Dorothy was fed up. After her journey to The Emerald City she was so amazed she needed to tell everyone she knew. "Dream on!" Auntie Em chuckled to herself pinning the clothes onto the clothesline, "But it's true!" Dorothy nodded. "Dorothy, this is the real world! Scarecrows don't want brains, tinmen don't want hearts and lions don't want courage! So get the fuck to the chicken coop or I'll beat you with a paddle!" Dorothy ran away with her head in her hands, tears ran from her eyes. She heard a bark, "Oh Toto" she said to her dog as she put him in her basket. "What are we going to do?" Toto barked, "What? Did you say something Toto?" he ran to a small tent in the distance, "I remember this!" Dorothy ran towards the tent, she poke her head through the gap. "Oz, where the fuck are you?" "Over here!" He called out. "Ok," she said as she placed her basket on the table. "Well my Aunt's a fucking bitch so.. what you got for me?" "Um, I've discovered something," "But you're a sellout!" Added Dorothy "you realise, you came to me!" "Ok sorry what you got?" Oz rubbed his chin, "This!" he said as he presented her with a small box. " What is that?" Asked Dorothy. "A multiverse teleporter!" Exclaimed Oz, "What?" Asked Dorothy "just do it!" Assured Oz, " Well where am I going?" Oz smiled, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away!"