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Ascend Trailer:

Vacuo's sand dunes weren't exactly the place one would expect to find people, nor do you exactly want to go there. The desert is a harsh mistress in its own right, outside the main city you generally won't find much people. But, despite all odds, some stubborn people cling on, generally surviving and defiant against the numerous Grimm that are scattered around the place.

The small villages that the bullhead landed in rarely gets visitors, so it was quite a shock when one does show up. However, it seems that these passengers were clearly not here to sight see. This time it was to do business.

"Professor, are you sure this is the place?" a blond woman asked her companion as they stepped off the air transport. Brushing his grey hair back, Ozpin's eyes didn't reveal anything.

"I understand the location is rather bleak, but according to our contact, this is the location." The headmaster continued forward. He was aware of the stares he was getting from few people coming out of their homes; it seems that these people didn't take to strangers very well. While they weren't about to get hostile, distrust was clear in their eyes. This village is one that was rather hidden to begin with, and rarely do they get guests.

"I must still object to this, this goes against protocol." The woman spoke again.

"I am well aware of that, Glynda. However, given the circumstances the subject has been through I chose to investigate further. And I've decided to see this out."

"Of course, professor. You make the rules." Glynda only sighed "Well where is he? He said he'll be here when we land!"

"We all know what kind of person he is, Glynda. And he does not like to be rushed." Ozpin shrugged and took a sip from his coffee mug. Hearing this the woman only sighed. Sometimes Glynda Goodwitch really can't figure out what goes on in her superior's mind.

But soon enough, there were footsteps coming towards them.

"So you actually came! And you brought me a pretty lady too" a deep voice sounded. The duo turned to see a rather stout and bearded man walk towards them with a smirk on his face. Glynda scowled at this, but Ozpin only nodded and went forward to greet him.

"Gron Eldin, I believe we spoke earlier."

"That we did, I was rather surprised the Great Ozpin came so soon." Tightening up his green vest Gron led them towards a small house on the edge of the village. "I know I was the one that recommended this, but I will have to warn you. The kid going to a bit hard to convince, especially after that incident…"

"I've dealt with people like him before. I should have no problem. Forgive me for repeating myself, but does he really have the potential as you've said?" Ozpin nodded.

"If I didn't believe that, do you think I would've been training him?" the bearded man smirked.

As they got closer to the house, they can hear a soothing melody; harmonica music is always beautiful when played well. Gron smiled softly when he noticed.

"His favorite past time, he says it brings him closer to the world."

Ozpin nodded, and soon the small trio could see a figure sitting on the front porch of the house, eyes closed and focusing on the musical instrument.

The figure was a teenage boy, 17 years of age. His attire is rather simplistic, an orange t-shirt and green sweatpants and wearing a pair of sandals. He felt people approaching him and sighed, putting down the harmonica and stared at the incoming group.

"Alright, spill. How much lien did the old bag pay you to come here?"

Gron sighed and glanced at Ozpin "You see what I mean?"

Ozpin gave an amused smile. He can feel the boy's copper colored eyes watching him wearily. Now standing, Ozpin could see that he's a rather tall 185 cm. Coarse, amber colored hair streaked down his head. It's clear the boy had been

"Oz, Flare T'Angelo" Gron pointed "Flare-"

"I know who he is. Beacon Academy is rather prestigious. To be fair I didn't expect the headmaster himself to show up though. Way to make a guy feel special!"

"Flare T'Angelo" Ozpin greeted "I've heard quite a bit from your benefactor here."

"Oh, I'm sure you have! After all, that old sack wants nothing more than me out of the house. But before we get anywhere I'm just going to stop wasting anymore of your time. The answer is no."

"Hmm? I didn't even ask you anything yet." Ozpin pointed out.

"Don't bother, I already know. You want me to go to Beacon and train to become a huntsman there. First of all I haven't even passed primary combat school, I would've if not for… circumstances but that's beside the point. And even then I have no interest to be exploited as I came to Vacuo to be alone and I would like it to continue that way. So if that's all you're here to talk about, I bid you farewell." Flare waved and began to walk away.

"Now listen here you ungrateful brat I-" Gron snapped and was about to stop him but was stopped when Ozpin held out his cane. The headmaster couldn't help but chuckle in amusement.

"They said you were going to be difficult, I guess this is what they mean." The headmaster walked forward slowly. Flare's piercing gaze never faltered, but Ozpin doesn't seem fazed in the least. "And you don't have to worry about a thing. I'd rather not force anybody to come to my school; they usually don't produce good results. However, when I look at you, I see a child that has been wronged and now curse the world he lives in. I am simply offering you another view."

