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Quick as a flash Usagi dived in front of the Youmas oncoming assault. Arms outstretched. Her hair, now entirely silver, trailing behind her back. Whipping around in the wind that she herself seemed to be emitting with silvery outbursts. Thrashing her hands skyward then towards the Youma yelling.

Smirking the aquamarine Youma threw its attack dead on towards the block in its target muttering, 'I guess I'll have to do away with you first!'

Sapphire eyes glaring, Usagi concentrated all her energy on blocking the Youmas attack. With any luck, without her transforming she wouldn't use enough energy for the scouts to track her down.

Shocked into silence Seiya could only watch as Usagi deflected the Youmas attack without so much as flinching. Who are you really Usagi? What are you hiding from me?


All eyes connected in unison at the table. All too afraid to speak first, afraid they were imagining things. It'd been so long since they saw let alone felt that energy…

"It's her." Rei stated.

"mmm" nodded Mina in agreement placing her cup down.

"we've got to think this through though…" said Ami. " she ran away, she may do it again. She may not want to be found. I know we've teetered around this topic for quite some time now but it's time to face it." Her blue eyes bored into each of the Senshi.

Leaning back, flicking her amber hair out of her eyes Lita sighed, "I agree Ames, she may run. Heck it's our fault she left in the first place!"

"We have to change…talk to her." Rei said eyes downcast, ashamed of her role in making Usagi leave. "She's our princess, we can't go without her any longer. I know you've all noticed our futile attempts to win in battle lately…"

Heads nodded around the table in agreement, all lost in their own thoughts of guilt and treason.

"What of Darien?" added Amy. "He left just yesterday to go find her…it seems as though our decision had already been made for us."

The table went silent as they all looked at one another, a silent agreement that Amy was right.


"Back off Youma," Usagi growled, thrashing her arms at the attack dispensing it.

Smirking the Youma reared up emitting an unearthly high pitch scream and threw its self full force at Usagi.

No, I can't defend myself anymore. I'm too weak, I haven't trained in nearly a year, and god it shows. I need to transform, but the scouts, but if I don't Seiya…ahhh!

Shaking her head clear of all thoughts Usagi screamed in return as the Youma dove at her, hands posed ready to attack. 'Not here, not now, not ever!" muttering Usagi braced herself ready to take the blow. The Youma screeched towards her catapulting a giant orb of blue goo at Usagis face. Taking the blow front and diving to the right, away from stunned Seiya, narrowly avoiding the Youma like bullet. Usagi bit dust and took a moment to shake the stars from her vision. Growling Usagi swiped away the gunk, turning to face the Youma once more. It was struggling to detangle its self from a near by tree. "That does it. I don't care if they find me anymore." Thrusting her hand to the sky she shouted that familiar phrase that she had sworn was in her past and would never be said again. "Moon Prism Power!"

Seiya watched in pure shock as his Usa was swallowed in a bright pink light.

This is mad, what on earth is going on here? Is this the Usagi I know? What has she been hiding? What is with the pink light and that weird moon prism shit that she yelled? Why can she fight that…thing, when I would be crushed?

Standing his ground Seiya stood and braced himself from the pure force the pink light was emitting. "Usagi?" Seiya called tentatively, blocking his face with his arm from the force.

The pink light faded and Usagi stared down the bewildered Youma. Stumbling back in the bush it started screaming in rage. "You! You! What are YOU doing here? I thought we disposed of you!"

Clenching her fists Usagi took a step towards the Youma, reveling in the feel of her Fuku on her once more. "The Negaverse will NEVER win, they will never defeat me. I am Sailor Moon!" Usagi started, the words pouring out of her mouth faster than she could stop them, her body urging her on. "And on behalf of the moon, I shall punish you!"

Seiya backed away mouth gaping like a goldfish. Usagi? Sailor Moon? Who?

Oblivious to the gaping Seiya, Usagi started circling the Youma. Her powers rushing to her limbs, feeling so alive for a fleeting moment she forgot why she didn't want to transform in the first place. The Youma had come out of the bush during Sailor Moon's introduction speech and was standing in utter bewilderment. It was known throughout the Negaverse of her power, and the fatalities that it caused on fellow Youma alike. Eyes slit it watched the circling scout and an idea formed in its puny skull.

"Where's all your little friends Moon?" it sang tauntingly.

Usagi's eyes widened for a fraction before her blank face slid into place. But the Youma had seen it.

"What? No little friends to help you?" now the two were circling each other, daring the other the make the first move.

"Little Sailor Moon all alone…with no one to help…how…sad." The Youma spat out the last word, running at Usagi goop hand forward.

Usagi ducked and spun her leg out knocking the Youma's feet out beneath it. Jumping up the Youma went for Usagi again, they went on and on, ducking, weaving and sending desperate punches towards each other.

Usagi landed kneeling on the ground after receiving a heavy blow to the stomach.

"Usa…Sailor Moon! Behind you!" Seiya screamed. Turning she saw the Youma barreling straight for her. Rolling to her left, the Youma continued on past her. It's scream the only indication of it impaling itself on a nearby branch.

Jumping up, Usagi reached for her tiara, "Moon…Tiara…Magic!" screaming out the long forgotten command Usagi watched as the Youma was dusted.

"Usagi?" she turned and saw a very pale looking Seiya standing near the clearing. Smiling she ran over giving him a bone crushing hug.

Seiya pushed her back uncertain. "Usagi…I don't understand…"

"Oh Seiya, I'm sorry…" Usagi turned around, and as she did, a pink glow enveloped her body again leaving her looking 'normal' again.

"Why didn't you tell me Usagi?"

Blinking back tears Usagi looked to the ground. "I'm sorry Seiya"

Seiya hugged her tighter as he led them to where their forgotten gear remained.

"It's Ok Usa. Look, let's pack this all up and go back to your place ok?"

Usagi nodded a watery smile. Giving Seiya a quick again before heading off towards the car.

"Seiya, I just want to say how sorry I am…I mean I would have told you. But why? It's not like that's who I am now?"

On the ride back Usagi had told Seiya all about the scouts, Darien and the Negaverse. Not to mention why she left. Seiya had remained silent through out her explanation. Simply parking the car outside her house and looking at his lap.

"I won't lie Usagi. It hurt that you couldn't tell me about all of this? Especially about these people who hurt you so much." Looking up he saw that Usagi was also staring intently at her lap, silent tears trickling down her face.

"Usa don't be upset please! These people are in your past! You have me now. I will never hurt you like they hurt you. I'll never leave you alone again."

Throwing her arms around him in a deathly bear hug Usagi cried even harder. Sobbing big gasps of air. But when Seiya pushed her back. He found that it was from happiness. "Right, let's get outta here and go inside for a drink and look at what footage we managed to get Kay?" Usagi nodded enthusiastically. Her happy cheerful personality that Seiya so admired returned.

Seiya grabbed the gear out of the back seat of the Prelude and walked towards Usagi's front door. Completely lost in double checking all their gear was intact and accounted for Seiya didn't see Usagi standing stock still at the entrance to her door, causing him to bump into her. Catching himself and Usagi, he was about to ask why she'd stopped when he saw her obstacle blocking her path.
"Who…Usagi?" he questioned.


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