Ok, OTPeople, I, Shadow of the Elements, now present to you: the last chapter of Miraculous: The Frightening Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! I, personally, loved writing this fanfic and it's my first completed one, so…. Enjoy! Oh, and here's a quick recap of the costumes: Marinette=Snow White, Adrien=Vampire, Alya=Witch, Nino=Werewolf, Alix=Pirate, Mylene=Hippie, Ivan=Ogre/Troll type of creature, Nathanäel=Vampire, Juleka=Ghost, Rose=Pixie, Kim=Frankenstein, Max=Mad Scientist, Chloe=Princess, and Sabrina=Fairy Godmother. Yeah, and I forgot to mention: there's no Lila in this fic. (Mainly because I couldn't come up with a good enough costume and I really hate her.) This chapter will be the longest because I like seeing the characters interact with each other in their costumes.


Marinette and Adrien sprinted towards their classroom, only to bump into each other on the way in.

"A-Adrien, you're really a vampire!" Marinette stuttered.

"And you're Snow White, the fairest of them all!" Adrien complimented her.

Marinette's face turned bright red.

"Oh yeah…..well…...ummm…..We better go check on our classmates!" she blurted.

"On it," Adrien said, and flashed her a fanged grin.

"Oh, and Adrien?" Marinette stopped him.

"What?" he asked.

"You're sort of a vampire now, so try not to bite anyone?" Marinette squeaked.

"Don't worry," he replied and dashed into the classroom.

"Tikki, why is nobody freaking out right now?" Marinette asked.

"I have Creation magic, remember? I planted the idea in everyone's head that this is the work of some crazy akuma, so everyone still thinks there's an akumatized villain out there," Tikki said.

"Thanks," Marinette gratefully said.

She walked into her classroom, only to be greeted by Alya nonchalantly lying down on a floating broomstick.

"Hey girl, isn't this awesome? The new Halloween villain has the power to turn people into what costume they're wearing!" Alya said as she whizzed around the classroom.

"This is not awesome," a very furry Nino grumbled.

Marinette looked around the classroom.

Max was pouring some toxic-looking chemicals together into a vial from the science lab, muttering something about 'the key to life itself.'

Alix was brandishing a sword and standing on top of a desk, yelling, "Everyone, lower the sails on the starboard side!"

Kim grumbled every time the bolts on his neck sparked while trying to form a coherent insult to say to Alix.

Mylene was trying to stop them, showing them a sign on which was painted 'Peace to the World.'

Rose had shrunk to the height of a pencil and was fluttering around a very unhappy Juleka, who was floating around the classroom, trying in vain to grab onto a solid object.

Ivan sulked in a corner, surrounded by mud and vines.

Every two seconds, Chloe yelled at Sabrina to make her golden gown more beautiful.

Nathanäel was simply sketching in his notebook, but he accidentally broke the pen he was chewing on with his fangs.

In other words, the class was complete chaos.

"Where is Madame Bustier?" Marinette shouted, trying to be louder than the racket their class was making.

"Thar she be, young lass," Alix yelled, pointing at a dalmation that was cowering under the teacher's desk.

Oh no. Marinette remembered that Madame Bustier was planning to be a dog for Halloween.

"Fine, where's Principal Damocles?" Adrien asked.

"Sorry dudes, he's an owl," Nino shrugged.

"Are there any teachers? Any teachers at all?" Marinette asked.

"Nope, they're all either objects or animals," Alya responded.

Everyone's stomach growled.

It was lunchtime.

"Ladies first!" Chloe shouted as she and Sabrina walked out of the classroom.

"Let's fuel our intestines!" Max shouted as he marched into the hallway.

"Yeah, what he said!" Kim agreed as he slowly trudged towards the cafeteria.

"Need a lift?" Alya asked.

Kim nodded.

Ivan waved his fungi-covered arms.

"Yeah, you can come too," Alya laughed. "Go ahead, board the Hogwarts Express!"

Kim and Ivan climbed onto Alya's broomstick and the three of them zoomed off to the cafeteria.

