Neve locked the front door and pulled her coat tightly around herself as the icy London breeze nipped at her cheeks. She carefully walked down the snow covered steps of her flat and made her way down the street. Neve didn't notice it at first, but as she walked further down the road, there was definitely someone behind her. She quickened her pace and mazed through some people on the sidewalk, trying to lose whoever this was but she had no luck. If Neve had any doubt she was the one they were after, she didn't anymore.

She didn't have those skills anymore and it had been a long time since she had to use them. If they were this hell-bent on getting to her, she couldn't play shadow games. Neve would have to confront them and whatever they had on them. Although it had been a long time since she had anything remotely like that but it was still in her brain, right?

Maybe they were just trying to rob her?

Neve turned a corner to into a laneway between a pub and an historic building. Everything was historic in this town. They were going to think they hit the lottery. A tiny, defenceless girl, down a dark alleyway. She flattened herself against the brick wall and waited until whoever they were passed her and moved further down the laneway. Neve's eyes had adjusted to the dark by now, she had also taken off her heels. She crept behind them before smashing them in the head and as they were crouched over, she elbowed them in the back. Suddenly the guy reached back and grabbed her arm. Neve gasped as he spun her around and into the wall. She tried to knee them in the stomach but they stepped back just in time and spun her again and pinned her face first on to the brick.

"Gotten a bit rusty, Walker" he chuckled.

She knew that chuckle

"What the hell, Brandt?"

"I'm disappointed"

"Get off me" she bit back angrily. He stepped back releasing her before she turned back around and childishly punched him in the arm "What the hell are you doing?"

"Wanted to know if you still had it"

"That's funny coming from an analyst"

"Still could have kicked your ass, honey"

"Don't honey, me. What do you want?"

"I need your help"

"Too freakin' bad" she snapped angrily before he watched her put her shoes back on, using the wall for balance.

"Just come with me and I'll explain everything"

Now it was her time to laugh.

Neve shook her head and walked away from him. Out of the lane way, past the pub and continued down the street. She heard him jog up behind her and Neve rolled her eyes


"My answer is no"

"You know the stakes" he held her arm and made her look at him "Me of all people wouldn't be standing in front of you if we weren't stuck. We need you. Otherwise the world is in a hell of a lot of trouble. You won't be working for me. This isn't for me. It's for Ethan"

"Ethan is in a Russian prison"

"Ethan is here. We're all here"

She stepped as close to him as she could before whispering

"I'm not an agent anymore"

"What you're a concierge at a hotel? Neve, come on. You have an IQ of one sixty and don't get me started on your emotional intelligence. Don't you get bored waiting on peoples whims in hopes they'll come back next time they're in town" he huffed

"It pays the bills"

"Well that's great but how about you put your big girl pants on and we can take care of this"

"You're such an ass"

"Listen, just come met Ethan and if you want to still want to bail. That's up to you and Jiminy Cricket"


"Your conscience"

"You're a laugh riot, Brandt" She rolled her eyes, not at his joke but at the fact that she was actually agreeing to go with him "Come on"

She headed off in front of him

"There are no cabs on this street"

"Cabs, no. Only rich people take a taxi and only tourist take buses. I'm guessing we need to be inconspicuous"

She trotted down the stairs of the tube station before he followed her. Maybe her spy days weren't that far beyond her after all.