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So while Hide and the baby slept Kaneki made a phone call to an anonymous person. "Yes we will be there 12:00 o clock ok thank you bye." Then Kaneki hung up the house phone. He then walked into Hide and his shared bedroom and smiled fondly Hide was sprawled out across the bed hair sticking out in all directions while the Hayami slept peacefully in her crib. "I have to protect them." He said to himself.

Then he walked over and climbed into bed with Hide who in response snuggled right up against him. Kaneki then drifted off into sleep. A few hours later both Kaneki and Hide woke up to the sound of a baby crying. "I'll check on her." Kaneki said getting up. "Ok thank you Kaneki do you know were her food and diaper's are?" Hide asked eyes still sleep fogged.

"Yeah in the nursery." Kaneki replied gently lifting Hayami out of her crib gently hushing her and rocking her. "Come on let's go feed you." Kaneki said cradling the baby in his arms while Hide fondly watched the two.

The baby giggled a bit fisted her tiny little hands on to Kaneki's shirt. "Aww you to are so cute!" Hide coed from the bed. Kaneki blushed while Hayami giggled again. "Ok little one let's get you some food." Kaneki coed and walked to the nursery were her food was being kept.

He then set her down on the changing station and quickly got her bottle ready. Then balancing the baby and the bottle he walked back to his and Hide's room. Then he sat down on the bed next to Hide and started feeding the baby who eagerly ate. Hayami's eyes then started tiredly dropping closed so Kaneki gently took the bottle from her as she yawned and fell asleep snuggled up against his chest hands clutching his shirt. Kaneki then set the baby in her crib and sat next to Hide again. "I don't want the CCG to experiment on our baby." Hide said looking at Kaneki teary eyed as he snuggled up to Kaneki. "They aren't going to." Kaneki said reassuringly as he rubbed Hides back.

"How do you know?" Hide said now crying. "Because tonight we're escaping." Kaneki said. "How?" Hide asked sniffling.

"I've contacted some people they will help us and also do you remember any english cause if so I need to teach you then." Kaneki said. "Yeah I know english." Hide said nuzzling into Kaneki's neck. "Ok good and is there anything in particular you wanna pack?" Kaneki asked. "Just some comfortable clothes and some clothes and stuff for Hayami." Hide said. "Ok I'll pack for us." Kaneki said. "Thanks I think I'm going to go back to sleep I'm still exhausted." Hide said laying back down and snuggling under the cover's. "You need the sleep." Kaneki said and waited for Hide to fall back asleep before going to start packing for their escape. A few hours later it was around 7 and Hide decided he wanted dinner so Kaneki made him a dish of plain noodles with hot sauce with garlic bread on the side even though he wasn't pregnant anymore he still actually liked the dish. "So when are we going?" Hide asked as Kaneki fed Hayami her bottle.

"Around midnight." Kaneki said. "Ok so should I go back to sleep or what?" Hide asked. "I would get together what your going to were and make sure Hayami has warm clothes cause we have to walk there." Kaneki said. "Ok." Hide said finishing up his food and putting it in the dishwasher.

So around midnight Hide and Kaneki got Hayami and gently wrapped her up in blankets and put on a warm outfit for her. Kaneki then made sure that Hide was dressed warmly which during that time period he gave Hide hand warmers to stick in his gloves then put a scarf and hat on him fondly watching the annoyed look on his face. "You need to dress warm to Neki!" Hide said booping Hide on the nose.

"I know I will." Kaneki said kissing Hide gently. "Good wouldn't want you getting sick cause who would make me food then?" Hide said teasingly. "Your such a Dork." Kaneki said playfully. "Whatever." Hide said smiling. "Now go get your coat and stuff on." Hide said.

"Ok." Kaneki said going to get his coat on. A few minutes later Kaneki was back with his coat on and a back pack which he was wearing. "All's you have to do is carry Hayami." Kaneki said. "Can do." Hide said picking up Hayami and cuddling her close so she would stay as warm as possible.

When they snuck out of the house they discovered it had been snowing and still was. "How far do we have to walk?" Hide asked cuddling the baby closer trying to shelter her from the snow. "We have to get through that forest and it isn't a very long walk." Kaneki said gently putting his arm around Hide tugging him closer to warm him up to which Hide gratefully snuggled closer to as well. They quietly walked through the forest and then heard footsteps and Akira's voice shouting. "Crap.." Kaneki whispered to himself and them making sure Hide was secure in his grip with his backpack swung to a certain angle so his Kangune wouldn't hit it he pulled all three of them quietly into the tree's. Kaneki then made a shushing notion when Hide tried to talk then pointed to the investigators below.

