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A few weeks later:


"So this is Beacon Academy… Gron wasn't lying when he said this was going to be different…"

Beacon Academy, although a school in practice, was more like a fortress to Flare. Considering he's spent about 3 years with an old blacksmith in the deserts of Vacuo, it was only natural he'd be surprised. As he got off the airship he couldn't help but stare with curiosity at the massive schoolyard. The main walkway towards the building seemed more like a main street than anything else, the pristine building is one that gives off an elegant feeling of belonging to him.

"It's been a long time since I last stepped foot into a school to begin with. Let's hope that this time things go better."

Gron had forced him to pick out new clothes in the weeks prior, and Flare had to say he was glad he did. His hair was now trimmed and tidier than when Ozpin met him, and his clothes now became a simple black and orange t-shirt and jeans. He replaced his old sandles with combat boots instead; if what he's heard was correct he's going to have to do some fighting, a change of attire was necessary.

The hologram of Glynda Goodwitch drew his attention for a while. Back then he never got to talk with the blond instructor very much, but his first impressions of her were that of a by-the-books, no-nonsense type of person. It's very possible that she will be one of his teachers during his time here, he will have to wait and see. Despite this, he had to scoff as he listened to her talk about peace; there never is truly peace among the 4 kingdoms. Even now the Grimm are scratching at humanity's doorpost and all this so-called peace is just stocking up to combat them.

He could hear some clamoring behind him. Turning his head slightly he saw a blond boy emptying his stomach contents into a nearby trash can. Seems like some people can't handle air traffic. Feeling a slight bit of sympathy for the boy, and added to the fact that he also threw up much earlier in the airship's bathroom, he decided to go over and see if he could be of any help.

The boy felt someone lightly patting him on the back as he removed himself from his pain, he looked up to see Flare's copper eyes giving him a sorry look.

"Don't ask… airsickness is a common thing…"

"Don't we know it… but my guardian had to force me to eat his homemade sandwich before I boarded. As if they weren't bad enough to begin with…" Flare gave a sheepish smile.

"So we both made pretty bad decisions, huh?" the boy smiled. He didn't know what to expect when he got here, but the person standing in front of him certainly doesn't look like a bad person. Maybe they could be friends.

"Anyways, we might as well get to the auditorium. There's supposed to be a speech from what I heard." The boy brushed himself off before remembering. He held out his hand "I'm Jaune Arc by the way."

"Flare. Flare T'Angelo." Flare took his hand and shook hands as well, It's good to get to know some people soon.

On the way the two of them chatted about a few things. Where they were from, why they decided to attend Beacon, and all forms of things. Flare was careful to hide the existence of his Primordial Aura, it wasn't something he wanted to bring out just yet. After the meeting he was more certain that Ozpin is a man of his word, but he'd still be a bit careful when discussing that topic.

Then again, it wasn't like Jaune was the type of person to do anything to him to begin with. The blond was pretty tall, just a bit shorter than he is, and has some muscle mass on him, but overall looks like a kind soul that probably wouldn't care if he had his Primordial Aura or not. During their talk he could feel that there was some uncertainty in his words, as if he was hiding something himself. Flare passed this off as simple nervousness at being at such a big school.

They had walked a bit more, before they heard an explosion go off a few feet ahead of them.

"This is turning out to be quite the morning so far…" Flare noted.

"What seems to be happening?" Jaune asked.

"From the looks of it, that was a Dust explosion, so my guess is either someone's weapon discharged or there's a lot of dust on the scene. Want to go check it out?"

"Might as well, we're already really close."

As they got closer they could see 4 people at the scene. Upon seeing this Flare's expression instantly morphed into a scowl, or more specifically, two of them in particular.

"Umm… Flare? Is something wrong?" Jaune asked as he noticed his new friend's face.

"Oh… You have got to be kidding me!"


Lysus didn't know what to expect to see once he got to Beacon. But a Dust explosion was definitely not one of them.

Being one of Atlas' scientists, he was able to get just a regular bullhead pilot take him here. He had to say, Beacon Academy certainly looked better than Atlas Academy. Whatever Ozpin was capable of, he at the very least made the place look pretty when he took over as headmaster.

Lysus was dressed in a simple white coat, his signature glasses perched in front of his eyes. He is carrying a black briefcase, otherwise there wasn't anything that particularly stands out about him. He had not taken two steps off of his lift here before he heard the sound.

