Halloween is right around the corner, so it's my job to give you a Halloween fanfic! Sorry if you don't like my costume ideas for the characters (some of them are based off of fanart): Alix is a pirate, Max is a mad scientist, Kim is Frankenstein, Chloe is a (very corrupt and haughty) princess, Sabrina is her fairy godmother, Alya is a witch, Nino is a werewolf, Adrien is a vampire, Rose is a fairy, Juleka is a ghost/spectre/skeleton, Ivan is a troll/ogre, Mylene is a hippie, Nathanael is also a vampire (because Adrien is his rival), and Marinette is Snow White.


Marinette sewed the final stitch of her Snow White costume.

"What do you think, Tikki?" Marinette asked. "Should I add some ruffles?"

"I think it's beautiful," Tikki reassured her Chosen. "I absolutely can't wait for you to wear it tomorrow."

Beep! Beep!

The oven's alarm echoed into Marinette's room.

She ran downstairs and Tikki gave her a pair of oven mitts.

Marinette slipped them on and pulled out a tray of gumball-sized cake balls.

She wrapped them in tiny squares of tissue paper that advertised her parents' bakery and dropped them in a bowl.

Tikki tried to swipe a cake ball from the tray.

"Those are for tomorrow," Marinette scolded.

"I already touched it, so I'm eating it," Tikki said. She popped the treat into her mouth.

"You're right," Marinette sighed. "After all, we wouldn't want to poison the trick-or-treaters with magical kwami dust."

Tikki laughed. "Really? 'Magical kwami dust?' My flying ability doesn't come from magical glowing pollen."

"Anyway, do you think my costume choice was good? After all, I can kind of talk to animals and I take care of a flying dwarf," Marinette grinned.

"Mr. Pigeon and Animan don't count as animals. And I am not a flying dwarf," Tikki huffed. "

Anyway, thank you for the idea of giving out cake balls on Halloween instead of candy. No wonder you're the kwami of creation," Marinette said.

"Well, it makes sense since your parents own a bakery," the kwami said.

"I think it was just because you wanted to eat them all," Marinette giggled.

"Was not," Tikki argued.

"Was too," Marinette replied.

Tikki sighed in defeat.

Marinette ran upstairs to sew white ruffles onto her costume and tried it on.

It fit perfectly.

"Your costume looks amazing," Tikki complimented her. "It's a good choice. But there's something I have to tell you about tomorrow…"


"A vampire? Really? That's the best you could come up with?" Plagg deadpanned.

"Don't be such a downer, Plagg. This is my first Halloween, and my father said it would 'boost business' if I wore this. According to him, girls seem to be into romantic teenage vampires," Adrien argued.

"Why don't you be Cat Noir? Then you would really boost business," Plagg teased.

Adrien laughed. "No way. I'm sticking with the vampire costume."

"Is that because you think Ladybug is into the whole blood-drinking undead bat zombie nonsense?" Plagg asked.

Adrien blushed. "Wh-what? No…..anyway, I don't think Ladybug is the type of girl who's into vampires. What does she like, anyway? She's not into cats, obviously. And who doesn't love cats?" Adrien asked.

"You want Senpai to notice you? Charm her as a vampire. You'll see," Plagg said. "

Ladybug is not my Senpai! Besides, I'm not an actual vampire, Plagg," Adrien grinned.

"Halloween says otherwise," the kwami warned.

"What aren't you telling me about Halloween?" Adrien asked, suspicious of his kwami.

Maybe it was the wind, but Adrien swore he heard Plagg mutter something like, "One century you're warning your Chosen about the villagers with pitchforks outside your door, and the next you're teaching them the basics of wooing Ladybug. Great."

Sorry about the short chapter. Also... What secret is Tikki and Plagg hiding from their Chosens? Find out in the next chapter! -Shadow of the Elements