Chapter 1

It was a fine day in Konoha and everyone was going about their day. When Naruto found out that the woman that he was about to tell his feelings to was in bed with a man he was about to put in the grave for screwing his girl. But what did it was that after everything he did for the village like bring back Tsunade and before that saving the village from the demon that was about to attack the village. But the Uchiha got the entire crate for that and the wave mission well he was made the bad guy. So, when that night came to go get the Uchiha back. When they to get him. He was already gone and all they found was a letter.

Saying that if think so low of him that he would go to where people would need a real hero and that he had cleared out his and his family's things out of both his and his parent's places and that if Hinata and Ino was pregnant that it was the asshole Uchiha's not his for he had nothing to do with them and the children of the Uchiha oh and to ask Hiashi and Inoichi along with that whore haruno if they knew that their daughters were fucking the Uchiha. Then again Haruno is a whore so she most likely encouraged her to go after the Uchiha.

When that was read the two fathers want after the Uchiha and their daughters to find out what was going on and to find out why Naruto was so pissed that he would leave two night before it was said that he had almost killed the Uchiha.

"Good, the demon is gone, we can party!" Screeched the Haruno.

"You do that and some heads will roll." Said the hokage who was also meagerly pissed. Not only did they make him feel unwanted all his life, they also almost took everything away from him. But what was the worst thing that they did was they were going have him banished for rapping both Hinata and Ino. But that was out the window now that both fathers knew the truth and was going after their parishes Uchiha which made her smile. But what made her laugh the most was how he signed the letter.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki princess of the Whirlpool. The council was pissed for that would not only mean they had just lost the last Uchiha but also the last Namikaze as well. A day later they found the Uchiha in the hospital after both Hinata's and Ino's fathers got ahold of him.

"Well it looks like you two found him faster than the kids did. What happened to the Uchiha?" the hokage asked with a smile as she looked at the pissed off fathers.

"Well to tell you the truth Lady hokage, I would rather my daughter be with Naruto than that asshole Uchiha." Said Hiashi in the middle of a council meeting. The civilian council was lived and demanded that Hiashi and Inoichi be banished from the village because the hurt the parishes Uchiha.

The hokage just smiled and said. "NO!"

That was when another letter arrived and it said.

Dear Konoha Council,

With great happiness, I am to announce the wedding of one, Naruto Uzumaki to the princess of the northern kingdom.


The princess

And at the bottom in as seal was something from both Jiraiya and Naruto.