"You know we're going to get in trouble."

The little boy's voice behind her only pushed her further along the wall. "Only if they catch us." She whispered as she pulled him behind her. She kenw they weren't supposed to be out this far in the garden. They were supposed to be where someone could see them at all times. But seven-year-old Lorelai very rarely did what she was supposed to. Her cousin, Edward, was the good one of the two, but she needed someone to lift her up over the wall. Then he could go back to whatever good things he wanted to be doing.

Once they were behind some bushes, she stopped, and said, "Put your hands together."

His naïve eyes widened. "I don't want to climb over…"

She wanted to hit him. "Be quiet! And you don't have to go over. Just help me get over."

When he just stared at her, she reached over and hit him in the arm, "Just do it!" She could hear their nanny calling for them. He reluctantly laced his hands together, creating a step for her to grab the top of the brick wall. She hiked her big dress up and put her now bare feet in his hand, pushing off with her other foot, and launched herself up enough so both of her hands grabbed the top of the wall. Her toes scraped on the wall as she got traction enough to swing up and over the wall. Sitting on the top, she looked down to see Edward running to the nanny. Tattletale.

Looking down at the drop on the other side, she knew she had to make a leap of it before the nanny saw her. She took a deep breath, and she pushed herself off, landing and tumbling a little before getting up.

She winced as she stood up, but ignored the little pain in her foot. She heard Nanny's voice calling from the other side of the wall, "Lady Lorelai! You get back here this instant!"

But Lorelai was free. She was free to run down the dirt path to the stables, her feet calloused from running around without shoes as much as she could get away with. She hated playing in the garden. All of the children were boring. Edward was always sick. And they just wanted to sit there and read books in the grass, or play with blocks, or something else completely boring. Her brown hair flew behind her as she ran, her skirts in her hands as she breathlessly reached the stables.

She ran in, slowing down so she didn't startle any of the gorgeous horses. Her father had some of the finest horses in the southern part of the country. In fact, Lorelai had heard that only the King's stallions rivaled her father's. Of course, no one could have finer horses than the Kings, but Lorelai thought that someone was mistaken, because these were the most beautiful horses that she could ever imagine.

She ran to her favorite stall. One of the mares. That she loved the most. Because she was a beautiful chestnut, her gorgeous mane perfectly brushed. Lorelai hiked her skirts up yet again and swung herself up and over the stall door, landing with a cloud of dust flying over her. She then ran over to the horse that didn't seemed phased at all.

She had picked out a name for the horse when she found out that her real name was Desmona. But Lorelai hated that name. It sounded too prestigious. And she hated prestigious names. Like hers. Why couldn't she have a name like Anna or Faith? But, no, her parents had to give her a name that had been so hard to pronounce it wasn't until she was four that she could pronounce her own name. So the horse's name to Lorelai was Sarah, a plain name that was beautiful and plain.

"Sarah, come here…" She said, nuzzling up to the horse that nuzzled her right back. Lorelai reached into her pocket and grabbed a piece of an apple that had come from her breakfast. She hated eating her fruits and vegetables, so she was more than willing to give the snack to the horse, who gratefully slobbered it out of her hand. Giggling because it tickled, she wiped the slobber off of her hand onto her silk gown, that was covered in dirt.

She jumped, startled by the voice coming from the stall door. "Well, Lady Lorelai, have I informed you that Miss Desmona here is on a diet?"

It was Tom, the man in charge of keeping everything in the stables running smoothly. He wasn't scary. He wasn't going to take her back to the prison that was her life.

Curious, she wondered, "Why is she on a diet?" Lorelai asked, and then she looked back on the horse's growing midsection. "Oh, I see. She does look fat. She must not be eating enough of her vegetables. Because my nanny says that no one will want to marry me if I grow up to be fat because I didn't eat my vegetables. And I tell her that I'm fine with that because I don't want to get married because I want to be a stable keeper just like you."

She saw something flash on the man's face, and he muttered, "Prepping for marriage already…and they wonder why I don't want to be a royal." Then he returned to her face, and said, "Miss Desmona here is going to have a baby – a little foal."

Lorelai's eyes got big and her heart jumped for joy. And her feet jumped too as she clapped her hands so excited. She patted the horse and then she hugged her. "You're going to be a mommy, Sarah." Then she turned back to Tom, and asked, "Will she have a nanny for her foal? Will she come visit her baby when she has time?"

Something again flashed across the man's face, and he said, "The foal will be with her for almost a year before we start to train the foal."

Lorelai looked at Sarah again, and said, "You get to be with your baby for a whole year! That is going to be the best baby in the world Because you're the best horse ever!"

Tom smiled, and then he opened up the stall door, and said, "Come on, young Lady, you're going to get me into trouble if they catch you here twice in one week."

Lorelai leaned over and hugged Sarah one last time and whispered in the horse's ear, "I love you." And then she skipped out of the stall, and out of the stables, giving Tom a hug before she ran up towards the house.

She knew that the nanny would be looking for her, but Lorelai knew the worst punishment she would get would be sitting inside during garden time the next day – and Lorelai didn't understand how garden time was that much fun after being in the stables today. She skipped up the dirt road to the main house, stopping to pick up a flower for nanny, to make her feel better.

