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Leo's POV

I pulled Mer down the hall, her hand tightly in mine. We finally got the chance to leave the Report filming area, after being bombarded by people. Now we could finally relax.

"Where are we going?" Mer asked.

"I guess you'll just have to find out," I answered, turning around to grin at her. My fiance. I could feel the ring on her finger, and the one on mine. It was still hard to believe, but it had happened. I proposed. I was going to get married.

We stopped by a door, one near mine. It was white, and had elaborate golden patterns on it. Mer looked quizzically at me, her green eyes wide.

I opened the door, to reveal a room. "This is where you'll stay until the wedding."

Mer gasped, her pink lips forming a big smile.

The room was huge and very fancy. I had it built before the Selection. There was a huge circle-shaped bed that had curtains. Behind it was a golden reflective surface with roses engraved on it. There was a white sofa in a corner of the room that accompanied a glass table. Near the bed there was a white empty bookshelf. The huge windows showed some of the best views on Angeles City. There was also a door to the right of the room which led to a bathroom.

"Do you like it? If you don't, I can change it," I said, suddenly feeling a bit nervous.

Mer giggled. "Don't worry. It's beautiful. I love it. So I'll sleep and hang out in here until the wedding?"

"Yeah," I answered. "Then you'll sleep in my room. Unless you want to stay in here, which would be fine too."

"Okay," she said. "What about my family?"

"All the families will stay the night, and tomorrow they'll all head home. Your family will because they need to pack to move here, or they can stay there for a while. You can go with them if you want."

"Oh, okay. I guess I'll sleep on it, and decide tomorrow."

Mer walked over to the bed, and pretty much collapsed into it.

"It's so soft!" she exclaimed. Mer rolled over, so I could see her face. Her eyes were closed, and she was smiling. She looked pretty tired, but serene.

"I'm glad you like it. You shouldn't fall asleep though, you're still in your gown," I pointed out.

"Oh yeah!" she said, getting up. "I gotta change."

I stood there for a moment until I recognized what she meant. I face turned red. "Oh. Right. Your pajamas are in the drawers."

I left the room and closed the door, smiling. I could hear Mer moving around in the room. I suddenly heard a loud thump.

"Hey," I said, knocking on the door. "You okay?"

There was a moment before I heard her voice. "Yeah! This gown is really big, it's a bit hard to get out of!"

"I would offer help, but that would be a bit inappropriate."

"Yeah, it would. Anyways, I'm almost done!"

There was a minute before the door opened. Mer was wearing a big light blue baggy t-shirt with the words Let It Snow in white on it. Her hair was a bit messy and her cheeks flushed, but she looked absolutely adorable.

I must have looked at her a certain way, because she asked," What is it?"

"Nothing," I said, shaking my head. "You're just really cute."

She blushed, her cheeks turning pinker than they already were. "T-thanks. I'm going to go to bed now. It's been a long day. I guess I'll see you in the morning?"

"Okay," I said. "I will too. Have a good night, sweet dreams."

Suddenly I was overcome by a certain emotion. I grabbed Mer's small hands, pulled her toward me, and kissed her on the forehead. My face flushed, but it felt right. We stood there for a moment, just holding hands.

"G-good night," she said, her voice an octave higher than normal.

I started to walk to my room, but the sound of her voice made me stop.

"What is it?" I asked, turning around.

I felt the girl fly into my chest, and I stumbled backward. I finally realized that she was hugging me, which made me smile. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

"Tonight was awesome, thanks," she said, her voice muffled. "I-I love you."

"You shouldn't thank me for falling for you," I said. "I don't regret a thing. And I love you too, with everything I have."

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