"Does anyone else need help getting to the cafeteria?" Marinette shouted.

"I don't think so," a chilling voice said, accompanied by the rattle of chains.

Marinette screamed and turned around to see an semi-transparent white figure.

"Oh, Juleka, it's just you," she sighed with relief.

Juleka grabbed the ghostly scythe that had just floated out of her grasp and phased through the walls, heading towards the cafeteria.

"Juleka, wait!" Rose's extremely high pitched voice shouted as she fluttered after her best friend.

"I definitely wanna try this," Nino said.

He looked up 'full moon' on his phone and immediately turned into a wolf.

He looked away from the image and turned human again.

"This is so cool," Nino grinned.

"Speaking of turning into animals, we can turn into bats, Adrien!" Nathanäel told his fellow vampire.

"No way. How?" Adrien asked him.

"You just have to concentrate," Nathanäel replied.


Nathanäel and Adrien were replaced by two bats.

As they flew to the cafeteria, Nino dashed after them.

"Wait for meeeeeeeeee-arooooooooo!" Nino shouted, his words turning into a long howl.

"Where are we going?" Alix blankly asked.

Marinette mentally scrolled through her list of pirate terms.

"To the cafeteria. It's a place where you get….belly timber?" Marinette asked, hoping she didn't accidentally insult the hot-tempered pirate.

"Belly timber? Why didn't you say so?" Alex yelled as she bolted out of the classroom.

"Are you coming too, Mylene?" Marinette asked her meditating friend.

"Of course," she replied, and ran out of the classroom faster than you can say 'Namaste.'

Wait, Marinette thought. Must get apples.

She sprinted towards the cafeteria, only to find it already filled with goblins and ghouls galore.

"Hey Marinette! You need a seat?" Alya asked, beckoning towards a spot next to her on her broomstick.

"Thanks, Alya!" Marinette said as she hopped onto the floating broom.

"I was just wondering….Can you summon things?" Marinette asked her best friend.

"It depends. What do you want me to summon?" Alya questioned.

"Apples. Five apples. Please?" Marinette begged.

"Five apples, coming right up," Alya replied.

She concentrated and five blood-red apples appeared in a picnic basket.

"Thanks, Alya," Marinette said as she wolfed down four of the apples within a minute.

"Woah, girl, calm down," Alya said.

"Sorry if that was a bit too fast," Marinette sheepishly grinned.

"You didn't even ask if they were poisoned," Alya mused.

"Were they?!" Marinette asked, starting to panic.

"Of course not," Alya giggled. "That is, unless you want a certain vampire prince to-"

Marinette shoved the last apple into her friend's mouth.

"Don't even go there," Marinette warned her.

Alya spat out the apple. "Tough luck. I went there, I stayed there, and heck, I live there now."

Marinette laughed.

The bell rang.

"Lunch is over already?" Alya asked.

Suddenly, Alya's broom did a 180.

Alya held on and sat down again, but Marinette fell into the crowd of monsters.

She landed in someone's arms.

"I'm glad I caught you, Princess," Adrien grinned. "It would've been a real terror if I hadn't."

Marinette was ready to faint right then and there.

She managed to stay conscious and Adrien gracefully set her down.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.

"Yeah, fine I'm just! I mean, I'm just fine! Everything's dandy!" Marinette blurted.

She ran into the crowd, back to her classroom.

"Hi, Marinette!" a bird chirped outside the window.

Three deer, a squirrel and five birds surrounded her.

"Where did you guys come from?" she asked.

"Well, we had to come to our princess eventually," the birds tittered.

"I'm sorry, but I really don't have the time for this right now! I'm trying to control an entire class of monsters," Marinette sighed.

"We understand," the creatures squeaked and they pranced outdoors.

"Tikki, what am I going to do? This is complete madness!" Marinette asked her kwami.

"There's nothing really to do right now. You just have to wait it out. You only have about three more hours left, if you're lucky. Stay strong, Marinette! I know you can make sense of this mess somehow!" Tikki encouraged her.

