la mia colomba-My dove

Lei era il tuo agnello-She was you lamb

Ti amo-I love you

Ti amo anch'io-I love you too

(You all can figure out the ones I didn't add.)

Thick dark gray clouds blanketed the sky. Delicate snowflakes slowly drifted down, twirling, and dancing on the breeze. The gray courier pigeon took the air, and carried the tiny message to Rosa and the others. Ezio watched it go, and felt a small sense of foreboding; as if he would soon have to let something go soon. Dismissing the feeling, he turned away from the window, and strode out of Pope Julius's study.

Ezio followed the hallway to the spiraling stairs, then descended to the next floor to a hallway similar to the other. Marching down the hallway three doors down, he turned to the heavy wooden door and rapped gently on it.

"Yes?" came the muffled voice of Elinana from within.

"It is me." Ezio thought, then waited for her thoughts to reply in his mind.

"I think you enjoy this more then me." Her thoughts grumbled. "It's like giving a phone to a toddler."

"I heard that." His thoughts retorted.

"Get in here already if you want to enter!" Elinana snapped as she marched to the door and flung it open. "We have mouths for a reason you know!"

"I know; I just love to mess with you." His thoughts replied as he smirked at her. He then examined the plain white gown she wore. The sleeves where long and baggy, much like the rest of it; giving Elinana the appearance of a child trying on cloths much too big for her. Ezio's smirk grew into a smile, and he stepped into the room before closing it behind him.

"I think you should dress like this more." Ezio stated playfully, making Elinana glare at him.

"I feel ridiculous," she grumbled.

Ezio arched an eyebrow and tilted before suddenly wrapping his arms around her, and held her close.

"You do not look ridiculous, la mia colomba." He stated before kissing her temple, and heard her heart beat grow to a steady soft pattern. Ezio had expected that he would crave her blood above all others; but he had been fear from right. When she was around him, his thirst for blood nearly completely subsided to nothing. Her presence also made him feel human again, and strong. Strong enough to fight Lilith. Elinana gazed at him, and sensed something behind his eerie, frosty blue eyes that nearly shined like a cat's when in shadow.

"Do you need more wine?" she asked, referring to the Julius's concoction of red wine mixed with lamb's blood that helped revive him.

"No." he simply murmured.

"Then what's wrong?"

Ezio looked into her after storm gray eyes, and placed his hand to the back of her head.

"Promise me that when she comes for you, you will let me do the fighting."

"If she can move like the others, I don't think I have much chance facing with her. I've done the math Ezio; running or fighting, you are our only real chance against her. And I know you'll hand the old witch's hiney to her!"

Ezio busted out laughing, and took a step back as he shook with laughter.

"I love the way you use different words to slander!" he laughed. "Come, it is about time for Julius's ceremony."

Ezio wrapped an arm across her back and guided her to the door. They followed the hallway to the stairs and descended down to the hall that lead to a room where Julius, Dante, and a small number of monks gathered. A large wooden cross hung on the wall behind the pope, and a basin sat in a white marble pedestal before him.

Ezio led her to the doorway then stopped, and lightly punched her onward. Julius previously explained that they could perform a shortened baptism ritual to purify Elinana, so her blood would be more potent to Lilith—as so Julius clamed. But Ezio being bitten, he would have to hang back, during the ceremony, but he being the only blood relative of Elinana had to be present, and represent her family.

Once Elinana stood before the basin of oil and blessed water, Julius began the ceremony by reading a passage from the leather bible in his hands in Latin. He raised his right hand, still reciting in Latin, and drew a cross before her then placed his hand on her head. He then gestured for her to kneel, and she crimpled; gracefully kneeling down onto a special cushion that looked old, and well kept. A monk with a silver plate stepped forward and Julius took a small bit if bread from the plate. He held out the bread to her, and she opened her mouth for him to pop it in. She chewed it quickly as he looked past her to Ezio, and said something to him. Ezio replied in Latin, and drew a cross in the air in place of drawing one on Elinana's forehead. Julius continued, then murmured: "Amen." The other monks echoed the word, including Dante and Ezio.

"Amen." Elinana murmured, then rose to Julius's gesture.

Julius continued, and motioned for her to bend forward. She obeyed, bending over the basin, and saw her reflection. The pope drew back some of her hair as a monk stepped forth with a shell shaped silver spoon. He dipped the spoon into the water, then brought it up over her head, and poured the cool oil and blessed water on her head.

