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In the spirit of Hallows Eve.

Let's just pretend that the whole internet and demigods shtick doest exists for this. IT'S FOR THE PLOT. BTW, any/ all random facts spewed from Annabeth uncharacteristically are true, and do exist in this world. Thought you'd like to know.

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He picked up the bag, and set it down, only to grab another and repeat the process. Picking up the next bag on the line, he inspected the package slowly, moving and shuffling it precious contents around carefully- searching. But for what, no one quite knew. After thoroughly inspecting the bag he dropped the small pouch back on its designated shelf.

"What are you doing?"

Not even turning around, his sea green eyes locked firmly on the morsels clutched in his grasp, the culprit answered slowly, "Stuff,"

In an exaggerated deep voice Leo mocked, "I pick things up and put them down."

Curious, and more than a little bored, the son of Hephaestus approached the heir of the sea god, annoyingly peeking over his shoulder. "Are you looking for something specific? Or just decided to feel up the jelly beans for fun?"

There was snort from behind them, but Leo was too entranced to pay attention.

After practically feeling Percy roll his eyes, he responded, slightly amused by the lug nuts curiosity, "My mom asked me to buy some candy for trick-or-treaters this year. She'd never really handed them out on Halloween before. So I'm looking at candy for her," And promptly resumed his tedious task of critiquing the beans of jelly. He didn't mention the fact that she simply didn't have money for it after Gabe decided he wanted to spend the rent money on beer for himself and his buddies. Thank the gods that was over with.

But the 'lug nut' was not yet satisfied, and pushed, "Yeah, but what are you looking for in there?"

"Blue," was Percy's short reply, feeling agitated by the boy breathing down his neck.

"Blue as in, blue jelly beans? Why? What's your weird fascination with blue food?! Or should I say fetish? Yeah, I think that's better suited since everything you eat has to be blue!" Leo retorted with exasperation.

Before Percy could speak again He was interrupted by the one and only Annabeth, who apparently bore the wonderful news of, "The polished coatings of Jelly Beans are the excrement of a lac beetle originating from Thailand."

Percy dropped the bag of sweets.

Snickers it is.


Group chat: 7:31 three days before Halloween.

Piper: So what is everyone going to be this year?

Frank: Leo said I should be a panda bear :/

Leo: *Troll face*

Jason: Well, Percy thought it would be a great idea for me to be Storm from X-men -_-

Percy: It was a wonderful suggestion, Jase! You shouldn't beat yourself up about it!

Jason: Beat myself up about what!?

Percy: Not being able to pull off the look! It's okay! You'll get there someday, man.

Thalia: and let me guess you're going to be aquaman, fish boy?

Percy: when did you get here, sparky?

Annabeth: Hi Thals.

Piper: So what is everyone going to be!?

Hazel: I am going to be a witch.

Jason: I don't know Halloween very well, ya know, secluded in a roman camp almost my whole life and all. Any suggestions? REAL suggestions?

Frank: What about Thor? Blond, and lightning and all that.

Jason: I guess

Thalia: I can't go this year. Sorry guys, just wanted to check up on all of ya, make sure there isn't ANOTHER apocalypse.

Percy: Don't jinx us, pinecone.

Thalia: :P Bye guys!

Annabeth: Bye

Jason: By!

Percy: C ya!

Percy: I'm gonna be a pirate. I think it fits considering one quest in particular, Annabeth ;)

Leo: Is that some innuendo or something? Do I want to know?

Piper: Ew

Hazel: What?

Jason: Jeez Percy! Over a group chat!?

Percy: NO! That is NOT what I meant!

Annabeth: A couple years back, we escaped on a pirate ship into the sea of monsters. Then we almost died. Multiple times.

Leo: Suuurrrrre

Percy: Shut up, grease monkey!

Leo: bet I'm not the one who needed grease! XD

Piper: oh gods…

Hazel: What?

Frank: Don't worry about it Hazel.

Annabeth: Do you know what a wrench up your anus feels like, Valdez?

Leo: No..?

Annabeth: You will soon if you don't shut your trap.

Leo: …ok

Piper: Dayem, girl! Even on here you got mad skillz!

Jason: Piper, what's up with the gangster texts?


Percy: Are you on something?

Annabeth: I will be a famous architect named Zaha Hadid.

Percy: Did anyone invite Nico to the chat? I have the perfect costume for him.


User Nico has entered the chat.

Nico: Hi?


Nico: Why are you talking in all caps?

Piper: WHAT? Oh. oops.

Hazel: So what are you for the eve Nico?

Nico: I don't know. I was thinking about skipping this year.

Hazel: Nonsense, you're going and that's final.

Nico: *sigh* then what am I going as, mom?

Percy: He he he.