"The snow is covering their tracks to quickly we have to move fast." Akira said shining her flashlight about. "Maybe there in the tree's?" One officer suggested. "No he wouldn't risk the other two's life's in this weather climbing a tree would be to dangerous." She said looking up for a moment much to Kaneki's fright then as the rest of the team moved along she mouthed the words good luck to them and lead her team in the opposite direction of the were the jet was to land to pick them up.

"Is she in on this?" Hide quietly whispered once they were gone. "I don't know..." Kaneki replied just as confused. "Ok." Hide said then suddenly Kaneki grabbed onto him again telling him to hold onto Hayami and exited the tree.

Kaneki then lifted Hide up princess style making sure he could safely hold Hayami and started running in the direction of were the plane was to land. Soon they reached a huge clearing and Kaneki pulled out a Walkie Talkie and said to the person on the other side of it

"Yeah were here you can come pick us up now." And as soon as he threw the Walkie talkie to the ground and smashed it with his foot a small nice looking jet with it looked like armour on it flew in and landed. The door then opened and the staircase was let down. Then a blonde woman exited the plane to greet the small family. "Mom?!" Hide practically shouted but stopped himself. "Yeah bet you didn't expect your mom to be leading rescue missions did you?" She said laughing. "No!" Hide said still in some shock.

"Well I just had to come see my new Grand baby." She said smiling excitedly. "Now get on the plane Akira and Amon can only keep them occupied for so long." She said gesturing to plans then the forest. "O-ok." Hide said. Then they all boarded the plane.

"You guys can go change and get showers if you want in the bathroom in the back Millie could hold the baby and by the way what is her name?" Hide's Mom Lowkus asked. "Hayami." Hide replied smiling. "That's a very pretty name maybe instead of Millie holding you I could!" She said talking to Hayami who giggled in response just waking up. "Hey Millie can you take over for me?" Lowkus yelled. "Sure!" She yelled back.

"You can go first Hide." Kaneki said handing him some clothes. "Thanks I don't think I'm going to shower I'm just going to change." Hide said taking the clothes. "No problem." Kaneki said quickly kissing him on the cheek then he almost fell as the plane took off. Meanwhile a laughing Lowkus looked at the two from were she was seated with Hayami. Hide stuck his tongue out at her and she laughed more. "That's my son!" She said smiling warmly. Then Hide went to go change. "Hey Kaneki come on sit down!" Lowkus said. "Ok Miss Nagachika." He said nervously. "Hey calm down I know you would never hurt even if you are half ghoul. "I still worry I might lose control..." Kaneki admitted. "I'm sure you won't I'm going to have Millie teach you how to control your Kakaju." She said. "What of I hurt her though?" Kaneki said. "You won't she is one to and a SSS rated." Lowkus pointed out. "I know I just-" Then Lowkus cut him off by saying "stop being so negative around Hayami!" Gesturing to a curious looking Hayami. "Ok.." Kaneki said just as Hide walked out in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt with his hair tied in a loose ponytail.

"You can change now Neki." Hide said sitting on the most comfy looking chair he could find and curling up on it. "Ok." Kaneki said grabbing his clothes and walking to the bathroom to change. "Mom where are we going?" Hide asked sleepily from his chair. "I'll tell you when Kaneki gets back." She replied gently rocking Hayami.

"So who is Millie to you is she more then just a partner?" Hide asked curiously. "She is my wife your step mom and a ghoul who is caring kind and amazing." Lowkus responded. "As long as she is good to you." Hide said. "Same goes for your relationship." Lowkus said. "I know." Hide said rolling his eyes. "Its horrible that they forced you to bear a child at only 20." Lowkus said quietly. "I'm fine mom and so is Hayami and Kaneki and you guys that's all that matters." Hide said.

"I suppose so and by the way we got all of the Anteiku staff to were going to. They are on a different plane though." She said. "That's good to hear!" Hide said. "It is." Lowus said smiling warmly at her son. Then Kaneki came out of the bathroom in a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt. "Come sit with me!" Hide asked giving Kaneki puppy eyes. "Ok fine." He said sitting next to Hide on the oversized chair. Hide instantly snuggled up to Kaneki now blinking to stay awake. "Its ok Hide you can go to sleep." Kaneki said gently stroking his golden blonde hair. "Ok." Hide replied and within minutes was asleep. "Kaneki you should get some rest to I'll stay up and make sure Hayami is ok." She said. "Ok if she gets hungry her formula is in the front pocket along with her bottles." Kaneki said gesturing to his backpack. "Ok thank you for telling me."

Kaneki said then closing his eyes he fell asleep. A few hours later Lowkus woke them both up by singing in the most horrible voice she could muster causing both Kaneki and Hide to whine in protest. "Just five more minutes..." Hide whined snuggling closer to Kaneki. "No were almost there look!" She then pointed out a window which overlooked many pine tree's. "Were is this? Were are we going?" Hide asked. "Gravity falls Oregon your new home." She said smiling.

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