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Chapter VI – Whis Breaks The News

Whis couldn't believe it! IT was finally happening! Lord Beerus was finally going to marry Elsa! Oh, this was such a glorious event. He couldn't possibly hope to hold his excitement...why should he be the only to know this? The whole Universe must know!

No...the entire twelve UNIVERSES must know of this!

'Ooooh! I can just imagine it! The grandest celebration to have ever been done!' The attendant squealed in glee.

Not to mention the delicious cuisines that would be served. Whis had a glazed look in his eyes, slightly drooling. He could already taste those succulent dishes...

But first...he had to tell the earthlings and the Kais about this!

"I'll be going to spread this wonderful news!" He called out to the Oracle Fish who was still knocked out. "Oh…the poor thing. So overwhelmed with joy that she passed out." The attendant giggled.


"Well, I'm off! Please tell Lord Beerus that everyone will soon know of this joyous occasion." With that, Whis took off to the stars.

First stop, the planet of the Kais.

"AHHHH!" The Oracle Fish finally woke up from his fainting episode and began looking around frantically. "I-I just had the strangest dream."

Supreme Kai was doing his duty on his planet and that was looking over the planets under his jurisdiction…which was all of them. He was keeping his eyes open because every damn time, there was something new that was happening.

Usually, it was something that threatened a galaxy or the entire Universe.

Eh, nothing new there, but Supreme Kai was exceedingly grateful that there was nothing brewing at the moment. Well, some planets were dealing with their own problems like droughts, famines, wars and the like, but that didn't really merit the attention of the Gods.

Giving a sigh, Supreme Kai stretched his sore limbs, he's been at this for a long time and needed a break.

"Anything out of the ordinary, Supreme Kai?" He heard the aged and wise voice of his predecessor and turned around to greet him.

"Nothing at the moment, Old Kai. Everything seems to have quieted down and it looks like we can finally rest easy and expect peaceful years ahead."

The elder kaioshin nodded with a smile. Finally, some peace and quiet that he could just kick back and relax…not to mention he could finally watch those sexy girls playing on the beach!

"Good, now why don't we get some snacks. I'm feeling a bit hungry."

Supreme Kai chuckled and nodded. "As you wish, Wise One."

As the two were making their way to get some refreshments, a loud crack was heard and a flash of light landed in front of them.

It could only mean one thing.

As the smoke cleared, the two Kais saw that it was Whis who was grinning widely. "Whis, what a pleasant surprise. We were just going to get something to eat if you wish to join us." Supreme Kai said as the two Kais bowed in respect.

Whis returned the bow. "My thanks, but no."

"Then to what do we owe this pleasure of your visit?" Old Kai asked before he noticed that someone very important was missing. "And where is Lord Beerus?" Normally, the attendant was almost always with the God of Destruction. The Kais' curiosity was piqued when Whis' smile grew into an elated grin. "Um…is there something the matter?"

"Oh, I just have the most wonderful news to share." The cyan skinned attendant said gleefully.

The Kais looked at each other before turning back to Whis. "...Um...okay...what wonderful news?"

Whis giggled. "Beerus just proposed! He's finally getting married!"

This...was not expected. Old Kai had his mouth hanging open in complete shock while Supreme Kai was stuttering incoherently. The fearsome Beerus...was getting married? That was...something they never thought they'd see. Ever.

"T-T-hat's w-w-onderful news, W-Whis." Supreme Kai tried to sound happy but was doing a pitiful job at it. "We're h-happy for him and the...lucky lady."

"Ohohoho, I knew you'd say that." Whis said, seemingly oblivious to the Kai's word stumbling. "But I can't stay long, I have to tell the Earthlings about this. Could you please spread the message to lesser Kais?"

Supreme Kai nodded. "Of course."

Whis smiled. "All right then. Expect to receive an invite when it's time. Tata." With that, the attendant took off, on his way to Earth.

Once he was gone, Supreme Kai let out a huge breath of air. "Beerus the Destroyer? Getting married? I...I can't believe it." He mumbled to himself in disbelief.

It was just...Hakaishins were never that sentimental to actually take on a spouse. Usually, they never even bat an eye on things lesser than them but to hear that one, especially Beerus, had actually done it...wow.

"This day just got interesting huh, sir?" He chuckled looking at his ancestor who had been awfully quiet as of now. What he saw was that Old Kai stood there motionless with his mouth hanging open still.

