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It was a little bit before Hide woke back up. When he did Kaneki could only hold him closer. "Kaneki?" Hide asked blearily. "Yes?" Kaneki asked his voice full of concern. "What happened after I passed out?" Hide asked. "Nothing really all's they did was leave and let me out of my restraints." Kaneki said. "Ok." Hide simply replied. "So were do you think there gonna take us?" Hide asked still resting slightly against Kaneki. "I don't know..." Kaneki said sighing. "Probably some facility." Hide said bleakly. "Over my dead body are they gonna put you in some

uncomfortable cell filled with weird chemicals." Kaneki said pulling Hide closer. "Aren't you possessive." Hide teased. "Not possessive protective." Kaneki said stubbornly. Before Hide could reply Kanou walked into the room. "Ahh! I see you've awoken!" Kanou said to cheerfully. "What is it Kanou?" Kaneki growled. "Well were going to transfer you to a house out near the edge of Tokyo in the country to provide a cleaner breathing environment so the experiment has a lesser chance of having any problems. And of course we will have some CCG

Agents surrounding the area and some to escort you to wherever you need to go. So you will have escorts to take you to your apartments so you can gather your belongings and be on your way." Kanou said. "Ok well I don't have an apartment so Hide let's go to yours." Kaneki said. "Wait if

you didn't have an apartment where'd you stay?!" Asked Hide concerned. "I lived at one of Agori trees bases but never had any personal belongings there that I cared about." Kaneki said shrugging it off. "Well I want to make sure you have somewhere to sleep! Don't worry me like that!" Hide said

smacking Kaneki lightly. "Ok I promise I won't." Kaneki said. "Good." Hide said satisfied looking. "Alright were ready to go." Kaneki said and then helping Hide up walked out of the room Kanou leading. "Alright we already have the address to your apartment so no need to tell us." Kanou said casually. "How'd you get his address?!" Kaneki demanded before Hide could speak. "Well its on his employee information sheet." Kanou said. "I quit the CCG and moved how'd you find my new address?" Asked Hide

shakily. "Oh we have our ways." Kanou said casually observing his fingers. "Don't do that to Hide don't track him that's creepy and he doesn't deserve this." Kaneki said angrily. "Well how else were we supposed to find out were are test subject lived?" Kanou said. "Just drive the car." Kaneki growled. "Ok." Kanou said. A few minutes later they arrived at his

apartment. "Hide everything is broken...What happened?" Kaneki asked putting Hide behind him protectively. "The CCG it was after I quit cause I discovered some of what they were doing to humans and Ghouls. They came to get me for their experiment and I refused to open the door so they busted it down and that's when I tried to hide from them but they found me pretty quick and I tried fighting back to but that

didn't work I wanted to find you and leave Japan so they couldn't bother us anymore to but we can't leave now that I have a half ghoul baby to keep alive." Hide said. "Hide I'm so sorry I should've been there for you I couldn't protect you I'm so sorry..." Said Kaneki starting to cry. "This is all my fault!" Kaneki muttered to himself. "Go away Rize I'm never gonna leave him

again I thought I was protecting him but I was wrong." Kaneki said starting to cry harder. Hide seeing Kaneki was having some trouble knelt down beside the now sobbing Kaneki. "Hey buddy its ok. We'll be fine. Ok and its not your fault its not your fault you got dragged into this life." Hide said now rubbing Kaneki's back comfortingly." "But its my fault you got dragged into this mess." Kaneki said. "No its not." Hide said firmly. "Ok its not my fault." Kaneki said just to calm Hide but he still kept thinking it was his

fault. "Ok so what do you want me to help you pack?" Kaneki asked sniffling. "Well some of your books and old clothes are in one of my spare rooms so if you want those their there." Hide said already going through the kitchen Cabinets going through the still good food. "You kept them?"

Kaneki asked voice starting to shake painfully. "Yeah dude why wouldn't I?" Hide said. "Wow I just didn't think you would..." Kaneki admitted.

"Course I would keep them now get to work!" Hide said and Kaneki could practically hear Hide grin as he said the last part. "Ok!" Kaneki said lightly smiling. Kaneki walked into the spare room seeing it untouched and neat. Then a bookshelf with all his books. He then opened the small closet and saw all his clothes and stuff. In the floor were a stack of folded box's. "Wow everything is here." Kaneki said surprised. Pulling out a blue jacket he caught a scent on it. Hide. It smelled like he wore it a lot to. Burying his face in the jacket he took in Hide's comforting scent.