Three times he poured the liquid on her head, speaking in Latin as he did so. The cool liquid ran down her scalp to her face and dripped back into the basin. She then rose as a monk with a towel stepped to her side, and helped dry her face and head.

Julius then took the tall lit candle, and strolled toward Ezio with a monk at his flank, holding an unlit candle. The monk handed it to Ezio with a shacking hand, then quickly withdrew when Ezio only just gripped it. Julius held out the lit candle for Ezio to lit his. Elinana joined Ezio side so to finish the ceremony. Julius continued in Latin till he came to her name: "…Elinana Cleo Eve Doricent,"

Julius then blow out his candle, and handed it to a monk before turning back to Ezio and Elinana.

"It is done. Eve is now pure, and now we can bleed her to strengthen the blade," Julius turned to Ezio. "You need not stay; we will only take enough to lightly coat the blade."

"Elinana is my flesh and blood," Ezio replied. "I am staying."

Julius reluctantly nodded then took Elinana's arm, and strolled back to the marble pedestal. A monk took the basin away for another monk to replace it with another that was empty. Julius took a dagger from a bowing monk, then walked around to put his back to the cross on the wall. He stretched her arm over the golden basin, then rolled up her sleeve to expos her slender pale arm, and tightly wrapped a cloth around her bicep.

The pope murmured a quick prayer, then slid it arouse Elinana's upper forearm. Beads of blood flowed from the cut to the basin with heavy drips. Ezio heard her heart beat faster, and saw her face grow slightly pale. He quickly marched to her side and warped his arm around her waist to support her, and catch her should she pass out. She looked away from her blood to Ezio's frowning face.

"It doesn't hurt much," her thoughts murmured into his mind, and he met her gaze. "And you don't have to stay if it bothers you."

"I am staying," his thoughts replied. "And the only thing that is bothering me; is that we have to bleed you for that damned blade, and use you as bait."

Elinana began to feel pins and needles in her hand and arm. She wiggled her fingers then curled her hand into a fist several times to keep blood flow to her hand. But her hand still felt tingly.

"Julius, I think that is enough blood." Ezio stated, seeing her grow pale.

"Alright," Julius replied, and took a cloth from a monk. He pressed the cloth to the cut, and undid the tie around her bicep. "Brother Jacob is waiting back up in the guest chamber for her."

Ezio nodded then began to lead Elinana back, but questions swirled around in his head, hardly noticing Elinana leaning heavily on him. But Dante noticed. He quickly marched to her side and scooped her up into his arms. Both Elinana and Ezio looked at him with surprise, but Ezio's gaze grew soft with approval.

"I can walk." Elinana grumbled, but Dante ignored her statement. She gave it up, knowing that he could be stubborn. Ezio watched them go then turned back to Julius.

"Julius," Ezio addressed as he marched toward the monk. "Where is the first blade?"

"In a crypt beneath the cathedral," the pope replied. "Brother Peter is retrieving it. Protections had been placed over the crypt, making it impossible for a child of night, or a man that does not keep the word of God in his heart; to get to it."

"What sort of protections?" Ezio inquired.

"Ones that even you could not overcome. Brother Pete should return with it shortly."

"What if your books are wrong about Lilith; that the blade will have no effect on her, and that instead of being turned back to human by drinking her blood, I am turned into a monster?"

"I two share your fears, Ezio," Julius murmured with candor. "But we must have faith that the old text was written in truth."

"Faith alone will not protect Elinana."

"But I do!" Julius replied with a grin. "I have faith in you, and in the lord."

"And I pray it will all be enough." Ezio murmured.

The dark gray sky grew darker with the closing of twilight. A chilly breeze blew the loose snow from the rooftops, dancing and weave down onto the pair of Assassins. Ezio held the stone blade lined with Elinana's blood under his cape, and tightly griped Elinana's hand. She stood close to him, shivering, and chattering her teeth.

"Maybe Lilith intends to let me freeze to death." Elinana thought, forgetting that she could share her thoughts with Ezio.

"If she does not come soon," Ezio's thoughts nearly growled. "I am sending you inside, and pouring the remainder of your blood from the ceremony around as bait."

"Don't Ezio," Elinana murmured through chattering teeth. "If all else fails, my blood is our last weapon. And I have no intention on being on the menu!"