"Gee, you must've memorized those lines by now." Flare snorted.

"Perhaps I did, doesn't change the facts of what I've said though. And don't worry, I already know much about what has happened. Flare T'Angelo, age 17. An orphan, originally from Mistral. Attended Sanctum Academy for a single year before being involved in an incident that resulted in your expulsion. A week prior to that was when your powers awakened for the first time. Eventually settled in Vacuo after encountering Gron Eldin. Anything I missed?"

"Ok, you're getting on my nerves…" the teenager snarled. How the heck did this old man get all of his personal information is beyond him; Gron probably told him, but this doesn't give him any right to spew it in front of him! Before he can strike the headmaster, he noticed that Ozpin hasn't taken his gaze off of him. The stoic eyes revealed nothing, but for some reason it was enough to make him falter.

"I also wish to tell you that those involved in the incident have been found and tried. They are no longer an issue. I'm not a judge of unsavory characters but even I don't want to be where they are now. However, that's not the point here. You may have had the feeling that the rest of humanity only views your powers as a tool, but I'm here to offer you the chance of using it for its salvation."

"I already told you I don't-"

"Before you give your answer, at least show us what you can do. Glynda?" Ozpin beckoned. The blond haired woman nodded and activated her semblance. A few distances away, a massive boulder began shaking, before lifting off the ground and flying straight at the boy at a high speed.

"What the?! You're insane!" Flare shouted, but Ozpin did not say anything. The boy could do nothing as the rock careened towards him and landed with a crash. That is until…


A large fault line appeared in the middle of the rock, then more cracks appeared before the rock shattered into dust. When the dust cleared Flare's copper eyes were glowing dangerously, but that wasn't what the focus was on; that belonged to the large red shroud of energy that surrounded the boy that took the shape of a head and torso of an armored warrior. The spectral figure bellowed towards the sky, its helmeted head was adorned with deer antlers while one glowing eye peered out from the eyehole. Then it fizzled out of existence and Flare dropped to his knees panting hard.

"And there it is, Odinforce in the flesh!" Gron laughed.

"The Primordial Aura, something that appears in one in every 50 000 people. And you just happened to possess such a talent. It is-" Ozpin began

"Yeah, there you go, you've seen it!" Flare snapped "Now tell me what you want with it!"

"I already told you, I want to offer you the chance to use that power for humanity's salvation. You have a power that, if tempered right, will be a driving aid in humanity's fight against the Grimm. Although other people have viewed it as a source for more… morally questionable reasons, I want to see how far you will develop. And I believe you will go far." Ozpin stated with the same tone as before. This really confused Flare; normally people who took an interest in his power generally reveal their nature quickly, if not straight away. It's been so frequent that both he and Gron have become rather adept at reading the inner feelings of people. However, Ozpin was a completely different case. Flare can sense no hostility, yet he also can't get an accurate reading on the headmaster.

"You really think there's a place for me to help the world at Beacon?" he asked one more time.

"That is for you to find out, and to do that you will have to come." Ozpin stated as he and Goodwitch began returning to their ride "I'm sure you already know what decision to make, Mr. T'Angelo."

"I would think hard about this, Mr. T'Angelo, Farewell." Glynda Goodwitch also gave her regards before following the headmaster.

As the two walked out of sight, Tiberius felt Gron clasp his shoulder.

"You should take his advice" The man rumbled as he opened his palm towards him, showing a mark of a hammer and anvil. Flare instinctively held his own hand out, where a similar mark bearing a spear and lightning cracking around it was seen. "Beacon is a good place to fully develop your abilities, more so than what I can teach you. After all, you haven't even unlocked your semblance yet."

"I'm telling you, this is a waste of time! How do you know he's not just going to stick me in a holding pen and do experiments on me day in and day out or use me as some kind of weapon?" Flare snapped at him.

"If that's what you think, you wouldn't be considering to begin with." Gron scoffed at him. Over the course of a year the two of them could, at the very least, confirm a guardian relationship even if their personalities clash sometimes. "Those who have powers like us are few and far between; we might be the only ones in this kingdom. People like us have always laid low, but I remember when I first found you, the day you cursed the people who put you in that predicament, I could hear the passion in your voice. You wanted to be a protector of humanity just like the hunters and huntresses in those stories, regardless of what Primordial Aura you have. Even as a few scum wished to use it for their own gain, I could still sense that drive."

The boy couldn't think of anything to say back as Gron continued.

"Beacon is where you can truly use the Odinforce to become the protector this world needs. That primordial aura, the aura of the ancients, is something used to guard this world from the Grimm. I'm getting old, I can only do so much for you, but you might learn something yet."