He noticed two girls in the middle of an argument, or more accurately one girl heavily berating the other. One of them, the one being yelled at, is a rather petit girl with black hair tinted at the tips and wearing a black skirt and a red cape. The other however, he had some knowledge of. With an attire of pure white, her white hair tied into a ponytail, Weiss Schnee was someone he had met before.

Just before he could do anything, the explosion happened. By the time the smoke cleared the girl in white, already simmering, got even more livid. Thinking this is the best time to intervene Lysus decided to break up the argument before any more of a scene can be caused.

"Well, this is certainly very interesting so far. I wouldn't have expected the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company to also be attending."

Weiss lifted her eyes a bit, and upon noticing the young scientist her expression became more surprised.

"Wait… I know you! You're Lysus Ao! The youngest scientist in Atlas! What are you doing here?"

"Same reason as you are probably. What? Didn't expect a man of science to be attending a huntsman academy?"

"Well… it wasn't the first thing I would've guessed. But disregarding that, perhaps you can teach this imbecile a bit of common sense on what to do around Dust!" she huffed and pointed at the other girl.

"That's a bit cold… She probably was just distracted…" Lysus tried to calm the situation "By the way, you're not hurt are you?"

"No… but it really was an accident!" the other girl protested.

"Then you should learn to watch where you're going then!" Weiss snapped at her.

"I do apologize for butting in, but did I hear correctly? You mentioned Weiss Schnee." Another feminine voice was heard. The 3 turned to see another girl, this time one with black hair, a black vest and a black bowtie atop her head.

"Yeah, but I don't know who that is. Is she some kind of princess?" the girl in red asked again.

"Weiss Schnee is the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, one of, if not the, largest producers of Dust in the 4 kingdoms." The girl answered.

"Finally, some people who actually recognize who I am, aside from the obvious ones" Weiss sniffed, while looking at Lysus. She was about to be say something else, until the girl added to her previous statement.

"Yes, it is the same Schnee Dust Company that is infamous for its controversial labor practices" and the instant the girl said this Weiss' developed a scowl "not to mention it's questionable business partners, one of which I might add, is standing alongside you."

Now this got Lysus' full attention, and it's something he figured would eventually pop up in conversation. It's true that Atlas' scientific field has delved into areas that are much more morally questionable than most would like, many of them very obscure experimentations that only slips out every so often in drunken dinner parties. However, he had always been opposed to such methods, and as such it has made him somewhat of an anomaly among the scientific community.

"Hey, that's generalizing a bit isn't it?" Lysus protested.

"Perhaps so, but do not assume you're innocent. There have been some troubling rumors about the scientific community of Atlas, specifically on the subject of Aura experimentation. Whether you've been a part of that or not, your association with them still brings up lots of questions." The girl responded coolly.

"And those talks are exactly that, simply rumors. And even if they are true, I will have you know that my goals are always for the benefit of humanity. As for my partnership with the SDC, that is another matter altogether. It's like you said, they are the largest Dust producers in the area. So despite some… unsavory whisperings from behind the scenes, Mr. Schnee has been at least the only one to, at the very least, been able to meet my demands and such they are my main suppliers right now. So perhaps we've-"

"Oh… you've got to be kidding me!"

And just like that, the group was interrupted yet again and turned their attention to a rather irate Flare glaring at them, or more specifically at the two Atleasians in the group. Behind him was a rather confused Jaune who is trying his best to keep up.

"Hello there, I don't suppose we've met yet." Lysus waved.

"And I don't think we need to. I've heard enough to know all I need, and I have to say it's just typical for Atlas to come up with an excuse for their shortcomings." Flare snorted.

"Excuse me?! Who do you think you are?!" Weiss shouted, taking offense to that. Lysus was rather irritated as well, albeit to a lesser degree. While he's had his disagreements with the council of Atlas, he overall still respected his home and knew that their end goal were always for the betterment of the kingdom.

"Ok… I will pretend you didn't just say that… But what you should do is think before you talk." Lysus gave a shaky grin.

"I have nothing to think about when I'm talking with an Atlesian. All of you are nothing more than a bunch of pompous narcissists who only do things for their own self-interest." Flare spat.

Weiss was trying to come up with a rebuff to that, but soon gave up and simply huffed before storming away.

"Like I said before… Really uncalled for…" Lysus hissed at that. Flare simply snorted and glanced away.

