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Spoiler Alert: References characters and revelations from Season 4 Episode 14 "The A-team is Coming".

Author's Notes: A theory about how The A-team first met the KGB operative Dimitri Shastakovich alluded to in Season 4 Episode 14.

Summary: Hannibal has one last conversation with Dimitri before he's removed from the base.

From Russia with Not Quite Love: by LAGC

Chapter Eight: Dimitri Explains?


In the early morning hours, as the A-team walked over to the mess hall, the CI team invaded the base. Even though their arrival hadn't been announced they were easily identified by their stiff arrogant stride and Morrison's rigid posture with clumsy salute as he greeted them outside his office. Hannibal and crew observed the awkward interactions from a discreet distance.

"Why does that Man seem so nervous?" questioned BA.

Hannibal cast one last wary glance toward his CO as Morrison trailed his guests into his office.

"Stiffs from the Company tend to get that reaction from folks." offered Murdock before Hannibal could reply.

"Colonel, would you like me to immediately go submit our latest requisition requests to our CO's clerk? After all no point in putting things off and all that." Face asked slyly.

"Delay that Lieutenant. No need to get too close to CI, just yet. I want to watch this ballet from afar." Hannibal thoughtfully responded.

The Team continued onto the mess tent and collected their breakfasts on the metal trays. They regrouped at their usual corner table in their usual places: Faceman and BA with their eyes into the tent, surveying the dining area-Hannibal and Murdock with their eyes monitoring the entrance. All four men began to eat. After several mouthfuls Murdock broke the silence,

"Ya know Colonel, seems to me that our Soviet Surprise might be the man with the answers to the unasked questions,"

"Is that so Captain?" queried Hannibal between bites.

"Yessiree, Sir. And you of course realize that once the Stiffs out there finish up with Morrison they'll be sweeping him on out of here, along with all those answers."

"You definitely have a point there, Murdock." Hannibal concurred.

Face piped up, "Yeah Hannibal, Morrison said his hands were tied. I don't see any hemp on yours."

"What else is new. We've got to do the job that the Brass can't or won't do." grumbled BA.

"Hmmm. Perhaps it is a good plan for me to pop in and see our prisoner one last time." Hannibal said as a secretive gleam filled his eyes.

When they finished their meals, Face gathered up their trays and dropped them off in the tray return. As Face rejoined his mates outside, Hannibal was lighting up his cigar. The Colonel dropped the used match to the dirt and mashed it with his heel to ensure the flame was extinguished. Then he doled out the morning duties to his men,

"BA your presence was requested by the motor pool. Seems the newest assigned mechanic can't get one of the jeeps to properly stay in gear. Go give that soldier a hand before he gets booted out to the front line."

"Sure thing Hannibal. No one trains these green fools to fix the damage that jungles do to our wheels." BA said, almost cheerfully, as he headed off to the motor pool.

"Murdock, for everyone's sake, you need to complete a bit more public penance. Obstacle course or scrubbing down the choppers that flew in last night?"

"Choppers, Colonel. Might help me smooth the tail feathers of some of my fellow bird men. Plus if I keep my ears open I might just learn a thing or two. I bet the pilot that flew in the CI guys is standing around bored to tears by now."

"Nice plan." Hannibal said and he waved Murdock off.

"And what about Me?" asked Face, a bit too brightly.

"Well now Kid. I need to speak with Dimitri before he's whisked out of here. But I have a feeling that the MPs posted with him might have orders contrary to my objective."as he spoke Hannibal laid his hand on Face's shoulder and turned him toward the base hospital.

"Oh and you need me to remove that obstruction."

"Yes! My, my my, you're a quick study." teased Hannibal.

"How long will you need?" Face asked resolutely.

"Ten minutes ought to do it."

"Okay Hannibal. I saw Wesson and Bertolli go on duty as we went to breakfast. I have an idea. Both of them really enjoy their smokes. Give me three minutes and I'll have them cleared out." Face confidently declared as he set off for his assigned target.

Hannibal watched Face go and couldn't keep the smile from his lips as he thought to himself, "That Kid is lightening in a bottle. Always charged and always sparking."

Sooner than Faceman's prediction, two minutes later, Hannibal watched Wesson and Bertolli slink out the back of the med tent and huddle behind a pile of palettes. Within seconds Hannibal saw cigarette smoke wafting up from their hideout. Hannibal quickly slipped inside and past the distracted desk nurse, who was fully occupied - flirting with his blue eyed Lieutenant. Hannibal went directly to Dimitri's bed and secured the curtain around them, enveloping them in a cotton cave. Dimitri sat up a bit straighter and smiled openly at him.

"Good morning, Colonel Smith."

Hannibal gestured for Dimitri to be quiet then whispered, "Good morning to you Shastakovich."

"You've come for a visit, Colonel Smith?" Dimitri whispered back.

"You might say that. But I don't have much time. The officers have arrived to take you to Saigon. But I felt we needed to chat before that happened."