Leo: That's not weird at all…

Frank: Nope, not a bit.

Percy: Nico, I got you covered

Nico: I don't like the sound of this…

Piper: You never told us what you're gonna be Leo

Leo: It's a surprise!

Frank: Really? Yay. 'Cause we all just love surprises. Like, 'Surprise! You're all going on a death defying quest with six other hormonal teens! Have fun, and don't forget to die on your way home! Or there! Which ever's more painful!' Fun times.

Annabeth: Alright, Meet up time is 7 o'clock sharp at the arena Halloween night. Don't be late.

End of group chat.


The Arena, Camp Half-Blood, 7:02

"You're late. Why does this not surprise me, seaweed brain?" Annabeth teased.

Percy raised his plastic hook," Its captain seaweed brain to you, missy! Arg! And I'm literally, like, one minute late, chill hon."

"Two minutes, fish boy."

" I stand corrected, wise girl,"

Annabeth smiled at him and they met in a kiss-


There stood Hazel, her hands clasped in front of her mouth as she watched her OTP. They were just so stinkin' cute! Annabeth was wearing a turtle neck, a long trench coat and her hair was extra curly. Though Hazel had no idea what the costume was supposed to accomplish, she thought Annabeth looked really nice!

Percy's outfit was a lot less subtle. He was adorned with all kinds of different seaweed (real) and underneath he wore a stereotypical pirate outfit. Black boots, ripped pants a bandana, Captain Hat, and a white loose sailor blouse.

Suddenly she felt a tap on her left shoulder, swiveling slightly she looked at her boyfriend. They had come here together from Camp Jupiter and she thought his outfit was absolutely ADORABLE. He was dressed in a big brown bear suit from head to toe (He couldn't find a panda suit) and the fluffy head was held under his arm casually.

"Hey, I have to go use the little boy's room, I might be a while." Frank said, a tad hushed, and he handed the head to her, silently asking for her to hold it for him. She grabbed it and nodded.

"Okay, hurry back" And she meant it. She had never celebrated Halloween before! Back in her day (gods that made her sound old) if you were dressed as a witch, monster or animal, you were as good as dead. The holiday these guys celebrate was based off the reality she had lived in for most of her life. It was trippy, and she really wanted the comfort of her best friend. Well, more than that really. She trusted all her friends with her life, but… they weren't quite, Frank.

He left, and she looked down at herself and couldn't help but laugh quietly at the irony. Her long black dress slipped off her shoulders, folding into a purple that matched her slipper- like shoes. Her waist belt carried a wand, and a big black hat sat atop her wild hair. Her mother was a real-life witch. And she never dressed like this. Where did these stereotypes even come from? She shook her head to clear her thoughts as the cutest couple of the year approached her.

"Hey Hazel, You ready for your first modern Halloween?" Percy said, excited.

"Yeah, I guess. Just a bit nervous, that's all," She chuckled awkwardly.

Percy smiled, setting off a small chain reaction between the girls, smiles appearing on their faces as well, " To be honest this is my first Trick-or-treat too."

They're smiles slid off their faces slowly, in confusion and anger ( in Annabeth's case anyway).

" What?" Annabeth said, a frown marring her beautiful features.

" But, you live in this time. I thought it was custom all around the country to do this?"

Annabeth's frown morphed into a scowl once she put the pieces together, " It is." She stated simply.

But Percy kept a cool smile on his face throughout they're confusion and realizations. " Let's just say I wasn't home a lot, and when I was a monster kept me from going. And I can go now because that monsters dead."

Hazel knew there was more to the story, but decided not to push it. Barley. She knew how capable Percy was, but she still worried about the wave master. Despite his smile, she could see the pain buried deep under. It was small, but there.

Percy smiled, and opened his arms, " See! A happy ending and whatnot! Let's be terrible at this together, shall we?"

Hazel laughed, and the awkward tension and worry dissipated. They all started a small conversation about their favorite candies, Hazel absent-mindedly petting the fluffy bear head, when finally Annabeth announced, " We should have left a half an hour ago! Were on earth is everyone!?"

As if right on cue, Jason and piper walked into the opening of the Arena.

Percy immediately burst out laughing.

Jason was not wearing the expected Thor costume, which would have been dorky enough, but in its place was a polyester Superman "Muscle" suit. The foam muscles were bulging in unnatural places, and even came with its own little cape. The big 'S' was stamped proudly on his chest.

By now Percy was practically rolling on the stone floor with laughter.

"What even is that?" was all he managed to get out between gasps. A blush crept up onto Jason's face as he tried to defend himself,

" They didn't have Thor, okay!? That why we're so late!" This only served to make Percy laugh harder, if that was possible.

