A/N: Dear Readers,

It has been an obnoxiously long time for me to step away from writing. I keep thinking, I'll try again. But you know, the more I wanted to continue, the more I'd struggle.

I began writing "As Fate Would Have It" as a follow-up to this story. It was between Nikki Bella and Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, their real-life situations made the story too awkward to write, so I have decided to shut it down.

The good news is, I am ready to continue writing Chara and AJ's love story. My big problem was always HOW. How can I make something even better? But I think there is more story to be told, especially because not every character got their happy ending.

Truth is, I liked so many of the scenes or ideas from AFWHI, you might see bits and pieces grabbed from there if you've read it already in the newest story, She Is. She Is will be the second story of the Guardian series...which means, yes, there are plans for a third.

I named it 'She Is' because everyone's focus has been on the people they were, and not on who they are. Hopefully, questions will be answered and drama will keep you on edge.

Please, give it a look, a read, a follow. As always, my readers, I appreciate you following me through. I will forever be grateful to you for supporting me. Thank you.

P.S. I just want to say, writing the first chapter (or in this case, re-writing it) to She Is made me giddy. I forgot how happy writing made me, how good it feels to be confident in what you put out into the universe.

More to come, always.


Ashley Sweetly