Then he quickly slipped on the jacket. Then taking out the box's and unfolding them he got to work. About an hour later he finished packing his own belonging's and carried them to living room where Hide was sprawled out on the floor.

"Hide are you ok?" Kaneki asked wondering if Hide was actually exhausted or being lazy. "No Kaneki this is to much work please help me!" Hide said dramatically from the floor. "Ok just show me what to pack." Kaneki said smiling at his Best friend fondly. "Yay! Thank you Kaneki!" Hide said happily still on the floor. "Are you going to get up first?" Kaneki asked. "Are you going to help me up?" Hide replied back sassily. "If you want me to." Kaneki said. "Good then help me up and then carry me to the kitchen." Hide demanded. "Ok." Kaneki said lifting Hide up with ease. Once they got to the kitchen Kaneki set Hide down on a chair. "Ok so pack up whatever is still edible." Hide said. "Ok." Kaneki said and then a half an hour later the kitchen was packed. "Ok to my room!" Hide said and once again Kaneki

carried Hide to his destination. Ok just dump the drawers into the boxes. "Alright." Kaneki said unfolding more boxes quickly then loading clothes and various items into the boxes. "Ok anything else?" Kaneki asked after finishing packing Hides belongings. "Nope." Hide said. "Ok." Kaneki said, then Kangune erupting from his back he used them to carry boxes. After packing the boxes in the car Kaneki went to get Hide who had wrapped himself in a blanket still on the bed claiming he was "Hiding". So Kaneki had to carry a burrito like Hide out to the car. "Hey remember buckle up." Kaneki reminded Hide. "Ughhhhh FINE!" Hide said dramatically. "Hey I

don't want to lose you just because you were to lazy to buckle your seat belt." Kaneki said reaching over and fixing the seat belt since it wasn't on to Kaneki's liking. "You worry so much Neki." Hide teased yawning. "Just go to sleep." Kaneki said opening one of his books. "Fine." Hide said yawning again and then within minutes fell asleep. But only a little after Kaneki started reading did he realize how tired he was a fell asleep curled up next to Hide. A few hours when Kaneki woke he was greeted with a huge crick in his neck. "Owww!" Kaneki whispered painfully to himself. "Awake I see." Hide said grinning at Kaneki. "When you wake up?" Kaneki asked stretching. "Only a few minutes ago." Replied Hide cheerfully. "Then why are you do happy because Kanou agreeded to stop for McDonald's!" Hide said happily. "Isn't that some American fast food place?" Kaneki

asked. "Yup!" Hide said. "Well can you eat in I don't know how I'll hold up against the smell." Kaneki said not wanting to barf everywhere. "Or what about you sit outside while I eat in here." Hide said. "Ugh fine." Kaneki said caving. "Actually I'm going with the ghoul on this one I don't want the car to smell of McDonald's." Kanou chimed in. "Wow we agree for once."

Kaneki said sarcastically. "Yes Kaneki it appears we do." Kanou replied. Nothing much was said afterwards as they drove. "STOP I SEE IT!" Hide yelled bouncing up and down causing everyone to jolt in surprise as Hide yelled and the car screeched to a halt. Hide almost fell into the front causing Kaneki to lunge forward and pull him back safely. "Hide! Aren't you buckled?!" Kaneki asked panicking hugging Hide. "No." Hide said sheepishly grinning. "You could've been killed!" Kaneki panicked some

more. "Hey what about an Are you ok Hide?" Hide asked still smiling. "Are you ok?" Kaneki asked sincerely. "Yes Kaneki I'm fine." "Good." Kaneki said pulling the human closer even though they where parking. "Were not even moving anymore you dork!" Hide said laughing. "I know." Kaneki said. "Can I go eat now?" Hide asked. After Hide ate they started driving again and soon reached Hide's and Kaneki's new house. "There are so many flowers!" Hide yelled happily running out of the car and flopping on the ground in the flowers. "Can we look inside?!" Hide asked like a child. "Sure here are the keys." Kanou said handing Hide the key's. "Yay!" Hide said and ran into the house.

Alright there will be a part two and once again I'll try to update once a week and sorry for any mistakes!