"Yeah! So, uh, what's everybody's name?" Jaune, eager to break some of the tension, instead chose to divert the question "The name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it!" it was a cheesy line, and there would be a high chance the others judge him for it, but it seemed to have made Lysus and Ruby smile slightly. Even Flare's lips curled a bit.

"You already heard Weiss say it. It's Lysus Ao, and you heard correctly: I am a scientist for Atlas. As for whatever that young lady decided to say, I feel like you can think for yourself." Lysus, also wanted a break from the tense atmosphere, gladly replied "And you, young lady?"

"…Oh! Yeah, Ruby Rose, future huntress in the making!" the little redhead quipped.

Flare stared at the three of them with an unimpressed gaze, until Jaune motioned for him to say something as well. He remained silent, before letting out a sigh.

"Flare T'Angelo."

"Is he always this grumpy?" Lysus wondered "And that attitude towards Atlas really makes me want to slap him up the head! From what I've heard we're supposed to be in some sort of team in this school… Oum forbid if I get this guy with me…"

"I'd rather not have an Atlesian stare at me like I'm some sort of prize, then again I'd wouldn't expect anyone to have taught you anything about manners. Eyes away." He was snapped out of his thoughts by Flare growling at him.

"Alright, alright! Put on collar on it… if people didn't know better they'd think your part Ursa by the way you're growling…"

"I'd watch your tone if I were you, Atlesian. You aren't under the protection of your great kingdom now, wouldn't want a broken nose before you've even began school would you?"

"…You know what? I was wrong. There's no mistaking you to be part Ursa!"

"They're at each other's throats again…" Ruby pointed to Jaune, who was just in the midst of explaining to her how airsickness was a natural thing. Not that she wanted to hear any of it; that was pretty gross! As of right now her experience of Beacon isn't really saying much. It's not even been an hour and she's already been ditched by her sister, managed to piss off a rich girl and, if things keep going the way they are, might even be a witness to a schoolyard fight.

"And we were doing so well…" the blond boy groaned as the two of them continued to size each other down.

"That's it! Someone really need to whip that pompous attitude of yours out of you!" Flare detached two short spears from his belt.

"Oh? Is that going to be you then? Then try to back up your talk!" Normally Lysus wouldn't be so impulsive, but this kid really needed a lesson in manners. He prepared to open his briefcase; a simple show of strength never hurts anybody, does it?

"Oh no… we need to do something about this fast!" Jaune stammered as the situation began heating up once again. He then remembered something:

"Hey! We're supposed to be finding the auditorium right now, if we're late, we might get into trouble…!" he tried one last time to remind them of more important things. Fortunately, the two were clearheaded enough to still hear him.

"…He's right. I'd rather not let some ruffian besmirch my name before I even attended orientation. I will drop this matter for now." Lysus huffed. Flare narrowed his eyes at that but said nothing else.

"Phew… never thought that would actually work." Jaune breathed a sigh of relief.

The four of them continued their quest in finding this so called auditorium. During that time Flare and Lysus still did not look at each other all that much. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and to the two other teenagers it was as uncomfortable as you'd can expect. But, at the very least, there wasn't going to be any more fighting! At least, Ruby and Jaune certainly hoped not.


"Today has been suuuch a good day!"

Indeed, Yang Xiao Long had quite a few pleasant surprises today. First she finds out that her baby sister is attending Beacon with her, now she found out one of her close friends is also attending the school. She practically dragged Dawn to the auditorium after finding her.

"Yeah… you mentioned that at least 8 times now… Seriously I can't breathe!" Dawn wheezed through her friend's iron grip.

"But it's so good to see you! I actually know quite a few people here this year! Wait until Ruby hears you're here as well!"

"…Ruby's attending as well?"

"Oh right, you didn't hear about it. Apparently she got moved ahead 2 years for some reason. Not that I mind, I'm actually so happy today!" Yang grinned, pride obvious in her voice.

"Huh, that's actually possible?" Dawn murmured. She'd known the two sisters ever since her days at Signal, and Ruby had incredible potential even back then. To think she's actually progressed to the point where she can stand with the grownups. "Well where is she? I haven't congratulated her yet."

"I dunno, I was hoping she'd get here by now." Yang looked around. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to leave her behind like that.

"Real responsible, Yang." The maroon haired girl teased, before ducking under a playful punch.

"Hey, I wanted her to maybe make some friends on the way!" Yang protested "Ruby had always been a bit shy around people, maybe this would be good opportunity for her to come out of her shell."

