"C'mon, Glen, we gotta go!" Beth had run to the barn where Glen and Hershel were feeding and watering the horses.

"Where are we going, Beth?" asked Glen.

"Someone's coming through," Beth yelled as she turned to jog towards the gate.

"BETH! The last time 'someone came through,' it was that stupid tiger!"

Beth scoffed. "Don't call Shiva 'stupid.' You'll hurt her feelings."

Glen shook his head. From the information they'd been given, Beth was convinced that that stupid tiger was just hanging out at the farm waiting for someone named Ezekiel. She was equally determined that she would make Shiva feel "loved" until he got here, though they both hoped that it would be a long time. Some of the others who had come through just before Shiva had said that there was a war being waged against the guy who sent Glen and Abraham here. They said that Shiva had taken out some of his men. Sadly, the wounds she bore upon entry indicated that she had been taken down by walkers rather than an enemy bullet. Fortunately, the wounds healed quickly and Shiva was back to looking like a normal, happy tiger.

Glen picked up his pace to catch up with Beth. Back There, he had learned how to talk and run at the same time, sometimes needing to call out direction to those he was leading on runs. And so he continued the conversation with his favorite, and only, sister-in-law. "Beth, if that stupid tiger would stop eating my shoes, I'd stop calling her stupid."

"She's just lonely. It brings her comfort to chew on something," Beth replied. "She's kind of like a baby that wants his pacifier. You know I've scolded her for chewing on your shoes."

"Yeah, I've seen that. Then she looks at you with that dopey look in her eyes and you love all over her." Glen looked annoyed. "I think she chews on my shoes to get your attention." He paused for a moment, just getting warmed up. "You know Annette hates it that Shiva sleeps in the bed with you."

Truthfully, Annette was scared the first time that Shiva came in the house … and the first time Shiva found her way up to Beth's room. But Shiva had adopted Beth for the little while, just until her real human came through. She was comfortable on the farm and she was comfortable with Beth. She was particularly comfortable with Annette's homemade blueberry muffins … and Glen's shoes.

"Mama's fine with Shiva. And besides, Shiva doesn't really take up that much room," Beth said.

Glen scoffed. A three-hundred pound tiger didn't take up that much room? He and Beth certainly had different definitions of "not much room." He was surprised that Shiva could even fit on the bed.

As Beth and Glen passed under the old oak that grew at the edge of the property, Shiva's tail dropped from one of the low branches and lightly hit Glen on the top of the head. Glen groaned. He was convinced that Shiva lived to torture him, much like his younger sister had done when they were little. Beth laughed, continuing their jog.

It never took long to get to the gate. Once there, all they could do was wait and wonder … who would be coming through next?

A/N (more of a rant, acutally): Really, you need to KILL a major character to move the story along? Bull****! The only thing that's getting "moved" in the story is the audience … right out the door. You're going to need your characters to remain alive in order for there to BE a story. Thanks for fanfiction!

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