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Chapter IA New Beginning

The kingdom of Arendelle. A relatively small, but prosperous place. Yes, this quaint little kingdom has its fair share of up and downs in its history.

As is the time when the previous king and queen were tragically killed while at sea. And when the Eternal Winter befell them because of their young queen who had the power over ice.

Elsa was their queen after her parents died though she was reluctant to take that role because of her powers. When she was a child, she accidentally froze her sister's, Anna's, heart.

Because of that, Elsa grew to fear her abilities; viewing it as more of a curse than a gift and shut herself out from the world to protect the ones she loves from herself.

But she was able to look past her fears and rule with a kind hand to her subjects.

And it thanks to her sister, and a mysterious Lord by the name of Beerus.

Lord Beerus had appeared out of nowhere and had helped Elsa escape her imprisonment at the hands of Hans and possessed powers far greater than Elsa's own.

As time went by, the two of them grew closer and closer until they eventually fell in love. But as with all relationships comes with trials.

In reality, Beerus was a Hakaishin. The most powerful being in the universe, and responsible for destroying planets to safeguard the cycle of Life and Death.

And Elsa had no idea of the truth until it was too late and with the feeling of betrayal clouding her mind, the Queen of Arendelle shunned him away, much to the Destruction God's pain.

He tried desperately to make her see reason, to see that the feelings he had for her were never in question. But it was futile, she even went so far as to renounce her love for him.

Beerus was left devastated. Hearing that the love of his immortal life renouncing everything they had for each other shattered his heart. It was the single most painful blow he had ever felt.

With a broken heart, Beerus and Whis left Arendelle.

Elsa was also broken from the ordeal, a few choice words from her sister made her realize her grave mistake. Looking back, Beerus had never really taken advantage of her.

He never forced her to do anything, never forced her to his bed, and never forced her to do anything she didn't like.

Though she soon realized her mistake, it was too late to rebuild their already destroyed relationship.

In the year that followed, Beerus had come to resent Elsa for what she did. Even as going so far as to make her life miserable but that all changed when an unbelievable truth was revealed to him.

Elsa was pregnant with his child. But due to the grief and regret, the baby had died in her womb.

Beerus was shocked to learn this. In one moment, he had become a father, the next, his own flesh and blood was dead before it even got a chance to live.

Immediately, the resentment he had for her was replaced with overwhelming guilt. Deciding that Elsa has suffered enough because of him, the god opted to let his beloved queen go.

Declaring that he will forever love her and kissing her one last time, Beerus returned her to her kingdom.

But soon the two lovers were reunited when Beerus' twin brother had come to kill Elsa for supposedly carrying a Hakaishin's child. A crime punishable by death if proven wrong.

The queen welcomed the death that was going to consume her. She felt that she deserved it after everything she did to the man...god she loved with all her heart. But it never came when her former love saved her once again.

When Beerus learned of his brother's plot against Elsa's life, never had he come close to murdering his own blood. But thanks to Vados, Champa was spared from his brother's wrath.

It was then that the two agreed to start anew. And start anew they did.

Presently in Arendelle, the queen was having just another day of being a monarch. Treaties to go over and sign, internal and external problem to resolve, the works.

She was seated in her office hunched over her desk, before her a pile of papers.

Elsa wasn't going to lie, she was getting bored. She's been at this since morning and her wrist was already burning like hell!

Setting down her pen, the queen rubbed her aching wrist with a groan, trying to get some feeling back. It was just another of being a queen of a country...

When she could at least feel that her wrist wasn't that sore, she gave out a sigh before going to the window to stretch her legs and taking a long sip of her coffee. Humming at the still hot liquid running down her throat, Elsa wondered when her lover would return.

Elsa smiled, imagining Beerus's arms wrapping around her waist this very instant. That rambunctious cat god was everything to her. Her best friend, confidant, and lover. One of the very best things that has happened to her was when she met Beerus.

He may have his fair share of flaws, but she did too and that was okay. The only thing that mattered that they were together and nothing would change that.

The queen had never felt loved before. Anna was familial love, but the love she shared with Beerus was for those that truly loved.

'Please come back, Beerus. I'm missing you,' Elsa sighed dreamily. Wanting nothing more to be distracted from her duties and spend time with her Hakaishin boyfriend.

And like somebody was listening to her request, the queen felt a pair of arms slowly embrace her from behind. She jumped in surprise but soon relaxed when she felt something rubbing on her head and heard a familiar purr.

"What took you so long, Beerus? I was beginning to get a tad bit bored here." Elsa asked, letting herself relax and leaned towards her lover.

The god hummed in amusement and licked the small of her neck, the sandpaper feeling sending shivers down Elsa's spine. "I haven't been gone that long, my dear. Only two months." He said nonchalantly, not seeing what the big deal was.

Elsa giggled. "You've probably been sleeping again. It's been three months."

"Semantics." Beerus chuckled before the queen turned around and enveloped the god she loved in a warm embrace which he returned whole heartedly.

No words were uttered because there was no need. Elsa just wanted to hold her cat god; it has been quite some time since she had seen him.

She hummed in satisfaction, feeling Beerus nuzzling her head with his. "You've missed me that much, have you?" He whispered in a slightly teasing manner and the queen huffed before smirking.

"No, but it is good to see my little kitty cat here with me." She giggled when Beerus growled.

Oh, that little nickname came from when Elsa was a tad bit drunk on her last birthday. Let's just say what she did was borderline scandalous and inadvertently gave the god a very humiliating but amusing pet name.