It would seem that his brain had shut down from the news.

"Uhhh...Venerable One?" Supreme Kai asked cautiously, gently poking the old god. But what he didn't expect was that the old man to tip over. "Venerable one!"


Old Kai jolted at being splashed by water and coughed. "W-What in the name..." He looked to his right and saw Supreme Kai looking at him in worry...carrying a damn bucket.

"Are you all right?" The younger Kai asked in concern.

"I am...I am." Old Kai shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "You know...I just had the strangest dream. I dreamt that Whis came here and told us that Lord Beerus was getting married." He laughed in amusement. "Isn't that funny?"

Supreme Kai let out a sheepish laugh. "Ummm...sorry to tell you this but...it wasn't a dream..."

Old Kai blinked and then blinked again before sighing. "I knew it." He was helped up by his descendant. "To think, that woman Elsa would actually want to marry him."

"Yes, but let's just be thankful that Lord Beerus' attention would be on her for quite a long time."

The two Kais shrugged. Well, they'd take a lovey dovey Beerus than a destroy everything in sight Beerus any day of the eon.

Just as they were about to head off, there was another boom of light that kicked up a small dust cloud. The two Kais covered their eyes to protect the, from the debris. When the dust settled, their eyes widened in surprise before bowing.

The Mighty Beerus had just landed here.

"My lord Beerus, what an unexpected-"

"Just shut up and listen carefully." Beerus said sternly, eyeing the two Kais. "Did Whis come here?" He made sure to emphasize every word...especially Whis.

"Uhh, yes he did." Supreme Kai nodded.

Beerus growled."And what did he tell you?"

The two Kais looked at each other nervously. "He, uh, he told us you were...getting married."




"AHHHHHHH!" Beerus roared comically. "All right, now did he say where he was going?!" He needed to stop that blabber mouth before he tells that entire universe of this! Or worse...the other universes!

"He was saying that he was going to earth and..."

That was all Beerus needed to hear before shooting off at full speed to earth. He must catch that gossiping attendant before he ruins Beerus' reputation!

The two Kais just stood there for a few minutes, wondering if this was just some crazy dream or it was just something they ate. "Oooooooookaaaaaaaay..."

Old Kai just shook his head. "I'm getting too old for this. You tell the other Kais about this...I'm taking a nap."

Supreme Kai sweatdropped, watching his ancestor walk away before signing. "I swear this never happened to us before..." He muttered before heading off to inform the lesser Kais of this...joyous news as Whis put it.

Bulma was going over some business deals she had just been presented in her home. Even if she was in her late forties - 48 to be exact - she was still as radiant as ever.

A lot has happened in the past three years since Beerus and Elsa had broken up and gotten back together.

Barely a year ago, she became the head and owner of Capsule Corp. when her mother and father passed away. It was a huge blow for her. In hind sight, she should've expected this and was grateful they got to live long enough to see their third grandchild come into the world.

All of her friends and family comforted her, even her ever husband, in a move that was not like him, gave her a reassuring hug.

She always knew that big lug loved her.

And speaking of Vegeta, he was still the proud Saiyan prince he keeps shouting on about and he still trains nonstop to catch up to Goku. But he has mellowed down a little. When she was pregnant with Bulla, he had been very sweet...well...sweet in his own way.

All the more when she was again pregnant with their third daughter, Undi Briefs. The little girl was born no more than two months ago and boy was she a handful.

Bulma couldn't remember a time when Trunks or Bulla was ever that feisty when they were babies. But Vegeta just smirked, saying that this is what all Saiyan babies were like. Loud and feisty.

She got the feeling that little Undi will be just like her father than any other of Bulma's other children. Oh boy...

Anyway, right now, Vegeta had his hands full taking care of her. Good luck to him, from wife to husband.

As for the others however...

Goku and Chichi were still growing strong. Goku had toned down on the training a little bit - shocker she knows - to spend some time with his wife after he got a wakeup call.

It all started when Goku was going out again to train this reincarnation of Kid Buu - a boy named Uub. Chichi, having just about enough of her husband constantly leaving her in the wind for days, weeks, months, or even years!

Chichi chewed her husband out, saying that he was not a good husband and not a good father because he was always away with all of his training and not spending enough time at home before packing up her things and headed for the Ox King's place.

In all honesty, Bulma wouldn't have blamed Chichi for it. At least Vegeta trained right here at home. Of course, the first years of their marriage was never easy, but they grew closer.