She loved looking at the manor from the outside. She hated being in the cold stone building, it was too confining. But the outside of the house was gorgeous. The stone wall went around the entire place, and at the iron gate that was the only opening into the manor, there were two lion heads, which Lorelai always tapped on the head and said, "Sir and Sir, thank you for letting me in." Then she went into the courtyard, where the tall brick castle made her feel so very small. Set in with two towers at each end of the building, one was the tower for her parents and other nobles who came to visit. And the other was where the she was kept, where the nursery was. The back of the castle extended for the servants and kitchen, and the middle was a ballroom and living area – both of which Lorelai was not allowed to go into. She was relegated to the left tower, usually alone unless relatives were visiting.

The grounds were gorgeous, with flowers blooming all over, the grass green and lush. There were places where the carriages could go in and out on the paved stone. This was the place to relax and where she would very often see her mother and father taking a turn about the grounds. Of course she was never to bother them. She was a child. They were Lord and Lady Gilmore, with so many responsibilities that went along with their title.

Lorelai turned to skip back to the garden when she heard her father's voice harshly call her name.

"Lorelai Victoria Gilmore."

She froze, knowing that she was in trouble.

"Young lady, turn around here right now." He was closer, and she turned around and he towered above her.

Her father was a tall man, tall compared to her, and tall compared to many people. His face was clean shaven, his voice low. And his face stern and angry. And he was looking at her very firmly.

"What are you doing outside of the garden?" He asked. "And why are you so completely filthy?"

She looked down at her dress, now caked with mud and ripped in many places. Her feet were covered in dirt and straw from the stables, and her hands were also among the things that had dirt on them.

She looked back up at him and answered, "I went down to the stables. I wanted to see Sarah. And I found out that she's having a baby – a foal, and it gets to stay with her for a whole year! Living with her mother for a whole year! Isnt…" And she stopped to cry out when he roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her along towards the main doors of the house.

"Ow… Father, you're…"

"Lorelai you will be quiet right now. I'm going to find your mother."

Her heart stopped beating for a second. "No, not Mother. She will be so angry." She never interacted with her father. And she only interacted with her mother when Lorelai had been doing something wrong and the servants would bring her mother up to correct her. And after seeing her dress, she knew her mother would be furious. "I can just go be with Nanny. I will be good now. I wont.."

But they reached the doors of the house. The servant waiting there opened it, and her father pulled her into the house, where her mother was standing getting her cloak put on to go outside.

Lorelai couldn't look at her mother, knowing she was going to be so angry.

"Richard, what are you doing with Lorelai?"

Her father's voice was angry too. Everything was angry. And people being angry made Lorelai want to cry. But that would make her mother even more angry. Her mother said that crying was for peasants and commoners. A Gilmore woman never cried.

So Lorelai just looked at the ground, her arm really hurting from the way her father was squeezing it.

"I found her out in the garden just roaming around, picking flowers, touching the lion heads." He said, and then let go of her arm and shoved her towards her mother. "We are expecting Lord Charleston any day. How would it look to have our only child running around like a commoner? And looking like she just rolled in the dirt?"

Lorelai felt her mother grab her other arm. She looked up at her father and said, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to see the …"

Her mother shook her to be quiet, and Lorelai just wanted to cry. "I will have to talk with the nanny. I will think of a punishment for her." Her mother's voice was icy. That was angry for her mother.

Her father walked away, and said over his shoulder, "If she's the only heir you can give me, Emily, you're going to have to teach her to be a lady. Because behavior like this will ruin my good name and standing with the King."

And he was gone again, leaving scared Lorelai alone with her mother.

Who wasted no time pulling her daughter across the long hall, her long skirt swishing as she walked quickly and angerly. All the while yelling at Lorelai, who's small feet were struggling to keep up with her mother's pace. "You ran out of the garden again, young lady? Why can't you just sit and play quietly with your cousins?"

"Because they're really boring, mother. I don't like…"

Emily grasped her arm harder, and this time Lorelai couldn't hide the tears that came from the pain, "It doesn't matter what you like. It matters what you have to do. Trust me, the sooner you learn this lesson, the less pain you are going to suffer."

"Mother, you're hurting my arm." She cried, tears rolling down her face.

"Maybe that will teach you to think before you act next time, Lorelai." There was no hint of letting up on her arm, "You're going straight to bed for the rest of the day."

"But, mother, we haven't even had lunch yet." She said. Meals were her favorite. And she hated to miss food. Much less two meals of the day.

They had reached the nursery, where Nanny was looking up from the other children.

"Lady Gilmore, I am so sorry. She ran off again and I couldn't…"

Lorelai didn't hear any of the conversation because her mother had completely ignored the servant, instead pulling Lorelai into her room. "This is the last straw. You are to stay in your room for the rest of the night, with no food. And you are not allowed out of your room tomorrow except to go eat. And you will stay here until I am not angry anymore. Which is going to be a long time."

And she finally let go of Lorelai's aching arm. "But mother, I didn't…"

She could tell that her mother was going to hit her. But then she stopped and just said, "In fact, I don't want to see you for a very long time. You have to learn to act like a lady. Or you'll be locked in your room until you do." And with that, Lorelai watched as her mother slammed the door to her room.

She heard some yelling on the other side of the door, her mother yelling at the nanny. But Lorelai wasn't listening. Because she was crying, rubbing her arm, and wondering if her mother would ever let her out of her room.