"That's great, but we still don't know where she is. She could- Oh, never mind, there she is!" Dawn saw a flash of red, and upon closer inspection saw that it indeed was the scythe wielder.

"Oh, thank Oum… Let's go say hi!" Yang grinned. She didn't fail to notice the 3 rather good looking boys next to her little sister as well. Gonna have to talk to her about that!

Dawn was about to agree, until the sight of another caught her eye. She hadn't noticed it before, but watching on the sidelines of the auditorium was a wolf Faunus wearing a rather plain grey t-shirt and pants. She doesn't know exacty why she wanted to go talk to him, but something about him seemed… off.

The same feeling was directed towards 2 of Ruby Rose's male companions. She doesn't know who the one with orange hair is, but she could recognize Lysus Ao quite easily; although he isn't the most public person in the world he made a fair share of appearances when he announced some of Atlas' new scientific breakthroughs.

Dawn couldn't describe it, but he could tell those 3 are far stranger than most, then again considering she has her own disembodied voice in her head that's not saying much.

"Actually… I think I'm going to go make some new friends first. Tell Ruby I said hi, ok?" she replied, already striding towards the wolf Faunus. Hopefully, she can meet Lysus and that orange haired boy later too. Honestly, she had no idea why she wanted to go talk to them out of all people, but it's always nice to meet new friends.

She didn't get two steps before the wolf faunus glanced at her direction.

"I was wondering when you were going to come talk to me."

Dawn blinked, was she that obvious? "Huh, y-you can read minds or-?"

"No, but I had been watching you for a bit. You keep glancing in my direction every so often, and tried numerous times to break away from your blond friend and the first thing you did after that was walk in this direction. So in a way, it was a lucky guess." The faunus responded.

"That's… kind of creepy to be honest…"

"Perhaps, but I like to see it as observant. In my life that had paid off considerably so I see it as something good." The wolf shrugged and held out his hand as well "Drayton Ashwood."

"Dawn Vermillion."

"So, why did you choose me out of all these people to talk to?"

"Does one really need a reason?" Dawn smirked "Well, if you want to know, I just feel like you'd be someone that would have quite a lot to tell people, and I decided you'd be first."

"Now look who's creepy…" Drayton chuckled "Well, prepared to be disappointed then. My life isn't that interesting, and the bits that are considered so are things I'd rather not bring up again."

Before Dawn could further inquire anything more, the sound of a microphone could be heard as Ozpin took the stage.

"I'll… keep this brief. You have travelled here today to seek knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you are finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people." He began, though this soon took a different turn as his voice hardens "However, when I look amongst you, all I see is wasted energy In need of purpose and direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only get you so far. What you plan to do from here is up to you, to take the first step." And with that he just walked off.

"…Wow… what a killjoy…" Dawn mumbled. Not exactly the best first impression of a school.

"Yeah, that was too straightforward, even if it is true." Drayton shrugged.

"So you agree with him? That what we learn here isn't going to matter at all?"

"If that's how you like to see it, then yes I do. We spend our entire lives learning, but all that knowledge is only useful if you choose to apply them in the way they're needed. To learn without action would be akin to not learning at all." Drayton sighed.

"And that's what you're planning to do?" Dawn inquired.

Drayton was silent for a while at that, before finally opening his eyes and responding "I plan to hone my skills, and use them to maintain the balance of Remnant. It has been that way, and it always will be. Even if certain people claim otherwise…" he then realized Dawn's confused expression, before giving a short bow.

"Sorry, all that must be a lot to take in. I think I will take my leave now. Enjoy the rest of the day." He said before walking off.

"…Well, that went alright…" Dawn blinked. There seems to be lots of peculiar people at Beacon this year. She silently mused over that thought, wondering what the whole ordeal of "balance" means.

Later that night:


After that speech the hopefuls of Beacon were now packed in the auditorium to spend the night. Boys on one side, girls on the other, it was a compromise for the time being.

"Cheer up Ruby, it's only been a few hours." Yang tried to coax her little sister from her moping.

"Exactly, we still have tomorrow, and afterwards. There's no doubt you'll do fine in the initiation, you'll have plenty of time to make a good impression!" Dawn had changed into a simple mint colored T-shirt and sweat pants and tying her hair up into two pigtails. Ruby was still a bit down after the day's events, which the two were quick to note as she wrote a letter to their old friends back at Signal.