"Being on the menu?" he echoed her words.

"Yeah! I never liked Vampires because I thought blood drinking was gross."

Ezio laughed warmly, bringing a smile to Elinana's face.

"Now Werewolves on the other hand are not as bad; you just have to be careful one night every month. Other than that, one could live a half coursed life. Not that it would be sunshine and daisies, but at the very least you could still live."

"Would you have preferred me being a Werewolf, then half a Vampire?"

"I prefer you being you, Ezio." she warmly smiled to him, then rested her head on his shoulder. "Boy it's brisk! Brings me back to the good old days when Dad tried to teach me how to skate on ice; it never ended well."

Ezio opened his mouth to reply, but halted, and gazed about when the smell of coppery blood reached his unnaturally sharpened senses. He pulled Elinana behind him with his arm around her protectively, and eyed the gaping mouth up to the darkening sky.

"Ezio?" Elinana's thoughts whispered into his mind.

"Be ready to run." His thoughts replied to her firmly.

Silence grew as Elinana's heart steadily beat faster with fear; beating in Ezio's ears like the galloping of a horse. Seconds seemed to drag into minutes, and minutes into hours. Elinana tightly gripped Ezio's hand, and the hilt of her knife. The grip on her knife was strong, she made her knuckles and fingers stung with pain. She gazed about the shadows, expecting to see red glowing eyes gazing into her soul. Her breaths made vaporous clouds that swirled and bloomed into the air before evaporating into the night. Elinana's heart steadily crept up her throat as hours seemed to stretch.

"Where is she?" Elinana's thoughts asked.

Ezio didn't reply. He stared hard at the shadows, daring them to produce Lilith. The bloody smell of her scent was unmistakable, but seemed to come from all-around. He would have run off like a hound after a fox if it wasn't Elinana; whom the Mother of Night was after.

A monstrous, bloodcurdling screech that no animal or man could make, stabbed the air, and cut deep into Elinana's and Ezio's ears. But it was worse for Ezio do-to his senses being sharper. Both Assassins released their hold on one another, and pressed their hands tightly to their ears in attempt to muffle the terrible sound. Lilith emerged from the shadows, arms wide out as if to welcome an embrace, mouth agape as if she were singing. But the sound that poured from her mouth was far from a pleasant melody; it rivaled even the so-called singing of all the minstrels put together.

Ezio fell to his knees from the painful nightmarish melody, feeling as if his eardrums could shatter any moment. Elinana turned and gazed in terror at the crimson and ivory Mother of monsters. Her limbs froze in terror as Lilith slowly strolled toward them. Ezio saw both Elinana and Lilith at each corners of his eyes.

"Run!" Ezio's thoughts shouted to Elinana over the painful screeching. "Run!"

Elinana didn't hear his thoughts through the screeching. She stood frozen as stone in Lilith's crimson gaze, not even registering the frozen touch of the fat snowflakes that danced down all-around them. Ezio fought the stabbing pain in his ears, and took his hands from his ears to tightly grip the stone blade of Cain. He pushed himself to his feet and darted for Lilith in a blur. Lilith ceased her screeching as she leaped high up to the side of the structure, and crawled like a spider into the shadows. Ezio ran back to Elinana as she tried to shake herself from the frozen spell.

"Get inside!" Ezio ordered, tightly gripping Elinana's wrist before shoving her toward the hallway that lead into the cathedral. Elinana obeyed, and quickly turned to run for the hall as Ezio followed her as he eyed the shadows. The clapping of their boots echoed through the hallway into the large hall of the cathedral. Ezio pulled her to a stop just several yards from the center of the grand hall.

"Holy," Elinana panted. "Holy mother of—!"

"Mind what you say, we are in a church." Ezio murmured over his should.

"I'm starting to which she was more like those stupid Twilight Vampires," Elinana grumbled with a cracking voice. "Then it would be a hacek of a lot easier to fight and kill her."

"What is a Twilight Vampier?" Ezio's thoughts asked.

"You don't want to know." She replied.

Glass shattered loudly to their right, and echoed loudly through the cathedral. Ezio pushed Elinana, making her stumble some as Lilith leapt for him. She landed on him and pinned him down with bone snapping strength. Lilith snarled, then opened her mouth with her shiny long fangs to bear down on him, but this time to drink and tear his head from his shoulders.