Right now though, Goku - with his extremely thick head of his - finally realized all the missed opportunities he's had with his family. Was he there when Chichi gave birth to their Gohan? Was he there for his first birthday? Was he even there for his graduation day? Was he even there at all?

Yeah, he was there some times, but it was so few and so far in between.

Racked with guilt, Goku tried to make amends with his family that he never really paid attention to because of his hunger for battle and becoming stronger.

After all, what good is strength if you had no one and nothing to fight for it.

Well after a while, the Son family was becoming closer again. And Goku decided to take some time off from the training and finally pay attention to his family.

As for the boys of the family, Trunks and Goten were attending high school now. And from what Bulma hears, the two were the most eligible bachelors there. A mother couldn't be any prouder...and she was sure Vegeta is too.

Tien Shinhan had finally settled down with launch when he blurted out there engagement in one of their get togethers. Huh, Bulma always thought they had broken up, but looks like they were dating in secret.

Didn't know Tien had it in him to be so secretive. The couple now had a baby boy on the way.

Yamcha had become semi-retired in being a martial artist and become a model now. With all the years of training he did, he clearly had the physique for it. Last she heard of him, he was dating a fellow model while he was on tour.

Piccolo was still...Piccolo. He usually spends his days up on Kami's lookout after being offered a place by Dende. The Namekian accepted...eventually.

As for Gohan and Videl, life going well for them. Videl became a full time mom and wife while Gohan was doing very well as a college professor. Bulma had offered him a spot in Capsule Corp should he wished but he politely declined. She accepted of course, but the offer would still be up.

Last she heard, they were trying to give Pan a baby brother or sister.

For Pan and Bulla, the two became fast friends the first time they met. They were now in grade school with many boys trying to impress them. Good luck getting past Vegeta and if they do get past him, they'd have to go through mama bear before they could get their hands on Bulla.

As for Krillin and Android 18, the finally moved out of Kame House and bought a cozy house when Krillin got lucky in the lottery.

Bulma denies any and all involvement in that one.

From the last time they all met, he and 18 were about to welcome baby number 2 into the fold.

On another note, 18 had reconnected with her twin brother Android 17. He's been working as a park ranger in one of the nature reserves in the country and had started a family with a zoologist and had a son together. The two family frequently visit each other.

Their daughter, Marron, was also attending the same grade school and Pan and Bulla were and are best of friends.

Master Roshi and Oolong were still alive and kicking. Nuff' said about those two.

For Mr. Satan, he's still living off those royalties he's been receiving. Especially now when he claimed he was the one who beat Beerus in a fight and even some parts of the Universe believes it.

Ah, it was a good thing no one ever told Beerus that or it's goodbye existence.

All in all, life was going on as it pleases here on Earth.

"Hi, Bulma. Good to see you again." A cheerful voice suddenly greeted her and Bulma screeched in surprise.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!" She turned around and saw Whis there grinning like an idiot. "Dammit, Whis! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She gasped, clutching her chest.

The attendant just laughed. "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

Bulma glared at him but before she could get a word out, the doors burst open to reveal her husband. "Bulma, what's wrong?!" His hands glowed with Ki, ready to fire at anything that posed a threat to his wife.

An angry Prince of All Saiyans was a very intimidating sight to behold...unless he was wearing a pink tutu and a tiara.

After a few seconds, Bulma and Whis busted out laughing. Vegeta was surprised to see Whis here but his surprise turned to irritation when they began laughing at him. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO LAUGHING AT?!"

"HAHAHA! I thought you were a prince, not a princess!" Bulma howled in laughter.

Vegeta took a moment to process this before his face turned completely red and ripped those two demeaning articles pf clothing away from his person.

"Shut you mouth, woman!" He shouted in embarrassment before turning his ever present scowl towards Whis. "And what are you doing here anyway?"

Whis took a moment to calm himself down. Oh, he was certainly glad he had his staff took a picture of that. "Well, I came here because I have some important news."

Bulma and Vegeta looked at each other before turned back to the attendant of the God of Destruction. "What news?" They asked at the same time.

"Perhaps it would be better to get everyone gathered here. They would want to hear this too."


Whis smiled brightly. "Splendid! I'll be waiting in the kitchen then." With that, he zipped out of there.

"What do you think was that about, Vegeta?" Bulma asked her husband.