"You're a real slimy person, you know that?" Flare sniffed.

"When I have to be," the big man grinned "I'm heading off to prepare your weapon. In the meantime, go and find something that's actually presentable to wear. You got a big event coming up. Oh, and get a haircut while you're at it. It'll be nice if you can actually bring some friends over sometimes."

Flare only sighed and walked into the direction of the village to pick out some clothes. In the end, as much as he tried to resist, it seems like the world really did need him for something.

Creation Trailer:

Atlas is about as modern as you can get here on Remnant. As the most technologically advanced kingdom, it has both the most advanced military as well as being the main producers of Dust, the ever needed resource for all 4 kingdoms.

While on the surface Atlas was already modern as it is, even further development was going on behind the scenes. Further scientific advancements were happening every day. The future of humanity are further pushed onwards because of this. Here is also were the less savory realms of science delves into, but if it is for the future of humanity, then what's the problem?

Others however, chose to benefit humanity in their own way.

"Sir, the Black Box is due for another test." A mechanical voice sounded.

"Very well A.T.U.M, bring 'er out" a young teenage boy dusted himself off as he stood up from his desk. A.T.U.M, or Automatic Transmission Universal Mechanism, is the A.I security and surveillance system within the lab that handles all procedures within. It was the boy's very own invention, and one that is soon to be making its way into many parts of Atlas.

The boy's black hair is styled to fit him perfectly, adorned it with streaks of blue (his personal preference). His formfitting blue coat is different than from what most Atlesian scientists wear. A pair of stylish glasses adorned his face. He had the both the brains and the boyish charm that made him quite the topic within his circle of connections.

The boy made it to the testing chamber, at the center of his large laboratory, where a door slid open and delivered the experiment of the day. Looking like an ordinary black cube, this aptly-named contraption housed technology that even Atlas deems futuristic.

"Daddy's missed you, now let's see if you still have it." The boy smiled as he pressed his hand into the cube. The moment he released his hand, the cube split open and out popped numerous blue holographic images. Tapping his fingers, the boy finally stopped on one image and pressed his finger on that particular one. With that, the holograms disappeared and The box began pixellating into a form of bright light. It enveloped the boy in a blinding flash as the boy grinned as the transformation took place.

Instantly the light spread over his arms and legs, covering them in a blue mechanical armor. The light spread further onto his body, the same blue armor replacing it as well. As the light faded, the boy was transformed completely. The robotic armor covered him completely, his head covered by a face plate that with the eye piece emitting an azure glow as well. Two curved horned shaped objects adorned the top of his head. The suit's hands and feet were both tipped with enhanced steel tips. Forming a fist, the boy's grin got even bigger; AT-MK04 Skybreaker was his favorite suit of them all, he had worked on this one for the past month and so far it seems to work fine. Having the design of both a dragon and a knight, it was meant to as his own take for combating the Creatures of Grimm. This was the reason that the Black Box was such a breakthrough. Unlike Atlas' other scientific endeavors, the Black Box's purpose is to produce solid objects out of nothing but pure light. Add in a bit of Dust and Machinery, and a one-man weapon against the Grimm was born. Granted, one actually has to apply a blueprint of what they want to build to the box first, but once that and all scientific accuracies match up, then that's all you need.

"Alright, now let's take it out for a spin! Begin the test!"

"Test 1: initated" A.T.U.M complied. Multiple targets assembled in the testing area and began darting around the lab. The rocket boosters that extend from wing-like protrusions on the back of the suit flared up instantly and rocketed him towards the nearest target. The boy slammed his fist into it right away, then sped to the next one and doing the same.

"Aerial mobility seems good to go…" he noted as more targets flew at him. Taking the initiative he activated the arsenal of the suit. Multiple barrels emerged from the shoulders, fired high-powered rounds composed of lightning Dust infused bullets.

"Accuracy 97.5, with a marginal error of 0.034…"

One last thing to do.

"Alright Skybreaker, time for that blade of yours to come out." Just as he said, the boy activated the hidden weapon in the suit. A shining sword slid out of a wrist component on the suit and the lad dashed forward and delivered one last horizontal slash, eliminating the last target.

"Test complete. Result 12.41 seconds to destroy 100 targets. Off the mark by 0.005" the automated voice revealed.

"Good to know A.T.U.M, I'll have to tune it up on the weekend." The boy affirmed as the battle suit dissolved back into a light form and shaped itself back into a cube.

"I assume tests were well?" A commanding voice broke the silence.

