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"The house is fully furnished and designed to fit a humans and a Ghouls needs along with a baby half Ghoul so you don't need to worry about it." Kanou said as they trailed after Hide who was running about the house. "So after the baby is born it will live with me and Hide?" Kaneki asked hoping that at least the baby could live with them. "Well when it turns 7 we will start training and experimenting on it."

Kanou said. "Wait experiments?!" Kaneki nearly yelled. "Yes is there a problem?" Kanou asked as if they were discussing which candy was the best. "Yes there is you can't just go experimenting on a kid!" Kaneki exclaimed.

"Who's going to stop me?" Kanou asked. "Me and others not with physical force but verbal that way you have no way of legally hurting me since I haven't physically hurt anyone according to that contract that was signed before we left my containment so as long as I don't kill hurt or threaten anyone physically I have done nothing wrong." Kaneki said smartly. Kanou was speechless that the Ghoul had the nerve to stand up to him. "I'm going to do it whether you like it or not." Kanou finally responded. "I'd like to see you try and Hide won't agree to it the baby is his baby not yours no matter what." Kaneki said. "You will see it my way eventually." Kanou said and walked away. "No I won't." Kaneki said but Kanou was already gone.

"Kaneki come check out my new room!" Hide said excitedly grabbing Kaneki's hand and dragging him upstairs before Kaneki could say ok. "Look at it!" Hide said pointing to a bright room with a king size bed and huge TV along with an attached bathroom. "Cool." Kaneki said smiling at his excited friend glad to see him happy. "Come on Neki your room is right next to mine!" Hide said dragging Kaneki along once again. Kaneki just followed along glad Hide seemed to be taking his pregnancy well considering it was forced upon him.

"Look its so big! And has as separate room for your training!" Hide practically yelled into Kaneki's ear. "Ok Hide that's very exciting but could you quite down please?" Kaneki asked patiently. "Fine." Hide pouted lowering his voice. "Thank you." Kaneki replied then went to inspect the room. After approving of it he and Hide looked around the rest of the house then went to the car to retrieve there stuff. Which Hide made Kaneki carry all of it. After Kanou leaving he started carrying Hide's stuff to his room in which he found his friend asleep. So he decided to unpack all of his friends stuff for him since he was just to adorable to wake up even though it was early. After unpacking everything Kaneki went to bed not even bothering changing. The next morning Kaneki was greeted by a waffle breath Hide. "Hey sleepy head wake up." Hide said facing Kaneki. "Ugh fi-" Suddenly Kaneki's form tightened and Kaneki ran to the

bathroom. The sound of barfing could be heard. "Oh yeah the smell of human food is gross to him." Hide thought to himself then ran to the bathroom to help Kaneki. When Hide got there Kaneki was up against the wall heavily breathing. "Sorry Neki I forgot that it smells gross." Hide apologized sitting next to him. "It's ok I just had woken up I was just surprised." Kaneki said getting up.

Then Hide heaved himself up. "I'm going to go brush my teeth!" Hide shouted running to the bathroom as Kaneki walked to the kitchen for water. "Ok thank you." Kaneki shouted back. After getting his water Kaneki decided to search symptoms of pregnancy and their was a lot. One of them was barfing and mood swings. Fabulous a moody Hide. That was going to be interesting. Yup. As Kaneki started looking through more sights. Then Hide came down. "Hey what you looking at?" Hide asked walking over to the couch and sitting down. "Nothing just some books I'm thinking about getting." Kaneki lied. "BORING!" Hide declared. "Well what do you want to do?" Kaneki asked patiently. "What about we find a park!"

Hide said excitedly. "Ok just let me alert the CCG were we are going I don't want to get in trouble because we didn't tell them we were going park hunting." Kaneki said. "Ok Neki." Hide said laughing at the last part Kaneki said. "Ok we will have Akira take you. She and Amon are right next door." Kanou said. "Ok but why next door?" Kaneki asked. "So that they are near by if anything happens or you try anything." Kanou said adding on the last part with malice in his voice. "Ok." Kaneki said replying making sure his voice showed no fear. "Goodbye." Kaneki said and hung up. "We can go?" Hide asked hopefully. "Yes we can go." Kaneki said smiling at his human. "Yay!" Hide said cheering. "Ok let's go get Akira but first you change."

Kaneki said looking at Hide's old sweat pants and T shirt. "Fine but you have to change to." Hide said pointing to Kaneki's current clothing. "Fine." Kaneki said. "Oh and I unpacked your stuff for you so don't worry about looking in the box's." Kaneki said. "Ok thank you Neki!" Hide said hugging his Best friend and then letting go to go change. "No problem then Kaneki went to his room to change.

Ok guys part two done! Sorry for any mistakes. Bye!