"But it's so hard to make friends! I don't know any of these people!" the short girl pouted.

"Well, if it matters at all, I'm here now too." Dawn coaxed "So is Yang. We'll be like a band or something!"

"Yeah! I'm so edgy and cool, I'm practically a rock star already!" the buxom blond grinned. Ruby managed to smile a bit.

"That's great, but I wanted to meet some new people here…"

"What about Jaune? He's…nice…!" Yang grimaced as he saw said blond wearing some… what even is that? She also noted that one of the other boys she saw Ruby walk in with, the one with the mane of orange hair, was desperately trying to convince him to change "That's one friend right?"

"Yeah… but Weiss makes it minus one friend…"

"Well what about the other two guys?" Dawn suggested.

"Oh right…" Yang suddenly perked up before bringing her sister in close "You need to spill the goods!"

"W-what are you talking about?" Ruby yelped.

"You know what I'm talking about! What's it like walking in with a boy in each arm and one chaperoning for you? Oh I'm so proud of you!" Yang gushed "I would pick the two that aren't Jaune though, no offense to Vomit Boy but I much prefer the one with the glasses!"

"Yang! It isn't even like that!"

"That aside, you do seem cordial at the very least. Maybe give them a try?" Dawn pushed.

"Well… they aren't too bad…" Ruby admitted "But they seem to a bit of problems right now. Flare and Lysus don't really like each other, they almost got into a fight!"

"Huh, so their tempers flared up!" Yang cracked. Dawn had to mentally groan at that; how could she forget her friend's preferences for puns?

"…That was unhelpful and unfunny…" Dawn sighed "You haven't changed at all…"

"Oh, can it you're just-"

"Hast mine ears heard a fair maiden speaketh my name?" a velvet-smooth voice made the 3 girls turn around as they saw Lysus striding towards them. Yang laughed after hearing that.

"Seriously? Do you actually use that to pick up girls?"

"The delivery definitely could've been better." Dawn agreed.

"…Ok, maybe that wasn't the best idea but I did hear my name being dropped a couple times in this general direction!" Lysus grinned "And thus, I came over like anyone who wished to hear more about themselves. And don't worry, I've heard enough. Miss Rose, you can consider Lysus Ao as an acquaintance of yours! I will assure you despite my interactions with Flare D'Angelo I am willing to see you as a friend, and I'm sure he's willing to as well!"

"Are you sure? After what I just had to witness?" Lysus scowled when he heard Flare walk over as well, a grimace clear on his face and making the girls raise an eye each. He looked them over for a bit, before sighing.

"Then again, what the Atlesian's shortcomings happen to be shouldn't change the idea of mutual friends, and I'm here to meet people too, perhaps we can start with each other?" the orange haired boy chose his words carefully, hesitating a bit between each. It's clear he hasn't talked to this many people before.

"Ah! There we have it! 2 more friends!" Yang pumped a fist and caught Ruby in a bear hug "I just knew my little sister has her way with people! It's only a matter of time before your cute charms work their magic!"

"Please stoooop!" Ruby whined.

"Hurry! We have to find you even more friends! Let's see here… Oh, what about her?"


"I have half a mind to report you to the teachers here. You know you aren't supposed to be on this side of the auditorium, right?" Blake Belladonna gave a small scowl at the sizable black cloud near her. As everyone else had either been preparing to go to sleep in preparations for tomorrow, or already dozing off. She figured she'd catch up on her favorite pastime of reading for a bit before she'd get some shuteye, but clearly that wasn't going to happen.

To be fair, Drayton had no idea why he hasn't gone to sleep yet. For the most part he'd stayed in the darker areas of the large room, observing the many hopeful students here. The Grandmaster had always taught them that observation is the first step of learning, and from what he could see he had lots to pick.

He's seen plenty during his time here, by witnessing a ginger girl pestering her stoic companion, to the athletic redhead that was sitting on the girl's side by herself, occasionally shooting a glance at a blond wearing… what even is that? He took in the sights and noises from everyone, and it seems everyone came from different backgrounds, but one things is for certain:

These people are rather naïve, a bit too hopeful for their own good. Being a member of the Band of Dark Night has let him become more accustomed to the inner workings of this world; and it is not fair. He could tell some of these individuals have been through some harder times, the loss of family, having no sense of place, they seem to have matured a bit more on the inside even if they didn't show it. Most of the others however, though skilled enough to get into a place like Beacon, have yet to experience much of what the real world gives you.

