Hey guys I know I like never right anymore but I've had this really amazing Story idea for Tokyo Ghoul for Kaneki and Hide and it should be a full on story so let's hope I actually update daily!

They were after him again. They had found him again. "Keep going we have to catch him!" The Centipede they called him. If only they had known the torture he had undergone to receive that name. He was just so hungry he couldn't even tell the difference between a office worker and investigator and he had gone at him witch only resulted in more trouble for the Centipede and the capture of him. They brought him into a dark room chained him to chair and put him behind bullet proof glass and gave him RC depressants. Then they interrogated him. That was the worst. His interrogators were on the Jason Syco level for methods on getting

information out of him. Whether the rest of CCG new about their methods or cared about how information was gotten he did not know. Whenever

the pain got unbearable all's he had to do was think about Hide his smile his laugh his warm brown eyes his voice. He wondered how Hide was doing he hoped he was happy and Safe. That brought him all up to his current situation. Why were they moving him? They shoved him into a another chair and chained him there. They gave him food to. Then Kanou walked into the room. Followed by two investigators with Hide? It seemed he wasn't on there side either seeing he was struggling in a pair of handcuffs and bruises littered his skin. That was when he lost it. He screamed and thrashed around in the chair. "Your right the boy does mean

something to him." The two investigators Akira and Amon said. "Alright good that means he will protect the boy and the experiment." Kanou said. "What experiment?" Kaneki growled. "You see only one natural born half ghoul in history has ever been born and it works against us so we decided that since males can also carry half ghouls and the baby has a better

chance of living inside of them we are going to inject Hide here with this needle right here to make him pregnant." "And would you like to guess who else's DNA besides his will be in that needle? That's right yours!" Kanou said sadistically smiling. "NO LET HIM GO! PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT I'LL TELL YOU ANYTHING JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM!" Kaneki screamed.

"As tempting as that offer is I'll have to decline as if all goes well your friend over here should prepare to partipate in more experiments and if

you don't coroporate then we will find someone who will and trust me there are plenty of Ghouls out there who are willing to help us produce more Ghouls through both DNA donation and the natural way." Kanou said casually. Kaneki, Hide and even Akira and Amon looked shocked at what he said. Then without warning he stuck the needle in Hide and pulled it

out just as fast causing Hide to pass out and fall to the ground as Akira and Amon lost their grip on him. "HIDE!" Kaneki screamed. "Let's go leave the boy though." Kanou said. A few moments after Kanou had walked out of the room with Akira and Amon the cuffs holding his wrists to the chair opened allowing Kaneki to run over to Hide and gather him up in his arms carefully. "Kaneki..." Hide muttered then stirred a little bit. "I promise were gonna be ok Hide I promise." Kaneki promised softly.

Alright guys that was the first chapter I hope you liked it and sorry for any mistakes its late and I'm tired but I just had to get this down before I lost interest. I should be updating soon hopefully but if I don't it either school or writers block or my parents saw my grades. Also sorry if stuff get unnecessarily depressing because its most likely because my depression is coming back and two of my friends are planning on running away and I don't know what to do. So sorry if I don't update daily or my writing is trash.