The boy turned around to see a tall man dressed in the officer's uniform of the Atlesian military standing by the door. The man's graying hairs signified his air of authority and experience. The boy immediately gave a salute.

"General, to what I owe the pleasure."

"Mr. Ao, There is something that involves you I must discuss." If there was anything James Ironwood knew about the boy in front of him, it was that he is an absolute scientific prodigy. It's also for the same reason that he needs to say this.

"First of all, we're all familiar people here, so you know you can call me Lysus." Lysus Ao nodded, his face no longer smiling "And I thought I made it clear there was to be no more discussions on the matter. I am not using the Black Box for Atlas' military."

Ironwood have to sigh at this. The two have great mutual respect for each other but this was one thing, among others, that they cannot see eye to eye with. Not that he can blame the youth, considering the sacrifices that went into producing the Box was something very personal to him. But this was Atlas' future they were talking about.

"Lysus, you do not know what you are saying. With the Box, we no longer have to worry about using resources to further increase our military. The ability to construct solid objects from light is a technological breakthrough that perhaps comes once in a lifetime. You are continuously blowing your career away."

"And what then? We beef up our troops, what will the other kingdoms think? How will they react when they find out we have something with that potential in our ranks? We're already pushing it when we gave a robot the ability to produce aura, what will-"

"Those projects are to protect the Kingdom from the threat of the Creatures of Grimm, you know that just as well as I! If the other kingdoms will feel suspicion for me simply doing my job, then so be it!"

"And you know the Box is always supposed to be used as Atlas' last resort. Even I haven't fully understood its capabilities yet, and you are already considering using it to mass produce our troops? I would never allow it, my team would've never allowed it, and most importantly, he would've never allowed it! Only in the direst situations will I use it in such a fashion." Honestly Lysus knew that this discussion would pop up every now and again, but his answer will always be the same.

Ironwood figured that that this debate, as usual, is going nowhere. Lysus Ao just isn't the type of person to change his mind if he means to do something.

"One day you will see that it is absolutely needed that the Black Box be used to aid Atlas' in the protection of humanity." Before the youth can once again voice the fact that he already plans to, "disregarding that, that wasn't the reason I came today."

Now this was a surprise. Lysus watched with a raised eyebrow as the general handed him a letter.

"Beacon Academy… You're sending me to Beacon?"

"It was with some consideration. But in the end I decided you will be the best choice to go. Oz is beginning a new semester soon and I feel the need to send one of my brightest. It will be good for the image of Atlas as well when they know one of the spearheads in the scientific field will be attending." Ironwood stated.

"I feel like there's a lot more underlying to it than just that." Lysus mentioned.

"Aren't you ever the observant one? Yes, the main reason I want you to go is because of some classified sources regarding a potential future threat we are about to face. If that were to be true, it would impact all 4 kingdoms. Also, it serves as a chance for a field test of the Black Box. If you are willing go as far as you are to justify its use, you will have to see if it's capable in situations where that's applicable, do you not?"

"You know I could just go to Atlas Academy here right? No need to take me that far."

"As much as I want it to be so, I believe this is a better opportunity. You always said you wanted to, in your words, be a hunter with the power of science at his back. And Ozpin has always been rather passive when it comes to such matters. So in short, As much as I trust Oz when it comes to these things I need someone to reliably take action when the situation requires it and that person is you at the moment. You are resourceful and have always known what to do in the worst situations, you and Basilica, Oum rest his soul."

"Yeah, we made a great team back then…" Lysus' eyes were distant, before coming back into focus and giving the general his trademark smirk "Very well, if our all-powerful general wishes it to be so, then I will accept this mission without hesitation."

Ironwood sighed and shook his head at his attitude "In that case, you should go get prepared. I've already sent over your transcripts, not that it's a problem considering you were an ace in all your courses and would've skipped a year had you not decide to drop out of combat school to focus on your scientific endeavor. But if you would be so kind, try not to show off your inventions too much."

"That I will do. How's the bod by the way?" Lysus grinned and tapped the general's right arm as he turned to leave. The sound of machinery could be heard as the general flexed his palm.

"It acts up every once in a while, but for the most part it is proficient." Ironwood nodded as he made his exit "Now go be ready. I am counting on you, Lysus."

Lysus gave one more salute as the door closed, then sighed as he ordered A.T.U.M to prepare a transport for the Black Box. He then went to his desk and glanced at one particular picture, a picture of him and a goat Faunus standing side by side smiling as they presented their first ever successful experiment.

"Maybe you were right Basilica, I really am just another piece in the board…" he sighed as he snatched the picture off the desk "But if that's the case, I'm just going to have to do my job."

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