Elinana's blade glinted as it flew into Lilith's side, pulling a bloodcurdling screech of pain from the creature's throat. Ezio took the opportunity to throw Lilith from him with a force he never expected. Lilith rose and pulled Elinana's blade from her side, then ran into the shadows in a blur, and Ezio took off after her.

"Go!" Ezio's thoughts ordered into Elinana's mind.

"Be careful." Elinana replied as she sharply turned heel, and ran down the hall to the right. Knowing that Dante closed the doors they came through in attempt to trap Lilith in. But now seeing her, Elinana wondered if they are only prolonging the inevitable.

Ezio chased after Lilith, with the blur of shadows dancing around him. His incomplete curse made him faster, but Lilith still was faster than him. She then leapt and crawled up the gold decorated wall. He tried to follow her but lacked the ability.

"Thou are weak!" Lilith called from the darkness. A whooshing sound of a falling form made him turn, and rise the stone blade. But Lilith gripped his wrist and throat.

"If thy had drank the blood of man, thy could face me properly!" she then threw him across the hall over the alter, and hit the wall before falling to the floor unconscious.

Elinana heaved herself up and over the stone railing, then started to run for the secret passage. But a blur leapt and crouched before for her. Lilith turned her crimson gaze to Elinana, and held Elinana in her Gorgon like trance. She smiled, revealing her shiny teeth. Then her body started to contort itself. Her arms and fingers grew was bones snapped and popped as her structure shifted and tore out of the crimson gown.

Elinana felt her knees shack under her, threating to give way under her as she watched Lilith morph into a monstrous bat that slowly crawled toward her. Lilith's large red eyes held Elinana firmly. Her large curved claws tapped against the ground as she crawled. Elinana's heart drummed madly in her ribcage, wanting to escape from her chest. Lilith heard her frantic heart, and smiled a fang filled mouth.

Movement behind Elinana broke Lilith's concentration on Elinana, freeing her from the spell. Elinana reached for one of her small throwing knives and threw it into Lilith's right eye. Lilith screeched and lashed about in pain, and toppled over the railing. A hand gripped hers and she turned to see Dante before he pulled her into a run toward the secret passage. As they ran, Elinana looked over the railing and searched for Ezio, but saw no trace of him.

"Wait!" Elinana ordered, pulling against Dante. But he tugged her on with the growls and snarls of Lilith below. Lilith leaped back up, flapping her large wings that pushed Elinana's hood back with the powerful force of wind.

Elinana stopping fight Dante and slipped inside the cool stone curve with him. The stone groaned loudly as it spun, plunging them both into darkness as Lilith darted for them. She lunged her hooked wing in after them, but was wedged between the stone walls. Lilith screeched in anger, and trying to pull back the stone, but it would not give.

Dante pushed Elinana through the stone gap into the single lantern lit hall, and quickly followed her. Lilith began to slam her body against the stone, making the walls shack as Dante took the lantern and her hand. Momentarily safe, they ran down the hall to the exit to find the now friendly looking white skull framed by the Assassin's insignia. Dante pulled out the upper part of the skull and it clicked and shifted upside-down, then the heavy stone slab groaned as it slid back for then to slip out into the chilly air.

Elinana nearly gasped to the freshness, as if she had been trapped in a stuffy tomb for years. She followed him to the ladder and clambered up to the roof. Dante gazed about to the heavy dark snow fall. But was unable to see the city that was consumed by snow and night. Giving the feel of isolation, and abandonment from the world to the merciless monster, whom was most likely trying to find another way to them. Elinana ran past Dante for the far side.

"Ezio?" her thoughts called out, but was replied only the dead silence. "Ezio pleas say something!"

"Where are you?" Ezio's thoughts called to her just before glass once more shattered, but this time from behind. Dante pulled Elinana toward the cover of one of the snow blanketed domes, and they huddled close as they listened the flapping of wings.

"Roof!" her thoughts shouted. "We're on the roof!"

Something large landing on top of the dome behind Elinana and Dante. Dante made the mistake by looking up, but Elinana blindly threw a slender knife up, and heard Lilith quickly take flight once more.

"I can't fight her off much longer!" Elinana thought as she quickly rose and tugged Dante to his feet.

"I am on my way!" Ezio replied.

