The front door slams shut and Alex appears with a frown on her face. Clover looks up from her magazine to find her friend shoving a test paper at her face.

"A C minus. I didn't spend two weeks studying for a C minus!" Alex groans.

"I didn't spend two weeks studying." Clover attempts to cheer her friend up with her own failure which didn't seem to work because Alex isn't even listening. Clover tosses the magazine to the side and pulls Alex onto the couch. She gives Alex a quick hug and Alex rests her head on Clover's shoulder.

"Don't beat yourself up, you'll ace the next test. I would give you studying tips but it'd definitely make things worse." Clover says. "Do you want me to make you your favorite dish instead?"

"Nah, that's fine. I had way too many comforting burgers. But you know what would help." Alex winks at Clover. "Is Sam home?"

Clover and Alex have been hooking up in secret for months now. It all began with a mission where Alex accidentally sprained ankle and Clover had to stay home to take care of her while Sam worked with Britney to solve the case. The two girls started to become closer and Alex realized she find comfort in Clover's presence. One thing led to another, Alex leaned in to kiss her friend one day and to her surprise, Clover kissed her back.

"She's still in school. Taking care of her precious math club." Clover says. She dips her head, placing kisses on Alex's shoulder then slowly moves her way up to her lips.

It's the rattling of the lock that catches Alex's attention. It's Sam.

Alex turns to Clover who's cuddling her with her eyes closed. "Clover, Sam's home."

"Great, ask her to join." Clover teases.

Alex sits up, pushing Clover's arms away. "She can't find us like this. I'm gonna get out first. You wait for 5 minutes and then leave so she won't be suspicious."

"Can I just not leave and sleep in here instead?" Clover yawns.

Alex can't help but smiles as she gives Clover a quick kiss before leaving the bedroom. Sam is in the living room, cleaning the mess that Clover left behind.

"Hey Sammy." Alex greets.

"Alex! I have great news for you." Sam runs up to Alex. "Remember how you were crushing on that cute guy in my math club, Derek?"

Alex makes a face. "He was in your math club?"

"Stop dissing my math club. Anyway, today he asked me about you."

"What did he ask?"

"The usual things. You hobbies, your dislikes, where you like to hang out." Sam stretches her words, hinting Alex.

But Alex is completely oblivious to all the hints. "Why would he ask that?"

"Because he wants to ask you out!"

"Oh! Well why didn't you just say that from the beginning?"

Sam raises her eyebrows at how innocent and naïve Alex is. "So anyway, are you going to say yes?"

Alex thinks of Derek's tanned skin, athletic body and he's, apparently, good at math too. But her mind wanders off to Clover who's wrapped up in her blanket , claiming her beauty sleep at 5 pm. "I'll think about it." Alex says.