No! No! No!This isn't happening! This is just a nightmare, a very terrifying one at that.

No matter what he thought about his eyes –eh, eye- playing tricks on him, the image in front of him never changed. No matter how much he pinched himself, or how much he squeezed his eyes shut and willed the horrifying image to go away, it stayed the same.

Kakashi's hand that held his lightening blade, Chidori, was through Rin –his Rin's- chest.

He watched as his black, onyx eyes bled red with three spinning commas of Sharingan, taking in every detail of how his teammate –the one whom he grudgingly once admitted to be his rival and bestfriend- murdered the girl he loved the most. Kakashi's Sharingan eye widened as Rin gasped, and muttered in a broken voice "Ka-Ka-shi….." Something inside of him shattered in a million pieces as blood trickled down from her mouth as her eyes fluttered close, her body swaying from her one foot to other.

Kakashi pulled out his hand swiftly, like the cold blooded murderer he was –a part of him screamed inside of him in agony, in pain of heartbreak and treachery- and Rin's body fell on the ground over her back, and lay motionless.

Something inside both the boys snapped, as each of their red eyes of Sharingan morphed into something more powerful, something that is called as the Mangekyo Sharingan. Kakashi's eye drooped as he felt the extent of his chakra exhaustion, and soon, he fell down, unconscious.

The Mist ninjas surrounding Rin and Kakashi cursed under their breath. They didn't thing the brat had it in him to kill the girl before she reached Konoha and unleashed the three tails in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Their plan was going perfectly when they had kidnapped the girl and sealed the three tails inside her, and letting his teammate take her again back to their village. Their plan was ruined when the girl jumped in front of the kid's Lightening attack. Damn tree huggers, what do they teach their kids these days?

But Obito didn't know that it wasn't Kakashi's fault that Rin jumped in front of his Chidori, and got herself killed. No, he just saw Kakashi killing Rin, which is what Madara and Zetsu had wanted. As his body went numb and a bone settling coldness settled in his limbs, something unnatural happened. Obito's soul got split into two parts- one part which believed there has to be a reason for Kakashi to break his promise of protecting Rin and murdering her, the part who loved Rin, competed with Kakashi, never abandoned his comrades and wanted to become a Hokage, the part which was Obito Uchiha of Team Seven. The other part was darker and twisted and wanted revenge for death of his Rin –his sweet, sweet Rin- the part who wanted to destroy Kakashi and everything in this world. The part which was later called as Tobi.

He promised Rin he would avenge her. He would destroy Kakashi and the Hidden Leaf. And the beginning of the destruction would start from this very place, where Rin had died.

He screamed in agony as he killed every single one of the Mist ninjas, who attacked him thinking that he was the reinforcement send to help out Kakashi, all the while suppressing Obito's soul who begged him to stop this massacre.

If Rin can't live, then no one gets the right to live as well.

Tobi knew what he had to do. He had to unleash the nine tails when Kushina's seal gets weakened due to her labour, and then he can control the nine tails with his Mangekyo Sharingan and let him rampage over the Hidden Leaf, and then capture it.

But a part of him relented from doing so, a part of him that was Obito. Because it was Minato Sensei and Kushina-nee, who always believed in him even when everyone thought he was a disgrace for an Uchiha, and always made him strive to be better. How could he do it to them? If he unleashed the nine tails, there is no doubt Kushina-nee will die due to the labour and the broken seal, and Minato Sensei would never sit idle as the fox rampages on Konoha, and would gladly die trying to save the village.

He felt uneasy as Obito tried his best to make him stop from acting on his plans.

White Zetsu could tell Tobi was feeling uneasy. "What happened?" He asked. Black Zetsu scoffed and sneered "Are you going to back out now?"

No, Tobi couldn't back out now. Capturing the nine tails was the first part of the plan. When all the nine biju are collected, then they will start Project Tsukuyomi, and then everything will be fine. Rin will be back again, and everyone will be happy.

He was doing this for Rin. His Rin.

Anyway, when Project Tsukuyomi will be completed, everything will be fine once again. Just like old days.

So he suppressed Obito inside his mind and locked it up in a very dark corner, as he clenched his fist and he said "No, I won't."

As Kushina's screams rang around the clearing, Tobi prepared to attack.

It's time.

The Shinigami was very lazy. Not many people know that, of course –his reputation would go down the drain if this little info ever leaked out- but those who did knew quite well about his antics. There was quite a widespread rumour among immortals, that the Shinigami must have been a Nara when he had been alive –which by the way, would've been millions of years ago, or something like that- because honestly, the Shinigami could beat any Nara in laziness. Of course it was only a rumour, and hence no one had proof. But still, the immortals, like Fate and Time, knew Shinigami's little antics. The Spirit was way too lazy for his own good.

This was the very reason why the Shinigami was not very happy. Uh, not because Fate and Time knew he was lazy –since they've been the terror trio for centuries, and hence knew everything about each other, so he had no need to worry- but it was because of a particular soul. Or, you can say two. Eh, whatever.

The thing was, since the moment Obito Uchiha's soul had been split into two, it has become a headache for the Shinigami. One part of the soul known as Tobi, kept repressing the other one, such that now the Obito part of soul was on the verge of dying. But the Shinigami didn't want to extract that part of the soul, because it would be such a drag to go twice to retract the other part of the very same soul –let's just pretend that he didn't say that.

Hence, the Shinigami was not happy. He figured he will retract the two split souls at the same time, and not go twice to extract either of the soul any time and waste the precious time he had to either ask Fate for a date, or to torture the souls he had captured. It has definitely nothing to do with the two women –Rin and Kushina- forcing him to find out a solution of this problem without retracting the 'Obito' soul to the realm of the Dead. Meh, women are so troublesome. –Ssh, don't let Fate hear you that, or she's gonna kick your ass, literally. And it definitely hurts like hell.

So, he can't retract Obito's soul now. But he also can't let Tobi suppress Obito again and again, or he'd have no choice but to retract Obito. Which left him only one option- placing Obito's soul into another body with a soul that is capable of compromising with his soul.

And he had just the perfect soul in mind.

Fukasaku and Shima (Pa Toad and Ma Toad) were definitely startled when Gamamaru-the great Toad sage opened his eyes in alarm, and called out in his feeble voice "Fukasaku, Shima, Bring Jiraiya boy to me."

"What happened?" Fukasaku asked in alarm.

The Great Toad Sage looked down at the little figure of Pa Toad and said in his raspy voice, but the urgency of the matter was not lost on them. "The Prophecy is Broken!"

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