Elinana and Dante ran to take cover by the side of another dome. Then an unnerving silence grew, making the hairs on the back of Elinana's neck stand on end. Ezio suddenly heaved himself up onto the roof, and hope flooded through Elinana. But instead of mirroring hope, Ezio's face turned to fear and anger, and look above her and Dante. She followed his gaze to see Lilith's blurring form leap down and push her into the air with a claw dragging across her stomach.

"Elinana!" Ezio called and ran after Elinana, as she flew over the edge of the roof.

Air whipped around Elinana, making her braid, robes, and indigo sash dance and whip. Ezio dived after her, and reached out a hand for her. Her own hand reached out for him, with pain burning where Lilith slashed her.

"I love you…" her thoughts murmured into his mind, before she collided with a single snow covered stone step with a crack, and sank into the icy water of the channel. Her limp body floated down as Ezio dove into the icy waters. His shoulder met Elinana's bleeding middle. With her in his gentle grip, he quickly swam up to the surface. Kicking to the step that Elinana's head meet, he gently heaved her up out of the water, and crawled after her. He scooped her into his arms and pulled her completely out of the water. Gently laying her down, he pressed his hand to her bloody abdomen, and under her head where he felt sharp bits of bone poking his hand. He listened for her heart beat, but all was silent as the falling snow.

"No." Ezio's thought's sobbed. Hot tears grow behind his eyes, and a sob claw at his throat as he looked down on Elinana's bleeding and limp body. He then gingerly took her back into his arms, and rocked as hot tears flowed from his eyes onto her closed eyelids.

"Lei era il tuo agnello." Ezio growled to the dark, snow heavens. "Lei era il tuo agnello!"

"Thy Father hears thee not," stated the growling voice of Lilith behind him. "He cares not for what wolves do to lambs."

Anger bloomed to life in Ezio like gasoline to flames, and roared with merciless power. He carefully laid Elinana's body down, and drew the stone blade from his belt before sprinting for Lilith in a blur. Lilith's long curved claws at the ends of her wings followed Ezio. Slashing empty air as he slid low and rose to his feet. He darted for the wall of a structure, clambering up just as Lilith swung and punched her clawed wing through the stone. Lilith hissed with glistening teeth as she tore her wing from the walled. She looked up then stretched out her large black wings, and flapped as she leapt up.

Ezio leapt over the side of the roof, blade raised, and landed on Lilith's hairy back. He grabbed Lilith's large bat ear as she leaped, and flapped about. She snapped her jaws in attempt to bit his leg, and pull him from her back but he held firm. Rising the blood stained blade, he drove it into the base of Lilith's neck. She howled eerily in pain and thrashed about. He tried to keep his hold but she flung him from her back.

The blade was still in her neck, and she howled clawed feebly at the blade in attempt to remove it. She spun, and thrashed about in frustration and pain caused by the cursed blade, and the blood that she sought to destroy. Ezio darted away in attempt to not be trampled or slashed at with her lethal claws. He clambered back up the wall and perched himself on the edge of the roof. Watched Lilith suffer, he waited a little before leaping back onto her back. He gripped the ragged handle of the blade, then pushed it to the left with all his strength; halfway cutting off her head.

Lilith screeched then gurgled on her own blood. She lashed about in blind pain with her head half hanging from her black, bleeding neck. She limped to the ground, and clawed at the ground as Elinana's blood worked like poison through Lilith. Ezio got off her back, then knelt before her. He gazed mercilessly into her red eyes, then leaned over her, and bit into her neck. Cold coopery blood flood into his mouth, and the thirst for blood hit him just as it had that morning. He drank her blood as a man dying of thirst would guzzle down water.

Sickness suddenly came over Ezio, making him pull away from Lilith's body, and vomit her blood over into the icy waters below. He fought the gaging and upheaval of cold blood, knowing that he had to sever Lilith's head from her shoulders for her to die. Finally gaining control over his own body, he rose and scuffled to her, clutching the blade. Falling to his knees, Ezio swung at the flesh that kept her head attached to her neck. And let her head roll slightly away, putting an end to the nightmarish fight.

Ezio let the blade clatter away from his hand to the crimson stained snow. Rising uneasily to his feet, Ezio turned back to where Elinana laid undisturbed from the skirmish. Snowflakes danced down onto her, and her blood that pooled and flowed down the white steps to the water that turned crimson. His heart twisted painfully as heat flow through him. Shuffling to her side, Ezio fell to his knees, and laid next to her. He pulled her limp, barely chilled body to his chest, and let the snowflakes dace upon them.

