Chapter 2

Sam, two days to go

I could hear voices, but I had no idea where they were coming from. Consciousness tugged at my dreams, pulling me away from a brunette, but I couldn't see her face. She was all long auburn hair and smiles, curves and tattoos. I had no idea who the woman was in my dream, but I knew that she was who I belonged with.

As I awoke completely, I began to lose the connection I had with the no-faced girl I had dreamed of. I shook her out of my mind and stood from the armchair and stretched, still hearing the voices floating down the hall of the Men of Letters bunker.

Walking cautiously, I moved towards Dean's room and I heard the voices stop as I knocked on his door. "Dean?" I asked. "How long have you been home?"

The positive change in Dean's voice was already apparent. He sighed contentedly, saying, "Awhile, Sam. I didn't want to wake you."

"How did your pie date go?"

He hesitated only a second, but I could hear the smile in his voice. "Pretty well, Sammy."

I considered this a moment and held my shock as I made a face, figuring out where the other voice was coming from. "She's in there with you, isn't she?" I knew the answer even before I asked the question.

A female voice giggled quietly and answered, almost unwillingly. "Hi, Sam," she finally replied.

I tried not to smile as I listened to my brother and his new novelty laugh, but I knew it would be short lived. "Well, I'm making hamburgers if you two plan on coming up for air anytime soon."

As I walked down the hall towards the kitchen, I knew this was going to be a conversation with Dean that I wasn't going to want to have. He would be defensive and angry at my line of thinking, especially considering that The Mark was probably the reason he was in his bedroom with a girl, but I wouldn't necessarily put it passed my brother to bring home a random female. At least he hadn't killed her.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Dean had brought a woman home to the bunker without talking to me about it first. Our home had been invaded for a one night stand and now she knew where we lived. It was as if he had forgotten everything about what we had been working to do because of some piece of ass.

They joined me in the kitchen a few minutes later and I did my best not to bang the pots and pans around like some pissed off housewife. Dean was rosy cheeked and content and I couldn't help rolling my eyes at how obvious he was being. I took another drink of the beer I was drinking and raised my eyebrows, trying not to sound too pompous.

"Grace?" I asked, extending my hand to shake hers. She didn't take it, but she smiled in return.

"Hi Sam, it's nice to meet you," Grace said, almost apologetically.

Grace was tall and blonde; pretty typical of Dean's type. Her long wavy hair hung passed her back, dusting the ridiculous red sweatpants that she wore and her eyes were piercingly blue. Dean seemed to orbit around her, watching every move she made and smiling stupidly, especially when she turned to return the grin at him as he offered her a stool at the bar.

"You too," I finally answered, sighing. "You want a beer?"

Grace smiled, thanking me, and set it down on the bar. She turned towards Dean, moving her body just enough that she was within inches of him. "Where's the bathroom?" she asked. Dean and I pointed down the hall in tandem and watched her walk away. I sighed heavily as I turned to see Dean staring at her backside and preparing myself to lecture him; I took a deep breath and tapped the bar to get his attention.

I kept my voice down as I lectured him about bringing her back to the bunker, but I might as well have been scolding the arm chair. He shook his head occasionally, rolling his eyes, but Dean wasn't hearing anything of what I was saying. It was then that I finally realized that Dean might not be on a one night stand. My brother might actually be hooked on this girl.

I didn't know which was worse, especially after I learned that she was a by-touch psychic.

Looking back, I had no idea that the previous night would be the last night that my brother and I were alone in this world. After we had burgers that night and made small talk, it was hard to picture our lives without the Browning sisters. The more time I spent with Dean and Grace, the more I realized that they were falling hard for each other, almost dangerously fast, but at the same time, Dean was as calm as I had seen him in months. The Mark of Cain wasn't red and pounding against the veins in his arm, and he spoke with a genuine smile on his face and he was quick to laugh. It was like having the old Dean back.

By the end of the dinner, I found myself wanting Grace to stay, just to keep the calm that had fallen around Dean in such a short amount of time. Soon, they found their way back to Dean's room and I fell asleep on the couch.

Later that night, a storm blew in and looking back, I think it's perfectly fitting that the thunder and lightning brought Serra to me.