves her hand so a puff of smoke envelopes the group and transports them back to the Sunny.

Lila giggles at their shocked reaction before getting transported. "Those guys were funny. I hope they come back soon."

Maggie nods in agreement as she turns around. "This was probably the best Halloween ever! Let's get some rest, we're gonna need to talk to Castiel and the others tomorrow night about this."

She nods as they flew back to the cottage for some well deserved rest.

Bernard was carrying Cassandra bridal style while Julius was carrying Castiel on his back as they get back to mansion under the cloud covered morning sky.

Julius grits his fangs. "What kind of pirate did Castiel kidnap for him to have a crew like that?!"

"I have no idea. I hope the girls are ok."

Julius nods as see the mansion in their sights "I hope so too, At least the clouds protected us from the sun and-"

He freezes as he and Bernard see the giant hole in the ground right in front of the house and the shattered wall then rush inside.

"GWENDOLYN! MARIA! VIOLA! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!" Bernard keeps yelling until Gwendolyn runs downstairs.

"Keep it down! Maria and Viola are sleeping but we're all ok!"

Julius widens his eyes at this. "You're all alright?! Oh that's a relief. What happened to the arena?!"

"That boy happened along with his girlfriend who I might add were both devil fruit users."

Bernard widens his eyes. "Castiel kidnapped a devil fruit user?! What power did he have?!"

"It was wind, but that's not the point. We didn't turn him because Viola let him go."

"She did what?!" The other jolt at Castiel's voice as he wakes up on Julius' back.

Gwendolyn nods. "We fought him and his girlfriend then I had the boy pinned to the sea stone wall. We were close to turning him, but Viola fell in love with the boy. Enough so that she didn't want him to lose his memories of the girl he loves and put me to sleep."

Castiel widens his eyes at this then clenches his teeth. "Damnit, this is all those witches fault! They told those pirates about what happened to the boy! Maggie even came over to brag that they got the pirates on the right track to rescue him."

"You mean her." The others turn to Cassandra who is waking up in Bernards arms.

Bernard hugs her close. "I'm so glad you're ok Cassandra. Wait, what do you mean by her?"

"Before I got struck by lightning the redhead told me that the 'boy' Castiel kidnapped was actually a girl that the witches placed a spell on to change his gender."

Gwendolyn widens her eyes at this before turning to Castiel. "Did Maggie say anything about this when she came over?"

Castiel shakes his head. "Not a word, she was saying how I couldn't take him because…" He widens his eyes in horror at remembering how he wouldn't let her warn him about the spell.

Gwendolyn freezes before turning to Julius. "Julius, you've heard of the Straw Hats right? Do you know the name of the Hell's Comet girl?"

He quirks an eyebrow at this before nodding. "I believe her name was Catone Rose."

Gwendolyn freezes at this before glaring at Castiel. "You kidnapped the Hell's Comet girl?!"

Castiel gulps at this while avoiding the glares of the rest of his family before he felt the collar of his shirt being taken by Gwendolyn as she pulls him off Julius while glaring at him.

"Now you listen and you listen good! I don't mind taking in new vampires, but next time do some research on the people you take!"

He slowly nods while she focuses her glare on everyone. "Now listen, Viola is hurt enough for letting him go! If I hear you and I mean all of you utter a single syllable of who he really is I will shove open bottles of garlic powder up your noses! Do I make myself clear?!"

All of them gulp then slowly nod.

Bernard sighs as he walks further inside with Cassandra. "I just want to forget that last night ever happened. After I treat Cassandra's injuries I'm going to sleep."

Castiel nods as he tries to follow him but his injuries cause him to start collapsing causing Julius to catch him.

"I got you. Let's get you treated. Have a good sleep Gwendolyn."

She nods as she goes to her room while Julius helps Castiel follow Bernard.

Castiel hangs his head in shame as they walk. "I'm sorry that this happened Julius…"

Julius shakes his head. "You didn't know, and you were right. If pirates like them are roaming about then we need to grow the family. After we recover our injuries how about we work together to try again? This time we'll make sure that they're the right fit and not from a famous crew."

He nods. "Thank you."

Julius grins as they make it to the windowless infirmary to treat their injuries and get some well needed rest.

Hours later on the Sunny after leaving the island Rose and Luffy are resting in the infirmary while Chopper was working on his medicine.

Luffy groans as he wakes up then sits up and looks down at his bandaged torso with a grin. "Alright! I'm a guy again!"

Chopper jolts then runs over to him with a smile. "You're awake!" He freezes then looks at Rose. "We need to keep it down. Rose is still resting."

Luffy freezes then turns to see Rose quietly sleeping in the white twin sized bed next to his in her witch dress with a blood bag filled with the witches remedy being transfused into her arm. "Will she be ok?"

He nods. "The witches gave us a remedy that's working well to restore her blood. She'll be fine after resting here for the day."