"It is alright Poco Colomba," Ezio whispered to Elinana's lifeless body with a sob scratching at his voice. "I am here, I got you…she cannot harm you."

Hot tears flowed from his eyes to the snow, letting what he thought was death embrace him.

Hot waves plagued Ezio's heavy limbed body when he bobbed to the surface of the world of the living. Whenever he did a monk would be there waiting; ready to place a cold damp cloth to his forehead. He desperately wanted to yell at them that the cloths helped nothing.

"Where," Ezio asked every time he scratched the surface of the living world. "Is Elinana?"

Every time he asked, the monk would rush away, and leave him to slip back into the darkness. From the darkness he heard wordless voices. Voices he only just recognized to be of his family, and his enemies. He would call out his loved one's names, but none replied. All simply murmured on, save for one that sang in a language he did not know. The voice's song was so beautiful, the best song bird would be jealous, and put to shame.

"Elinana!" Ezio called, as his heart felt as if a hot arrow had struck it. But she continued to sing as a star came into view, and grew till the yellow light engulfed him. A gentle, warm and feather like hand touched his whiskery cheek. He opened his eyes to see the face Elinana over him, seeming to glow in the yellow light of the sun. She smiled warmly at him, and gently gripped his hand.

"Your alive?" Ezio murmured, voice cracking from shock and relief that brought the threat of tears behind his eyes. He reached up to her face and cupped her silky face and waving tresses that caught the light with amber glints.

"In the same way the others are." Elinana replied, bringing her hand away from his face to his chest where his heart laid.

"Others?" He asked, looked around, and saw movement beyond the open window. Rising onto his elbows, he saw his brothers playing a game with Cristina while his Father and Uncle sat in the flowering garden sharing stories.

"In know what you are thinking," she stated, as he watched his loved ones, all words chough in his throat. "But you're not yet dead."

"What do you mean?" he asked turning back to her.

"Unlike us you can still go back yet. You can still live, find love, and have a family that you deserve."

"But you were my family, so are they. Your death is every much on my hands as theirs' are."

"Don't say that," she tightly squeezed his hand. "Don't ever say, or think that for a moment. You did everything that could have been done to prevent our deaths. Don't start thinking like I do. And others still need you, like Desmond."

"You talk as though I am some sort of hero."

"You are one!"

"No," Ezio murmured, gazing at her after storm gray eyes. "I am a killer, and the world could do without another."

"Yes you may kill, but it's not without reason!"

Ezio sadly smiled, cuirassing her cheek.

"I wish I had your optimism, and innocent view of the world. Where on earth did you get it?"

Elinana smiled and shrugged, and tilting her head into his hand.

"Care to find out?" she smirked, making him smile but it withered quickly. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest, and laid back onto the bed tightly holding her.

"The others and I will never leave you," she murmured, gripping his arms as he stroked her silky long hair. "You know that, right?"

"Sì," he replied in his native language. "La mia piccolo colomba."

"Ti amo." She murmured, hugging his arms.

"Ti amo anch'io."

"Look after Dante for me, okay?"

"As you wish."

The light that shone through his eyelids began to fade, as well as his descendent in his arms. He tried to fight, to keep her, and pull her with him into the world of the living with him. But she faded with the warm light, leaving him to the gray cold world of the living. He opened his eyes to look up at Julius who gripped his shoulder.

"Welcome back to the land of the living friend." Julius warmly said.

"Take me to Elinana." Ezio demanded, turning to his side.

"There is time for that later," Julius replied, trying to push Ezio back, but Ezio pushed back and sat up with defiance in his brown eyes. "Your fever only just brock."

"Take me to Elinana." he growled, and gazed hard at Julius.

"Alright, but let me get you something to keep you warm."

Julius guided Ezio through the halls of the chilly crypts, firmly gripping his arm to keep him from falling over. They passed a small number of stone coffins, all members of the church. Then Julius lead him to a newer one with the Assassin insignia engraved into the ivory stone. Ezio stepped up the tomb, and placed his hand upon the lid.

"I am sorry." Julius murmured.

"leave," Ezio ordered. "Pleas, leave me."

Julius reluctantly complied, and bowing his head as he took his leave. Ezio waited for Julius to leave, then started to weakly push on the heavy stone lid. He ground with effort; the fever sapped most of his strange. But the stone gave way, and he pushed it back till it was near toppling to the ground.

