My Little Pony: Tsarina

Chapter 2: Blue Water Fleet

As we have lands to protect, we have waters to protect. In recent years, the navy has become a very modern and well-trained fleet just like the soldiers of our army. Through modernization there is progress, but progress must come with the happiness of my griffons. Today is the day I meet with the fleet commanders to inspect the current warships.

There is one thing one must know about Orel. We do possess nuclear weapons in form of ballistic missile submarines, but we will never have the intention to use them in anger against our neighbors. We have missile defense system that I feel can help protect Equestria. Our fleet is modern not in an arms race, but show that we are friends to Equestria

"Admiral Graywing" I said with a warm smile

"Your majesty, you are just in time" she replied

The workers are happy, and the smiles are warm on their beaks as they are working hard on the construction of new vessels. I do not see fear in their eyes when they look at me. It makes me feel that I am doing a good job ruling the kingdom, "This is to be the Pride of the Modern Navy, this is the Shkval class of guided missile cruiser" said Galinka

"Are any undergoing sea trial?" I asked curiously

"Borei II class Ballistic Missile Submarines" said Galinka

"And the Belogrod and Yasen classes as well" she added, and as a surprise the submarines surfaced like whales. The commanders saluted me. I smiled, and I saluted back as the submarines were docking in their own port at Chaika as this is an important naval base in Orel. All one can ask is that we do the best we can to protect the land, and our griffons

The naval high command have told me that our Shkval class of warships are made to fulfill the needs of both a guided missile cruiser, and guided missile destroyer and feel they can use less warships when it comes to naval strike forces when it is deemed necessary to use them, "I received information that we have carriers undergoing sea trials as well?"

"You can trust information in the kingdom, yes?"

"Of course" I replied, and saw the fruits of labor

"This is the Shtorm class, one can call them 'supercarriers', they will have the ability to carry up to 100 aircraft and we will have three ready for commissioning" she replied, and we got onboard to take a tour of one of the five aircraft carriers. Combine that with ten guided missile cruisers, and we will have a formidable fleet in the interest of the kingdom

"The Parade of All Kingdoms is coming up" I stated

"Your majesty, the ponies have no reason to fear us"

"We build this fleet in the interest of protecting our lands, our griffons, and Equestria should the call to arms be sounded" Admiral Graywing assured me, I grinned and patted her wing as she grinned back, "also I think the ponies will like to see what we can build" she added, our fleet is not be the biggest in all the bordering kingdoms, but it is mighty

"I believe our hearts are in the right place" I replied, and I looked forward to the parade and seeing Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. There is the Grand Galloping Gala too coming up in a few months. The meeting concluded with a nice lunch of Veal Orloff at the palace as well as caviar with bread and butter and mulled wine. All are favorites to me.

"It warms me to know the griffons respect me" I said

"Because you put them above yourself" said Galinka,

The needs of the griffons greatly outweigh my own. They ask, and they shall receive. One must not rule with an iron fist, but at the same time not a velvet glove. There must be a balance. In a sense, the glove can be made of leather. I am their Tsarina, but I want to be approachable and let the griffons see a kind and gentle soul and a role model as well

"Do you say these words because you fear me?" I asked

Galinka shook her head, "I say them because they are true"

My advisor Irma was there. She raised a light talon up to speak. I nodded a single nod to grant it, "Look at the griffons of this kingdom" said Irma, "when you walk the streets of Lev or Chaika, and even with your Imperial Guards, they all look at you with a warmth in their eyes, you are our Tsarina, and we are all more than proud to call you our Tsarina,"

I smiled warmly, and offered her a seat at the marble table, "Oh no, Your Majesty, I just ate lunch" she said with a little giggle, I nodded lightly with a grin in understanding and allowed her to make her leave. The river that flows for all species must be fresh clean water, not a river of blood. A river of blood will not bring peace. It will bring fear and anger.

"Thank you for lunch, Your Majesty, but I must retire"

"It was a pleasure to have your company" I replied to Galinka

We shook talons, and we nuzzled cheeks as the admiral made her leave. With lunch concluded, I helped the palace staff take the dishes to the Imperial Kitchen, and even helped wash them. My question to you is how many monarchs do you know that do these kinds of tasks? Not too many. I also cook my own food with instruction from the Imperial Chef

"What a day, we got a lot accomplished" I said to Chef Georgi

"Do you fancy a spot of dessert? I can make Zefir" he offered,

"No, no, I have had a good meal, thank you, you should rest, my friend" I suggested to him. He grinned, and bowed making his leave of the kitchen. I grinned to myself, 'I fancy a swim' I thought, and I went to the Imperial Pool. It is really hot tub that is 12m by 6m, and located in the level below the palace. I made sure the pool water is perfectly warm

I giggled as I dipped a talon in the pool. The water is perfect. I dived in with a simple forward dive, and a good splash. I swam underwater from one end of the pool to the other before I surfaced feeling refreshed, and ran my talons through my head feathers. I took a breath, and I swam underwater to the other side. There is so much to look forward to.