The Prince just shrugged. "Damned if I know, woman."

Bulma frowned before smirking at her husband. "Soo...was there a reason why you were dressed up like a princess?"

Vegeta stiffened before glaring at his wife and turning away in shame. Even after he accepted and even enjoyed the role of being a father, his Saiyan pride was still to high to ignore.

"...Our youngest had been crying so I did the unthinkable."

Knowing what that implied, Bulma giggled, making Vegeta growl in annoyance. "Aww, aren't you the best dad in the world." She stood up from her chair and seductively walked to her husband. "I think my prince needs a..." She grabbed his arms and wrapped them around her waist. "...reward for being a good dad."

When Bulma suggested that, he couldn't help but let out a hungry smirk. For all that trouble he went through, the prince deserves a rewards. "Now you're talking, woman." He growled, pressing himself into her.

"Make it quick, Vegeta." Bulma gasped as he lifted her by the ass and set her down on the table. "I need to make some calls."

"We have time, now shut up."

After giving Vegeta his reward and both of them ending up completely satisfied, Bulma sent out some calls to all of their friends and soon enough, they arrived and gathered in the living room.

"Okay, Bulma, we're all here so what's up?" Krillin asked while holding onto Lazuli's hand who was thee weeks pregnant.

"Yeah, mom. Me and Goten got a double date tonight." Trunks said, a little annoyed while Goten was scratching his head. Probably trying to figure out how he got roped into a date with twins.

"I was...wait, you two got a date?!" Bulma and Chichi screamed nefore pulling their respective son's ears hard.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! C'mon, mom! That hurts!" Trunks whined.

"Ahhh! Mom, I don't even know what a date is! Trunks just introduced me to this girl and asked if I wanted a date. I thought it was food!"

When he said this, everyone but Goku who was laughing facefaulted. He really is Goku's son.

"A date is not a food, Goten!" Chichi roared before sighing. "Honestly, you're so much like your father." She then let go of his ear.

"Ohohoho! It's nice to see you Earthlings are still like this." All heads turned and was surprised to see Whis coming towards them and he was holding a really big ice cream cone.

"W-Whis!" Everyone who knew him minus Lapis and his family shouted.

"Hi, everyone." The attendant gave a friendly wave.

Lapis leaned over to his sister. "So this is Whis, huh? So where's this Beerus guy?" He had heard about Beerus, the God of Destruction from the others here.

They said he was the most powerful being in the Universe and that he wiped the floor with them without even trying. And that his attendant was even stronger. Well, Lapis may have gotten much stronger than before, he doubted he could beat someone who could literally flick Goku away much less someone stronger than him.

Lazuli shrugged. "I don't know. Usually Beerus is always with Whis. Maybe he's with his girl though."

Lapis raised a brow but said nothing. He already knew the story anyway.

"So, uh, is there something you want to tell us?" Goku asked.

Whis smiled and finished his ice cream in one gulp. "I'm glad you asked that because I have the most wonderful news." He would never get tired of this giddy feeling.

Everyone was curious. Vegeta readjusted Undi in his arms and hmphed. "Well don't leave us in suspense. Just tell us already."

"I'm proud to announce...that finally Lord Beerus is...FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!" He shouted loudly.





Seemingly unaffected by e Earthling's outburst, Whis just kept on grinning. "Lord Beerus is finally getting married. Oh, isn't this the most wonderful mews you're ever heard?"

Everyone was still frozen in shock before a squeal broke the silence.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Bulma jumped from her seat and fist bumped the air. "Yes! That big purple lug and that ice queen are finally tying the knot! About fucking time!"

"I know right?! Bulma, we must prepare. This is the single most important event in the Universe and we cannot afford to mess this up."

Bulma gave Whis a thumbs up. "Don't you wprry, Whis. I've been waiting for this for a long time and I did made plans after all."

Whis clapped his hands in joy." Wonderful! I leave this in your capable hands, Bulma. I still have to spread the news to the other Hakaishins. Toodles!" With that, he teleported out of there and back home.

Bulma smiled and turned back to the others who were still in the process of rebooting. She rolled her eyes at them and clapped her hands loudly. "Hey! Wake up! You can stop pretending to be surprised, we all knew this was coming."

At her words, everyone seemed to snap out of there daze. "Wow, I knew it was going to come to this, but I'd never thought to see it." Gohan said.