Inside, laying on ivory silk bedding; rested Elinana, clothed in her cleaned and patched up robes with hardly a trace of what had caused her death. Special reserved roses decorated her loose waving hair and hood, and a bouquet rested beneath her white fingers. Ezio gazed down at her dead white face, recalling to mind of the story of Snow White that Elinana once told him on their travels. But unlike the two frozen women; nothing could bring the warmth back to Elinana's cheeks, or mouth that once sang more beautifully then the birds.

Unable to stand seeing her incased in cold stone—living or dead—he weakly scooped up her stiff, cold body and pulled her out of the coffin with some roses falling into the ivory bed, or onto the ground. He stumbled back till his back found a cold column, then sank to the ground; holding Elinana's frozen body on his lap, close to his chest. Ezio sat there on the chilly ground, silently weeping over Elinana's corpse.

Footsteps ran down the hall, echoing loudly as the got nearer. Ezio didn't rise his head. Simply wishing to be left alone to grieve in peace. The running footsteps halted in front of him, then a hand gripped his face, and forced him to look up at Dante who placed a blade to his neck with fire and sorrow burning in his eyes. They gazed at each other unblinkingly, till Ezio murmured in their native language: "I am sorry."

Dante tried to keep the fire ablaze in him, but the pain overcame him, and he lowered his blade and released Ezio. He lowered his head down onto Elinana's chest, then let sobs slip from his lips. Ezio gripped the grieving boy's shoulder, and remembered Elinana's request. It was then that he saw a simple silver band on her wedding finger. He pushed his questions aside for another time and grieved silently with the young assassin thief.

Some days later, a small gathering comprised of Rosa, Antonio, Dante, Pope Julius II, and Ezio stood on a secluded dock with the sun shining a golden orange just over the blazing Gulf of Venice. A boat bobbed on the water beside the dock. Laying inside was the ghostly white form of Elinana, decorated with red roses, and beneath the bouquet of roses in her frozen grip, was Ezio's sword.

Ezio and Dante stood side by side over Elinana's body. Dante said nothing, nor the others that came, because they had said their goodbyes when she was incased in stone. But not Ezio. Elinana's second funeral was more or less for Ezio; so he may honor her, and gain some amount closure. And for the fact that she once said on their journey, that if she should ever die her body must be burned so no Templers of the future could harness her time traveling ability.

Ezio crouched down and stroked her chilly cheek, as if she had turned into porcelain from the chill of winter that slowed her body's decay. He took in her features one last time, pushing the painful memories of her away when once they had brought a smile to his face.

"Requiescat in pace," he whispered softly to the body. "La mia Colomba."

Ezio and Dante then gently pushed Elinana's small boat out to the waves that pulled her away toward the setting sun. Dante took his short bow from his back, and lit an arrow with a lantern that hanged solemnly in the crisp air from a post. He set the arrow to the bow, and brew back the tight string. Letting the arrow fly it soared like a falling star to the boat. Soon flames grew to the advancing twilight. And the others silently left, but Ezio remained to watch his distant decedent float away in the flams and mirroring water; he was still as stone, save for the hot tears that he didn't bother to fight.

Dante turned away, and darted after Julius. Catching up the old man, the boy gripped his arm, and looked down into the old man's eyes.

"Tell me more about Lilith's children."

"And that is how Elinana's journey ends," Ezio wrote in Elinana's journal. "The Assassin that was not meant to be; a lost orphan that found family, only to fall by the hands of a monster. Should this journal find the man that Elinana once called Father: know that I cared for her dearly, and whish with all my being that I could have saved her from all what befell her.

Elinana was unlike many that suffered as she had; she kept her unwavering kindness and innocent outlook of people, and of the world. Though she was scarred, she remained strong. And I hope you are as proud of her as I am.


Ezio Auditore de Firenze

The End

Holy Mackerel! Hope I haven't scarred you all for life after that. Don't worry, Ely is still perfectly safe with Connor (more or less). At times I did enjoy writing this, but at other times I did feel bad, and wondered if this or that should be changed or taken out. But after some thinking, and looking at the fanfic guidelines, I decided that it wasn't too out of line. And I did put up a warning after all. So, hope you all enjoyed it, go have some chocolate to make you feel better, and know that this was not canon. Okay?

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