Lorelai had forgotten what it was like to walk around without someone following her or looking over her shoulder. Telling her how to walk, how to hold herself, where to step – and letting her walk in the snow. She could hear her mother's voice at that very moment. A lady doesn't go out in the snow. You could catch your death.

So the short walk with Mia into the heart of the town made Lorelai so happy. The trees looked completely blissful, covered in a warm blanket of freezing snow, the little cottages that littered the countryside mere decorations to the masterpiece of the snow. Their feet crunched through the fresh snow. As they walked into the town square, Lorelai was amazed at the condensed beauty of such a quaint place. There was a well in the middle of the cobblestone square, surrounded by stone buildings that went up two stories.

Then she noticed what now she knew to be the most important part about Stars Hollow, the town that her father had exiled her to. The most important part: the people.

Mia seemed to know everyone. As they walked down the street, people called out to her.

"A beautiful snow last night, wasn't it?" A lady called out as she walked over to Mia.

"Patty, it sure was!" Mia agreed, her smile that constantly was on her face brightening. "The snow is one of the most beautiful things for an old country town."

The woman, who seemed happy, very happy, looked at Lorelai and said, "Now, honey, I don't believe I've met you yet." She extended her hand. "I'm Patty."

Lorelai took her hand, and said, "I'm…" She stopped herself before she said her title. "… Lorelai."

Patty smiled, and said, "That's a very beautiful name." Turning to Mia, she asked, "Do you have any more of that calming powder we talked about?"

Mia reached into her basket, pulling out a small vial filled with white. "Take just a bit in your wine before bed." And Patty was on her way across the square.

Another woman yelled at Mia, "Hello!" But it was just a greeting.

Mia turned to Lorelai as they walked through the square. "Patty is a dear woman who has had her share of adventures in life." Looking around, all the people around, Mia then said, "I think one of the most fascinating things about living in this town is that there are so many colorful people who bring exactly what is needed to make everything run just fine."

Pointing to a man with a cart, she said, "Take Jackson over there. He is a farmer who supplies the town with food that they cannot grow in their gardens during the summer. And then also fresh milk and cheese during these cold, winter months." Then she pointed over at a little shop, which looked to be a bakery, "There is where Babette sells the bread her husband, the baker, makes." The she continued over to a stone building at the end of the square. "All of these people bring so much to the small town, giving what we need and nothing more."

Walking in, Lorelai was hit with the warm air, her cheeks sparkling from the nice walk through the town. It was dark in the room, but a fire was going in the corner, giving heat off through the large room. Filled with tables and chairs, Lorelai tried to picture what this was in her mind. A long bar at the front was being cleaned by a man that Mia seemed to know very well.

"Lucas!" Mia called out, and the man looked up, a smile on his face as he walked out from behind the bar and enveloped Mia in a big hug.

"Mia, it's so good to see you!" He said, "I didn't expect to see you again for a few days! You were just here yesterday!"

Mai playfully slapped his strong shoulders and said, "What? You don't like to see this old woman more than you have to?" She then answered his question, "I have a visitor, and I thought she could use some of your wonderful soup."

Mia turned and gestured Lorelai to come. "Lorelai, I would like you to meet Luke Danes. He runs the Inn and Tavern here."

Lorelai looked up into his face, which seemed very grumpy as he extended his hand. The first time she had shaken hands with a man instead of curtsying to him. But she took it, his large hand in hers as he said, "It's nice to meet you, Lorelai."

Tipping her head down to show respect, she said, "And you too." She cringed as she didn't know how to address people without their titles. She was going to have to come up with some way to learn to talk with people outside of the castle.

Luke turned to Mia and asked, "Why is she staying with you?"

It made Lorelai upset that he was asking this woman when she was standing right there. She was used to this treatment – she was a woman, a daughter – and addressing her wasn't necessary because what she wanted or thought wasn't important. But that was back in the palace and with her father.

She wasn't about to be talked about while she was present. Not anymore. And she cleared her throat and said, "Why don't you ask me?" It came out as more of a command than a question.

Both Mia and Luke turned to look at this before quiet and rather unsure girl. Mia had a smile on her face, but Luke's face – well, Lorelai didn't know exactly what he was thinking until he said, "I didn't ask you because I wanted to ask Mia." His tone was short. And rude. And, it made Lorelai a little bit angry.

"I won't be spoken of like I am not right here." She said firmly, her hands clenching into fists. "If you wish to ask a question about me, ask me."

He responded right away, "Oh, we all know you're right here. No mistaking THAT fact."

She was more than angry as he insinuated that she was loud and annoying. "Then you should speak to me as if I am here. Just because…"

Mia's laughing pulled her mind away from this intolerable man in front of her. "Oh my," Mia put her hand on her chest, "You two are arguing like you're an old married couple."

Luke and Lorelai's eyes met and they both wrinkled their noses in disgust. And Lorelai says, "He was just being rude…"

"She was being annoying and loud…"

And then Mia laughed, leaned over and put Lorelai's arm in the crook of hers and started walking both of them out the door. "I'll send Lorelai around dinner for the soup?"

Luke mumbled something Lorelai couldn't quite make out, but just before the door closed, Mia called, "Thank you, Luke!"

They walked in silence to the end of the square before Lorelai said, "He made me so mad!" She heard the woman beside her chuckle, and Lorelai whipped her head to see Mia's eyes bright with laughter. Shocked, Lorelai asked, "What's so funny?"

Mia just shook her head, chuckling still, and said, "You two – that's what's so funny."