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Chapter 24

Serra, ten months, two weeks

Grace had been in the hospital for almost two weeks and I was still struggling with the idea that I had almost lost my sister. If it hadn't been for Castiel, I think we would have been making funeral and cremation arrangements, but I pushed the thought from my mind, struggling to stay focused on Sammy's handsome face.

"You okay?" he asked sitting down on the cafeteria bench across from me.

I took a deep breath and smiled, nodding as he pushed a bowl of green Jell-O towards me. "Yeah," I began, picking up the spoon with my left hand. "I mean, I was just thinking about how grateful I am for Cas."

Sammy nodded, lifting his eyebrows as he pushed his hair out of his face. He still had the remnants of yellowed bruises over his cheek and his arms where he had taken countless hits from the stalker on the night of the attack. "Agreed," he said, nodding. "That night, when she was still in surgery, I was trying to figure out what I would have done with the two of you if Grace hadn't made it."

I tried to smile, knowing that he was attempting a joke, but there was too much truth there to ignore. "We would have been a hard to handle," I replied, taking a bite. "I'm not sure who would have been worse, me or Dean."

Sam shook his head, agreeing. "Here's hoping I never have to find out."

"Ain't that the truth," I sighed, tapping his spoon with mine as we each took another bite. "How is Cas?"

Sam shrugged. "Same," he replied. "He told us that healing Grace wasn't as hard as he thought it would be, but he's still hurting a bit." He glanced up at me and smiled. "He took Dean's old bedroom at the bunker."

I grinned, "Aw, he misses his musk." Sammy and I chuckled for a bit and I stared down at the spoonful of lime gelatin, considering the best way to ask the next set of questions. "We're in it to win it, right?" I finally asked, flicking my eyes to Sam's.

"In what?" he said, lifting his gaze to mine. "Us? Together?" I agreed silently and Sam nodded, furrowing his eyebrows. "Oh, yeah, Serra. You're not getting rid of me."

I swallowed, struggling with the idea that he would be so mindlessly dedicated to me. "Even after everything that's happened?"

"If not more so," he added, taking another bite and licking off his spoon. "All that guy did was prove to me that I would have a hard time living without you."

"Grace and Dean have been together a year, today," I continued. "A whole year. That's longest relationship that she's ever been in."

"Hey," he countered. "Ten and a half months for us."

"Achievements unlocked all around," I joked, chuckling. "You're not going to propose when we hit a year, are you?"

"Do you want me to propose when we hit a year?"

I grinned and shook my head, closing my eyes. "You don't think that's moving too fast?"

Sammy leaned back in his chair, smiling slyly. "I would marry you right now if that's what you wanted," he commented. "Or, we don't ever have to get married and I would still never leave." He shrugged, crossing his arms in front of his chest and pursed his lips. "Having a ring or not having a ring doesn't change the way I feel about you, Serra. For Dean, it's a comfort that is predictable. I think to him, it means we're normal; that they're relationship means something to him, and that he finally gets the domestication that he has always craved. Dean has a very traditional ideology that a marriage is steadfast and unbreakable. He wants to marry Grace because he wants to prove how dedicated to her he is." Sam paused to take a breath. "I'm just happy that you've allowed me to love you for as long as I have."

I grinned slowly at him, knowing how carefully he chose the words. "I don't want to get married yet, or maybe not ever, but if I ever do," I leaned back and took a deep breath, "I'd wanna marry you."

Sam nodded, trying not to jump out of his seat to come towards me. "I love you, Serendipity," he whispered, a wry grin tugging at his lips.

"Don't call me that."

He was out of his seat and stepping around the table in seconds, leaning down to frame my face with his hands. He took a deep breath in his nose, taking in my scent as much as he could and finally closed the gap and kissed me.

Later that day, we headed back out into the winter cold and drove to our favorite diner to pick up hamburgers for Grace and Dean's anniversary dinner that we planned for inside her hospital room. We even convinced Cas to join us and picked him up on the way back to the hospital.