"Alright, I'll try to-ah ah ahhhhh!" Marinette sang.

She felt a sudden urge to clean the entire classroom and grabbed a normal broom out of the closet.

"Wow, today is so chaotic," Marinette sang.

"Everyone's movements are so robotic,

Acting like they're something they're not."

Marinette was currently unaware that most of her classmates were staring at her in shock.

"And yet I know they're human inside,

So that mean's that I've gotta try

To untangle this crazy knot," she continued, oblivious to the fact that some of her classmates were now humming along.

"I must be wise and brave

To make my friends behave

And prepare for a better tomorrow," Marinette sang.

"But even though I'm weary

I have to remain cheery

And banish all my sorr-...oh," Marinette stopped singing upon realizing that her friends were watching her.

Everyone froze upon being caught in the act of staring at Marinette during her impromptu concert.

Mylene ran up to Marinette and wrapped her into a hug.

"Those lyrics were so peaceful! Like a calm flowing river under a glowing sunset," Mylene complimented her.

Marinette blushed. "Really, it was nothing! It was just because of my costume," she squeaked.

"Oh, Marinette, your singing voice is beautiful!" Rose said, her tiny beating wings producing a soft drone like a hummingbird's.

Juleka nodded in agreement while the chains wrapped around her ominously rattled.

"Girl, that was amazing!" Alya shouted, flying on her broomstick around the classroom. "You really should-"

"That song was the most sappy thing I've ever heard. You honestly think that you can fix all the hideous monsters around me? You can't. Sabrina, add another jewel to my crown!" Chloe interrupted as her poor fairy godmother waved her wand to make yet another ruby appear on the princess's tiara.

"Chloe, I don't know how, but somewhere, someday, I'm going to curse you into a sleep that no prince can ever wake you up from," Alya snapped.

"As if," Chloe scoffed.

"You're on, Wicked Stepsister-" Alya yelled.

"Alya, don't," Nino stopped her, but soon began to sniff the air. "Wait. Where is that heavenly smell coming from? Meat. Where is it?! Is it chicken or beef or-wait-bacon! It's bacon! Where'sthebaconwhere'sthebaconwhere'sthebaconwhere'sthebacon? I NEED IT!" Nino excitedly yelled.

"Sorry, Mr. Lycanthrope, but I do not possess the pig flesh that you seek. The chemical in this test tube, liquid Hydraulic Carbonic Iron, has properties that allow it to smell like the bacon you're looking for. It's also great at repairing Kim's stitches," Max explained as Kim drank the strange green liquid and the loose stitches on his neck magically tightened.

"Now my head can stay on," Kim said.

"I'm not even going to question what would happen if it did come off," Marinette sighed.

"So no bacon?" Nino asked.

"No bacon," Kim confirmed.

Nino let out a lonely sorrowful howl.

"Seriously, Nino?" Adrien asked in disbelief. "You're still hungry? Dude, you're the one who made off with all of the hamburger patties for Barbeque Day tomorrow. There were at least a thousand in that crate! And they were raw!"

"I couldn't help it," Nino whined. "They were just so-"

"You ate our rations?!" Alix screamed, understanding that Nino had ruined the most celebrated cafeteria holiday in the school year even though she was a pirate.

"No Barbeque Day?" Kim asked.

"You bloody bastard! Now I can't challenge that annoying green voodoo doll to an eating competition! You belong in a rat cellar! I'll flog your mangy fur off of yer back if it's the last thing I do! May Davy Jones curse yer soul and I hope it be the Kraken that shreds yer tail to pieces! You're a dead man, wolf boy, a dead man!" Alix snarled at Nino as Marinette and Adrien attempted to hold her back.

"Someone…...help…..us," Adrien panted as he tried to restrain the furious pirate.

Ivan scratched a moss-like growth that had spread on his cheek and some vines wrapped around Alix and hog-tied her.

"Thank you, Ivan," Marinette said.

"You're welcome," he grumbled.