And there was something about one of them that just rubbed him in a different way.

He could tell that she is a Faunus; being one himself made identifying others of his kind easier. That was hardly his concern, as the feeling he gets from her seems to indicate she's been through more than most of the others in this auditorium, along with something disturbingly familiar.

And that's how he decided to get closer and observe her more, thanks to that semblence of his. To most people it's just a dark patch of smoke floating through the room, but it seems the Faunus girl is more experienced on the matter.

"I am merely unable to sleep right now, and seeing as you're the closest one to my part of the room I figured I'd come and check to see what's up." Drayton shrugged, which in his non-corporeal form is indicated by the cloud shaking a little bit.

"Regardless, I had figured you would be more familiar with the rules here, Drayton Ashwood…" it took a while for him the get her name, Blake wasn't exactly conversable at the moment.

"I've done a bit of rule breaking before, never stopped me before." Drayton replied "Besides, it's been a while since I've seen that book again, I used to like it a lot."

"Never took you as a reader before."

"It was an old pastime, but I still pick up a book when I get the chance sometimes." The Grandmaster of the Band of Dark Night had a comprehensive library for the organization. It was the source of almost all the literature the group gets.

"Well, I'd appreciate it more if you'd-" Blake began again, but it soon became clear that she wasn't going to get any reading done tonight.

"Hey, I saw you in the courtyard this morning!" Ruby remembered as Yang dragged her towards the black haired girl.

"Ah, so you two know each other. That's great! Anyway, my sister was wondering what you were doing!" Yang informed her.

"I mean, it's pretty obvious…" Blake sighed "I was reading-"

"It's a pretty good read. A story about a man with 2 souls, each vying for control over his body. It's a tale of choices and morality." Drayton nodded.

"Whoa, talking cloud?!" Ruby squeaked.

"…Oh, wait hold on." And the black smoke drifted back towards the boy's side as Drayton solidified again "There, is this more comfortable? The name's Drayton Ashwood."

"And why were you on the girl's side?" Yang deadpanned.

"Like I said, really liked her book."

"Yup… it's a pretty good read. And it's something that I hope to get back to." Blake muttered "…as soon as you all leave…"

"Sounds lovely. My parents travel a lot, they sometimes bring me back books from other places." Dawn smiled as she came over to see "Good to see you again too Drayton."

"Indeed, did not expect us to meet again so soon."

"Another party?" Lysus wandered over as well "Watcha talkin' about?"

"More people?" Blake scowled "Don't you think this is a bit-?"

"Look, I don't know about you guys, but I want to get to initiation tomorrow. And for that to happen, I need to sleep." And then Flare joined the group, albeit more irate due to the increasing noise level.

"I do apologize, this started with me inquiring about a book and now it has spiraled to this." Drayton bowed "It is a story about a man with 2 souls and-"

"Really? That's what all this is about?" Flare growled "A book club debate? And a rather ridiculous one at that…"

"Hey, that's a bit much isn't it?" Dawn spoke up "It may not be to your tastes, but some people enjoy the fantasy elements."

"It sounds stupid." Flare grunted "And two entities taking over a body is one of the most overused tropes in any story. It is not at all believable in the slightest."

"With all due respect…" Drayton narrowed his eyes "What makes you think that such a thing is completely fiction?"

"No, he's got a point." Lysus shook his head "There are much better things to read. A bit of fiction is nice once in a while, but let's get back to reality here."

"And how is that grounded in reality? The soul is a mystifying subject to begin with, and with all the stories of people having different personalities, it could be-" Drayton argued, until:

"Sir, please. I am a scientist, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about" Lysus scoffed "At least listening to what you are saying. Having two souls is an impossible thing, end of story."

"I can't believe I'll ever side with an Atlesian on anything, but guess there's a first for everything."

"I do not think science is the only thing you can used to argue such a matter." Drayton replied firmly.


And the 3 actually began arguing, 2 against one. Those who observed the phenomenon were rather dumbfounded to say the least.

"Are they…actually arguing over a book? My book?!" Blake whispered.

"…How did it get to that?" Yang blinked.

"Boys… I'll never understand them. I'm going to-" Dawn was just about to leave, but fate came at the strangest times as her mind blanked and words filled her head.