"Thank you for inviting me," he greeted in his deep voice as he sat in the back seat of the El Camino.

I glanced behind me and furrowed my eyebrows. "Cas, you're a member of this family. As far as I'm concerned you can do whatever, whenever you want. You saved my sister's life."

Castiel nodded and stared out the window of the El Camino as Sam began the drive back to the hospital. There was a period of silence as we mulled our own thoughts over, and finally, Cas took a breath to speak again. "I don't know how responsible I was for saving Grace," he replied. "I still wonder if she had already saved herself."

I turned to stare over the back seat at the angel. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "What does that even mean?"

Shrugging and looking entirely too human, Cas lifted one of his eyebrows. "Grace had already begun the healing process on her own, but it was exaggerated, almost as if she had angelic tendencies."

"What, are you saying Grace is part angel?" I laughed, shaking my head. "Don't tell her that. She's already full-enough of herself."

Cas shrugged again and stared out the window. "I will take that under advisement and will not bring it up again unless I have more information."

"Yeah, okay, Cas," I sighed, taking a French fry from the bottom of the bag and eating it.

By the time we got back to the hospital, the burgers were almost cold, but the look on Dean's face told me that he didn't care. "Oh, thank God," he muttered, taking the bag from my hands and opening it without hesitation. "I'm starving."

He took out a burger and handed it to Grace, then reached back in the bag and took one out for himself. I stood and watched; smiling at how good Grace was beginning to look. "You think they'll let you out soon, Gracie?" I asked, my mouth full of hamburger. "Your bruises are almost gone."

She nodded, wiping her mouth. "Yeah, and so are the skull fractures and headaches," she grinned at me and my eyes caught the sparkle of something on her left hand.

"What is that?" I asked, pointing to her fingers.

Her face flushed immediately and she grinned. "It's a ring," she answered, her blue eyes flicking to Dean's as he sat on the edge of her bed next to him. "We're engaged, I guess."

"Ugh, finally!" I shouted, leaning towards them to hug Grace fiercely. "You know how long I have been holding that in?"

Grace laughed and shook her head. "I knew you were holding something back," she accused. Grace turned towards Dean and pointed. "Who else knew?"

Sam raised his hand and grinned. "Me," he said.

"I knew as well," Cas declared from the other side of the room. "It was challenging to withhold specific information around someone who is learning to read minds," he stated, causing Dean and Sam to laugh.

"It's a good thing you finally did it," Sammy commented at Dean as he stood to hug him. "She was getting too good at reading us. It would have come out sooner rather than later."

Dean laughed, clapping his brother on his shoulder with one arm. "Tell me about it," he replied, leaning back and grinning at Grace. "There," he said, spreading his good arm wide. "Now everything's out on the table. You've got the Chevelle, the ring…and now I don't have to work when I'm around you to hold anything in."

"You guys are all assholes," Grace chuckled, taking a bite of her fry. "Can't trust anyone these days."

I took a deep breath and sighed, saying, "Congratulations, you two."

Grace was beaming and turned to stare at her future husband. "Thanks," she sighed.

He leaned over to kiss her scalp and hugged her shoulders, whispering, "I love you, gorgeous," into her hair. She smiled and closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest.

As I stared at them, I felt at ease for the first time in weeks. No, I thought. For the first time in years.

Grace's blue gaze flicked to mine and she smiled lightly, nodding once. "Me too," she whispered, and I knew that she had heard my thoughts.

We're home, I continued.

Grace nodded as she leaned into Dean. I mirrored her, stepping closer to Sammy and closing my eyes, feeling the heat from his chest. I had never been so happy and I had never been so grateful to someone that wasn't directly related to me. The Winchesters had saved us from more than just a stalker. They had made my sister and me whole again and I knew that I would spend the rest of my life trying to repay them.

Sammy pulled me close and I closed my eyes as he kissed my head. "I love you, Serendipity," he whispered and I sighed, knowing that he could call me that for the rest of my life and I would always beg for more.