Well, this is the second round. I hope you find it to your liking and give you some inspiration to write some crossovers. :)

1. Overlord オーバーロード and High School DxD/strong

A Demon/ Angel/ Hybrid/ Dragon or Human player stumbles into the High School DxD world. What can go wrong if a player from YGGDRASIL plays the game too?

2. Overlord オーバーロード and High School DxD
Ainz and Nazarick appear in the world of High School DxD instead of the New World. How will the story turn if an Undead player with a unpenetrable Fortress and thousands of powerful subordinates start to play the game? Ainz will be crushed, or he will dominate the underworld, the human world, and the angels too?

3. Overlord オーバーロード and Stargate/Stargate Atlantis/ Stargate Universe
After Ainz complete victory and domination in the new world a few thousand or hundred years later. His scientist unearths a strange ring-like artifact and manages to activate it. As his scouting force step over the strange water like wormhole. Will they find a new adventure or it will be the start of the end of the Sorcerer Kingdom?

4. Overlordオーバーロード and Star Wars
The Galactic Empire finds a way to the New World and sends a Star Destroyer to subjugate the Sorcerer Kingdom. Will the New World with Ainz leadership manage to repel the attacking Galactic Empire and salvage the required tech to start their own Galactic Empire overthrowing Emperor Palpatine or not?

5. Overlord オーバーロード and The Walking Dead
A Zombie or human raced player stumbles into the Apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. Will he or she help the people to survive or using his/her newfound power to conquer the world and rule over it?

6. Overlord オーバーロード and The Witcher
Ainz and Nazarick appear in the world of the Witcher in the border of Nilfgard and the Northern Kingdoms. How will the Nilfgardians and the Northern Kingdoms react to the new player?

7. Overlord オーバーロード and Hellsing

A vampire/human/demon/angel or a guild threw into the reality where the Hellsing Ultimate is played out. Will he/she/they join the Hellsing organization, the Millenium or they simply take over the world? Will Alucard finally manages to find a worthy opponent?

8. Overlord オーバーロード and A Certain Magical Index

A player is thrown into the world of the Certain Magical Index. What will be stronger? The mages, the espers or the tier based magic and ability system?

9. Overlord オーバーロード and Justice League

Ainz and Nazarick appear in the world of Justice League. Will Ainz help out the Justice League and fight against the crime? Or he became a villain Overlord and play his role like he did in the game YGGDRASIL.

10. Overlord オーバーロード and Code Geas

Ainz or an another player appears in Holy Britannian Empire. How will a new player appearance altering Lelouch plans and future?

11. Overlord オーバーロード and Fallout

A Fallout addict after a long gaming night retired to sleep. When he/she wakes up, he/she found him/herself in the New World with his/her fully geared leveled character and always faithful dog companion. How will a fully equipped stranger with modern futuristic equipment fare in a world where the people combined magic with middle ages technology?

12. Overlord オーバーロード and Supernatural

Strange anomalies appear around the world. The Winchester brothers start their investigation to find out what causes these defects. Will they find allies or new enemies? Will they survive this adventure?

13. Overlord オーバーロード and Dark Souls

The Chosen Undead/Bearer of the Curse/Ashen One somehow manages to leave their cursed world and transported into the New World. Will they bring their curse with them or they managed to left it behind finally?

14. Overlord オーバーロード and Overlord オーバーロード

An another Nazarick appears from an another world in an another location. Will the two Ainz Ooal Gown, guild leader, will make an alliance? Or they will fight each other either. Destroying each other or one of them conquer the other. Which One will win?

15. Overlord オーバーロード and Warcraft

A fully geared World of Warcraft player after a long raid night. Wake up in his/her favorite avatar body in the middle of the forest. How will the player fares in the New World?

16. Overlord オーバーロード and The Witcher

Thanks to a portal accident Geralt of Rivia thrown into the New World. How will the White Wolf fares? He will be the hunter as usual or the monsters in the new world will chew him and spit him out. One thing is sure. "I hate portals..."

17. Overlord オーバーロード and Bloodborne

After the Good Hunter or Gherman either managed to leave Hunter's Dream/killed or in the Good Hunter case Ascended into a Great One. Thrown into the new world. Will he/she bring destruction in this new brave world or peace?

"Hunters have told me about the church. About the gods, and their love. But... do the gods love their creations? I am a doll, created by you, humans. Would you ever think to love me? Of course... I do love you. Isn't that how you've made me?"