"The gathering of knights has commenced"

"Polybius… you can't be serious…" those 3? Them? The three teenagers currently arguing over how a supposed story of fiction could be grounded in reality? Those are the so called people she's supposedly going to be a part of?

There's simply no way. Dawn shook her head before resuming her walk to her sleeping bag.

Then she paused.

All day, the minute she looked at them, she could've sworn there was something unseen between them. She felt it when she first spoke with Drayton, and felt it again when she met Lysus and Flare earlier in the evening.

A force of attraction, that seemed to be bringing the 4 of them together.

Of course this might all just be her mind playing tricks on her, just her going crazy. Considering no one else knows about Polybius, and for good reason too lest she wanted to be labeled as insane, she could just be imagining things. She shook her head as she took one more step towards her sleeping area.

Before promptly spinning around.

Yeah, she was totally going crazy. But Polybius hasn't been wrong so far, and maybe just one more time she'll take a chance.

"Actually" Dawn drew the attention of the still arguing group "I agree with Drayton here."

"You see? Now- wait, really?"

"Dawn Vermillion… I expected much more from you…" Lysus shook his head with disproval.

"You're kidding?" Flare grimaced "After all I said?"

"What you said can be considered, but there's much more to think about here. Our soul is a very complex object, and the idea of having 2 only opens up more possibilities."

"I can't believe this… for crying out loud, our own Auras are linked to our soul! If a person had 2 souls, they'd be fucking invincible! But have we seen that yet? No!" Lysus proclaimed.

"And how would you know that? How do you know it won't happen one day?" Dawn smirked.

"I don't, and that's how I know it doesn't work that way! If it were possible, we'd know already!"

"And he calls himself a scientist… Isn't that like the opposite of science?" Drayton chuckled.

"No, the Atlesian has a point. The book's idea was-" Flare began, until:

"You people have got to be KIDDING me!" a shrill voice sounded. Weiss Schnee was not happy in the slightest as she saw the source of all this noise. What were these ruffians thinking making such a racket? She'll have to teach the lot of them about etiquette.

"People are trying to sleep here! I have no idea how 3 children normally behaves at night but I expected much more from Ly-"

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" the four of them shot back, and then promptly reignited their debate, leaving Weiss to gawk in disbelief.

"Well… we'll see you in the morning then, Dawn?" Ruby and Yang chuckled awkwardly.

"I'm am never reading this book again…" Blake sighed.

"Why I never! Who do they think they-" Weiss fumed, and then she saw Ruby and Yang "YOU AGAIN?!"

"Oh no…"

Of course, that little side argument was completely ignored as those 4 were completely dominated by their own topic.

"All I'm saying is that you have to have more of an open mind towards this!" Drayton pointed out.

"For what? Some trash idea of a person having two souls like nobody's business?" Lysus shot back "I've already presented proof on why it doesn't work!"

"The book is about souls fighting over the body… WHY WOULD A PERSON EVEN NEED TWO SOULS IF SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENS?!" Flare gave his own imput.

"Again, you don't know that will always be the case~!" Dawn taunted "What if I told you I have another voice inside me that gives me advice rather than harm me?"

"Then that makes you a nutjob."

"Real mature there, Flare."

And it kept going. Sometimes Drayton and Dawn would claim one thing, only for Lysus and Flare to wave it off. Other times the opposite side would point something out, only to be shot down by their competition. The four were lost in their own little space, all that mattered was them there, and that's all they could hear.

Of course that can't last forever.




It took almost the entire amphitheater to finally break them from their little tirade.

"Oh… it's late… AW CRAP WE STILL HAVE INITIATION!" Dawn panicked.

"I was going to tell you off at first… how did I get caught up in that?" Flare mumbled in disbelief.

"We made too much of a scene… ok even though I'm right let's just go to bed and continue this another time…" Lysus muttered sheepishly.

"A good idea, I sort of dragged you all into this. I apologize on behalf of everybody." Drayton nodded.

And thus, the four of them wandered back to their sleeping areas. And all was silent.


"I'm just saying with all things considered-"


"AW COME ON!" the remaining students realized that their suffering was not over. They had no choice but to do their best to drown out the noise of the 4 loud teens as they resumed their argument.

It's safe to say that none of the 4 had any real sleep that night.

A/N: months later I return to this. Got lost in the plot for a bit as I had to change my draft on it for quite a lot of future elements. I think this story might be updated slower than Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates simply because it takes more planning, but I hope you all had fun with this chapter, and I'll see you in another one.