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AFTER Usagi had walked off, Tuxedo Mask had gone straight home. Not wanting the Sailor Scouts to question him about his interference in the battle. He didn't mean or want to interfere. But his dreams. His dreams, always made him panic whenever a Youma charged at his Usagi. Like in his dream…


Usagi stumbled to her feet. Staring down the Youma with her eyes. Reaching for her tiara to turn it into moon dust. Positive that she would be to defeat the Youma before it reached her. Her blue eyes showing only determination as her long blond hair whipped around her face. "moon Tiara.." she was cut short as she stumbled. Her energy not yet returned from the Silver Moon Crystal. He saw a flash and tried to yell out to her. But she couldn't hear him. He was too far away, surrounded in darkness still running. The Youma was too fast. Usagi screamed her last terrifying scream as the Youma attacked her. The Sailor Scouts nowhere to be seen, as Darien ran. Ran to his Usagi. Screaming her name as he went. But no matter how fast or far he ran he didn't seem to get anywhere. He could see the Youma savagely attacking Usagi, as she thrashed about on the ground. Covered in blood an surrounded in darkness. Tears started falling out of his deep blue eyes and down his face as he neared her. The Youma now gone. It's job done. He knelt by her side and gently lifted her head. Her clothes ripped and her once beautiful body bleeding, as she lay motionless. "Usagi, Usagi" he repeated, now gently shacking her. Realisation flashed across his mind. "it can't be," he thought, "she, cant be, dead…" his voice cracking as he kissed her gently on her forehead, his deep blue eyes now shut. Burring his face into hers. Screaming he woke up with a start. Sweating and vowing, not to let the reoccurring dream come true.


"I promised her," he said aloud to himself as he lay in bed. No longer dressed as Tuxedo Mask. "I promised her I'd let nothing hurt her, and that includes me. I am to blame for the Youma attacking her. I didn't get there fast enough. I have to be there for her always. She needs my help. I won't let my dream become reality." closing his eyes he started to dream again. The same reoccurring dream. But this time he could see the Sailor Scouts. This time they too were being attacked savagely and killed. One by one and by the same Youma. Able to get a closer look at the Youma Darier realised his worst fear. This Youma that is and will kill the Sailor Scouts and his precious Usagi was none other that himself. Darien.

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