Title: A Little Rain Will Fall
Rating: T like the show, to be safe
Disclaimer: I am still super poor and don't own Criminal Minds nor NCIS they still belong to their network, creators, writers, actors, and actresses that make them real.
Summary: Reid and Abby are in an established relationship but a minor accident at work becomes a much bigger deal.
Notes: This has been stewing for a while now but I finally made it work. It's only two parts long but it's something. It's not my usually fluff. I don't mean to trigger any feelings for anyone who has had to live through pregnancy loss, if this is a trigger for you please don't read it. For those of you who want a little bit of finding comfort in a bit of pain please continue and let me know what you think.

Abby screamed as the table flew across the room pinning her against the wall. A second later DiNozzo and McGee were in interrogation and subdued the suspect. Everything had happened so fast they hadn't been able to do anything to stop it. Gibbs instantly felt guilty he should have known better than to have her in that room just because a suspect asked.

"Gibbs," Abby cried, partly from pain and partly from terror.

Bishop helped to move the table and Abby slumped to the floor tears falling down her cheeks. Gibbs was surprised to see her like that. He knew she had to be in pain but she was tough. There was something more she wasn't telling him and he was already dreading what it might be. He had been the one to agree to letting her sit in on the interrogation; now she was hurt.

"Abs?" Gibbs whispered cupping her face.

There were tears falling down her cheeks. "It hurts, but it's just," her voice then fell to hardly a whisper. "I- I'm… pregnant."

Without even thinking he picked her up to take her to the hospital. He couldn't change what had happened but he could get her help and stay with her as long as he was allowed. It took Abby a moment to realise what was happening she still wasn't over the initial shock of seeing 'roid rage right before her eyes. She certainly hadn't expected the meek looking suspect to be able to do something like that.

"Gibbs I already called for an ambulance," Bishop told him as he raced past her.

"I can get her there faster!" he snapped.

"I'll call Doctor Reid!" she called after him.

Bishop knew it was better just to let him do things his way. Still racked with guilt Gibbs brought Abby to one of the NCIS issue trucks which was equipped with sirens. No one in the motor pool stopped him, they all knew better and simply gave him the keys. He put Abby in the back. She curled up into a ball on the back seat. Somehow she already knew there wouldn't be a baby this time.

"I didn't tell Spencer," she sobbed. "I should have told him, but I didn't and now he's gonna find when a doctor tells him why I'm in surgery."

"I'll tell him," Gibbs assured her.

"I still should have."

"We can't change that."

Tears were still falling down her cheeks. "No we can't."

"I'm sorry Abby I never should have let you in that room."

She knew he only apologised when he meant it. "You didn't know he'd do something like that. I could have said no too, but you're going to tell me how it wasn't my fault; so I'm telling you it isn't yours either. "

He nodded. "We're almost there."

"I don't think having an instant teleportation device would have saved the baby," she whispered. "He's going to hate me."

"He could never hate you."

"This isn't exactly the first few weeks of the pregnancy. I can't lie to him."

"Abby," he assured her as he pulled put to the hospital.

When he walked in holding her three nurses came with wheelchairs. He sat her down in one, and squeezed her hand as they went toward an exam room. He was given a clipboard and began to fill out the information as one of the nurses asked Abby questions. Everything seemed muffled and muted to him until he felt the nurse take his hand.

"Sir, I'm sorry, your daughter will need to go in for surgery. She'll be in recovery on the third floor. I'll get an orderly to bring you to a waiting room."

"Thank you," he stammered, still not believing what had happened.

An orderly had come over to him and showed him up to a small waiting room. Gibbs couldn't sit down, instead he paced the hall. His mind reeling, trying to figure out if he could have done anything differently to change the outcome; he was dreading seeing Reid.

"Spencer," Gibbs called seeing him coming from the elevator.

No one Abby worked with called him by his first name. Reid was already on high alert but this cemented, in his mind, the fact that something terrible had happened. He had been wondering what could have possibly happened to warrant the call he'd gotten from Bishop. She had been nervous on the phone; as if she was hiding something. He had been too worried about Abby to question it as he headed to the hospital.

"Where's Abby? Bishop told me that she'd been hit by a table a suspect threw across a room. The nurse in the ER told me she'd been admitted, I don't understand," Reid explained.

"She had to go for surgery."

"Surgery, what kind of damage could possibly have been done to her?"

"She needed an emergency D&C."

The colour drained from his face. "She was-? I had no- that's why she hasn't wanted to eat. How could I not see it? The symptoms are so obvious. I haven't had to buy her- it's been more than three months."

"I don't know. She'll be moved to recovery soon."

He nodded then went into the waiting room; Gibbs knew to give him some privacy. He watched the young man for a moment and could tell he was confused. Reid came back into the hallway a few minutes later. It was obvious that he had shed some tears even if he was trying not to show it. This was the part Gibbs had been fearing most; having to tell him why she had been in that room when she should never have been.

"Agent Gibbs?" asked Reid.

"Just Gibbs," Gibbs reminded him.

"Yes, right, why was Abby in interrogation?"

"How?" Gibbs started to ask, still surprised by some of the things the profiler could figure out. "The suspect refused to talk without her there."

Reid nodded. "I know you would never intentionally put her in danger, but I needed to know why she was there. By the way it's the only room which has tables instead of desks, other than autopsy but very few living people outside of your building are ever in there and they would certainly never hurt Abby."

Gibbs was about to say something else when nurse came over to them. "You're both with Miss Scuito?" she asked.

"Yes, how is she?" Gibbs asked.

"She's resting but you can see her when you're ready. Follow me."

"Thank you," Reid said following her to the room Abby was in.

He went into the room and sighed softly. Seeing her sleeping with the IV and heart monitor attached made her look so much more injured than he knew she was. There was a fear that nagged at him almost every day he worked that she would have to see him like that but he'd never thought the reverse might become true. He took her hand and somehow that put his mind more at ease. Gibbs was just behind him and his heart sank upon seeing her.

"This wasn't your fault," Reid assured him.

Gibbs nodded. "I know."

The two men sat there in silence for a few long moments. Gibbs finally left, giving Reid the privacy he needed. He held her hand, sitting on a chair next to her. A few tears began to fall down his cheeks again. He couldn't help it and no longer cared if anyone saw him. As much as he was wondering why she hadn't told him, his tears were for the life that would never be.

He had thought a lot about having children since he'd met her. Although they had never spoken about it he cautiously wanted that with her. Now he had to wonder; what if she didn't want to have children with him? Had never been in a serious relationship like that before, he was committed to her, even if he hadn't yet shown her. He decided in the moment that even if she didn't want a family he still wanted to keep moving forward with her. He knew it wouldn't be easy to move forward from the loss but he was more than willing to fight to keep her in his life no matter how hurt he was about her not trusting him. He needed to know that she was really all right but they also needed to talk even if it was going to hurt.

Notes: I know I'm evil, but I will update tomorrow and if you know me you know I'm a happy ever after kind of gal, you'll see… let me know what you think! Hearts and hugs!