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Dimitri Shastakovich, and Ivan Pedavich, are characters belonging to Stephen J Cannell and Associates.

Spoiler Alert: References characters and revelations from Season 4 Episode 14 "The A-team is Coming".

Author's Notes: A theory about how The A-team first met the KGB operative Dimitri Shastakovich alluded to in Season 4 Episode 14.

Summary: Hiking through the mountainous jungle with a Russian prisoner.

From Russia with Not Quite Love: by LAGC

Chapter Two: The "Position Adjustment" Hike


The four men cautiously made their way through the suffocating man-high grass. No one spoke as they trudged across the delta for it was teeming with both NVC and Russian patrols. BA kept a razor focus on his prisoner looking and prepared for any hostile or duplicitous act. Face and Hannibal switched out point and rear duty every hour or so.

At the end of three hours they had covered about 17 klicks. Hannibal thought to himself, "a bit under the standard 19 for men holding the Expert Infantry Badge. But then again none of us had been rucking while guarding a Russian prisoner when we earned those badges." At least they had finally reached the edge of the delta and now stood at the ridge line of a slightly mountainous jungle. Hannibal performed a quick recon and deemed the immediate area free of enemy presence. The Team and their prisoner took refuge in a shallow cave. It provided easily defendable cover and earthen coolness while not limiting their field of vision.

"You can sit with your back up against that back wall." Hannibal instructed Shastakovich. The Russian quietly complied.

The team went about setting up for a brief break and snack. Each shared a bit of their rations with Dimitri, after all, neither prisoners nor soldiers can march on empty stomachs. The men drank some water and ate a bit chocolate to replenish their energy

The jungle around them was alive with the sounds of nature. Singing birds and chattering monkeys could be heard all around. This reassured the Team that no enemies were lurking behind any nearby tree or rock outcropping. During their respite no one had the spare energy to waste on talking so things had been blissfully quiet. But Hannibal had been notably silent, too silent. It was clear to Face and BA that their commander was laboriously pondering something. They shared a loaded glance and with a discreet nod BA indicated that Face needed to ask Hannibal what the issue was.

"Colonel? What's our next move?" Face inquired.

"Traversing that cliff side and locating our LZ, Lieutenant."

"Ok. And our route, Sir?" Hannibal cast a withering look in response to Face's formality then chocked it up to the presence of their prisoner. "Let me see that map again."

Face produced it. He and Hannibal went to the opening of the cave where there was more available light. Once he felt they were out of Dimitri's earshot, Hannibal whispered, "Our route is easily determined,Face, but it does involve a stretch of cliff climbing. That will of course require the use of our hands, thereby forcing us to holster our weapons. Not something I'm inclined to do with a prisoner in tow and possible enemies afoot."

Face nodded understandingly and reexamined the map. He offered, "There is a less treacherous path, but it would add another two hours to our trek." Then after a brief pause, "and that would have us traveling at night."

"I won't have us do that, Face." declared Hannibal. "We will climb the cliffside."

"Well. Keep this in mind, Colonel, Shastokovich will have to keep his hands gripped on the rocks just like us or risk falling. I don't think he wants to tumble off anymore than we do." Face stated flashing his trademark deal closing smile.

Hannibal had to chuckle, "Valid point Kid. Valid point. Let's fill BA in."

In total they probably rested for twenty minutes before Hannibal ordered the march to resume. They needed to be within striking distance of the landing zone before darkness fell. They'd camp through the night then proceed to the exact coordinates at dawn break.

Hannibal lead followed by Shastakovich, BA, and finally Faceman. Once at the cliff face the Team checked and secured their packs and weapons firmly to their backs and legs. Their canteens were secured to Dimitri after Hannibal tethered himself to the Russian. Faceman and BA shared a separate tether. Traversing the rocky surface proved tedious and physically exhausting.

"Be sure to use the same hand and footholds as I do. But be sure to determine that they haven't come loose before placing your full weight in them." warned Hannibal as they crept across the dirt encrusted stony facade.

"Yes, Colonel." replied Faceman as he went to occupy the hand hold Dimitri has just vacated.

"Figures the biggest guy gets to be the fool at the end of the line." grumbled BA.

Fortunately Dimitri proved himself skillful at bouldering. In fact, in one particularly treacherous span, he spoke up and revealed the safest pathway. Then a bit later he stopped Face just before he made a dangerous error. This had impressed all the Team members.

At last, two hours later, the four exhausted men reached their intended destination. Dusk was beginning to creep in. Ignoring their cramping muscles the Team pulled out their supplies and swiftly set up their campsite. No fire. No tents. They simply arranged their bedrolls in a circle in what they determined to be a secure, secretive clearing. One of them would be awake at all times on a two hour watch rotation. This would provide a spare bedroll for Dimitri. Hannibal would take the first duty. Once they had worked out the immediate logistics the Team settled down to eat their fine supper of MREs. Face tossed a spare one to Dimitri.

"Thank you Lt. Peck."

"Don't mention it." replied Face.

"You are an impressive unit. I must admit I've never watched three individuals work so synchronistically with one another." Dimitri complimented.

"We train intensively." Hannibal guardedly commented.

"Your skills are not attainable through training, Colonel. No. What I see here is implicit trust."

"We're a team, Fool. Nothing more to discuss or analyze!" snarled BA. "Especially not with any prisoner."

"Come on Shastokovich. Certainly you've been on well trained teams yourself. Clearly you have specialized skills." Face added.

"Yes. Of course you are correct." admitted Dimitri, "however never have I seen nor been part of a ... How do you say? ...a bond such as shared by you three. It's as if you all share one mind."

Face smiled knowingly. BA grunted dismissively.

Hannibal ordered everyone to bed down then went to stand watch.