Luffy nods in approval until he sees that Roses necklace isn't around her neck then finds himself wearing it. "How did this get here?"

"The witches changed your and Roses clothes after you two passed out from the transformation. Your hat's over here." Chopper points to the nightstand in between Rose and Luffy's beds where Luffy's straw hat is causing him to nod as he takes the necklace off and puts it there while taking back his hat.

Chopper walks up to him and examines his injuries. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm-" He was cut off when he stomach started growling causing him to quietly whine. "I'm hungry."

Chopper nods as he starts walking out of the infirmary. "I'll tell the others that you're up and get you some food. Just stay here ok?"

He nods as Chopper leaves then gets off the bed to sit in the chair next to Rose's bed.

(Man, being a girl was hard. How does she handle blushing like that all the time?) He gently pushes her bangs away from her eyes to get a full view of her sleeping face before grinning. (Wouldn't expect anything less from my pirate queen!)

He chuckles then freezes when he sees the bandage on the right side of Rose's neck that's covering the vampire bite causing him to look at her sadly.

"Quit it with the puppy dog eyes Luffy. I'm ok."

He freezes to Rose's voice as he looks to see her awake and slowly sitting up. "How are you feeling?"

He frowns at the question as he crosses his arms over his chest and pouts. "I should be asking you that! You're the one that got bitten!"

She sighs as she rubs the back of her neck. "Sorry for worrying you. I feel fine though, just a little tired. I gotta say though, besides the vampire fight this Halloween was awesome!"

He blinks in surprise. "Really?! More fun than the Halloweens at your world?"

She eagerly nods. "A hundred times more fun! It was great to meet real witches and see some magic, but seeing everyone's reactions when we were Pete and Lulu was the best! I'm never gonna forget this one!"

He chuckles as he grabs her necklace from the table then leans in to give her a kiss on the lips as he clips the chain around her neck before pulling back with a toothy grin. "Good, there'll be plenty more memories where that came from! Shishishi!"

She blushes at the kiss before sheepishly smiling at him. "Can't wait."

He goes in for another kiss when Chopper opens the door for Sanji who has a plate of nicely decorated food in one hand and another plate with a ton of meat on it in the other.

Sanji love tornadoes over to Rose as he places the food on the table next to her then hands Luffy his food before crying comical tears. "I'm so happy you're ok Rose-chan! Please forgive me for calling you an asshole when you were a guy!"

She chuckles. "Relax, it's fine. Thanks for the food."

She starts eating her meal while Luffy chuckles in his seat after finishing his plate. "The food's great Sanji. Can I have seconds?"

Sanji twitches an eyebrow in irritation. "That should be enough you-" He cuts himself off before walking to the door with a cloud of depression over his head. "Just so we're clear, I'm only upholding this deal for a week."

Luffy grins in excitement. "Sounds good to me! Thanks Sanji!"

He groans as he leaves the infirmary while weeping. (I hope we never go back to that island... That place was evil…)

Rose softly laughs as Sanji left. "I think we broke Sanji's brain."

"The pervy cook's brain was broken from the start." The three pirates freeze at Zoro's voice and turn to the door to see him and the others walking inside.

Luffy keeps his toothy grin while waving. "Hey guys, how long were we knocked out?"

"About half the day." Nami says.

Ace, Zoro and Franky walk up to the couple while scowling at them.

"Anything you want to say to us?" Ace asks.

Rose and Luffy blink in confusion before looking at each other then back to the trio.

Rose was the first to speak as she raises her hand up. "Can we fight werewolves next year?"

Luffy looks at her with stars in his eyes. "That sounds awesome! Can we?!"

Franky and Ace whack him on the head while yelling at the same time. "NO YOU CAN'T!"

Usopp looks at her nervously. "Th-there's no such thing as werewolves anyway!"

Robin giggles at the assumption. "I wouldn't be so sure. Since vampires exist it's possible for werewolves to exist with the ability to attack us."

Usopp pales at this while Zoro turns to Rose. "The next time you guys switch genders write a note or something to tell us so we don't go crazy!"

Rose chuckles while rubbing the back of her head. "Got it, sorry about that."

Zira flies onto the bed. "Wait, what makes you guys think this will happen again? Seeing that happen once is enough."

Brook nods. "If that doesn't happen again all the better. By the way Rose-san, in honor of your recovery may I see your- WHOA!" Rose uses her wind to lift Brook up and throw him out of the room before he could ask for her panties. "I'll take that as a maybe!"

Nami groans while the others laugh before Chopper turns to the others. "You guys should go too. I need to check on Roses injuries. Luffy, you can leave as long as you take it easy."

Luffy shakes his head. "No! I want to stay!"

Nami walks up to him and whispers something in his ear causing him to look at her in shock.

"Really?! I can do that?!"

She nods. "The guys will tell you how. Right guys?"

