I apologise for nor updating when I had promised to do so. However, I hope you find in your generous hearts to forgive the last two weeks had been painful for me. And I mean that in literal sense.

(Well….. I got myself ill. Thankfully, it's not Corona. But it was still pretty painful.)

On another note, I think you all deserve another serious apology from me. Last time I had been too rash on making my point that I stepped out of line. I'm sorry for that. I will of course delete my Note (or at least edit it) and make my points clear. Now, let's get a few things clear-

One- I won't drop my stories as long as I get the muse to write them. And even if I do, I didn't say I'll delete them. So, the pranksters who want to repost my work just for the heck of it are going to get a nasty surprise~

Two- My aim for posting the previous note was to make many of my readers aware of the situation I was facing, so that they could help me keep an eye out for any unaware reposts. After all, I am but one person, and there might be places or sites I would be unaware of. That's why I asked for your help.

Three- I've said this in my previous note and I'll repeat that again- If anyone out there wants to do a repost or translation of any of my work then contact me first. And if you can't do that then at least mention my name or link on the stories. That's the least you could do!

Four- Anonymous Artz and shinku50 have my permission for their respective repost and translation of my work. Please don't harass them from now on.

Like I'd said earlier, I am not against reposting my work on other sites, if you get my permission first. For those who think, and I quote "Fancy seeing a fanfiction writer talking about Copyright." Then I dare you to say that to any other writer on this site. If they accept your remarks as true, then well… just say they're awfully generous. In that case, I don't mind being called narrow minded or whatever else you deem fit. I've given my heart and soul into writing these stories, so of course I'd get angry when someone else take away my work! Fanfiction means a fan creating a fiction out of the stories they admire, it does not mean that they're trying to threaten the original writers with copyrights. If you have that much problem with Fanfiction then why don't you stop reading them altogether?

…..Sigh, Look guys, I don't want any more conflicts on this topic. Let's just end this discussion here. If you want to help me to keep an eye out for any reposts of my work, then you have my gratitude. If not, then it's not like I'm forcing you or anything. You can just ignore this issue altogether.

P.S. Someone reprimanded me for wasting words -and a whole chapter- on Author's Note and asked me to be a proper author and stop wasting Word Count on silly notes. I guess they do have a point since I do have a habit of kinda monologuing and digressing on the Authors notes. *Laughs sheepishly* So I guess I'll stop posting Author's Note from now on. I'm also going to delete my previous ones, whenever I get the time for them.