"Heh, yeah. Who'd knew that bald cat could find the balls to finally ask his girl to marry him...and I'm even more surprised that she agreed!" Oolong said.

As they all talked about it, there was a loud crash that erupted from outside and they immediately went outside to investigate what it was.

There was a lot of smoke and debris flying around, but once it settled, there eyes widened when they saw that it was the Mighty Beerus!

And he didn't look happy...at all.

Beerus glared at the assembled group of Earthling but before he could utter a word, Goku was upon him and shaking his paw vigorously.

"Congratulations, Lord Beerus! We heard it all from Whis; you're getting married! I gotta say, when I heard about it, I didn't believe it and I think the guys didn't too..."

As he was too busy blabbering, he didn't notice Beerus' face becoming pale. His attendant had already told them...well he could kiss his fearsome reputation here goodbye...

"STOP!" His voice thundered, making shockwaves. The others had to cover their ears and for Vegeta, he had to cover Undi's ears lest she wakes up again. "Whis already told you earthlings?"

"Uh, yeah." Goku nodded. "But don't worry, Lord Beerus. We'll help you with the planning. Bulma's already got it down. So, when's the date, eh?" He elbowed the Hakaishin slyly before being grabbed him by the neck.

"No one else is to know of this..." For added intimidation, he flared his Ki. "No one."

"Y-Yeah, sure, whatever you say, Lord Beerus." Goku chuckled nervously before Beerus let go of his neck and the Saiyan fell right on his ass.

"Now, where is Whis?"

"Well, he left after giving us the news. Said he was going to break it to the other Gods of Destruction." Bulma said.

...break it to the other Gods of Destruction.

...break it to the other Gods of Destruction.

...break it to the other Gods of Destruction.

...break it to the other Gods of Destruction.

With each echo of that phrase, the colors of Beerus' face drained away. No, that idiot wouldn't dare...he wouldn't!

With a mighty roar, Beerus rocketed away from the planet at full speed. He must get that stupid attendant of his before he really ruins his reputation and shatter his pride!

Everyone coughed, swiping the dust away before looking at the sky with a deadpan stare.

Lapis' wife, Jean, who was carrying their son turned to her sister in law. "Is this how everything goes down every time they visit?"

"Pretty much."

Whis had made it back home and quickly flew to inside. He needed to go to a special chamber used to communicate with the other Universes. It was seldom used unless there was really something important that needed to be discussed.

Activating the chamber, he issued the call to all Universes and waited for the reply...and it didn't take long for it to come.

"Hello, brother. Is there a reason why you called us all here?" Vados, the angel of Universe 6 asked.

"Yes, we have other duties you know. But this must be extremely important if one of is called." Cognac, the angel of Universe 4 pointed out.

And no sooner, the other angels came into view. Awamo, the angel of Universe 1. Martinu, the angel of Universe 12. Sour, the angel of Universe 2. Marcarita, the angel of Universe 11. Campari, the angel of Universe 3. Cus, the angel of Universe 10. Mojito, the angel of Universe 9. Cukatail, the angel of Universe 5. And finally Korn, the angel of Universe 8.

They had similar duties to Whis in that they serve the God of Destruction as attendants and teachers.

"All right, we're all here. This had better be good, Whis." Sour said with an irritated tone.

Whis smiled. "Oh, believe me. This is news that all of you would really want to hear."

Minus Vados who caught on with what her brother was getting to, everyone else's curiosity grew. What could possibly be important enough for this?

"All right, I'll bite. What is it?" Cus asked.

"Brace yourselves for this one, my colleagues, because today is the day when one of the Gods of Destruction is-" Before Whis could finish his dramatic announcement, the doors of the chamber burst open.

All eyes turned to the source of the disturbance to find a pissed off Beerus. "WHIIIIIIS!"

The other angels bowed in respect t one of the most powerful Hakaishins in existence while Whis grinned. "Oh, hello Lord Beerus. I had no idea you would be back."

"Whatever you're gonna tell them, Whis…don't do it." Beerus growled.

"Oh? About what?" The attendant asked innocently.

The God of Destruction glared at his attendant. :You know damn well what it is! I'm warning you, Whis!"

As this was going on, the other angels were watching with growing curiosity. What the hell was going on here? What was the thing that Lord Beerus didn't want them finding out?

Whis slumped sadly. "All right, Lord Beerus…I won't."

"All right, good. Now-"

"Lord Beerus is getting married!"










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