Franky, Usopp, Zoro and Ace who know of her plan jolt then nod.

"Y-yea, but we can't teach you here." Ace says.

"Come on then!" He runs ahead while the others followed him out the door leaving Rose and Chopper in the room.

Rose looks at the door nervously. "What exactly are they going to teach him?"

"I don't know, they kicked me out of the room before I could hear. You can worry about it after you've recovered. I'm gonna check on your bite now."

She nods as she moves some of her short brown hair away from the bite so Chopper can remove the bandage on her neck. He gently pulls the bandage off then examines the fang marks on her pale skin.

"It doesn't look infected. It's actually healing a lot faster than your other injuries." He checks her IV to see that the bag that was holding the remedy is empty, so he gently pulls the needle out of her arm and places a bandage on her arm.

"The witches gave us a remedy to help reproduce your red blood cells faster. It was really helpful in restoring your blood level."

She blinks in surprise before grinning. "Glad to hear. Is it ok to go out yet?"

"Not yet, I want you to rest here today in case something happens with the bite. If nothing happens by the end of the day you'll be clear to go. I'm gonna stay here to work on some medicine."

"Thanks doc." She lays herself back down on the bed and slept while Chopper kept her company for the rest of the day.

Near sunset Rose was cleared to leave the infirmary and walked out onto the deck after changing into a dark blue, long sleeved v-neck and black jeans. She looks around to see Luffy, Ace and Usopp fishing until Luffy's fishing rod starts pulling.

"Come on Luffy! Reel it in!" Usopp says as he and Ace watch Luffy struggling with his catch.

She quietly walks next to them while they were focusing on not losing the shark. "Hey guys."

The three men jump at Roses voice with Luffy almost falling off the ship with the rod until the group pulls the rubber man onto the deck and reels in the giant shark.

Luffy punches the shark in the nose to knock him out while Usopp turns to Rose.

"Don't scare people who are fishing like that!"

"My bad."

Luffy runs up to Rose. "How are you feeling?"

"Much better. Doc says everything looks normal."

Ace nods as he picks the shark up over his shoulder. "That's good to hear. Hey Usopp, can you help me with getting this to the aquarium?"

He nods as he follows him to the aquarium and leaving the couple when Luffy pulls her into a hug. "I'm glad you're ok."

Rose blinks in surprise before hugging him back. "Me too. What did Nami and the guys teach you?"

"They taught me a way to make sure vampires can't get you."

She widens her eyes at this. (Oh crap, what did they teach him?)

She tries to pull back when Luffy tightens his hold around her and kisses her lips. She blinks in surprise while blushing before kissing him back. Luffy was the first to pull back then kisses her left cheek and starts trailing down to her neck causing her to freeze as her face grows a darker shade of red with each kiss.

"L-luffy, what are you-?! Eep!" She covers her mouth to smother her squeak when he lightly bit the spot in between the neck and shoulder then gently kissed it.

Luffy chuckles as he pulls back with an innocent grin. "They said that vampires don't go after people with love bites on them! Shishishi."

She looks at him in shock. "I-is that right?" (I'm so gonna get back at them for this!)

Luffy looks at her in confusion. "What's wrong? Did I do it wrong?"

She shakes her head before using her wind to lift them up as they fly to the crow's nest. "N-no, you did it right! You need one too though." (I can't handle any cat calls when I do this.)

He eagerly nods as he lets her lead them into the empty crows nest unaware of the eyes on the mast that were watching them.

Robin giggles in the dining hall with the others as she cancels out her devil fruit powers then turns to Nami who's smirking in victory while the guys were relaxing at the table after Sanji finished dinner.

Zira sighs as she sits on the couch. "You do realize that Rose is going to want revenge on you guys for teaching Luffy that."

The guys except Chopper jolt at that while Nami keeps her smirk with a picture of Pete and Lulu in her hand.

"With the pictures I got last night I'm safe."

Usopp turns to the guys. "How about we hide under the deck for the night?"

The other guys except Chopper nod as they start leaving just when Rose and Luffy walk in with matching bruises on their necks.

Rose freezes at their stares before glaring at Nami. "Nami…"

She walks up to Rose and shows her the picture causing her to freeze before sighing and taking the picture. "Fine…" She turns to the guys causing them to jolt before making a run for it out of the kitchen causing her to chase them onto the deck.


Luffy laughs at the display while Chopper tilts his head in confusion.

"Why is she so mad at them?"

Robin pets his head. "You don't need to worry about it doctor."

Nami grins as she and the others enjoy their dinner while Rose was seeking revenge on the guys for the rest of the night.

A/N: Hi guys. Here is the finale to my Halloween special for my fanfiction: The Comet Wish. I hope you guys enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I apologize for not finishing before Halloween things in school have been nuts same with the election. I hope to make more specials like this in the future and I hope you guys had a great Halloween. :)