"I thought I told you to never call me that again." To add emphasis, he bit her ear. Not enough to cause a scream, but enough to make Elsa wince at the sting.

"Yeah, in public. You agreed I could call you that in private." Knowing it was a futile effort, she pinched Beerus' back. Not even a sign of a little discomfort came from the God of Destruction.

Beerus scoffed but didn't say anything more as he pulled away. Well, he did agree to that. The only person allowed to call him a kitty cat was Elsa, but only in private. Anyone else who dared call him that would find themselves dead in an instant.

"Well, at least I wasn't intoxicated and sat in my lap like a love depraved puppy." Beerus laughed at the dirty look Elsa was giving him.

"It's not my fault! I never had anything remotely alcoholic aside from wine." She whined in embarrassment, a twinge of pink adorning her cheeks.

Shaking his head in amusement, the god plopped down on the sofa and looked at the enormous tack of papers on Elsa's desk and chuckled. "You know, I'll never understand the need for such things. I never have to deal with them while you do. Pity."

Despite herself, Elsa was actually jealous and angry at Beerus for that one and crossed her arms with a scowl. "Well, excuse me, my lord. We mortals have it tough while you laze around."

She expected him to scowl at her instead, Beerus wore a shit eating grin and nodded. "As it should be. A Hakaishin never has to do work apart from being a destroyer."

...Well, Elsa should have seen that coming. After all, she's known Beerus for a little over ten years now.

After a minute of silence, Beerus looked at her with a raised brow. "Well? Are you just going to stand there or come amd join me?"

Elsa grumbled but obliged to his words and sat beside him. "There, happy?"

"Quite." He said cheekily and wrapped his arm around her waist before pulling her close and began nuzzling her again.

'No, stay angry, Elsa. Stay angry.' The queen hissed to herself, trying very hard not to fall for Beerus' charms so easily this time. But it was getting harder and harder with that accursed purring of his!

Finally, she couldn't ignore it anymore and Elsa rolled her eyes before burying herself beside her rambunctious and needy god.

"You know, you've never really told me the reason you're here." The queen sighed offhandedly, greatly enjoying the love she was receiving from her own oversized kitty.

"Mmm, I don't need a reason to come see the woman I love." He replied nonchalantly but the reason was already in there.

Elsa smiled brightly and looked at Beerus in the eyes. Those big slitted eyes she had come to love so much. "And I really don't mind seeing the little kitty I love."

The two of them smiled lovingly at each other before their lips met in a slow and elegant dance. True, their relationship was never perfect and wouldn't be considered normal on any spectrum...but that didn't matter in the slightest.

Beerus and Elsa loved each other and that was all the reason they needed.

When they finally separated, the queen laid her head on his shoulder and sighed longingly. To hell with paperwork, this was more important to her.

"Hey, do you mind closing and covering your eyes?" Beerus suddenly asked and Elsa looked at him curiously.


"It's just a surprise, my dear. I'm sure you'll very much love it when you see it." Beerus held a grin filled with...nervousness and anticipation? "Now close and cover your eyes."

The queen was intrigued now. "And why do I need to cover my eyes even though they're closed?" She asked incredulously. "I'm not going to peek and ruin the surprise."

"Like I'd believe that lie." Beerus scoffed in a mocking way.

Elsa huffed indignantly but complied to his wishes and closed and covered her eyes. This had better be a good surprise.

Satisfied that his beloved queen didn't protest much, but still not trusting her, the god placed a hand over her covered eyes.

The queen felt his hand over her own and frowned. "Really, Beerus? Do you really think so low of me?"

"I would never think so low of you, my dear." He sounded almost offended. "I'm just making sure you're not cheating because this is something that you really want to be a surprise."

Saying nothing else, Elsa huffed and remained as she was. But still, her curiosity was running wild. What has Beerus so secretive all of a sudden?

Smiling to himself, Beerus reached for his pocket and began fishing for the object inside. "Elsa, it is-"

Before he could finish what he was going say, there was a knock on the door. The destroyer's eyes widened in surprise and he quickly withdrew his hand from his pocket and let go of Elsa's hands.

"Elsa, it's Anna. C'mon, it's time for lunch and I'm starving."

The two gave out a sigh. Elsa was a sigh of amusement, but Beerus was a sigh of frustration. Couldn't she have picked a better time to interrupt them?!

"Of course, Anna. I'll be there soon. And please do tell Gerda to set up another plate?" She called over.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Just hurry!" They heard what seems like running...until something broke. "Sorry!"

Elsa shook her head at her sister's antics. After all of these years, Anna was still a total klutz.

"I'm sorry, my love, but your surprise will have to wait." Elsa stood up from the couch and looked at her cat god. "Would you like to have lunch with us?"

Beerus smiled. "You go on ahead, my dear. I want to make a grand entrance." He and Elsa chuckled together in merriment.

"Oh, Beerus. I'll see down stairs." With that, the queen exited her office. And once she was out, Beerus lost his smile.

'Of all the times Anna has to come, it had to be now!' He ranted in his mind. He was this close to actually doing it!

After a few moments, Beerus had finally calmed down enough and sighed. He reached inside his pocket and from there came a dark velvet box. The god opened it up to reveal a beautiful ring but not just any ordinary ring...this was an engagement ring.

Beerus felt that it was time. There was no female in the Universe that he wanted to spend eons with other than Elsa. A small smile came to his lips when he thought about it.

Elsa, Empress of the Seventh Universe. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.


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