Percy's laughter was contagious and soon all three girls were giggling and snorting along with him. " The glasses all make sense now, superboy!". Jason mumbled something along the lines of ' Its superMAN' with a pout. Finally Piper gained control of herself and grabbed Jason's hand. She cleared her throat loudly at the others and they quieted down a bit, " Jason, I think it looks fine, you really got into your Halloween spirit just fine." And even though she had made eye contact and seemed to calmed him down a bit, she could help but snort when her eyes caught the corner of the iconic 'S'.

The laughter started again.

Rather than continue being offended, Jason let a rueful smile onto his chiseled features. But he wasn't smiling at himself, but rather at his beautiful Escort ( He'd like to think of as a date). She sported a tan and brown strapless knee-length, tasseled dress. Long horizontal lines of beads covered most of her chest with whites, blues, reds and greens. Her boots looked a lot like uggs, but had fake wolf fur wrapped around the ankles with pleather straps. Her perfectly choppy hair was fish-tailed off to the side, and of course an eagle feather at the end of it.

She was stunning, but looked nothing like Pocahontas.

"Piper, I thought you were being Pocahontas today?"

She huffed, and straightened her back, clearly offended. " For your information, I am Pocahontas. The real one, not some singing romantic lunatic from the Disney movies. The original Powhatan was twelve when she was kidnapped, forced to marry someone she didn't love, then died from pneumonia . I thought her true story suited the purpose of Halloween."

Annabeth clapped, adding her own input, " Yup!"

" I'm here." interrupted a very unenthusiastic voice.

The supernatives jumped while Percy Annabeth and Hazel simply looked in his direction.

"Hi Nico," Hazel greeted. Annabeth nodded, while Percy stretched out a mischievous smile and creepily replied, "What's up Nico."

Finally, He stepped out of the shadows and just stared.

"This will not end well."

Once his heart stopped beating a thousand mile a minute, Jason asked, "What's his costume then?"

"Heh, he he." This was just getting weird now, " Oh this is just splendid!"

And, out of nowhere ( probably from his butt), Percy revealed a bundle of black cloth to the small group.

Currently liking the color choice, Nico stepped forward and grabbed the wad out of his hands quickly, cautious of the impending attacks or tricks. When none were shown, he slowly preceded to open the costume roll. And there, in all its glory, was the famous cape and cowl known only to one character. Batman.

"No. Nope, nada, not gonna happen, no way am I going out in that!" A furious blush crawled up his face in embarrassment and irritation.

Percy was on the floor again.

Nico fully unraveled the mess and saw a onesie with a cape, cowl hood, and matching Jason, the foam muscles. There was no way in Hades was he going to wear this. But he made the mistake of looking up and saw the distracting worry and hope on his sister's face. She was hoping he would come, and worrying he didn't want to. He could read it like an open book, he always could. Ever since he met her in the fields of asphodel he could see right through her golden eyes. And he knew he couldn't let those emotional orbs show the sadness of rejection from him.

He sighed tiredly. Once. He would do this for her once. Next year he would not be going. Unfortunately, he almost changed his mind when he heard the strangled words uttered from Percy-

" They match! Him and Jase will match!" And the following breathless laughter that followed.


And headed towards the Hades cabin to change.

" Cha-cha-cha-cha Cha- CHA! Cha-cha-cha-cha Cha- CHA!"

"What the f-"

"What in the world is-"

"What is that!?"
If he hadn't been standing right in front of them, they never would have believed it.

Leo. Was in a banana. Leo was inside a giant banana. What was this place coming to?

"Tada!" Leo announced.

"Wow" Was Pipers point.

"MY EYES!" Percy screamed dramatically, covering his face with both hands.

"What. Are. You. Wearing?" Annabeth growled.

Jason simply face-palmed. What an idiot.

Leo grinned and shouted "Surprise!"

Hazel covered her mouth, giggles started to build up, He just looked so ridiculous!

At that very moment frank re-entered the arena, " Sorry I took so long there was a long line for some reason-"

"I don't want to know. I don't- just don't tell me." Frank turned around, grabbed his bear head from Hazel and sat down, "When are we going?"

" Whenever Nico gets back I guess," Percy suggested while Annabeth fumed.

" Oh, Nico's here? Cool." Leo said casually, popping a hip and putting his hand on it in a way that screamed 'I'm not a diva, I am a banana but what's the difference'.

"You're an idiot, Valdez."Nico said as he appeared out of nowhere.

"Jeezus, Nico, you're going to give us all a heart attack!" piper exclaimed.

After the initial shock of him appearing out of thin air, they then saw his outfit.

Another laughing fit in three, two, one…

Nico glared at the, or should they say, BAT glared at them as they laugh their butts off at his expense, until Leo pointed out that Nico's and Jason's movie sucked.

Then they rolled on the floor at both or their expenses.

End of chapter one

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