"I anticipated your arrival when I heard Lt. Peck entice my guards with his gourmet cigarettes"

"My CO has been ordered not to interrogate you. I feel this is an erroneous edict from our superiors. And...since I haven't received any such orders I feel compelled to ask you a few questions." Hannibal hastily explained.

"I have learned to expect nothing less from you. However I am not confident that I have any knowledge of the information you seek."

"Oh come now Dimitri. Don't play the low ranking foot soldier with me. Expecting me to buy that routine is an insult to my intelligence." countered Hannibal, his eyes shadowed with a dark warning.

"I assure you, Col. Smith, I would never underestimate nor insult your intelligence."

"Why was that village attacked and destroyed?" Hannibal demanded.

"Pedavich had information that it sheltered a spy of the American Army. He demanded that said agent be neutralized before he could make contact with the US Army." Being met with stony silence and a crushing stare from Hannibal, Dimitri continued his tale, "His troops went into the village and neutralized the agent."

"Your troops annihilated that village! Men, women, children, infants and elderly! Even the livestock... Nothing left alive! That's not neutralizing an agent." reproached Hannibal

"Pedavich has no patience, no finesse, ... no mercy. He values speed and terror over honor and life. Utter destruction and death to any enemy are always his orders. He is a monster not a soldier." admitted Dimitri.

"And you took part in that massacre!?"

At this Dimitri sat bolt upright in his bed, "No! On my life and honor, I swear I did not participate. I arrived the day after. I was sent to join Pedavich and my orders had nothing to do with finding a Vietnamese Informant.

"What the Hell were you doing there at all then?!" demand Hannibal n

Dimitri relaxed his posture a bit, "Now Col. Smith I cannot reveal my specific orders."

"Perhaps then you could be unspecific, perhaps even, for the sake of argument, you could speak in hypotheticals." encouraged Hannibal as he took possession of the chair next to the bed.

With a secretive smile Dimitri replied,"Well, Col. Smith perhaps, hypothetically, it occurred that a comrade was tasked with the mission of identifying a double agent reputed to be on a local US military base, and to ascertain his loyalties and intentions. Perhaps too that same comrade was commanded to infiltrate a top special forces team from said base and try to destroy or turn that team."

"Hmm, that would be quite an intense double mission for a comrade. The successful outcome of that, hypothetical, mission could be very useful to your country I'd dare say." Hannibal interjected.

"Yes you are quite correct, Colonel. Alas it would seem that such a comrade, if he actually existed, has failed in his task. The spec ops team proved to be impenetrable and un-turnable. Their loyalty to their country is perhaps outweighed only by their loyalty to one another. Regrettably the- alleged- traitor lurking about this hypothetical base is too embedded and careful to be identified."

"Dimitri, theoretically of course, ...I'm sure that Spec Ops team would be flattered and honored by such a report. That is if a comrade actually existed to submit such findings. And any traitor sharing a base with such a team had best stay well hidden. Or better yet confess and reform."

The men shared knowing nods and a farewell handshake. Just then they heard Face whistle "You are my Sunshine" and call out a greeting to Wesson and Bertolli.

"See fellas, I told you all would be well. After all didn't I guard this here prisoner out in the open jungle? Babysitting him here while he's laid up with a busted leg, Hell, I could have done this in my sleep."

"Ah quit your bragging, Peck." snapped Wesson.

"Ya. Those smokes weren't so good that we need to listen to your grandstanding." Bertolli added.

"Fine, fine, Gentlemen, but wasn't I right about the quality of those gaspars? Shall we work out a small business plan then?" Face wheeled and dealed as Hannibal snuck away from Dimitri's bed.

"Yeah, ok. Peck, look us up during supper tonight." Wesson promised.

"Very well, I'll be seeing you." replied Face as he exited the scene.

He went back to the team's quarters and found Hannibal, Murdock, and BA already assembled and waiting.

"Good, ya here! Now get on with it, Hannibal. No more need to be waiting, Man." instructed BA.

With a futile look of reprimand tossed at his Sergeant, Hannibal addressed his men, "Shastakovich is not permanently assigned to Pedavich. He was here on a special two-fold mission. First he was sent to infiltrate and assess us. He quickly realized the uselessness of that objective."

"And his other objective, Colonel...what was that one about?" asked an unusually serious Murdock. It seemed, to Hannibal's well trained ears, that all three of his men were awaiting his answer with bated breath.

"That one puts the vinegar in the gravy you might say. He was sent to access this base to scout out a NVC collaborator."

"A collaborator? A traitor here? Working on our base!?" hissed Face incredulously.

"Seems so, Kid. If the Russian high command is sending in the likes of Dimitri they must have pretty reliable Intel that there is in fact a commie quisling among us."

"Who!? If I find that miserable sucker, I'll pound him into the ground myself!" declared BA.

"Easy, BA! Dimitri, being immobilized and under guard, wasn't able to identify him."

"I don't like this, Hannibal. The idea of a turncoat eating in the same dining room as me, well it plum puts me off my biscuits." Murdock fretted.

A sudden noise at their door halted their conversation. They all turned to see Col. Morrison standing in their quarters.

"Col. Smith, ready your team. I have a mission for you ...in Hanoi."