Meanwhile, Mylene stomped over to Alix.

"Alix, apologize," Mylene calmly commanded her.

"What for? Nino was the one who smuggled and swallowed all of the meat," Alix scowled.

"Alix," Mylene protested.

"Never," Alix said.

"Alix," Mylene said again.

The vines around the pirate tightened.

"Hey, watch it!" Alix argued.

"Only if you apologize," Ivan muttered.

"Fine. Nino, I swear on Davy Jones' locker that I am truly sorry for my death threats," Alix sighed. "Now, can you release yer rogue shrubbery?"

The vines that were tied around Alix disappeared.

"Where's Nathanäel?" Rose suddenly asked, nervously fluttering around and looking for her vampire classmate.

"I may or may have not used him as an experiment," Max muttered.

"What did you do to him?" Marinette asked, starting to panic.

"I was just trying to find the secret to immortality. But fine. I mean really, who cares about immortality? It's not like it could possibly save the human race one day," the mad scientist sarcastically said.

"Show us where Nathanäel is," Adrien commanded.

"Never! I will finally be respected. I will never be laughed at again!" Max cackled.

"Here goes nothing," Marinette sighed.

She sang a single high note and adorable, fluffy woodland creatures entered the classroom.

She flashed Max her most sweet and sincere smile.

"Pretty please?" Marinette asked.

"Oh please," Max scoffed. "Princess magic doesn't work against science."

"It looks like it works against vampires," Alya snickered.

Nino stifled a laugh as he glanced at his best friend.

Adrien, no doubt, was now head over heels in love with Marinette.

All romantic thoughts of Ladybug vanished from his mind as he gawked at her beauty.

I love Marinette, he dreamily thought. She's so perfect…

"Adrien? A-Adrien, are you okay?" Marinette asked her lovesick classmate.

"Marinette, you are my one true love," Adrien happily sighed as he fainted.

"Hey Mari, you might want to tone down your 'fairest of them all' magic!" Alya giggled.

The princess blushed and sang a deep note that caused the animals to flee the classroom and the pink sparkles that surrounded her disappear.

"Step aside! Princess Charming right here! I need to wake my Adrikins up from his enchanted sleep and give him a happily ever after!" Chloe announced, shoving Marinette aside and and wrapping her arms around Adrien's neck.

Chloe was about to achieve her goal…..before Adrien let out a shrill scream and escaped Chloe's embrace.

"Eww Eww Eww Eww Eww! I can't believe Chloe kissed me!" Adrien shrieked as he looked for a water bottle in his backpack.

"Dude, what do you mean? Chloe didn't kiss you," Nino told him.

"Wait, she didn't?" Adrien asked.

"Chloe didn't kiss you," Nino repeated.

"PRAISE THE LORD!" Adrien whooped. "For a second I thought that Chloe had awoken me with true love's kiss and let's face it, Chloe being their true love would be every guy in Paris's worst nightmare!"

Chloe looked utterly shocked.

"Adrikins, I'm going to assume that you're still delirious from Maritrash's love spell," she retorted.

"What love spell? All I remember is this blinding light and suddenly…..….oh sugar honey iced tea," Adrien finished, realizing what he had said earlier.

"The real question would be why Adrien was the only one who went into that strange lovey-dovey state," Alya interrupted.

Marinette's face turned the color of a tomato. "Well...ummm...Adrien is the only boy in class who isn't in love with anyone, because Nino, Ivan, and Kim are already in love with someone so I guess that's why it worked?" she guessed.

"I am not in love with anyone!" Kim argued.

"OH SHUT IT EVERYONE KNOWS YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON ALIX!" everyone in the class (except Alix and Kim) yelled simultaneously.

"Well….I…..uhhh…." Kim stuttered.

Everyone glared at him.

"Okay I have a crush on Alix," he admitted.

"Awwwwwww," Rose, Mylene, and Juleka cooed.

