Chapter one

On the night of sealing of the nine tail fox as the strangest thing happened and the fourth hokage was still alive and was able to raise his son. But he had lost his wife. But he was comatose for the first 3 months of his son's life. When he awoke he found out that the council wanted his son dead. When he heard this he was pissed but not as pissed as when he heard that Danzo wanted to turn his son into a weapon.

"Where is my son?" he asked.

When no one answered him, he said he wanted the hokage. When Hizuzen arrived he said that Naruto was to be there in no time but when the lady from orphanage arrived she showed him a redheaded baby instead and looked nothing like him or his wife.

"that is not my son where is my son?" he asked.

When Hizuzen saw the baby he asked the same thing. For he knew that the baby he left with them was both a blond and was a boy. This baby was redhead and a girl made to look like a boy.

"Well we thought that you would want a little girl instead of that denom." Said the lady. When she looked at both men she knew right then and there that they were going to go all the way to the orphanage with this baby and also the 3rd hokage was going with her. And then going to T&I for this stunned. When they found Naruto in the basement with nothing but a blanket. When the 3rd saw this he was pissed and had all the children moved to a new place and closed the place down for good, all that worked there was taken by the ANBU and was locked away.

Naruto was taken to his father. When Minato saw the shape his son was in he was on the verge to kill the whole village. When he was let out of the hospital he took his son with him to the office and every day after that until his son was old enough to go to the academy. From the age six he had trained his son in what he both needed to know for the school and when the teachers tried to sedation his education and got into trouble with the hokage and those who were on the shinobi council and loved the boy.

When it came to the Uchiha clan only the ones that was going through with the crimes against Konoha and the Hokage. Two years after that there was the Root ANBU and Danzo to deal with and when he tried to get what the hokage had on him and destroyed it. But Minato was too smart for him for he had the toad take it and hid it till it was time for the trial.

When he wants after Naruto he was stopped by none other than Minato, Jiraiya and Kakashi and then thrown in prison with all his Root. Then all was fine for the village.