"Anyway, I found Nathanäel earlier" -Alya showed a bat in a cage- "and he didn't faint from Marinette's beauty," Alya continued as she let the bat out of the cage and it turned into an exasperated Nathanäel.

"I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation," Adrien hastily protested.

Ugh, the things I have to do to make my OTP canon, Alya thought. Locking them in a dark classroom together is going to be next on my list.

"Now I'll never find the key to everlasting life," Max groaned.

The final school bell of the day suddenly rang and everyone in the world fainted on the spot again.

They woke up a second later and everyone's costumes -well- were just costumes.

"Ladybug and Cat Noir must've finally defeated the villain!" Rose cheered, a normal-sized human being again.

"Dang it, I really liked my floating broomstick," Alya sighed. "And I didn't even get to meet up with the other witches in this school and play a game of Quidditch!"

"So…..uhhhh…...Kim….y-you have a crush on me?" Alix asked.

The non-stitched teenager blushed and nodded.

"Then I dare you to go out with me after school," Alix grinned.

"I accept your challenge," Kim said.

The class cheered.

"Today was the definition of chaos. Class dismissed, and Happy Halloween!" Mrs. Bustier announced.

The class left, everyone excitedly chatting about the day's previous events.

"Thanks for keeping everyone in check, Marinette," Adrien said as he walked to his limo. "You and I were just about the only sane ones in the classroom, and honestly, I don't know what would've happened if you weren't there."

"Y-you're welcome," Marinette stuttered.

"Happy Halloween!" he shouted as he entered the limo and shut the door.

"Happy Halloween, Adrien," Marinette happily sighed as the limo drove away.


"How was your day, Bugaboo?" Cat Noir asked as Ladybug landed on the Eiffel Tower.

"Truly chaotic," she sighed. "Yours?"

"Even more chaotic," Cat Noir groaned.

"I doubt it," Ladybug said.

"I can't believe that you missed out on me being a vampire. One bite and I could've been with my lady forever," Cat Noir grinned.

"That would've been an eternal nightmare," Ladybug laughed. "And besides, I'm not into that kind of stuff."

"I thought I was your Prince Charming," Cat Noir whined.

"Very funny. What did you do all day, flirt with every girl in your class?" Ladybug said.

"Meowch! How many times do I have to say this: I only have eyes for mew," Cat Noir said.

"What did I say about puns, kitty?" Ladybug reminded him.

"If I remeowmber furrectly, mew said I had to put a paws on my puns," Cat Noir said.

"Honestly, how can you say that with a straight face?" Ladybug asked, about to burst into laughter.

A scream echoed across Paris.

"Not hiss again," Cat Noir sighed.

The superhero partners sprinted across the rooftops and quickly defeated 'Sweet Tooth,' a six-year-old boy whose parents wouldn't let him eat all of his Halloween candy.

"Happy Halloween, Cat Noir!" Ladybug shouted as she swung off to her home.

"Happy Halloween, Bugaboo!" Cat Noir shouted back as his lady escaped his grasp once again.


Marinette yawned as she silently thanked the fates for the teacher's conference that caused school to be cancelled that day.

"Tikki, I still can't believe that happened yesterday," Marinette said as she stretched.

"I know. I'm sorry I couldn't help you," the kwami sighed as she flew off of Marinette's pillow.

"It's not your fault. Is the whole costume fiasco going to happen next year?" Marinette yawned.

"Yes. Will you be prepared?" Tikki asked.


Adrien woke up.

There was something white fluttering through his window.

Oh no.

Adrien sprinted out of his house, still wearing his slippers and pajamas.

His entire house.

The whole freaking mansion.

Covered in toilet paper.

"PLAGG!" Adrien angrily shouted.

The kwami flew around Adrien.

There was a mischievous grin spread across his face.

"Happy Halloween!" Plagg cackled.


Thanks for all the support! This is my first completed fanfic. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter. It took forever to write, but I loved every second of typing this! You guys are the best. Thank you so much for reading this even though I planned horribly so it's past Halloween. I love you, OTPeople! -Shadow of the Elements